teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:04
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ChinnoDogCan anyone recommend a good Internet to snail mail gateway? I.e. I log into web site, upload/write letter, it prints it onto paper and shoves it into an envelope with a stamp and mails it.17:43
ChinnoDogFound a list from 10 years ago. http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/757765.html17:50
teddy-dbearstop being soooo lazy and do it yourself :P17:53
lazyPowerthat awkward moment when you realize you redeployed your bouncer and typo'd your idle channel17:55
ChinnoDogI haven't owned a printer in years. Sending letters is a lot of work.17:55
lazyPowerChinnoDog - yes, yes it is17:55
lazyPowerssweeny - did anything ever come out of that effort to make an owncloud scope?17:56
* lazyPower lost track of that convo from 201517:57
pleia2lazyPower: welcome back! ;)17:57
lazyPowerpleia2 !! heyyyyy17:57
lazyPowerpleia2 hows conference season, book writing, being awesome?17:58
pleia2lazyPower: mixed, but trending positive17:58
pleia2lazyPower: how's life at the big C?17:58
ssweenylazyPower, there is such a scope in the open store17:59
lazyPowerpleia2 - its fantastic :D  busy as ever, to the point i forget what i'm doing half the time18:27
lazyPowerssweeny \o/ i know what i'm doing this weekend18:27
pleia2lazyPower: yay! coming to fosscon next month?18:28
JonathanDHi pleia218:28
pleia2o/ JonathanD18:28
lazyPoweri'm in KC right now. So the outlook is not good18:28
JonathanDpleia2: PM?18:28
lazyPowerHowever if invited, i'll do everything i can to make it18:28
pleia2JonathanD: go for it18:28
pleia2lazyPower: living there?18:28
lazyPowerI'm kind of nomading it at the moment.18:28

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