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SebthreeBQM10HDanyone here?06:21
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swalladgeanyone have issues connecting to external hdmi?08:24
swalladgei can't get my m10 to output to a computer monitor with an hdmi port08:25
davmor2swalladge: no08:27
davmor2swalladge: have you tried manually switching to the hdmi on the monitor?  Also have you tried it on a tv to ensure the lead works08:27
swalladgedavmor2: just about to try the tv. hopefully the lead is fine - it's brand new08:28
swalladgehmmm didn't work... is there something i need to do on the tablet itself before it will output to hdmi?08:44
swalladge(like plug in keyboard + mouse (i only have a mouse plugged in), or find monitor settings?)08:45
davmor2swalladge: nope should just work, you are using the mirco hdmi to hdmi I assume right?08:47
swalladgelooks like the cord is dead then. unfortunately i don't have anything else i can use to test it :\08:56
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kvmmmanyone here use the Ubuntu phone? Ever tried running a VM on it?12:42
davmor2kvmmm: no12:42
OerHekskvmmm ^^12:43
kvmmmI'm thinking of getting one, if I could use it as a kind of portable-PC, it would be worth it. Otherwise I'd get an S7 for the camera12:43
davmor2kvmmm: vm's would be so slow it would be unbearable unless you were running arm based vms12:44
kvmmmbecause the phone is just not powerful enough?12:44
davmor2kvmmm: unity8 opens out to be a desktop12:44
kvmmmwhat about Tails? It's based on Debian12:45
kvmmmLXC is supposed to be super fast compared to KVM etc. right?12:45
davmor2kvmmm: no because of the virtualisation to emulate a i386/amd64 arch12:45
davmor2kvmmm: try running a kvm install of an arm system on and intel box and see how slow that is12:46
kvmmmah, the phone architecture is totally different from a computer that would be needed to run something like TAILS, right?12:46
kvmmmin other words, TAILS doesn't run on the phone CPU, it needs an emulated CPU12:46
davmor2kvmmm: bingo. So the phone is arm it can run arm apps for x through libertine or native apps, when you plug the phone in or in newer phones connect to Widi through athercast to a monitor/tv then you can use it as a pc12:48
kvmmmSo then I have an off-topic question, but since you know about this stuff I'm hoping you should know. You know those "PC on a stick" machines? They usually run Android, but some run Windows or Ubuntu. They plug into an HDMI port in order to make your TV etc. into a computer. Would they not run TAILS well because it's the wrong architecture? TAILS is a debian-based desktop distro.12:49
kvmmmfor example this, http://www.laptopmag.com/reviews/mini-pcs/zealz-gk802-android-mini-pc12:50
kvmmmagain, sorry for the OFF-topic, but I think it's the same problem. This thing is a mobile architecture, like a phone, and so can only run a mobile OS decently?12:50
davmor2kvmmm: they are not arm they tend to be atoms12:51
kvmmmoh, so the Ubuntu phone is ARM, but these sticks are atoms. Will atoms have the same problem of not being able to run a desktop distro?12:51
davmor2unity8 on the phone is the same as unity8 on desktop12:52
OerHeksthat stick is Freescale 1.2Ghz i.mx6q, worse.12:52
kvmmmunity8 is just the GUI, no? But is Ubuntu 16 desktop the same as Ubuntu 16 mobile?12:55
davmor2kvmmm: unity8 is a re-write of unity7 in QT it is designed from the start to work across phone, tablet, desktop, tv and so on so it upscales and becomes the desktop variant when you attach your device to a monitor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUiEnTLFFdk12:58
kvmmmah, ok. I've really no idea what I'm doing.12:59
kvmmmBasically what I'm looking for is a device that will run TAILS on my (Windows) computer, without touching Windows. So in short this is not practical with the Ubuntu phone; is it practical with the stick I linked? (Sorry, the stick is off-topic).13:00
mhall119mariogrip: I had to re-flash recovery-8.img to get ubuntu-device-flash to work, is the old/broken recovery being re-installed as part of the device image?13:06
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kvmmmshould I try to flash Ubuntu Touch onto my phone? Or will I likely brick the phone?13:27
davmor2kvmmm: depends if there is port for it, every phone needs it's own build and it is a pain in the neck to do13:31
kvmmmah, so someone like me who doesn't really know what he's doing will likely fail13:38
davmor2kvmmm: if there is no port already you will likely get a device up but not everything will work and so on13:40
kvmmmlike no WIFI etc.13:42
ograkvmmm, someone like you who doesn't really know what he's doing could learn by failing and fixing though :)13:42
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kvmmmright, but I'm afraid of bricking my phone13:49
ograthat can indeed happen at any time13:51
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k1lDigi-Foo: no. it uses android in a container to use the hardware drivers that are mostly only written for android. but the OS uses a lot of different stuff than android14:43
Digi-FooDoes ubuntu-touch have two communities like CyanogenMod and CyanogenOS?14:44
ograwhy would it ?14:45
Digi-FooOr maybe a better example would be RHEL vs Fedorda ?14:46
ograthats two products14:48
ograubuntu doesnt really have multiple products ... only ubuntu14:48
Digi-FooSometimes there's a Linux Commercial Product and a Linux Open Source Community Product.14:48
k1lDigi-Foo: no. there is only one community. you can suggest patches to the open source project.14:48
ogra(there is no "sold" version like RH vs "free" version like fedora)14:49
Digi-FooIsn't there Red Hat Enterprise Linux?14:49
Digi-Fooor License14:49
ograwell, thats the redhat product, yes14:49
ograthere is no such split in ubuntu14:50
Digi-Foooh, misread. Pardon14:50
k1lDigi-Foo: you can have commercial support for ubuntu by canonical. but there is no split of ubuntu for a commercial sector.14:52
k1land for the phone there is canonical making the business and hiring the developers for ubuntu (phone). but the endproduct is open source ubuntu. besides the stuff like drivers which have different licences.14:53
k1l(making the business with the hardware manufacturers, who want to ship ubuntu as standard OS)14:54
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Mister_Qoh I think I discovered a unity bug.. I was definitely not in that input field.16:40
Mister_Qanyway. hey ogra16:40
ograhey ... at least i plugged yur leak quickly ... no harm done ;)16:40
Mister_Qinteresting.. I can type in hexchat but it clearly doesn't have the focus16:41
ografrom extrenal kbd ?16:42
Mister_Qlaptop keyboard16:42
ograthat made my mir hang for me all the time last time i tried16:42
ograafter like 10 min using it16:42
ogra(but i havent tried in a month or so)16:43
Mister_Qwell I'm on unity7 atm but I can remember that bug on mir as well16:44
ograah, i donthave any issues with hexchat on unity7 (xenial here)16:45
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Mister_Qoh there's also something wrong with window positions/the area where I can click to move a window. unplugging the external screens while the laptop was on standby wasn't a good idea16:46
Mister_QI'm on xenial as well16:46
sine0I have bq aquarius x5 cyanogen phone and wondered could i put ubuntu on it16:47
ograi dont think there is a port t the x516:47
Mister_Qogra nothing interesting in the logs, reboot fixed it ;)16:54
ograwell ... then ... shrug :)16:54
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brunch875does anyone know of a free gameboy emulator so that I can play my pokemons?19:33
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javier4what's the state of marshmellow branch?21:08
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