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b-yeeziWho is going to the event in Pasadena Thursday?18:11
pleia2I don't think anyone who is on the rsvp list is lurking here at the moment18:12
b-yeezipleia2, ok. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to come all the way from San Diego County. It's quite a hike, so I want it to be worth it.18:16
pleia2b-yeezi: not sure if you're aware, but it's scheduled right before the Pasadena Linux Users Group, so there are two events to attend18:16
pleia2er, "San Gabriel Valley Linux User's Group (SGVLUG)"18:17
b-yeeziWell that makes it more appealing. Thanks!18:17
pleia2you're welcome :)18:17
darthrobot[403] Title: [Attention Required! | CloudFlare]18:18
pleia2heh, cloudflare18:18
pleia2anyway, that event has lots of people and the Ubuntu Hour folks go there after18:18
akkSGVLUG is a great group. They have a hackmeet sub-group I went to a few times while I was spending time in SoCal.18:19
akkActive group, nice people.18:19
b-yeeziThanks again pleia2 and akk.  Now I just need permission from the wife...18:32
pleia2b-yeezi: bring her along! :)18:32
b-yeeziDon't want to bring the kids on that drive. I just need to do sudo chown me:me my_decisions.txt18:33
pleia2ah yes, kids must reach a certain age before we bring them to LUGs ;)18:34
akkThough SCALE shows that some kids do great at conferences, even as speakers.18:35
lynorianb-yeezi, yeah I don't think I can get permisson from my dad to drive from torrance it is a long way and going past downtown and everything20:16
DonkeyHoteicoming back from last year's scale, got stuck in downtown traffic, ugh20:21
akkI thought it was lovely going to SCALE without having to sit in traffic on 405 for an hour.20:24
DonkeyHoteithat was this year. i was referring to last year20:24
pleia2it was nice to not have to eat at Carl's Jr20:27
akkOh, yeah, every previous year I've been at SCALE involved at least 2 hours/day sitting in traffic.20:33
lynorianWell I am a lot closer to LAX20:34
akklynorian: I'm sorry. :)20:35

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