diddledancancelled my amazon memory order - was gonna take another week to arrive, so I've moved my custom to ebuyer - coming wednesday01:54
diddledankk, I'm gonna set winupdate running and go bed02:09
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knightwisemorning peeps06:32
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:56
knightwisehey pavlushka stryx`_07:10
knightwisehey MooDoo07:10
pavlushkaHello knightwise07:10
pavlushkaknightwise: I am here daywise, :p07:10
pavlushkasorry, knight is actually represent warrior, my bad knightwise07:12
pavlushkaknightwise: changed mt status to guardwise, :p07:13
davmor2Morning all08:06
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Tuesday, and happy Pecan Pie Day! 😃08:18
davmor2JamesTait: just call me hillbilly joe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntM9LJj3QK808:21
foobarrylenovo N22 chromebook £99 on amazon prime day08:21
knightwisethats pretty cheap08:24
knightwiselistening to the very first DSC podcast http://hotcoffee.org/na_page/Podcasts/DSCPodcasts.aspx09:30
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: lenovo, comes with backdoor unlocked and a large neon sign reading "Free stuffs here"10:02
foobarryeven chromebooks?10:02
TwistedLucidityTheir consumer-grade were always wrose. Lost all trust in the company to be honest.10:03
knightwiseTwistedLucidity: Lenovo .. our laptops have been bending over and picking up the cybersoap in the dirty bathrooms of the internet for the longest time :)10:04
zmoylan-piteaches you how to secure your devices10:04
TwistedLucidityKinda tricky with the baked-in Intel backdoors10:04
zmoylan-piwell even lenovo can't help that10:05
TwistedLucidityAlthough is (supposedly) only in the enterprise-y kit10:05
zmoylan-pithat's why you do your secure computing on an 8bit computer :-)10:05
zmoylan-pialan cox is making a modern os for z80 chips... :-)10:06
bashrcis z80 still used anywhere? embedded systems?10:15
zmoylan-pithey haven't stopped production since the 80s aiui so someone is using them10:16
awilkinsI think 68000 chips were the go-to CPU for washing machines for a long time. Maybe still.11:14
DJonesThankfully live sport on tv, 13:07              <   io_____!uid4598@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-oryupzhvcmycpibb [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity] >  13:07 DJones (+i) 3:freenode/#ubuntu (+CLcfjnt) Act: 1,2,4,6,7,8,9,10,12:16
DJonesGet pedaling, go Froome12:17
BigRedSMorning all! Is there an obvious choice for something raspberry pi-like but with two ethernet sockets?12:48
BigRedSI'm after something cheap, not-very-powerful but able to run enough linux to filter packets12:49
davmor2BigRedS: bannan pi router maybe12:50
BigRedSdavmor2: ooh, hadn't come across these banana variants, ta!12:53
davmor2BigRedS: you're welcome12:54
diddledanI wonder what the NAT performance of that banana router is14:21
davmor2diddledan: King Cole status at least14:21
davmor2diddledan: no idea in reality but it had multiple ethernet ports which was the only specification requested :)14:22
diddledandoesn't say much at all on https://linux-sunxi.org/Lamobo_R1#Network_performance14:26
diddledansomeone asks for details at http://bananapi.com/index.php/forum/news/306-lamobo-r1-network-interface-issues but gets none14:31
diddledansomeone suggests wan<->lan of about 350Mbit/s14:34
diddledanpretty decent14:35
diddledanthat's at http://bananapi.com/index.php/forum/general/1920-slow-routing-speed?start=6#408914:35
diddledangraham cluless alert: https://www.grahamcluley.com/2016/07/snapchat-lawsuit/ <-- I think a teenage boy is more likely to seek these out than file a lawsuit14:47
DJonesTo be honest, I can understand that lawsuit, at least 50% of the adverts I get served by websites, I'd consider offensive or against my own moral beliefs14:50
diddledanyou're not a teenager though :-p14:50
DJones95% of twitter add's I end up blocking and reporting as offensive14:50
diddledanteenagers are a weird bunch14:50
DJonesMaybe not, but probably more open minded now then as a teenager14:50
diddledanI know, I used to be one :-D14:50
DJonesNo kidding :)14:51
diddledanI know what you mean though, I find some stuff offensive too14:51
DJonesFacebook keeps asking me to like a racist organisation even though the only people I know that have ever "liked" posts have been blocked14:52
diddledansounds like they're trying to reinvent microsoft's clippy: "it looks like you're a racist. would you like to join the kkk?"14:53
diddledanI wonder how they figured you'd want to "like" it in the first place?14:54
DJonesNo idea, every time I see it, I report it as racist15:00
foobarryDJones: that stuff keeps coming up15:01
foobarryseems broken15:01
foobarryseen filthy and also unpleasant racist stuff but fb keeps forgetting15:01
foobarrymaybe until i said it was libellous about me15:01
foobarrybrexit has broken fb15:01
davmor2diddledan: by the sound of it he's got his head screwed on if he gets money from it :D15:02
foobarrybeen doing serious battle with nagios this week15:03
foobarryand puppet15:03
davmor2foobarry: let me guess nagios won15:03
foobarryeven wrose, it was with okconfig15:04
foobarryfor generating configs15:04
foobarryits messy but brilliant15:04
foobarrymain issue is lack of docs15:04
foobarryalso pynag...awesome15:04
diddledandaftykins: my memory is in the post15:23
diddledanarriving tomorrow15:24
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diddledanbut grr, it's coming via yodel15:27
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davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: hi16:03
diddledanyou know I think we need more Dave II. davmor2, if you will16:05
diddledanor is it 2.0?16:06
diddledanI wonder what versioning system skynet will use?16:06
davmor2diddledan: I follow Suse's 6.3 guide to nicks first 3 letters of your firstname and surname and a number davmor1 was in use at the time so I went with davmor2 it just stuck then :)16:07
diddledanmine would be danlle then16:08
davmor2you forgot the number16:09
diddledanI'm unsure how that would be pronounced: maybe dan lee or dannal16:09
davmor2diddledan: dan thle16:10
diddledanwell if you wanna go welsh then all bets are off :-p16:10
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2, hi16:13
diddledanoh dear :-( https://twitter.com/shadowcat_mst/status/75218086171865088117:10
knightwisei must be doing SOMETHING wrong here :)17:43
knightwiseMy 1604 xps wont connect to ANY bluetooth device17:44
knightwisenot to a mouse, not to an external speaker , Notin17:44
diddledanknightwise: it's a feature17:58
diddledanooh, mr robot is soon17:59
* diddledan watches dark matter s02e0218:01
knightwiseDark matter!18:08
knightwisethanx ! i dint know that was out18:10
knightwisediddledan: have you had trouble with bluetooth too ?18:12
diddledanI haven't tried18:12
diddledanthe android is an intriguing character18:14
diddledanshe's alive yet also bound. perfect yet also broken18:14
davmor2knightwise: I just connected it to a speaker no issues18:14
diddledanho boy this sounds big: https://www.drupal.org/node/276489918:44
daftykinsdiddledan: heh you have one seriously split up PC order!19:09
diddledanmy order for memory accidentally ended-up getting this tacked-on. I have little idea how that happened: http://www.ebuyer.com/725816-samsung-950-pro-256gb-m-2-ssd-mz-v5p256bw19:10
daftykinsah har19:11
daftykinsyou must have a Guern bugging you19:11
diddledandamn those guerns19:15
diddledanI made sure to find an SSD that was true pcie/nvme and a x4-lane variant for the most throughput19:16
diddledanplus samsung have good rep in my view for ssds19:16
diddledanit's somewhat annoying that you still see listings for SATA-based m.2 ssds19:17
daftykins*nod* good warranty19:17
daftykinsand so the stupidity begins19:20
daftykinsor rather, a year ago :D19:22
daftykinsdiddledan: good news is there's no special hassle to go to to install, too19:27
* diddledan been itching to try-out this rig. can't wait until tomorrow now! :-)19:28
daftykinsare you chucking out some old AMD gear and throwing it all in the same case?19:29
daftykinshope your PSU is haswell+ certified!19:29
diddledanI haven't checked19:30
diddledanit's a corsair cx600 according to the sticker19:30
* diddledan googles19:30
daftykinsah that sounds pretty recent then19:31
diddledanalternatively I can put a jeantech jnp-700-ac12 in19:32
diddledanerr a12c19:32
daftykinsheh never heard that brand!19:33
davmor2daftykins: they only come in denim blue and black19:33
diddledanit's on the floor there ---v19:33
daftykinsstonewashed PSUs19:34
daftykinsi wish 10's existence hadn't gimped Windows Update for 7 so much, it's been sat checking for 2.5hrs now on a 7 box of mine19:35
daftykinsyou could argue there's quite some load from everywhere checking at 6pm BST though (earliest they release)19:36
diddledanpatch tuesday?19:36
daftykinsupdates come out at west coast time 9am i make it19:36
zmoylan-pibut didn't everyone switch to win10 leaving the windows 7 update servers empty? :-P19:37
daftykinsnope you're forgetting the tinfoil hat wearers19:38
DJonesDoes anybody still use 7?19:38
zmoylan-pimaybe the win 7 update servers are updating to win10 right now? :-)19:38
daftykinswhy wouldn't they still use 7...19:38
diddledanthe sky just exploded19:38
DJonesIf you're a tinfoil hat user, you'd you'd still be udingxp19:39
DJonesusing xp19:39
zmoylan-piwindows 3.0 :-)19:39
daftykinsnot even tinfoil hat wearers are enough of idiots to run an EOL OS19:39
diddledanhah. you're kidding, right, daftykins ?19:39
diddledan"I don't care about patches. they make my system less secure"19:40
daftykinsdepends on your flavour of tinfoil hat luser i guess, i saw plenty running EOL ubuntu in #ubuntu trying to patch manually19:40
DJonesI know people still using Windows ME.......Doh19:40
diddledanI wasn't aware anyone had ever used Me19:41
daftykinsi had a graphics teacher in secondary school that told me he 'upgraded' to it, i skipped it entirely myself19:41
daftykinsDJones: old codgers or something?19:41
DJonesI had it preinstalled before I installed slackwareas my first linux  install19:42
diddledanwow. trial by fire that19:42
diddledanthrown-in at the deep-end19:42
DJonesdaftykins: Nope, Church computers, never updated19:42
diddledanand other euphemisms19:42
daftykinsah, what do they even use 'em for o019:43
daftykinstyping up the signs etc?19:43
diddledanI didn't really understand linux until I did several years with Gentoo as my system19:43
DJonesdaftykins: powerpoint.... thats it...19:43
DJonesI think powerpoint 200319:43
diddledannothing quite beats wiping your system and following the gentoo install handbook in a console web browser19:44
diddledanyou either get a working system eventually or you flake-out and return to windows19:45
daftykinsah 2003 was a great office, ~350MB full install - then 2007 bloated it all up to 1.2GB ish for no benefit19:45
diddledanand obviously the return to windows was kinda like admitting that you suck at life when you've decided to give linux a go19:45
daftykinsthat's what limited my branching out when younger, being without my music because of being too newb to have a stab at mounting an NTFS volume - and having dialup still so not having the benefit of an always on connection19:46
DJonesI have a soft spot for slackware, my first linux install19:46
DJonesthink it was around slackware 1019:46
zmoylan-pii think a lot of linux users had a first stab at linux before going back to familiar oses19:47
daftykinswhen ADSL first launched here ~ 2003 or 2004 most folks had the 'stingray' alcatel speedtouch ADSL transceiver so sharing that wasn't too easy either19:47
diddledanI think the first system I spent a reasonable amount of time with was suse and then gentoo19:47
daftykinsquite envious of youngsters now, they can install anything and (mostly) have working wifi and always on broadband to make use of :)19:47
zmoylan-pired hat 5.2 from floppies19:47
diddledandaftykins: I had one of those stingrays19:47
diddledanI've still got it around here in a box19:47
DJonesMust have taken me a week before I moved to Ubuntu for convieniance19:47
daftykinsah i turfed it out a bit ago, we're mostly VDSL2 now so it's useless19:48
diddledanaye. I need to have a throw-out I think19:48
diddledanI've got some ancient junk here19:48
diddledanPentium2 Compaq Proliants come to mind19:49
DJonesThere was no point reopiling the kenal just because I farted19:49
daftykinsi had the benefit of the move to England for Uni to cut down, then i cut down again on the move back19:49
diddledanthey're in my "server cupboard" sitting cold19:49
diddledannoisy blubbers those19:50
daftykinsfor a while i ran that thing on a PII or PIII as an ipcop router, then later smoothwall19:50
daftykinssmoothwall 2.0 broke support though :(19:50
diddledanipcop \o/19:50
diddledanI moved from smoothy to ipcop when smoothy went commercial19:50
daftykinso rry19:50
daftykinsso it stopped being free?19:51
diddledanthey had a "community" edition19:51
daftykinsone of their employees actually came to my departments' project day at Portsmouth Uni19:51
zmoylan-pii still have a battery powered 9600baud fax modem here somewhere...19:51
daftykinshe said they were over in Southampton and ran umm, Xen for virt of their testing19:51
diddledan"smoothwall express" according to their site19:51
daftykinsi'd done my dissertation on Xen19:51
zmoylan-pithough i did draw the line a fewe years back and got rid of the full lenght awe32 sound blaster card19:52
diddledanwow, it seems smoothwall might be dead now - last release of express was 2014 and before that 200719:53
zmoylan-pior it's next one will be 2021...19:53
daftykinspfsense has probably firmly ousted it20:12
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daftykinsah, updates galore... just got the July one for my Nexus 5 phone too!20:19
ali1234popey: does ubuntu phone have anything like the android daydreams?20:59
popeygoogled and no21:01
popeyneat idea21:02
ali1234it's like a screensaver basically21:02
ali1234shows when docked/charging21:02
ali1234usually they do stuff like show rss feeds21:02
daftykinsthink it used to do gallery pic slideshows too?21:03
daftykinsmight be thinking of something else21:03
ali1234yep that's another one21:03
ali1234like live wallpapers, you can install different ones from the store21:03
popeycertainly possible21:04
zmoylan-pistrange person that i am i want devices not to use screen when charging... we had an imate jasjar winmobile device that insisted on turning screen on when trickle charging making the charge take 20+ hours... :-/21:06
diddledanhmm, my system is being wonky21:08
diddledancan't load pages in browser but already loaded ones like this irccloud tab work fine still21:09
diddledanalso explorer won't open21:09
diddledantask manager won't open21:10
daftykinscan you run eventvwr and go to windows -> system ?21:11
daftykins(windows logs)21:12
daftykinscould be all those insider builds catching up on you otherwise21:13
daftykins3 weeks 'til the anniversary release of 10 \o/21:14
zmoylan-piyou shall bake a cake with an ubuntu usb drive in it?21:16
diddledanhad to hit the reset button21:17
daftykinsi had that with my new desktop recently, i had to make some registry edits to enable AHCI drive power control options to be visible in power config, then changed the drives (for my secondary drives) to use DIPM instead of HIPM (device vs. host initiated power management)21:19
daftykinsfelt like a Linux tweak it was so tedious ;)21:19
diddledanyeah it seemed to be unable to do anything that required IO21:21
daftykinssounds a lot like what i had yep, kinda soft lock where only the cursor moved?21:26
daftykinsi had a tonne of iastor events in that section of event viewer anyways21:26
diddledanfor a period I could get start menu but eventually even that refused21:26
daftykinsif you open it and leave it open you might be able to check later21:27
daftykins(if you see it again)21:27
daftykinsit's funny though, i was using my new PC for ages before that issue cropped up - then i could repeat it easily within 30 mins, so found how to solve it21:27
diddledanmy parcel is at wednesbury in the west-midlands22:11
daftykinsi'm looking at flights for a trip to the US in September22:13
daftykinsincluding 3 domestic flights to nip around and visit folk!22:13
daftykinsall that only comes to £1,200 - quite a surprise22:13
zmoylan-piwith free prostate exam thrown in22:17
diddledanI love Linus: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/07/11/linus_torvalds_in_sweary_rant_about_punctuation_in_kernel_comments/?mt=146835818136122:19
daftykinsoh dear22:23
zmoylan-pisome one should send him a top posted email... :-P22:29
diddledanI miss playing with my Wily.23:31
diddledanit's a shame Ubuntu has such a rapid release cadence at times.23:31
diddledanat least Bash on Ubuntu on Windows is Trusty. I'd hate not to be able to rely on Microsoft :-p23:32
m0nkey_That is a terrible pun, especially for you.23:33
diddledansurely you expect these from me by now?23:33
m0nkey_I do, and don't call me Shirley.23:39
diddledanmr robot starts soon23:40
daftykinsnot gonna make the mistake of watching as it airs though, no sir-ee23:40
daftykins(not that i did for s1 either)23:41
daftykinss'all about that binge enablement!23:41

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