andrewlsdMornings all. 04:35
* andrewlsd goes back to lurking04:35
* andrewlsd will be at Amazon AWS day in C.T. today, in case anyone else will be there too04:36
chesedomorning andrewlsd thatgraemeguy inetpro and others06:58
inetproohi chesedo07:03
inetproand hi to everyone else also07:03
inetprochesedo: why did you keep oom Kilos up so late last night?07:04
chesedoinetpro: idk, thought it would only take 5 mins :D07:28
Kilosafternoon everyone, our power just came on08:25
thatgraemeguyhttp://mybroadband.co.za/news/hardware/171513-samsung-4tb-ssd-launched-with-a-big-price-tag.html :-o08:26
chesedoafternoon Kilos, we were starting to think you needed extra sleep with me keeping you up late10:09
Kiloshi chesedo 10:10
Kilosnot lekker to wake to no power10:10
magespawngood day all14:57
Kiloshi magespawn 14:58
magespawnhey Kilos late support tonight15:41
Kilosoh my15:41
Kilosin this cold15:41
Kiloshope you have aircons that work for heat as well15:41
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Kilosinetpro ping15:54
magespawnyes we do, office is also fairly warm anyway16:04
magespawni usually do not feel the cold too much16:07
magespawnbeenie on and i am good16:12
LangjanHi guys, hoesit Kilos ?16:47
Kiloshi Langjan 16:51
magespawnhi Langjan 16:51
Kilosim waiting for pro to answer a ping then i will notify the rest of them16:51
Langjanhi Kilos and magespawn 16:51
Kiloshe took so long last night i forgot what i wanted to tell him16:52
Kiloshi nsnzero 16:52
LangjanKilos, we have a talk on alzies here tomorrow- join us16:52
Kilosill join if you chat on irc16:53
LangjanI have an inherited prob16:54
Langjanpal with Win install, his hard drive has packed up, apparently they told him its glazed, whatever that menas16:54
Kilosput itin your desktop and run testdisk16:55
Kilosmost likely virus killed16:55
Langjanok will do, connect parralel to existing hard drive?16:56
Kilosis it ide or sata16:56
Langjanlet me have a peek16:56
Kiloswhat does it do when you try boot it16:57
LangjanI have not tried to boot, he says its dead, have now removed drive, its 80GB how do I tell if its ide or sata?17:00
Kilosthe size of the connecting cable17:00
Kiloside is the wide ribbon cable17:01
Kilosthen its sata17:01
Langjanok must I connect it parallel to my hd in desktop?17:02
Langjanor try to boot it?17:02
Kilosthere should be seperate sata connectors17:02
Kilostry boot it first17:03
Kilosif it spins up there is hope17:03
Langjanso disconnect my hd and try booting on this one?17:03
Kilosyou can do that as well17:04
Langjanok and if it spins, what next?17:04
Kilosthen you will bypass the chance of faulty psu17:04
Kiloslol wait17:04
Kilosput it in your pc as a second drive17:04
Kilosthen use yours to analise it17:05
Kilossee if bios sees it as well17:05
Langjanok, can I connect while its running or better to shut down?17:05
Kilosno shutdown17:05
Kilosonly usb's you plug in live17:06
Langjanok will get back to you a bit later17:06
Kilosgood luck17:06
andrewlsdLangjan if drive is really "glazed" it is a hardware fault and the drive is likely 17:14
Kiloshowdoes one tell if a drive is glazed17:15
andrewlsdabsolutely no idea, other than plug it in and test it. (a live USB may be needed to be able to boot the computer if no spare SATA cables are available)17:16
Kilosoh yes i forgot he has an oldish pc17:16
nsnzerogood evening 17:44
LangjanHi Kilos sorry for delay, had dinner meanwhile18:04
LangjanCan see the drive and everything on it18:04
Kilosok run sudo update-grub18:04
LangjanSo perhaps I must backup all the docs and pics first?18:04
Kiloshave you got place on your ssd?18:05
LangjanYes, or on my external drive?18:05
LangjanPlenty place on both18:05
Kiloshow big is your ssd18:06
andrewlsdLangjan: I thought it was a drive from a Windows PC? (In which case, GRUB won't help)18:06
Langjan120 Gb18:06
LangjanCorrect andrewlsd 18:06
magespawnchat later home time18:06
Kilosupdate-grub will give you the choice to boot into the win drive18:06
Kilosgo safe magespawn 18:07
andrewlsdalthough [sneeky grin] installing Ubuntu onto that drive might not be a bad idea....18:07
LangjanYes but I tried it on him before, he went straight to the comp shop and let them install windoze again18:08
Kilosjust save documents and settings18:08
andrewlsdaah, well, mebbe he should have taken the drive there too, and let them charge him for their time to resolve his issue.18:08
Kilosi think that has everything18:08
LangjanIts been to them, they told him its US18:09
andrewlsdthey sound US_less18:09
andrewlsdnight all, will try to connect in the morning.18:10
Kilosnight andrewlsd 18:10
Langjannight andrewlsd 18:10
Langjanslaap lekker18:10
LangjanOK Kilos I have done update-grub, now try to boot on win 7?18:14
Kilosreboot and chose win at the bottom18:14
Kilosin the grub menu18:15
LangjanHi Kilos that drive is working, test shows 17 bad sectors and 83% health18:23
Kilosyou could have trouble booting into win because it is in another pc. but if it gives error report then it will most likely work in its own pc if the psu and ram are ok18:24
Kilosopen my computer18:24
LangjanNo it booted fine into win 7 18:25
Kilosright click on c drive and choose properties18:25
Kilosthe choose check now18:25
Kilostick the top block and on reboot chkdsk should run a scan disk thing and mark bad errors18:26
LangjanYou have lost me totally now18:26
LangjanMust I boot on Win 7 again?18:26
Kilosboot it in windows18:26
Kilosthen open my computer18:27
Kilosthen right click c drive and choose properties18:27
Kilosin properties there is an option to check the drive18:27
LangjanWell its already checked and the report was 83% healthy with 17 bad sectors18:28
Kilosoh it did a self test when booting18:29
Kilosok then put it back in his pc18:29
Langjanperhaps motherboard prob?18:29
Kilosyou will see when its there18:29
LangjanCan I disconnect it while my machine is running?18:30
Kilosfirst time i hear a drive is glazed18:30
Kilosyes 18:30
LangjanI also thought it was quite funny but perhaps something to learn...18:31
Kiloswhen its working tll him to take it back and tell them he just wipred the glazing off18:31
LangjanIts booted and everything seems normal 18:39
Langjanwiped the glazing with fine grit water paper18:39
Kilosdid they cgarge him to tell him the drive is glazed18:39
LangjanThey wanted to sell a new machine18:40
Langjanyes of course18:40
Kilosyes its all about money18:40
Kilostell him you see18:40
Kiloslearn by your mistakes18:40
Kilosand find another pc shop18:40
Kilosalso tell him to do chkdsk weekly18:41
Kilosbad sectors have a habit of becoming more18:42
LangjanUnfortunately only one pc shop in bela-bela but I think there is somebody working from home18:43
Langjansame shop made Linda buy a new lappie, nothing wring with old one, I scored it in the end and still using it18:43
Kilosif you start charging then you will get more business18:43
Kilostell the local newspaper what crooks they are18:44
Langjanand will worry you more18:44
Kilosold saying18:44
Kilosa fool and his money are soon parted18:44
Langjanprob is over-80's, no fool just technologically retarded18:45
Kilosyou put ubuntu on there18:45
Kiloshe went back to windows and got icing on his drive to help empty his money pocket18:46
nsnzerolol , never too old to learn 18:46
Langjanyip agreed18:47
Kilosyou people should sue that shop18:47
Kilosevil guys like that need to be chased out of business18:47
LangjanThey said they will sell the old lappie for her, when we went to collect it 6 months later they had stolen the ram18:47
Kilossue them18:48
Langjanwhen she confronted them in my presence, they gave it back18:48
Kiloslappy ram is expensive18:48
Langjansweet sue18:48
Kilosvn der merwes18:49
LangjanI'll do some defrags etc and take it back to Johan18:49
Kilosi will sleep now i think18:49
Kilostoo cold18:49
LangjanThks for the moral support 18:49
Langjanslaap lekker Kilos 18:50
Kilosdankie Langjan jy ook18:50
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:51
nsnzeroKilos : night18:56
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pavlushkanight ZA!21:16

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