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stevendaleSee you in 6 months12:26
stevendaleThat's what Flannel said12:26
stevendaleikonia Only banned me for his personal grudge against me12:34
ikoniahi stevendale12:39
ikoniathere is nothing personal grudge against you12:39
ikoniahowever - I am tired of your nonsense contributions to the channel where you try to push the envelope12:40
ikoniaso I personally think it's time you found somewhere else to be "social"12:40
ikoniabut thats just my personal opinion12:40
stevendaleSo you banned me without breaking any guidelines or agreements that were in place12:42
ikoniastevendale: you join and say a provokative thing - for no reason12:42
ikoniayou get kicked - and rejoin and do it a second time12:42
stevendaleI didn't know I got kicked o.o12:43
ikoniathere is just no need for you to behave like this, it's not how people engage with each other12:43
ikoniayou did12:43
ikonialets not mess around12:43
stevendaleMy client just said I left the channel12:43
stevendaleI figured it was my touchscreen reacting to my sweat12:43
ikoniaeither way - you still join trying to be provokative for no reason12:44
ikoniaI think it's time you found somewhere else, it's not how we want offtopic to be12:44
stevendaleWhat does provo-what mean12:44
ikoniawhere you can use it to try to push buttons, it's supposed to be a social channel to discuss and engage with people12:44
stevendaleI regularly socially engage there with enchi and johnjohn10112:46
stevendaleWhat do the people there think of the ban you gave me12:48
stevendaleWhy don't you make a poll12:49
stevendaleSee how many people want me there12:49
stevendaleI would prefer judgement from a community not one individual, even if it's their job to be senseless and judgmental12:50
ikoniaI'm not interestd in polling others12:56
ikoniaI'm interested in your behaviour12:56
stevendalechu talked some sense into me12:57
stevendaleCan we talk about this on my 17th birthday in August12:58
ikoniaif chu wants to add to the discussion he's free to talk in this channel13:00
ikoniabut I think you need to find another place to chat13:00
ikoniait's to tedious having to baby sit you and your behaviour13:01
chuI'll repeat what I said in the query - he's one of a handful of users who have been given a third chance, and now he's asking for a fourth. (Un)fortunately that's not likely.13:01
ikoniahe's had far more13:04
ikoniahe does the silly hilighting games, the nick changing games, the silly topics/random statement games13:04
ikoniait's just tedious to have to babysit this behaviour all the time13:04
ikoniathere are other chat channels on freenode, maybe try one of those13:04
ikoniaall clear stevendale ?13:18
stevendaleFor now13:27
ikoniaerr no13:28
stevendaleBut don't you ever think this is the last you'll see of me13:28
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops stevendale after being told to find somewhere else to chat as his behaviour is unacceptable, he responds with evasion-esq threats, point proven13:29
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:29
ikoniawill it could just be a flouncing comment13:36
seednodeI was just mentioning the spelling is "-esque"13:37
seednodeI agree on the connotations13:37
ikoniahow is it spelt ?13:37
seednodeThe way you spelled it, plus ue; I just like the suffix13:38
ikoniayou know, I didn't even noticed I'd missed off the que, I must have been typing shorthand in my head13:40
seednodeFunny how that happens13:41
ikoniaeven when I looked back at it a second time, I read it as I had it in my head13:50
seednodeYeah, was wondering why you asked that13:50
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