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bdmurrayHi, I'm having some difficulty with mythweb after upgrading from Trusty to Xenial.  Here's a traceback - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19187384/16:23
tgm4883bdmurray: have you enabled the mythbuntu repos?19:21
bdmurraytgm4883: I'm using the 0.28 ppa19:42
bdmurraytgm4883: and php7.0 fwiw19:45
tgm4883bdmurray: hmm. Can you check your mythweb.conf file and see if it specifies the db credentials19:46
tgm4883I know they tried to get that to autoconf in 0.28 but I don't think it was working properly19:46
bdmurraytgm4883: it does and they are correct19:47
bdmurraytgm4883: I tried writing some php to dump the _SERVER array and none of the db_ stuff is in there though19:48
bdmurraytgm4883: you meant /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/mythweb.conf right?19:48
tgm4883let me ssh to my backend19:49
tgm4883bdmurray: can you pastebin a "dpkg -l | grep -E '(php|myth)'"19:52
tgm4883bdmurray: hmm, that all looks good to me19:56
tgm4883bdmurray: I assume you've tried restarted apache already?19:56
tgm4883bdmurray: can you pastebin your mythweb.conf file?19:56
bdmurraytgm4883: Restarted lots of times. ;-) https://paste.ubuntu.com/19206532/19:58
tgm4883lines 29 and 32 are wrong20:00
tgm4883well, probably wrong20:00
tgm4883bdmurray: what's the output of "ls /var/www/"20:00
bdmurraybdmurray@flash:~$ ls /var/www/20:00
bdmurrayhtml  index.html  mythweb20:00
bdmurraymythweb is a symlink to /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/20:01
tgm4883bdmurray: what's the output of "ls /var/www/html" and "ls /var/www/mythweb"20:01
tgm4883what about that html dir20:01
tgm4883 /var/www/html20:01
bdmurraythat contains the same mythweb symlink20:02
tgm4883hmm ok20:02
tgm4883I know apache started using /var/www/html in 2.4, but I don't see why that would be causing issues since you have the symlink in the old location20:03
tgm4883bdmurray: is any part of mythweb working?20:04
tgm4883I'm not a PHP expert, but that error seems to be a connection issue with the DB20:05
bdmurraytgm4883: no, I just get a dir listing and the error message I originally paste binned20:05
tgm4883the host was just upgraded? same hostname/IP?20:05
bdmurraytgm4883: yes, as a debugging step I modify database.php to print the _SERVER array and get nothing20:07
bdmurraylines 3 and 420:07
bdmurraybut I don't know php at all20:09
tgm4883Yea I don't really know PHP either20:09
tgm4883I suppose it's possible it's broken in your version. I've got the june 9th build. I can upgrade when I get home to test20:10
tgm4883I'd try just flipping the two directories in the mythweb.conf file and see if it gets any better, if not then maybe ask in #mythtv-users20:10
tgm4883I'll be home in about 4 hours20:10
bdmurraytgm4883: okay, thanks20:11
tgm4883bdmurray: if it helps, here's my mythweb.conf20:12
bdmurraytgm4883: hmm, its mostly working now. However, there are a couple of errors.20:16
tgm4883what did you change? just the dir?20:16
bdmurraytgm4883: yeah, just the two directory entries20:17
tgm4883so what's still erroring?20:18
bdmurrayWarning: Unknown: function '0' not found or invalid function name in Unknown on line 020:20
bdmurrayWarning at /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/includes/session.php, line 21:20:20
bdmurray!!NoTrans: session_start(): Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent!!20:20
bdmurraytgm4883: ah, that was likely because of enabling these two lines20:25
bdmurray#            php_value display_startup_errors        On20:25
bdmurray#            php_value display_errors                On20:25
tgm4883hmm ok20:25
bdmurrayI don't see the warnings after commenting them out.20:25
tgm4883so then is everything working?20:25
bdmurrayseems like it, beers to you!20:25
tgm4883bdmurray: careful what you say, I think we're relatively not far apart20:36
bdmurrayBut its separate states!20:37
tgm4883bdmurray: are you not in Oregon anymore?20:37
bdmurraytgm4883: I'm in Camas, WA.  Its still the Portland Metropolitan Statistical Area though.20:38
* mschoolbus is at war with mysql.21:14
mschoolbusi guess updating breaks everything on 16.04?21:25
mschoolbusdoes 16.04 work?22:13
mschoolbusfound my answer: no22:18
mschoolbusseriously what is mysql's problem? now it's failing on 14.04.4?!22:59
mschoolbusErrors were encountered while processing:23:00
mschoolbus mysql-server-5.723:00
mschoolbus mysql-server23:00
mschoolbus mythtv-backend-master23:00
mschoolbusE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)23:00

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