gnudogemessed up while debugging a cron ....  2nd lesson always use relitive paths until the cron is completed.00:00
gnudogethen test.00:00
hammer25gnudoge: I made a clone of the SD card on a USB stick, and when I insert the stick, it mounts three different things, root, boot, and SETTINGS. Whats a good way to back that up?00:01
mutantehammer25: if you hit Ctrl + Z you send the current process to background. it just happened to be the text editor in your case. but it would be the same for any application00:01
gnudogehammer25: that is a 1337 backup. vry nice.00:01
hammer25gnudoge: ?00:01
codepython777if i have a bunch of scripts that apt-get 100s of packages, how can i get this to a more efficient state? Is there a tool that helps with this?00:03
Bashing-omminimec: I am always amazed at what I do not know ... I have had some - and still do - great teachers .00:03
gnudogehammer25 I think its a great idea00:03
mutantecodepython777: you can use "dpkg --get-selections" to get the current list of packages and save it to a file. then you can copy that file and use it with "dpkg --set-selections" on another host. and it will install the exact same packages00:04
YankDownUndercodepython777: Would it not be best to "modular-ise" and create a master script that calls other scripts...in order to allow  for easier editing/customisation of the modules?00:04
Bashing-omtyrick: Your question ? boot-repair is pretty smart .00:04
BassemBashing-om: so?00:06
hammer25gnudoge: My goal here is to run an ubuntu server image from the usb. I read somewhere that to do that I should copy the sd to usb, format the sd, put the boot portion back onto the usb, then change cmdline.txt to use the usb as root.00:06
hammer25is that reasonable?00:07
Bashing-omBassem: While I am looking at the sources .. let's insure we have operating head room  post ' df -h ' df -i '.00:07
gnudogesounds awesome hammer2500:08
BassemBashing-om: what do you mean00:08
minimecBashing-om: wise words...00:08
codepython777YankDownUnder: I do exactly that right now, but i 've to get same packages for each of my dependencies?00:08
hammer25gnudoge: problem is, there are two FAT partitions on the sd card, a 1.1gb FAT16, and a 63mb FAT32. Do you have any idea which is the boot partition?00:09
gnudogefdisk can he00:10
Bassemminimec: what to do now00:10
gnudogehelp or00:10
hammer25I've tried fdisk -l, but it doesnt specify which is boot00:10
gnudogesorry touch is hard to type on.  ya.  fdisk and look at the options just dont write anything00:11
designbybeckSO!.... What Google is saying is there is still no official Google Drive plugin for Linux!?!?!?!? Really!?00:11
codepython777mutante: is there a way to say - what packages were added at the end of script run? Perhaps I should do a set difference between them, and then use that file?00:11
gnudogeummm checking00:11
BassemBashing-om: paste.ubuntu.com/1912853400:11
minimecBassem: 'ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ | pastebinit'00:11
mutantecodepython777: yes, what you said. the diff in that file between "before" and "after"00:11
gnudogehammer25: does   lsblk   help?00:12
BassemBashing-om: paste.ubuntu.com/1912859300:12
Bashing-omBassem: The 3rd party directory is good .. show me the main source list ' cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list '. As to 'df' is disk space usage .. we do not want to run out of room !00:12
BassemBashing-om: paste.ubuntu.com/1912865500:13
codepython777mutante: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19128737/ - how do i fix this?00:13
BassemBashing-om: 1912873900:13
BassemBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1912873900:14
minimecBassem: 'cat /etc/issue | pastebinit'00:14
Bassemminimec: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1912882700:15
hammer25gnudoge: yes, lsblk worked! now to install gparted so i can format the damn sd card...00:15
Bashing-omBassem: Ouch !! .. that 19128655/ is for sure your sourcelist file ?? what returns ' ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list ' ? If it is a small number , then yes .. we go and regenerate that source .00:16
Bashing-omBassem: NM that last .. I see a valid source list .. from that last of yours . reading now .00:16
codepython777anyone knows how to fix this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19128737/ ?00:17
minimecBassem: Bashing-om: The past pastebin tells me that you are running "Debian GNU/Linux 8", and not ubuntu trusty... >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/19128827/00:17
mutantecodepython777: apt-get -f install00:18
mutantecodepython777: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21510633/my-apt-got-messed-up-installing-boost00:18
Bashing-omminimec: Bassem Concur .. out of our ball park .. install ubuntu and we can help .00:20
BassemBashing-om: you want me to make new install?00:21
Bashing-omBassem: We do ubuntu support here . There are differences in debian we would not be aware of . If you want our support, install ubuntu .00:22
BassemBashing-om: i'm using ubuntu for sure 14.04 lts00:22
Bashing-omBassem: I wish " http://paste.ubuntu.com/19128827 " says this is now a debian install .00:23
minimecBassem: I don't now what you did to you system... You're good for a fresh installation. I would cosider to create a new USB installation stick and backup the date in your users directory... then go for a fresh installation...00:23
Bassemminimec: god after all that time00:24
Bashing-omBassem: All time in on that curve of learning .00:24
minimecBassem: At that point you might consider the 16.04 LTS release...00:24
Bassemminimec: is it release already???00:24
gnudogeim on 16.04  i00:25
nacc_!xenial | Bassem00:25
ubottuBassem: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/xenial00:25
gnudogereally like it00:25
Bassemminimec: it all start because i want to update the unity tweak so it will allow me to move the unity bar00:25
minimecBassem: Well.. We both learned something today, right? ;)00:25
Bassemminimec: and then every thing crash :(00:25
minimecBassem: On fact... I don't know how you got all these debian repositories activated. You did some copy/paste too fast, reading a tutorial...00:26
Bassemminimec: maybe as i said it went crazy today00:27
Bashing-omminimec: Bassem " deb http://httpredir.debian.org/debian jessie-updates main : did not happen by accident .00:28
gnudogeBassem: do you have a backup?00:28
gnudogeif not Bassem now would be a good time to copy /home to a usb00:29
Bassemgnudoge: im new to ubuntu00:30
hammer25gnudoge: lol, so i changed cmdline.txt and rebooted, and it freaked out and couldnt find root. I'm going to have to format the sd card on my laptop :P00:30
Bassemgnudoge: i'm downloading now v 16 and will come here to lep me install it i dont want to crash my windows as well00:30
minimecBassem: If you boot a 16.04 installation stick, you will be able to backup your files using 'try ubuntu'00:30
Bassemminimec: ok00:31
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minimecBassem: You just need another device to backup to, like another usb stick or an external hdd.00:31
gnudogewhen i was new i broke my hard disk.   fsck fail.  then disk failed from then on.  i lost everything and i then understood freedom.00:31
Bassemminimec:  i really have nothing to back up i dont use it that much..it's still as i install it the first time..only got unity tweak and that happen00:33
minimecBassem: Ok. So no problem... Try to stay with the official repositories. Don't install ppa's if you don't really need them. Although I also have the webupd8 ppa activated (saw it in your list)... ;)00:35
hammer25thank you for your help, gnudoge! good night00:41
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eduardo_hola a todos00:43
eduardo_saludos desde Panama00:43
eduardo_Alguien que me pueda ayudar con una gran duda que todavia no he podido resolver00:44
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YankDownUnderHablamos ingles agui...00:44
eduardo_Hi everyone00:44
eduardo_someone can help me00:44
YankDownUndereduardo_: You can try #ubuntu-es => en Espanol...00:45
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eduardo_no body answer there00:45
YankDownUndereduardo_: Ah....pues...que pasa? Su problemo? What's wrong?00:46
forgxPerfect, did a fresh install of ubuntu 16.04 on my vps, and after update && upgrade, I'm getting lxd errors....00:51
forgxHow is this even possible!00:51
forgxAnd also:00:51
forgxW: mdadm: /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf defines no arrays.00:51
forgxIdeas? It's a totally fresh install, I just ssh'ed the machine.00:52
nowbootedhi, does anyone here have a thinkpad with LEDs on mute (f2) and mic mute (F4) that are fully functional? i cannot get mine working but i had it on the liveusb00:53
WhiteNightnowbooted, I have a Lenovo TP X220. I don't have the sound options on function keys (they are dedicated buttons), but I do have all Function keys fully functional. Does that help?00:55
forgxAnyone? :(00:55
WhiteNightforgx, Can you share the screenshot of the error?00:58
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
forgxWhiteNight: Sorry! Here is a paste: http://hastebin.com/ececusekuh.vhdl01:07
forgxI marked the problematic lines starting with an asterisk.01:08
MrAwesomekathey guys01:09
MrAwesomekati've rented a server at an idc, but the company has kept the root password and made a root2 account01:09
MrAwesomekathow can i kick out the original root01:10
MrAwesomekatit says i don't have the right to change root's password01:10
MrAwesomekatbah, i'm so stupid01:11
MrAwesomekatsudo passwd did the trick01:11
MrAwesomekati'm so used to have su rights without sudo ;)01:12
forgxWhiteNight: Are you still there? xD01:12
MrAwesomekatok, doesn't work. any ideas?01:13
MrAwesomekatsudo passwd root let's me successfully change the password01:14
MrAwesomekatbut ssh returns access denied trying to login as root01:14
tgm4883MrAwesomekat: sounds like root ssh login is disabled01:14
tgm4883which is generaly recommended01:14
Loshkiforgx: the lxd looks like a harmless warning. I can't help you with the mdadm stuff, sorry01:14
forgxLoshki: but isn't it weird in a fresh install?01:15
MrAwesomekattgm4883, i just want to make sure that the server company can't login to my server01:15
forgxI did note this, anyways... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxd/+bug/160202501:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1602025 in lxd (Ubuntu) "error: open /var/lib/lxd/containers: no such file or directory" [Undecided,New]01:16
tgm4883MrAwesomekat: well that have physical access, so they could if they really wanted to01:16
MrAwesomekatyes, i'm aware of that01:16
forgxWith the exact same error.... ( open /var/lib/lxd/containers: no such file or directory)01:16
MrAwesomekatit's the first time ever someone has given me root2 instead of root01:17
tgm4883MrAwesomekat: IMO, any provider that messes with the image in any way is reason to find a new provider01:19
MrAwesomekatthe server being in china i kinda expected something along those lines01:19
Loshkiforgx: my bad, I didn't read down to lines 407-411. 16.04 isn't as stable as 14.04.4. Can you get by with the latter instead?01:24
cwolfordhelp -l01:24
cwolfordtatertots, are you still here?01:26
Startrek852Kubuntu 15.10 refuses to remember my WiFi password, any idea why?01:28
nowbootedStartrek852: what is the behaviour?01:28
Startrek852Every time Kubuntu goes to sleep or gets disconnected it asks me for my WiFi password.01:29
forgxLoshki: Sorry, my english is not great... Are you saying I should try 14.04?01:30
WardzQ: I'm running an Ubuntu 16.04 machine at local IP 192.168.0.x.01:31
Loshkiforgx: your English is good. Yes, I'm saying you should try 14.04.4 LTS specifically.01:31
WardzI fired up a virtual machine at 10.0.2.y01:31
WardzCan I create a route so I can interact with the VM?  and How?01:32
forgxLoshki: I think I will wait until a proper fix, since it seems I'm not the only one with this problem... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxd/+bug/160202501:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1602025 in lxd (Ubuntu) "error: open /var/lib/lxd/containers: no such file or directory" [Undecided,New]01:32
WardzAlso: since Ubuntu is assigning the IP to the VM (providing NAT), how can I configure what IP range it draws from?01:33
LoshkiWardz: if you use bridged mode networking in the VM, it will be on the same network as the host. Does that help? You will need to manually configure the ip address in the VM.01:36
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casbekihello guys, how do you gain root access in ubuntu?01:38
YankDownUndercasbeki: "sudo"01:39
forgxcasbeki: to run command with root access: sudo + command01:41
casbekiThere are some operations I attempt that tell me I need root access.01:41
forgxcasbeki: to change to the root user: sudo su01:41
RakkoI'm looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html01:41
forgxcasbeki: just run the command you are trying to use, with a "sudo" in the beginning01:41
RakkoIs there a reason it doesn't mention Network Manager at all? I'm confused as to what circumstances cause /etc/networks/... to be used.01:41
YankDownUndercasbeki: http://askubuntu.com/questions/515198/how-to-run-terminal-as-root01:42
casbekiTHanks a lot, it worked01:42
YankDownUndercasbeki: Fair enough01:42
cwolfordis there a significant difference in using sudo apt install as opposed to sudo apt-get install?01:43
cwolfordso just using apt assumes apt-get01:43
YankDownUnderHaving to type four extra characters.01:44
cwolfordthanks, that may delay carpal tunnel syndrome.01:44
daxcwolford: no, they're different frontend programs to the same backend01:44
daxfront-ends are named apt, apt-get, aptitude, etc. backends are named APT and (underneath APT) dpkg01:44
cwolfordthanks, dax and YankDownUnder01:44
cwolfordlinux = so much to learn01:45
YankDownUndercwolford: May the god of toast bless you with few crumbs01:45
blndidiotI'm thinking of formatting.  Does backing up my home folder cover pretty much everything I'd need?  Aside from any system configs I've set up like auto-mounting drives on boot and such.   I just don't want to miss anything obvious.  When I originally installed, I didn't put my home dir on its own partition01:52
daxI usually just back up ~/01:52
blndidiotthat's home01:52
daxso yeah, if you didn't put stuff elsewhere, you don't need to back up stuff elsewhere.01:52
daxwhich is a bit tautological, but i guess means there's probably not some thing you need that you don't know about01:53
blndidiotYeah that's what I'm thinking01:53
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Guest31993whether hacking using a Linux -based OS can use a modem ( not router )01:54
Guest31993whether hacking using a Linux -based OS can use a modem ( not router )?01:55
forgxGuest31993: I don't understand your question..01:56
forgxCould you elaborate?01:57
Guest31993whether hacking using a Linux -based OS can use a modem ( not router )01:57
blndidiotGuest31993:  A modem will do anything cable/dsl/fiber will do, just slow.01:57
cwolfordok, so i was working with tatertots earlier today regarding the scanner portion of my canon pixma mp560 not working. he basically told me that the library i was installing didn't have all the necessary dependencies for my scanner to work properly. he also said that because it wasn't on the official supported scanner list for 16.04, i was basically "pissing in the wind" to try and get it to work. however, i just found this page01:57
cwolford(https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/amd64/libsane-common/1.0.25+git20150528-1ubuntu2) which--since it's for xenial--leads me to believe that my mp560 is supported...which means i'm more confused than ever.01:57
Startrek852Anyone know?01:58
Guest31993Modem USB01:58
Guest31993USB Modem01:58
forgxStartrek852: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=188433601:58
forgxAlso, https://askubuntu.com/questions/433912/remember-wireless-password-in-kde/43392601:59
swolfhey guys, need some help with partitions. Kinda in a fix here01:59
cwolfordswolf what's your question?02:00
swolfHey guys, don't ask me why but I really need to install Windows 10 in a dual boot with Ubuntu 14.04. I'm currently running Ubuntu in a dual boot with Kali Linux 2.0 and my Windows will be replacing Kali. To be honest I know how to remove, resize and create a new partition but I'm confused about one single thing. /dev/sda2 is my Ubuntu and /dev/sda5 is my Kali. Can I get rid of /dev/sda4? In that way when I can resize my Ubuntu parti02:01
swolftion to give some extra space to Windows after deleting Kali. It is just that /dev/sda4 is right in between those two and I'm not sure if deleting that is wise. Please help me out of this fix. Feel free to ask me anything if I sound confusing. Thanks guys.02:01
swolfmy current partition: http://imgur.com/RKTQk6W02:01
forgxswolf: What is contained in /dev/sda4?02:02
swolfI'm not sure, the file system is unknown and has a flag of bios_grub02:03
cwolfordforgx and the partition is only 1MB02:03
forgxcwage: what?02:04
forgxcwolford* (sorry cwage)02:04
cwolfordforgx i was just adding to swolf's info02:04
forgxswolf: I'm not an expert, but it's probably kali's grub02:04
swolfassuming it is kali's grub, then there won't be any problem deleting that as i'm deleting kali. right?02:05
swolfand even if i don't delete it it should not matter as I use the Ubuntu's grub02:06
cwolfordswolf, nope, not if you're getting rid of kali and it *is* kali's grub02:06
forgxI assume that, yeah. But I'm not an expert hahaha02:06
swolfcwolford: so I can delete it along with Kali right?02:07
cwolfordswolf sure you can.02:07
cwolfordswolf but i'm no expert either02:07
Tin_manswolf, if you don't have a bunch of time, and tweaks to Ubuntu, just back up your /home directory, let windows 10 have the entire disk, then reinstall Ubuntu02:07
blndidiotswolf: I would leave /dev/sda4 alone .. installing windows isn't going to touch it anyway.  boot_grub is for BIOS booting from what I'm reading.  You'll probably need to do update-grub from a live session after installing windows to regen your boot configs.  also, you need to do any partition resizing in a live session as well.. preferably using a live image of the same OS version whose partition you are resizing02:07
swolfthank you so much cwolford and forgx02:07
cwolfordswolf, hold your thanks until it you don't screw anything up lol02:08
swolfyea, ihavethe live cds ready with me. After reading everyones comments this is what I plan to do; 1. back up everything, 2. Delete dev/sda4 and sda5, 3. Resize sda2, 4. Install Windows 10 and 5. Fix grub02:10
blndidiotyou are probably right that the partition flagged with boot_grub is kali.. I'm not seeing a ton of info about it googling.  I don't want to tell you to delete it and then be wrong though :)02:11
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swolfblndidiot: same here, i googled for it; got nothing, asked around on reddit; got nothing. So this is the best I have got so far :P02:13
blndidiotwell if you use google's Verbatim feature it's easier to find info about boot_grub02:13
blndidiotthere is some info out there, but not a whole lot02:13
swolfblndidiot: i'll just take my chances as I'm already backing up the system. So there is nothing to lose as such (apart from getting a pain in the ass if I'm wrong). Plus this seems like good opportunity to learn new shit ;)02:16
blndidiotswolf: if you installed Ubuntu first, which created /dev/sda1 2 and 3, and then later installed kali.. it would have taken sda4 and 5.. so I think it's only logical that this is what's going on02:16
blndidiotyour ubuntu partition should be fine02:17
swolfyup I was just about to add the same thing02:17
swolfalright guys, off I go with my experiment. I'll update if everything goes smoothly (assuming you guys are still around)02:18
Startrek852Hello? Anyone?02:18
blndidiotyou will likely need to reinstall grub entirely after you resize your partition.  so keep that in mind.  I went through this when I resized my linux partition and just remembered about it02:20
blndidiotjust thought I would throw that in before you got started02:20
swolfblndidiot: noted02:20
blndidiothope all goes well, good luck02:21
swolfblndidiot: thanks again02:21
Guy1524_guys I got itunes working w/ wine, but when I connect an ipad and scan for devices, itunes doesn't recognize it.  Ideas?02:31
Guy1524_I am using PoL btw, is there some way to get it so itunes recognizes it?02:31
WardzLoshki, thanks.  I just tried that.  Problem solved.  Once bridged, the VM pulled an IP from the DHCP server on my LAN.02:32
Guy1524_when I try to mount the ipad through nautilus, it says that the ipad is password locked, however the ipad is disabled so I can not unlock it02:35
Guy1524_ugh, I never get answers on this irc02:39
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fossmotd1is there a simple way to connect to the internet via wifi and share that connection to other devices through the same network interface?02:44
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing02:45
fossmotd1bazhang: that requires two network interfaces02:46
fossmotd1I found this but the instructions are extremely complicated: http://askubuntu.com/questions/318973/how-do-i-create-a-wifi-hotspot-sharing-wireless-internet-connection-single-adap02:47
daltoany patient Linux noob helpers on hand?03:02
Bashing-omdalto: Yeah, but with no question, there is no reply .03:04
daltoBashing-om: Cheers - new to the whole IRC deal also - will get my thoughts organised here then fire away then03:05
Bashing-omdalto: :) That is good .03:06
daltoSo I have installed 16.04 in a Workstation 12 VM and am trying to get compiz-reloaded happening properly - I have followed the instructions here: http://blog.northfield.ws/compiz-release-announcement-0-8-12/  ....up to Step 5 (verify running) but am getting error... ImportError: No module named gi ... I have run: apt-cache search python gobject but am not sure which to install to get this working properly - any help appreciated03:09
daltoalso if it matters I have installed open-vm-tools and open-vm-tools-desktop03:10
Bashing-omdalto: Good post, now wait for someone with the knowledge to respond .03:11
daltoOK -please let me know if any more info required03:11
k_sze[work]In Trusty, while trying to `apt-get install apt-clone`, I get this warning: "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!"03:13
k_sze[work](for the apt-clone package itself)03:13
k_sze[work]How am I supposed to fix it?03:13
daltok_sze[work]: try... sudo apt-key update and try install again RE: http://askubuntu.com/questions/75565/why-am-i-getting-authentication-errors-for-packages-from-an-ubuntu-repository03:21
k_sze[work]yes, I just found that as well.03:21
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brohanHello. While booting my system, it dropped me to: emergency mode. I took pics with my phone of the log, some didn't come out okay. I am now booted via live usb, is there a way to view or copy it?03:40
brohanIt appears from the log some kind of a disk issue03:40
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brohanIs no one on here?03:59
rypervencheYes, we are.04:00
brohananyone know much about getting to the logs of an emergency mode from a live CD?04:00
rypervenchebrohan: View or copy what?04:00
brohanI'd like to get access to it in order to put the contents on the net for others to view to help me04:01
brohanI have a feeling its a disk issue. I can see on one of my camera photos in red something about a double entry04:02
brohanrypervenche: I'd like to get access to it in order to put the contents on the net for others to view to help me04:04
rypervenchebrohan: So are you on the Live CD now?04:04
brohanshots I took from my camera can be seen here: https://goo.gl/photos/Nyoqj4arDa771GUTA04:04
orlockIs there a way to configure ipsec vpn's under ubuntu 16.04 using the network-manager gui?04:04
brohanrypervenche: yes04:05
brohanrypervenche: One error I see says fsck failed with error code 404:05
rypervenchebrohan: Ok, so you have to do a manual fsck04:05
rypervenchebrohan: Type "sudo fdisk -l"04:06
rypervenchebrohan: Do you know which disk you should be looking at?04:06
brohanrypervenche: another line: Failed to start File System Check on /dev/disk/by-uuid/7e2620as-c000-4efo-8bcd-2fdc9d90ifd704:06
rypervenchebrohan: Yes, the disk has errors. We'll try a manual fsck04:07
rypervencheactually, that will work for us04:07
rypervenchebrohan: sudo fsck /dev/disk/by-uuid/7e2620as-c000-4efo-8bcd-2fdc9d90ifd704:07
brohanrypervenche: I only have 1 hdd with many partitions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19144589/04:08
brohanI am on a live USB FWIW04:09
rypervenchebrohan: Yes, run the command I pasted above.04:09
brohanrypervenche: I think therein lies my issue, the fdisk didn't return that disk ID04:11
rypervenchebrohan: You probably didn't type it correctly. type "sudo blkid"04:11
rypervencheand pastebin it04:12
brohanrypervenche: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19144807/04:12
brohanAh, found it04:13
rypervenchebrohan: sudo fsck /dev/sda1004:13
rypervencheAh, you're root already, good good.04:14
brohanrypervenche: Here's the result, continue?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/19144913/04:14
rypervenchebrohan: You will likely have to say yes to many of them.04:15
rypervenchebrohan: If there are too many of them, we can stop the fsck and rerun it telling it to say yes to them all.04:15
brohanI am on pass 504:16
brohanrypervenche: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19145009/04:16
rypervencheNice. So you're good now. Want to see if the hard drive is going bad before rebooting?04:17
rypervenchesmartctl -t short /dev/sda04:17
rypervencheIt should tell you to wait for 2 minutes or so.04:18
brokendrhi all, broken macbook pro (old - 2008 I think) ripped out the HDD and replaced it with a western digital 500GB - but... it seems to be write only04:20
brokendrcan't write to it using gparted04:20
brokendralso, using ubuntu live cd04:20
cfhowlettbrokendr, error messages?04:20
brokendrcf, yes, write error to dev/sda04:20
=== csyogi1 is now known as csyogi
brokendrcfhowlett also, if i mess with it in parted it seems to disappear04:21
cfhowlettbrokendr, I think I have seen similar error with USBs.  select it, delete the partition, execute.  make a new partition table.04:21
brokendrcfhowlett, yep, seems that  that still requires write permissions04:22
brokendrcfhowlett, I know nothing though, assume I am a 5 year old - but not one that understands stuff04:23
rypervenchebrohan: Did it say that message?04:23
brohanrypervenche: yes, did say it could take 2 minutes, still waiting04:23
cfhowlettbrokendr, OK then.  gparted is the pretty picture for people who do not use terminal commands.  I would suggest you use the terminal instead04:24
brokendrcfhowlett, but I am having better luck with command line04:24
rypervenchebrohan: Oh sorry. I didn't explain very well, lol. Ok, type: smartctl -A /dev/sda and pastebin it.04:24
cfhowlettbrokendr, perfect.  use sudo fdisk to delete the current parts, and then then create a new part table.04:24
Ben64brokendr: i told you already, your drive is busted04:24
brokendralso, does anyone know how to get wifi working04:24
brokendrBen64, different HDD04:25
brokendrthis is number 3 now04:25
cfhowlett??  brokendr one issue at a time please.04:25
brokendrsorry cfhowlett, I'm working off 2 machines04:25
brohanrypervenche: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19145500/04:25
cwolfordback again with my scanner issue. is anyone available to possibly look at a file but mainly help me with the process of an install or a configure and make?04:26
rypervenchebrohan: Stop using the disk and get a replacement ASAP.04:26
Ben64brokendr: maybe you have another hardware issue preventing proper access to drives04:27
rypervenchebrohan: You can probably salvage a good bit, if not all, but don't use it until you copy the data to the new drive.04:27
fourcolorsHey I'm having a problem with my Python2.7 not being installed with the --enable-shared flag ...04:27
daltobump from [13:09] - any help please?04:27
fourcolorsDoes anyone know how I can install it with the --enable-shared flag set?04:27
Ben64dalto: just repeat the question04:28
daltoSo I have installed 16.04 in a Workstation 12 VM and am trying to get compiz-reloaded happening properly - I have followed the instructions here: http://blog.northfield.ws/compiz-release-announcement-0-8-12/  ....up to Step 5 (verify running) but am getting error... ImportError: No module named gi ... I have run: apt-cache search python gobject but am not sure which to install to get this working properly - any help appreciated04:28
brokendrBen64, I thought it might be the cabling but I've pulled this machine apart and wrapped it inflation tape, and it seems to see the drive, until I try to write to it, (mind you only if I'm using Parted - otherwise it sees it, and it stays, but i can't change permissions on it04:28
fourcolorsI'm in need of some help :(04:28
brokendrBen64, there seems to be some kind of - spellcheck going on there04:29
Ben64brokendr: yeah that doesn't sound good04:29
cfhowlett!ask | fourcolors,04:29
ubottufourcolors,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:29
brohanrypervenche: Will do.  When I get said drive, I suppose that I will partition for /  /boot /swap and /home. How do I the transfer my exisiting home dir to a fresh Ubuntu install?04:29
rypervenchebrohan: You can copy the disk completely to a new one if you get one that is the same size.04:29
rypervenchebrohan: And you can simply replace it without doing anything else, if that is the case.04:30
daltofull error: File "/usr/bin/ccsm", line 30, in <module>     import gi ImportError: No module named gi   - how to get working?04:30
fourcolorscfhowlett: I already asked my question04:30
cfhowlettfourcolors, ah, then please be patient04:30
cwolfordi love how helpful and active the linux community is.04:31
brohanrypervenche: Thank you04:31
cwolfordanother reason i'm trying to completely switch over from windows.04:31
rypervenchebrohan: And I would use ddrescue to do the copy.04:31
brokendrBen64 - i would think that if it were the cable, then it would stay broken, not start OK then break when i try to read or write from the drive04:32
Ben64brokendr: ok then you have two broken drives04:32
brokendrBen64, 304:32
brokendrBen64 or macs for some reason mount as write only04:32
brokendrsorry read only04:33
rypervenchebrohan: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Ddrescue#Disk_to_disk and http://www.forensicswiki.org/wiki/Ddrescue#Kernel_2.6.3.2B_.26_ddrescue_1.4.2B04:34
brokendrthanks rypervenche04:35
brokendrps, got wifi going04:35
rypervencheOh, same person ><04:35
Ben64not same person04:36
brokendrBen64, there is no dada that i care for on this disk, its new (well had PS4 OS on it prior) but had never booted in a PS4 - came out before i even plugged that bad boy in04:37
cwolfordback again with my scanner issue. is anyone available to possibly look at a file but mainly help me with the process of an install or a configure and make?04:38
brokendrjust saying, I'm open to doing anything to make this machine work, not precious about any data04:38
lotuspsychje!make | cwolford04:38
ubottucwolford: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:38
cwolfordlotuspsychje i'm not sure i need to do a make, i'm confused about what i need to do. i may need to do an install, but i may need to do a make. the readme file confused me.04:39
lotuspsychjecwolford: perhaps sharing the details of what you really need would be usefull to the channel, ubuntu version,scanner type,..etc04:40
Ben64brokendr: you need to get new cables or something04:41
cwolfordit's a bit of a long story which is why i didn't post it all. however, i'm running 16.04 64bi, canon pixma mp560 multifunction printer (printer works perfectly, trying to get scanner to work). i was told this printer/scanner wasn't on the "officially supported list" but i found some documentation. i'm downloaded a sane-pixma-backend tar.gz file and extracted it. now i'm confused as to what i'm supposed to do.04:43
cwolfordi've been fiddling with this for a few days now. at one point, while connected to USB, the XSane image scanner application saw the scanner and then the application disappeared. i powered off the scanner and then the Xsane application popped up on the screen again. from what i understand, the driver installation that i performed before didn't have all the necessary dependencies which may have been deprecated.04:49
brokendrBen64 we have made progress, it sees the drive, i ran rescue START END and it found nothing04:50
brokendrit sees 3 partitions, 512mb refi, 461gb linux fs and 3.8gig linux swap04:52
CountryfiedLinuxKdenlive doesn't blend in with any of my themes. Any suggestions?04:53
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bRaVoXhi everyone05:18
bRaVoXthere is a channel specif for ubuntu cloud ?05:19
tatertotshi bRaVoX and quizzy8505:19
CountryfiedLinuxKdenlive doesn't blend in with any of my themes. Any suggestions?05:21
bRaVoXi have a doubt about running lxc/lxd and docker at the same time in my box05:22
bRaVoXi know that both look like the same05:22
tatertotsCountryfiedLinux sounds cosmetic in nature....maybe find a new theme or maybe you'll grow to like the look of it...beauty is in the eye of the beholder05:23
bRaVoXbut for long running lxc/lxd makes sense. Docker is more like a epheremal right?05:23
Afrotoast #skyrimmods05:25
root____Hey guys05:33
root____I don't know what to do05:33
root____There's someone in my house05:34
root____The router went out05:34
root____I only have my mobile hotspot05:34
root____ffs Idk what is going on05:34
tatertotsyour router went out?05:35
tatertotscan you put your hands on the router?05:35
tatertotswell at least you have mobile hotspot05:36
heatheriacDid a reinstall of my operating system, and can't get my network shares to mount properly.  Not sure where I screwed up.  For info: mount points - http://dpaste.com/24W14Q5 || fstab - http://dpaste.com/39C3CTJ || mount -a -v output: http://dpaste.com/153DR6X || And the .smbcrendials file is the same file that worked when I was running the old version05:37
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gbakerHello all05:50
brohanrypervenche: I have the failing drive. Right now I am simply dd'ing my home partition. My current drive has 6 original Windoze partitions, and 4 Linux. With my new drive I plan on only install Linux06:02
brohanrypervenche: That being said, I figure i can just dd the home partition, and then reinstall a fresh Linux. Any reason why I wouldn't want to do that?06:03
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brohanWhile I am creating an sha1sum on a drive for later verification (unmounted), may I also dd that drive? I'd like to get them both started and go to bed06:09
=== andyhuzhill1 is now known as andyhuzhill
brohanWhile I am creating an sha1sum on a drive for later verification (unmounted), may I also dd that drive at the same time, so that I can go to bed sooner?06:10
keysanдарова всем06:16
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList06:21
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k_sze[work]what the big f06:29
k_sze[work]I used apt-clone in the hope that I can replicate a ubuntu install on another machine.06:30
k_sze[work]with the exact same versions of packages.06:30
k_sze[work]I ran apt-clone restore on the target machine and it installed the latest versions of the packages, what the hell.06:30
k_sze[work]And this is using apt-clone 0.3.1 on Trusty.06:32
k_sze[work]Both machines have the exact same hardware config and both are running Trusty, though one machine had slightly more updated packages.06:32
circ-user-NBTTEhow can i find out what has changed in the last updated package ?06:34
circ-user-NBTTEor how can i find out (from ubuntu) what does contain the newly updated package06:34
hateballcirc-user-NBTTE: apt-get changelog <package>06:38
circ-user-NBTTEhateball thank you06:39
reza_hi...im new user :) ... i wanna record my moniter with kazam but i unable to record my sound with it .. but before today it work very good....what can i do to solve it?06:52
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folfquestion: syslog and kern.log just grew insanely, while running badblocks. Lots of "Rejecting I/O to offline device" messages. Can I just open them as root and delete those lines?06:59
reza_Anybody cant help? :(06:59
folfreza_, it worked previously and now it doesn't? Perhaps try to identify anything you have done between it working and not working.07:00
reza_<folf>no i dont work with it for 1 week and  dont touch to anything els :X07:00
dellhemHi. I have a SIM card reader in my PC and trying to get the connection up, but it fails.. Can anyone see where the problem is, from this syslog? http://pastebin.com/PBRYz4Xi07:01
folfreza_, I'd start by rebooting the machine and try again07:03
reza_I do thid :(07:03
reza_what is the best screencast? in linuX?07:04
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folfreza_, I personally have used gtk-recordmydesktop, but kazam should work fine. And it has before, so no reason for it not to work again. Log in with the guest account and try to record something, see if it works07:07
Apachezany of you who have experienced ubuntu 15.x or 16.04 where you have problems reading some dvd discs using external usb based dvd burner?  its like automount autodetects wrong filesystem or something07:14
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reza_hi again07:16
reza_Im understand that I CANT record Any voice with any application in UBUNTU 16.04 in my pC07:17
reza_how Can i Do to FIX it?07:17
Blue1is there a ubuntumate/raspberry pi channel?07:17
reza_hi roshan07:18
folfk_sze[work], isn't that the way it is supposed to work?07:22
k_sze[work]folf: I thought it's supposed to install the exact same versions of packages.07:23
hmmmhey there07:24
hmmmi'm facing a problem - broken xorg on a fresh installation of lubuntu07:24
Blue1howdy tex07:24
k_sze[work]Otherwise I could have just done `dpkg --get-selection`, `dpkg --set-selections`, and then `apt-get dselect-upgrade`07:24
hateballhmmm: Describe the nature of the brokenness07:24
k_sze[work]folf: for what it's worth, apt-clone actually bothered generating an installed.pkgs file, with the exact version numbers listed.07:26
k_sze[work]So it's really puzzling that `apt-clone restore` didn't use that version information.07:26
hmmmit hangs on disk checking on boot ( /dev/sda1: clean x/y files, z/a blocks ) until i get to the console and fails to startx07:26
hmmmhmm, something new this time - startx produces timeout in locking authority file07:28
hmmmyup, same old - xf86EnableIOPorts: failed to set IOPL for I/O07:28
ducassek_sze[work]: i'm not that surprised, since most people will probably want the latest packages.07:28
hmmmFatal server error: AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 007:29
hmmmand then ofc unable to connect to X server: connection refused07:29
ducassek_sze[work]: nor am i sure if older packages are actually kept in the repos.07:30
folfk_sze[work], I see the point. Not clear from the documentation what to expect...07:30
k_sze[work]ducasse: older packages are expected to be kept in the repos, at least for some period of time. That's why apt-get has a syntax to install exact version: http://askubuntu.com/a/9202107:31
NorrPLhi guys07:32
ducassek_sze[work]: yes, i know _some_ older packages are kept, but i'm not sure about _all_ older packages.07:32
hmmmoh, and no internet there07:33
NorrPLif someone installs LTSP Cluster on ubuntu server?07:33
NorrPLi've problems with booting thin clients07:34
k_sze[work]ducasse: reproducibility would be a PITA if older packages are not kept.07:37
k_sze[work]I think the Ubuntu maintainers would understand that need well enough.07:38
NorrPLanybody can hep me?07:38
k_sze[work]And we're talking about Trusty, an LTS release, too. I would be less surprised if the regular non-LTS releases didn't have old package versions kept in the repos.07:41
ducassek_sze[work]: iirc, it depends on the mirror how long they keep packages. if you depend on specific versions of all package i suspect you are expected to install from a local mirror or cloned images, for example.07:41
k1l_k_sze[work]: ubuntu doesnt update the version numbers, but backport heavy bugfixes and security fixes to the same version that was released with the ubuntu release07:42
k_sze[work]Sure, in which case I can see how apt-clone could complain that it can't find a specific version. But we digress.07:43
k_sze[work]the fact is that apt-clone didn't even try to get the exact version.07:43
ducassek_sze[work]: no, it doesn't, and as i said most users would not want it to.07:43
k_sze[work]k1l_: that's not true in the absolute sense.07:47
k_sze[work]There are some packages that ubuntu actually upgrades and changes version number.07:47
k_sze[work]Not just backporting fixes.07:47
k_sze[work]e.g. firefox07:48
ducassek_sze[work]: you can put in a feature request to the developers, as i'm sure many people would find it useful. or even better, provide a patch :)07:48
k1l_k_sze[work]: yes, some few, like browsers, because backporting doesnt work with that much version upgrades and no patches from upstream but its security issue with that sort of program07:48
hmmmoh great, i don't have lxde-common, wtf07:56
pletin12Every time I turn on my laptop it always says "failed to start x server" and I enter in tty. If I reboot it some time later when it's warmer it boots normally (if I reboot it too quick the problem remains). That happens only when I use the recommended proprietary drivers from nvidia. Open source drivers work fine in every boot.07:57
pletin12Can you see nything wrong in the the Xorg.0.log file http://pastebin.com/LE0Pcwg707:57
hmmmservice lightdm start produces blinking _07:57
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Mint001HI guys. I'm trying to install rainbowstream terminal twitter client on ubuntu mate but running into a few problems. Please have a look at my terminal paste >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/19155192/ << and if you can help me please do so :) Many thanks in advanced...08:02
OerHeksMint001, why sudo with pip?08:03
Mint001the sudo was accidental as id been install other stuff prior.08:03
hmmmgreat, i'm stuck here08:03
OerHeksand then, why sudo with a twitterclient??08:04
=== rw is now known as ezri
Mint001never used pip before and just done it without thin,king because I had been installing other stuff prior didn't mean to use sudo lol.08:05
Mint001before i tried installing with pip3, i tried regular pip which is why when after using pip3 I tried launching rainbowstream with sudo kinda on a wim lol.08:06
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icedwaterIf I have a list of upgrade packages and I need to skip one to apt-get upgrade the rest, what can I do?08:08
Mint001any ideas on how to get it working ??08:08
OerHeksMint001, as far as i can see, nothing is installed08:13
OerHekstry "pip3 install rainbowstream " without sudo.08:14
OerHeksthis willinstall for your user only, else use easyinstall for installing systemwide08:14
anyone1234Hi, I am using a proxy and I configured my firewall profile to public. Still not the same ports as on are open for my public IP address.08:14
anyone1234my vpn provider states, that I have no firewall. What is wrong here?08:15
Mint001OerHeks: If i do pip3 install rainbowstream or pip install rainbowstream I get the following output from terminal >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/19155840/ <<08:15
OerHeksMint001, you might want to reask in #python too08:16
Mint001Oerheks thanks :) I will ask there now ;)08:17
ericb2Mint001,  did you try :  sudo  pip3 install rainbowstream08:18
OerHeksericb2, he did, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19155192/08:18
Mint001yes and it did nothing apparently...08:18
ericb2Mint001, sorry, I only read the log you posted, and I saw no sudo08:20
Mint001Not to worry. I have posted on the #python channel hoping someone will have something to offer...08:21
borisetoHi, for some reason I can't view output in tty. It's okay on a fresh restart, but after a while, when I switch to any of them, they hang. I can get back to the graphic one though. Any hints?08:22
borisetoIt happens on 16.04, didn't happen on 14.0408:22
Mint001sudo pip install rainbowstream appears to have worked now for some reason. I have rainbowstream up and running :)08:28
hmmmguys, srsly08:28
OerHeksso not pip3?08:28
Mint001Hmmm no pip3 did not seem to install it but pip did.08:29
benederesanybode knows how resume from hibernation without geting in the grub ?08:30
EriC^^benederes: why can't you get into grub?08:30
benedereswith grub all is fine08:30
benederesi what to resume from hibernation but not get in the grub08:31
EriC^^from a live usb?08:31
benederesnope,system is instaled08:31
borisetobenederes: dual boot or..?08:31
benederesyes dualboot08:31
benederesi what resume frome hibernation like from suspend08:32
=== phillip is now known as Guest8827
benederesis this real or when resume from hibernation grub whil start anyway ?08:33
borisetobenederes: I did that a while back, let me see if I can find the site I followed. It still runs grub, but it recognizes that it's waking up from hibernation and just continues to boot up.08:34
ducassebenederes: on suspend your os is already in memory, on hibernate it needs to be read from disk.08:34
borisetobenederes: so grub would start anyway, but would check if it's waking up and just continue loading the OS instead of showing you any options. Is that what you want to achieve or just skip the grub overall?08:35
benedereswhated to skip grub when resuming from hibernation08:37
borisetobenederes: I think this was the command to skip the GRUB loading and make it just resume the system loading: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="resume=/dev/sdaX quiet"08:40
krambiorixhi, i'm running ubuntu 10.04 on a server and when i try to do an apt-get update  all hell breaks loose....   Command output: http://pastebin.com/aVqMvESs       apt.sources :  http://pastebin.com/gdqXKzvU08:40
benederesso i cant set hibernation like suspend and grub will always load ?08:40
krambiorixwhat can i do?08:40
borisetobenederes: I think it has to load.08:41
Ben64krambiorix: update to a supported version08:41
krambiorixBen64 i can't08:41
benederesthis command whill always skip grub,not only when resume from hibernation ?08:41
krambiorixit's in production08:41
Ben64krambiorix: that's horrible08:41
borisetobenederes: oposite. Will show grub on fresh start, but will skip if resuming from Ubuntu.08:41
Ben64krambiorix: you haven't gotten any security updates in OVER A YEAR08:41
borisetobenederes: X in the sdaX I think should be the swap partition...08:42
borisetobenederes: also, you shouldn't replace that line, just add into that line the command08:42
krambiorixBen64, yeah i didn't own the server, i inherited it08:43
krambiorixBen64 is there something i can do?08:44
Ben64krambiorix: yeah, upgrade to a supported release08:44
krambiorixBen64 there are 1200 users on the webapplication...08:45
Ben64that should be more of a reason to make sure it's secure08:46
ducassekrambiorix: eol releases are not supported here, for very good reasons.08:47
k1l_krambiorix: just take a look at ubuntu.com/usn and see what security issues dont get fixed for your server anymore. you should plan the upgrade to 12.04 asap.08:48
krambiorixgod i'm fucked :D08:48
_dreamerHello, I have recently installed ubuntu server on my computer and all I get on boot is a black screen. I installed the same iso on a virtual box and it displayed everything perfectly as it usually does. I am able to access the recently installed system through ssh but the server main display is black.08:52
k1l_!nomodeset | _dreamer try this08:53
ubottu_dreamer try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:53
_dreamerthere are no graphic drivers installed, I use integrated graphics, probably intel08:55
_dreameri've edited the /etc/default/grub with line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset acpi_osi=\"Linux\"" still nothing09:09
_dreamerthe screen is still black09:09
_dreameri've also executed sudo update-grub command09:10
vahe1hi all :)09:13
_dreamerIntel Corporation 82Q963/Q965 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02) this is my graphics card09:13
_dreamerthe computer is a dell optiplex09:14
_dreamerHas anyone else had problems with black screen after installing Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS?09:16
Dat_dreamer: not i09:18
_dreamerI have tried x64, x86, never had this problem before09:18
_dreamerI can access the machine through ssh, but the main screen of the server is black09:19
_dreamerOne thing i've noticed is that my "install" has a lot more options in the Software Selection list than usual09:22
_dreamerWhen I installed it on a virtual machine it didn't look the same09:22
_dreamerCan this have something to do with it?09:22
Dat_dreamer: not sure maybe try getting to the terminal alt+f209:24
_dreamerare u shitting me? XD09:24
_dreamerit worked09:25
_dreamerthank you09:25
_dreamerwhy would you like a black screen as default? I don't get it09:25
hateball_dreamer: do you have a full working gui now?09:25
_dreamerwell, terminal, scince it's server09:25
_dreamerbut yes09:25
hateballah yes09:25
_dreamerit displays now09:26
_dreamerthank you  :)09:26
hateball_dreamer: if you remove "quiet splash" from your boot, does that change anything?09:26
hateballI'm thinking if it tries to set resolution for plymouth via KMS and that somehow... breaks things09:26
_dreamerIm gonna install x64 now instead and see if it works09:27
_dreamerI am not a linux guru so you are probably right, gonna try it again and see if it will run09:27
_dreamerthanks again :)09:27
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_dreamerwhat is the best way to backup my server as I go along? I want a full backup of the current system state09:34
Triffid_Hunter_dreamer: snapshot your rootfs then rsync it off-site using all the fancy hardlink stuff, see rdiff-babckup for example09:40
hateball_dreamer: depends a lot on what sort of infrastructure you have handy09:41
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rockyhhello! I tried to modify the MOTD in Ubuntu 14.04, creating an executable in /etc/update-motd.d/. Even if I give it a high number in filename, e.g. 99-test, the row that should be printed by that file is not at the end of the MOTD, but always before "No mail" and "last login". Is there a way to print *after* those lines?10:06
nils_rockyh, I think those aren't part of the motd, it's controlled by pam10:11
turtletownHey can anyone help me? im having issues with rufus trying to configure my usb10:11
rockyhnils_: you mean the "No mail" and the "last login" lines are controlled by pam?10:12
nils_rockyh, check /etc/pam.d/login10:12
rockyhnils_ it is a configuration file and yes, it contains references to mail and last login (which is optionally printable). But how to say it to print an additional message?10:14
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splashingi have one riseup mail now cheers10:17
benederescan somebody help my with hibernation problrm ?10:25
_dreamerhateball: I would like to make an iso of everything that is currently on my system at a given point10:26
benederesi have dualboot.When resume from hibernation grub starts10:26
benederesi wanted to skip grub when resuming from hibernation10:27
OerHeksbenederes, likely it starts to boot, not leaving hybernate?10:27
benedereshibernate works fine but by grub when resume10:28
DandelsI'm quite sure you can't skip grub when resuming from hibernation10:28
benederesso hibernate-shut down whake up-grub-resuming session10:28
ducassebenederes: you've been told - you _need_ to go through grub.10:28
DandelsThe computer doesn't magically know that it needs to resume, it still has to boot somehow10:29
abhvl@new_trip.reflections.each do |asc|10:29
abhvl          asc = nil10:29
abhvl@new_trip.reflections.each do |asc|10:29
abhvl          asc = nil10:29
benederesbut can i set grub parameters ?10:29
benederesi tried but grub,i think ignore10:30
benederesi add this command and updated grub10:31
benederes(sda6 is my swap)10:31
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benederesbut it continues shows menu whith timer like this parameter have no metter10:32
hateball_dreamer: Clonezilla is good for that10:32
Dandelsbenederes, it's supposed to10:32
DandelsThat parameter just tells the swap device to resume from. Resuming from hibernation doesn't skip grub10:32
DandelsResuming happens later in the boot process10:32
rajiv1Is there any command in ubuntu 16.04  by using which i can update my system without any disturbances? I mean while i updating and there is a network failure, then it automatically retries the update process.10:32
benederesso its no way to skip grub when resuming hibernation ?10:33
ducassebenederes: no.10:33
hateballrajiv1: apt will download all needed packages before it tries to install them10:33
benederesso any what can i do its to set timer to less seconds (timer=1 sec for example ) ?10:34
Dandelsbenederes, there's a GRUB_TIMEOUT value for it in /etc/default/grub.10:34
benederesi know,readed config file already )10:35
rajiv1hateball: Some times it stops downloading the packages due to network connectivity or other issues. Is there any command by using which, the system automatically retries the process?10:35
RedMan00Hello my friend is having troubles getting Kega-Fusion on 16.04. Is it in the default repos?10:36
hateballrajiv1: it saves the packages to a cache, so if you run apt upgrade/full-upgrade again it will resume downloading until all needed packages are cached locally10:37
hmmmwell, thanks for nothing10:37
hateballrajiv1: there is no built in logic, you'd have to script it10:37
rajiv1hateball: That means its normal to happen like this. I have to run the process again.10:38
hateballrajiv1: there is the option -o Acquire::Retries you can use, but even that might fail10:38
hateballif you set it to 10, and it fails 11 times10:39
hateballrajiv1: "If you notice that apt-get isn't able to finish downloads you can increase the number of retries that it should perform before it finally gives up. This is done by adding APT::Acquire::Retries=20 to /etc/apt/apt.conf." from http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/doc/maint/Maintenance-pkgmaint.html10:40
rajiv1hateball: when i am installing a particular package and during which some problem occurs such as network failure or some other in the middle. then again by using "apt-get install <<package>>" what happened?10:42
_dreamerhateball: if I backup with tar, will that preserve all accounts and passwords and so on?10:46
hateball_dreamer: uh... if you backup /, sure10:47
_dreamerhateball: sudo tar -cvpzf name_of_file.tar.gz --exclude=/home/cyberia/name_of_file.tar.gz --one-file-system like this10:48
jeushelp set entrymsg10:56
lauriHi guys, it seems ports.ubuntu.com is down?11:02
Mathisenlauri, indeed it is.. "SWE" dont work here11:03
lauriAny idea when it should be back online?11:04
tatertotsthose hours of the day, where it seems all ubuntu end user problems have been solved and everyone is just working away without issue11:16
DJonestatertots: Its good isn't it11:23
tatertotsDJones: yes it is11:24
fshello everybody11:28
fsthere are man?11:29
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Kiritojesus mother of god, someone asked to chat with me on Skype so I'm thinking "sure, I'll just install it quickly and then remove it after"11:36
lyzeKirito, use the web version. https://web.skype.com11:37
Kiritooh, I forgot that existed, thanks11:37
Kirito"mysql-common" lol11:38
lyzeKirito, on github is even a wrapper for it so you can run it as a "native" app if you want that.11:38
geirhait's because skype is 32 bit so it needs the 32 bit versions of those libraries11:38
KiritoYeah <_< I normally desperately avoid 32bit applications11:38
leeyaatrying to install mysql-server on fresh 16.04 https://bpaste.net/show/de4406552c5711:47
leeyaaany tips ?11:47
codepython777dpkg --set-selections --hangs - how do i fix this?11:49
lyzeleeyaa, See "systemctl status mysql.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.11:52
lyzePastebin those two commands please ^^11:52
leeyaalyze: nvm i figure it11:53
lyzealright ^^11:53
leeyaai guess installing the meta package isnt enough lol11:53
sabrehagendoes anybody know how to pop a terminal in a live usb 16.04 image? esp during the OS install stage11:53
leeyaai had to do apt-get install mysql-server-core-5.7 mysql-server mysql-client11:53
leeyaawhich is weird11:53
leeyaait should pull any dependancy11:53
lyzeYeah :o11:54
leeyaaill try on another fresh box in a bit11:54
leeyaaand show you the output11:54
lyzeleeyaa, Dunno, for me installing the server alone worked perfectly. Directly installed php together with it: "sudo apt-get install mysql-server php7.0-mysql php7.0 libapache2-mod-php7.0 php7.0-mcrypt" and it ran without problems11:56
leeyaalyze: yeah always worked for me too11:56
gustavopadrehi guys, does anyone knows if I buy the new Samsung Chromebook 3 xe303c13, I will be able to put ubuntu on it?12:04
wacksheadhow do I set a global variable for mysql?12:08
wacksheadin the mysql.cnf under [mysqld], what's the format?12:08
OerHeksgustavopadre, i think you can, though it has just a 16 gb ssd?12:08
gustavopadreOerHeks, yes, 16GB, will it be enough?12:09
ducassegustavopadre: ask in #ubuntu-arm12:10
OerHeksgustavopadre, enough to install, not that much space for applications/data12:10
OerHeksducasse, it has a celeron N.12:10
tatertotsIt's enough however see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements12:10
ducasseoh, i only found the xe303c12, which was arm.12:10
tatertotsI hope you don't plan on installing much additional things with a tiny 16GB storage space on that chromebook12:10
tatertotsbut you are buying a chromebook after all...so you're just doing email and word processing12:11
tatertotsmaybe some light web stuff12:11
gustavopadrehehe, I'm thinking about buying, not mine yet. I do have a lenovo 100s, but after searching I believe it's not possible to put linux on it12:11
DJonesgustavopadre: It would probably be worth booting up with a live USB to see if everything works12:11
DJonesDon't know if the store would let you do that though12:12
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gustavopadreI'm in a quest for a 11 inch laptop that runs linux =(12:12
hateballdont you need to enable dev mode as well, to liveboot12:12
hateballas well as installing linux using crouton12:12
OerHeksisn't crouton used for arm only?12:13
gustavopadreDo you guys recommend me any 11 inch laptop that plays nice with ubuntu?12:14
hateballOerHeks: nah I think you can use it with x86 as well12:14
hateballit's just in a chroot rather than an actual dual or single boot12:15
hateballgustavopadre: try ##hardware12:15
hateballI use crouton on my chromebook, but it does run ARM12:16
GennobaudBonjour je recherche un canal francais12:17
Kirito11 inches is too small for me.12:17
hateball!fr | Gennobaud12:17
ubottuGennobaud: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.12:17
tatertotsthat's what she said12:17
hateballOerHeks: Actually I lie. Rather memory fail. This one is running x86_64 :p12:18
hateballtoo many toys12:18
wacksheadfigured it out.. :)12:21
temhaaI have problem for vpn connection from linux12:24
temhaathe vpn server powered by GlobalProtect (sslvpn). I couldn't find how to connect to that server from linux machine12:25
temhaavpnc is not working for this12:25
temhaaI am also using ubuntu12:25
temhaaDo you have idea to connect to globalprotect vpn server on ubuntu12:25
tatertotswhat version of ubuntu temhaa? connecting to vpn is pretty straight forward..what errors do you get when you attempt?12:26
temhaatatertots: 16.0412:26
temhaatatertots: vpnc says "vpnc: no response from target"12:27
ducassetemhaa: http://askubuntu.com/questions/686186/how-to-connect-my-ubuntu-to-my-workplace-globalprotect-vpn-using-win-7-vm12:27
ducassetemhaa: seems a windows vm is required.12:28
ducassetemhaa: also found this, but it requires certain settings on the server http://blog.davidvassallo.me/2012/11/22/connecting-to-a-palo-alto-network-globalprotect-gateway-from-linux/12:29
leeyaahow the heck to get rid of apparmor on 16.04 ?12:30
leeyaawhenever i try to install mysql it pulls apparmor12:30
tatertotslooks like you'll be using windows for that temhaa12:30
temhaaducasse: But It's very bad. vbox is consuming lots of memory. I will try second one12:30
leeyaacan you remove it at all ?12:30
ducassetemhaa: do you administer the server?12:30
temhaaducasse: No. I am not administrator the vpn server, why?12:32
ducassetemhaa: because you need to be to set the correct options for the second approach.12:32
temhaaducasse: IPsec and Enable X-Auth Support?12:34
temhaaducasse: It can be reason (If they are not choice)12:35
ducassetemhaa: i don't understand that last sentence.12:36
temhaaducasse: If they are not selected. It can be reason of the my problem. (sorry my english problem)12:37
temhaaducasse: tatertots why people is using windows I don't understand. It's out of the standard. they don't understand why free software is importand12:37
ducassetemhaa: yes, it will not work unless those are enabled. in that case you need windows.12:38
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leeyaawhy does mysql want apparmor ?12:51
leeyaacant i get rid of apparmor ?12:51
youxinhello! , I've been facing a problem of package dependencies ?12:53
youxinpackage dependencies means?12:56
ouroumovSome programs require others to be able to run.12:57
youxinwhen I try to play a video it shows the "Package dependencies cannot be resolved" error ?12:58
ouroumovyouxin, please give more information. What version of Ubuntu are you using? What video player are you using? Did you chose to use the proprietary stuff during install? (mp3 flash etc)13:05
ducasseyouxin: the actual whole error message is also helpful.13:06
youxinactually, I using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and I have been using the pre-installed media player13:07
tatertotsyouxin we need more info, what application are you playing said video?, OS version, what video, what errors? all this is beneficial to those who offer assistance13:07
=== Kucuk is now known as Kucuk-
tatertotsreminds me of a joke i heard: a patient told his doctor that he broke his arm in two places. The doctor replied "don't go to those places".13:08
Kucuk-Cheesy : D13:09
rypervenchebrohan: That would be fine. I recommended ddrescue because it does what dd does but can also salvage data on bad sectors.13:09
youxin The following packages have unmet dependencies:  gstreamer1.0-libav: Depends: libavcodec-extra-54 (>= 6:9.13) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libavformat54 (>= 6:9.1-1) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libavutil52 (>= 6:9.1-1) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14) but 2.19-0ubuntu6.9 is to be 13:09
=== coy is now known as Guest76971
youxinit just shows the "Package dependencies cannot be resolved" with details view :13:12
youxin The following packages have unmet dependencies:  gstreamer1.0-libav: Depends: libavcodec-extra-54 (>= 6:9.13) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libavformat54 (>= 6:9.1-1) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libavutil52 (>= 6:9.1-1) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14) but 2.19-0ubuntu6.9 is to be 13:12
tatertotsyouxin you never said what application you are using to play said video. leaving us to assume you just have a local video file and you're clicking it and using whatever opens. Does this sound about right?13:12
joeliogstreamer is the backend.. it could be totem or a bunch of others13:13
joeliothat's irrelevant13:13
joeliothe issue is the gstreamer backend13:13
tatertotsyouxin just try vlc player13:13
joeliomore speicifically, what looks to be incompatible sources13:13
tatertotsgood luck with that13:14
youxinI tried to install vlc player but it quite didn't worked13:14
youxinthe vlc cannot be installed13:14
joeliovlc will need libav stuff too, it's all part of the same stuff under the hood13:14
youxinit shows the same package dependencies error again and again13:14
joelioyouxin: you will have incpmpatible sources13:15
tatertotsyouxin when are you going to install those packages?13:15
joeliois this a fresh installation, with  nothing installed - or have you added sources to it?13:15
joeliopackage sources13:16
joelio/etc/apt/sources.list.d/* or /etc/apt/sources.list13:16
joelioyouxin: is this a fresh install? or have you used it for other things already?13:17
youxinyes I have used for other things already13:17
joeliook, so at some point, you've added a repository (maybe not intentionally) that has incompatible versions of libavcodec etc13:18
youxinthe problem occured when I was installing the codec to support the video format13:18
joelioI'd check in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ first - maybe paste the list (pastebin) it13:18
joelioyea, sounds about right13:18
joeliobascially, it's incompatible sources.. remove anything that's not ubuntu stock specific (*.archive.ubuntu.com/security.ubuntu.com etc)13:19
joelioand then run apt-get update13:19
youxindo I have to check /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?13:20
joeliowell, if you want to fix the issue, if not  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯13:20
joelioit could have been added into /etc/apt/sources.list too - dunno, it's your machine13:21
youxinI want to fix the issue but I'm not getting you really :( beacuse I have just shifted  from windows to ubuntu13:22
joeliook, well perhaps someone can explain, I'm off to lunch13:22
youxinhaha ok enjoy your lunch13:22
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madmouser1what is the best app for system backups (bare metal restores) ?13:40
quackgyverOk so I'm runing the latest LTS version of Ubuntu and it's 100% up to date13:41
quackgyverI'm trying to install Python 2.7 and pip using the suggestions provided by the highest-ranked tutorials on Google13:42
quackgyverbut everything's going to shit13:42
quackgyverEverything I do is giving me errors even though the steps are supposed to be simple13:42
quackgyverAnd I'm a coder so I'm pretty certain I have the level of attention to detail required to write these commands correctly.13:43
quackgyverWhat do I do?13:43
lyzequackgyver, what are the errors and what do you do?13:43
madmouser1quackgyver: what error is sh1t ?13:44
madmouser1any python installed currently ?13:44
quackgyvermadmouser1: as far as i can tell yes13:45
madmouser1python --version13:45
quackgyverI'm following this tutorial, and on the first step I'm getting E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).13:45
madmouser1sudo apt-get install python-pip13:45
quackgyverIt says Python 2.7.513:45
quackgyvermadmouser1: That doesn't work. It once again gives me the dependencies error13:46
quackgyverI've tried downloading it and running it manually but that just spits out tens of lines of errors in red text13:46
madmouser1what version of ubuntu ?13:46
madmouser1lsb_release -d13:47
madmouser1the latest python 2 update on 16.04 is 2.7.11+13:48
madmouser1sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  < no errors ?13:48
madmouser1sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:49
madmouser1then a good old reboot13:49
quackgyverok ill do all of that13:49
quackgyverone sec13:49
joelioyouxin: did you manage to understand what the source.list are?13:51
quackgyvermadmouser1: On the "sudo apt-get upgrade" step its giving me the same dependencies error13:51
youxinjoelio: not quite really13:52
joelioyouxin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SourcesList13:53
joelioyouxin: it basically holds a list of all remote repositories...13:53
joelionow, the default ones are all *.ubuntu.com13:54
madmouser1quackgyver: ok your problem is bigger than python then :-013:55
quackgyvermadmouser1: My friend told me that my Ubuntu installation is messed up.13:55
quackgyverWhich is interesting since it's a fresh and clean install13:55
madmouser1pastebin the error somewhere lets see13:56
quackgyverWell, my friend is helping me sort out my system13:56
quackgyvercus nothing seems to be working right13:56
quackgyverok its sorted. my pal had me run a bunch of commands and suddenly everything works as expected13:56
madmouser1logic is you need toresolve the dependencies, by force if necessary :-)13:56
quackgyverhe said he helped me clean up the state apt was in13:57
quackgyverwhatever that means13:57
youxinjoelio: well, there isn't enough file over source.list13:57
pavlushkais there any way to export a pdf as ppt in Linux, any tools?13:57
madmouser1pavlushka: what pdf text only or text + pictures13:58
madmouser1pdf's protected with passsword or not13:58
pavlushkamadmouser1: text + pictures13:58
pavlushkamadmouser1: not protected13:58
madmouser1i need to run but look at qpdf or pdftk in the interim.13:59
madmouser1i think you will have to do pdf > image > ppt14:00
pavlushkamadmouser1: thanks, that will give me a head start in this aspect at least I guess, looking into it.14:00
pavlushkamadmouser1: I am trying that but cant do it in bulk mode, I mean all pages at a time.14:01
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Jakey3my lubuntu 16.04 hangs frequently in vbox wehn draggin links etc. super annoying14:02
pavlushkamadmouser1: but gimp imports all the pages as different pictures and then the system goes .....14:02
madmouser1look at pdfchain (burst)14:04
quinten_khello people, i can really use some help, im trying to get lubuntu on an old imac g3 as an experiment, however, i cannot get it to boot from cd14:06
quinten_kit currently runs mac os 9.214:06
obZenquinten_k https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads14:08
quinten_kobZen, i have the PPC minimal ISO burned to CD and OS9 finds it, however I cannot get it to boot it14:08
obZenYou might need to try Xubuntu instead14:09
quinten_kI'm trying to get Lubuntu on it, however I have to use the minimal ISO14:09
quinten_kthe startup disc applet in os9 doesnt allow me to select the CD14:10
patraPlease help me i am new user for lubuntu and i want install the printer konika minolta 363 bizhub but i don't know how14:10
obZenWhich version of Lubuntu?14:10
quinten_kobZen, 16.0414:10
quinten_ki downloaded this ISO http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/xenial/main/installer-powerpc/current/images/powerpc/netboot/mini.iso14:11
quinten_kburned it to an empty CD with Brasero on my PC running Linux Mint14:11
patralubuntu 12.0414:12
quinten_kyoure saying i should try 12.04 patra?14:12
quinten_koh wait nvm14:12
quinten_ksorry im getting confused because 2x lubuntu things14:12
quinten_kpatra, why dont you upgrade to 16.04?14:12
quinten_klubuntu 12.04 isnt even really supported anymore14:13
obZenI found this bug:14:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1341334 in linux (Ubuntu) "Installation of Lubuntu 14.04 fails on PowerPC computer" [High,Confirmed]14:13
obZenBut I'm not sure if related14:13
richgaz_\query lborda14:14
quinten_kobZen, thanks but i cant get the mac to even boot the CD, it just boots straight into OS914:14
quinten_kin the startup disc item i cannot select the CD to boot from14:14
lbordarichgaz_, hi14:14
obZenThat's odd O_o14:15
quinten_kive read maybe i have to 'bless' something on the disc but i have no idea14:15
obZenpatra http://www.konicaminolta.eu/en/business-solutions/products/office/discontinued-products/multifunctional-printers/black-white/bizhub-363/downloads.html14:16
obZenpatra https://askubuntu.com/questions/144321/how-to-get-work-konica-minolta-bizhub-423-printer-working14:17
=== zz_capri is now known as capri
obZenBooting from Mac OS 9, not usre14:18
tatertotspatra software is available for your printer they have already posted the links...nice printer by the way..very fancy14:18
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mathieuidoes anyone know how to run a headless xorg with the radeon driver as a normal user in ubuntu? (i.e. using startx)14:24
mathieuiI get “systemd-logind: failed to take device /dev/dri/card0: Operation not permitted”14:24
mathieui(and I am in the "video" group)14:25
Elec_AIs it mentioned somewhere that you need to have gcc 5+ to install nvidia 360*14:25
Elec_Anvidia 360+14:26
tatertotsmathieui what are you trying to do? is this a remote system?14:28
mathieuitatertots, yes14:28
mathieuispecifically, I want to run an X server attached to the GPU on :0 in order to share it with docker without being privileged14:29
mathieui(and I don’t want to use llvmpipe)14:30
ducassequinten_k: don't you need to hold down 'c' while booting to boot from cd?14:30
quinten_kducasse, i tried that14:30
ducassequinten_k: in that case, i'm guessing there is a problem with how the cd is written14:31
quinten_kducasse, i just used brasero14:32
quinten_kto burn the ISO14:32
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RyllixI am going to be installing a Nvidia GPU into a computer running 16.04 today, do I need to reinstall Ubuntu after I add the GPU into the tower?14:34
ducassequinten_k: i'm not that familiar with booting on ppc, it's been years since i had one, so i can't remember how the image needs to be set up. try looking for a ppc-specific channel.14:34
SwedeMikeRyllix: no. Generally you never have to re-install Linux after such a change. Generally you don't need to re-install windows either after such a change, operating systems today are much better than 15-20 years ago14:34
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quinten_kducasse, ill try14:35
RyllixSwedeMike, thanks, I figured I could probably just add it and then install the nvidia driver but I have never tried it before.14:35
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Digi-FooIs Ubuntu on a phone still considered Android?14:40
nacc_Digi-Foo: I don't believe so, that's called Ubuntu Touch14:40
nacc_!touch | Digi-Foo14:41
ubottuDigi-Foo: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch14:41
tatertotsubuntu on a phone is considered ubuntu on a phone14:41
nacc_tatertots: :-P14:41
Elec_AHey guys, if anyone has a blog about ubuntu, make sure you state that nvidia 361+ and kernel 4.4 need gcc version more than 5 and won't be installed with gcc 4.8. It helps those people like me who just want to install as soon as possible and start working.14:43
Elec_AI didn't find anything about this online14:43
RNevillegood morning, I would like to be able to delete files using the file manager (graphical interface) with elevated privileges (admin)14:46
RNevilleneed to remove several files at once in the "boot" directory14:46
nacc_RNeville: what files?14:46
jat-cloneRNeville: gksudo14:47
RNevilleI have an encrypted boot drive, and I have to manual delete files (from time to time) in the boot directory to make room for upgrades14:47
nacc_RNeville: use `apt-get autoremove`14:47
nacc_RNeville: don't manually delete files (IMO) in /boot14:47
RNevillenace apt-get autoremove doesn't work on my computer14:47
nacc_RNeville: probably worth trying to fix that :)14:49
RNevillenace it is a reported bug that encrypted boot drives have were boot fills up14:50
=== nosferius_ is now known as nosferius
RNevilledoes anyone know what the file managers name is - i.e., what the actually program name is for the file manager14:51
tgm4883RNeville: nautilus?14:51
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RNevillethx tgm488314:52
=== anonymous is now known as Guest18246
ducasseRNeville: it would be better to use dpkg or apt to remove those packages, though14:58
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RNevilleducasse, I would like to use dpkg and apt to remove these pakages, but in past I couldn't get them to work14:59
tgm4883RNeville: IIRC, autoremove doesn't work for kernels14:59
nacc_RNeville: do you have a link to that bug?14:59
RNevilleI don't know the bug report number, but my configuration problems with having an encrypted boot drive are well documented15:00
ducasseRNeville: it's quite easy, we can help with that. i occasionally need to do this myself on my laptop with encrypted /boot.15:00
RNevilleI don't really know enough to communicate effectively on this subject, sorry15:00
RNevilleany help appreciated, but simply running these commands ( in question) hasn't solved the problem15:01
RNevilleI have had to manual remove files to make room for upgrades15:01
ducasseRNeville: if you just delete the files, there will still be lots of leftovers from the packages.15:01
RNevilleI believe you ducasse , but it has worked for sometime now, and it was the only solution I found that worked15:03
RNevillehowever I do believe in doing things correctly15:03
debug0x1I'm guessing here: 14.04 is safer then 16.04?15:04
debug0x1safer = less exploits15:04
ducasseRNeville: it's your machine, you are free to do whatever you want :) in short, you find the names of the packages with dpkg -l, then purge them with sudo dpkg -P or sudo apt-get purge15:06
ducassedebug0x1: why would you think that?15:06
RNevillethx ducasse, I do appreciate the help, truly15:08
RNevilleducasse, I will try your suggest, it does sound the way to go - doing things correct is alway best15:09
ducasseRNeville: if you're trying to remove a package you have already manually deleted files from, you might need to use on of the --force options with dpkg. if you can't figure it out come back here. :)15:10
ducasse*one of the15:10
RNevilleok, ducasse , the help in this channel is always excellent - keep up the great work!15:15
RNevilleGo gnu-linux ubuntu15:15
pixelhi all!15:15
pixelHOW ARE YOU?15:15
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gabriel_a lot of quits and joins today :D15:35
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kulelu88Hello all15:49
hdonhi all :) when i open a .crt file i get some program with an Import button that shows some details about the certificate. when i click import, i am prompted for a password for "Gnome 2 Key Storage." but i don't have this password. any way i can save the old key store and reinitialize it with a new password?15:49
quinten_khdon, have you tried your normal passowr15:50
kulelu88when I check the kernel version of my 14.04.4 LTS, why does it show the kernel as being V.3.16 and not V3.13, which is supposed to be the kernel for 14.04? Is there any reason why the 3.16 kernel is used?15:51
nacc_!hwe | kulelu8815:51
ubottukulelu88: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack15:51
nacc_kulelu88: you presumably at some point installed the (vivid) hwe stack15:51
hdonquinten_k, yep15:52
kulelu88nacc_: this is a fresh install of 14.04. I didn't do a dist-upgrade at all15:52
nacc_kulelu88: note that on august 4, all hwe stacks otehr than 14.04.5 will cease to be supported (aiui)15:52
nacc_kulelu88: is it an install of "14.04.1"15:52
nacc_kulelu88: my understanding is the first dotrelease became the official release (again aiui only)15:52
kulelu88nacc_: install of "14.04.4".15:53
nacc_kulelu88: (sorry, not vivid, utopic)15:53
kulelu88nacc_: so when 14.04.1 was released, they bumped the kernel up?15:55
nacc_kulelu88: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes#LTS_Hardware_Enablement_Stack readiung that, the 14.04.4 image seems like it should have had an even more recent kernel and X stack than what you are seeing15:55
kulelu88I see what you're saying nacc_ . 14.04.4 should ship with 4.215:56
nacc_kulelu88: that's how i'm reading it, i definitely might be wrong :)15:57
kulelu88I wonder if I can bump up the kernel myself ... Does this usually break things nacc_  ?15:57
nacc_kulelu88: you mean installing the latest hwe stack? it *shouldn't* break things (esp. the kernel side, as you should be able to boot back to the older kernel). The X side might be trickier, as it's not possible to have two X installations in parallel (aiui)15:58
kulelu88looks like I'm not the only one seeing 3.16 as the 14.04.4 kernel: https://askubuntu.com/questions/753369/latest-kernel-for-ubuntu-14-04-415:58
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kulelu88nacc_: I just want the newer kernel. this is a server, so I probably don't need a newer x-org15:58
nacckulelu88: right, then jus tinstall the appropriate linux-generic-lts- package15:59
asathoortesting ...16:00
* joelio used linux-generic-lts-xenial all the time on 14.04 - so could get later Ceph kernel rbd 16:01
joelioit works just fine16:01
joeliouse the metapackage (linux-generic-lts-xenial) and you'll get all the updates too16:01
naccjoelio: agreed, it should; but there are always corner cases :)16:01
joelionacc: should what?16:02
kulelu88joelio: so you also upgrade the kernel all the time?16:03
naccjoelio: should just work16:04
kulelu88if yes, can you tell me what apt-get commands you use to do it?16:04
joeliokulelu88: if on 14.04 - apt update && apt install linux-generic-lts-xenial16:04
joeliolinux-generic-lts-xenial is a metapackage16:04
joelioso that has dependencies on the current 4.4.x kernel in xenial16:05
joeliowhen xenial gets updates, the dependencies get updated on the metapacakage16:05
kulelu88joelio: that is all? there is nothing else to upgrade as well?16:05
joelioso when you apt update and upgrade, it'll get the later kernel in the 4.4.x tree - if one exists16:05
joeliokulelu88: no, update-grub handled by it too - so it'll also update the grub menu list16:05
dirtylifeandtimelooking for a channel to ask some questions about simple bash scripting...16:06
joeliodirtylifeandtime: shoot, will try and help16:06
naccdirtylifeandtime: #bash ?16:06
joeliootherwise #bash :)16:06
kulelu88joelio: which kernel is 4.4 running on? 16.04 LTS? should I rather upgrade to the 4.2 kernel?16:06
joeliokulelu88: it depends what you need and what the hardware supports16:07
joelioI just use 4.4 as it's got later Ceph support - but I do it with a lot of other devices now16:07
joeliojust to get a later kernel.. but tbh - there's not a lot in it16:07
joelioif you *need* a later kernel, the lts is great way to get it16:07
kulelu88joelio: this is for a server and I am trying to get LXD to work, which isn't working on the 3.16 kernel16:07
joeliocool, xenial kernel ftw then16:08
joelio16.04 is an LTS release mind16:08
kulelu88alright, thanks man. and thank you nacc16:08
joeliono danger :)16:08
dirtylifeandtime@joelio: basically looking for a modifier to $(date) that will print what time it will be 6 hours later16:08
joeliodirtylifeandtime: $(date -d "+6 hours")16:09
joelioalthough you want that in "$(date -d '+6 hours')" really16:09
joelioso FUTURE_DATE="$(date -d '+6 hours')16:10
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joelio⟫ echo $FUTURE_DATE16:10
joelioTue 12 Jul 23:10:40 BST 201616:10
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dirtylifeandtimejoelio: awesome, that's what I was looking for16:11
joeliodirtylifeandtime: no probs16:12
dirtylifeandtimejoelio: what is best practice for where in the script to define variables? at the top just below #!/bin/bash?16:12
joeliodirtylifeandtime: chunchbang/shebang line you mean - sure that is correct16:13
joeliodon't do #!/usr/bin/env bash16:13
joelio#!/bin/bash <- is what you want16:14
joeliooh sorry, misread there16:14
joelioyea, you can define variables there16:14
joeliodirtylifeandtime: if you're wiriting functions though16:14
joelioyou can define a local variable16:14
joeliolocal a_var = 'blah'16:15
joeliothen it's scoped just for that one function16:15
joelioUPPERCASE for constants etc.16:15
joeliojust more convention that I guess though16:15
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dirtylifeandtimejoelio: is this correct then? $NEXT_UPGRADE_DATE = $(date -d "+6 hours")16:16
naccno $ when you assign to a variable (aiui) otherwise the shell substitutes, no?16:16
nacc(in the variable name)16:17
dirtylifeandtimejoelio: NEXT_UPGRADE_DATE = $(date -d "+6 hours")16:17
joelioyou've missed the quortes16:17
joelioit's correct to use $() to shell out, but you need to caputre the variable16:17
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joelioNEXT_UPGRADE_DATE="$(date -d '+6 hours')"16:18
dirtylifeandtimejoelio: NEXT_UPGRADE_DATE = "$(date -d '+6 hours')"16:18
joeliono, no spaces16:18
joelioNEXT_UPGRADE_DATE="$(date -d '+6 hours')"16:19
joeliospaces gonna cause you a bad time, mkay16:19
dirtylifeandtimeNEXT_UPGRADE_DATE="$(date -d '+6 hours')"16:19
dirtylifeandtime(sry I'm copypasta to make sure I've got it)16:20
joeliojoel@ground0:~⟫ NEXT_UPGRADE_DATE="$(date -d '+6 hours')"16:20
joeliojoel@ground0:~⟫ echo $NEXT_UPGRADE_DATE16:20
joelioTue 12 Jul 23:20:06 BST 201616:20
dirtylifeandtimejoelio: good times, thanks. can you specify a path/filename in a constant?16:21
=== joar_ is now known as joar
joelioSOMETHING_$file - I guess16:21
joeliobut has a code smell to me that16:22
joelioperhaps expand on what you're trying to do16:22
joelioas envoding variables in a constant name is a bit meh.. sure it'll work, but enumareation a biut meh16:22
dirtylifeandtimeI have several commands that append their output to a specified logfile using >>16:23
joelioif you need to, use an array and store a list of files16:23
dirtylifeandtimeit'd be cool to not have to retype that filename over and over16:23
joeliowrite a function?16:23
joelioright, ok, sure if I understand16:24
joelioA_LOG_FILE = "/var/log/blah"16:24
joeliocommand_a >> $A_LOG_FILE; command_b >> $A_LOG_FILE16:24
dirtylifeandtimeyeah. so that simple declaration would work?16:24
joelioyea, wure would16:25
dirtylifeandtimeright on16:25
joeliobut you may interleave the output of several commands if you do it in parallel - if that's acceptable16:25
joelioif it's serial, then no bother, it'll write one after another16:25
dirtylifeandtimeelaborate? not sure I understand16:25
joeliook, so if you run several commands in parallel and output to one log file16:26
joeliothe otuput of each process will be writing to the end of the file16:26
gony_how can i record audio streaming in my desktop from terminal ??16:26
joeliodirtylifeandtime: that will interleave the outputs, so you may get output from command a, then output from command b, then commmand a again, then command c etc16:26
joelioit depends on if it's parallel and if that really matters16:26
EriC^^interleave? isn't it interweave?16:27
joelioif you're writing a standard shell and theres no forkink or gnu parallel involved then sure16:27
joelioEriC^^: dunno, both right16:27
dirtylifeandtimesorry, running commands in parallel...what would that look like?16:27
naccdirtylifeandtime: just an fyi, it's good effort to try and write posix-shell compliant code (rather than bash code)16:27
joeliodirtylifeandtime: if you don't know then you're probably serialising commands :)16:27
dirtylifeandtimejoelio: meaning one after the other?16:28
EriC^^joelio: ah i see, cool16:28
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joelionacc: works fine on zsh too ;) :D16:28
naccjoelio: :)16:28
joeliodirtylifeandtime: yea, sure.. but I'm thinking you probably will be wiriting out in serial, so all good :)16:28
joeliothere is a specific tool called gnu parallel, that runs commands in parallel, but if you're not using it, all swell :)16:29
dirtylifeandtimenacc: can you give an example of non-posix compliant?16:29
EriC^^>& is bash only16:30
joeliobashisms ftw :D16:30
naccdirtylifeandtime: [[]] versus [] and $(()) versus $[]16:30
gony_how can i record audio streaming in my desktop from terminal ??16:31
joelionacc: I think (( )) too for arethmetical comparison16:31
naccdirtylifeandtime: but if you are explicitly saying you are using bash, then it's probably ok -- many folks (earlier) were taught to use #!/bin/sh and that breaks if sh is actual dash (or any non-bash)16:31
gony_can anyone help me please ?16:32
SchrodingersScatgony_: what is the stream?16:32
gony_SchrodingersScat : mp3 music and youtube videos every sound in my desktop ..16:32
dirtylifeandtimenacc: still not tracking...are these formatting standards in posix-compliant syntax?16:33
SchrodingersScat!info youtube-dl | gony_, youtube-dl can grab /most/ things from websites.16:33
gony_SchrodingersScat ; i only want to record audio not video !16:33
ubottugony_, youtube-dl can grab /most/ things from websites.: youtube-dl (source: youtube-dl): downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites. In component universe, is extra. Version 2016.02.22-1 (xenial), package size 628 kB, installed size 3444 kB16:33
naccdirtylifeandtime: i would recommend reading `man sh` and comparing to `man bash`16:34
naccdirtylifeandtime: yes, the syntax (not "formatting" :) is different16:34
gony_SchrodingersScat ; no i dont want  a downloading tool , I want audio recording tool just like gtk-recordMyDesktop but audio only !16:35
SchrodingersScatgony_: if you mean you want to record the audio from pulse/alsa something, then you might want to check into ffmpeg, jackd, etc.16:35
dirtylifeandtimenacc: cool, thanks for the tip16:35
joelioall I remember from cli recording is using arecord, wil Alsa set.. *should* work with current Pulseaudio setup - ymmv16:35
gony_SchrodingersScat : yes how to do that , can you give me the right command line to start recording audio ??16:35
SchrodingersScat!info arecord | gony_ , try joelio's recommendation, it may already be what you want. and no, i don't have an ffmpeg line for that ready16:36
ubottugony_ , try joelio's recommendation, it may already be what you want. and no, i don't have an ffmpeg line for that ready: Package arecord does not exist in xenial16:36
joelioapt-get install alsa-utils16:36
joelioit's in there16:36
joelioalso, apt-cache / apt-file useful ;)16:37
joelio dpkg -L alsa-utils | grep /usr/bin/arecord16:37
EriC^^joelio: also dpkg -S /usr/bin/arecord16:38
joelioold habits :)16:38
gony_joelio ; I tried this command "arecord -f cd -t raw | oggenc – -r -o out.ogg" i find in a forum but it doesnt work it gives me an error ..16:39
joeliowhat error?16:39
joelioalso I see – not --16:39
joelioif you've cut and paste from the web, then it has a habbit of changing two -- into –16:40
gony_i see16:40
joeliothat arecord command is for ripping cds (to me) though16:40
joelioyou probably want to be reading from your sound card output16:41
joelioyou can see in alsamixer, which is the mixer view16:41
beginnerhallo everybody!!!16:41
dirtylifeandtimejoelio: so I visited the web page for GNU Parallel...could you describe a use case for this program?16:42
joelioyea, I use it when doing parallel backups16:42
beginneri got a problem... i am trying to upgrade to 16.04 my kubuntu but the server x doesn't respond so i can't upgraded...16:43
joelioone backup doesn't complely fill my I/O capacity, so I run several - which does :)16:43
dirtylifeandtimewhat are you backing up? home dir?16:43
joeliono, ceph rbd device volumes from a cloud16:43
joeliosnapshot, clone, export etc16:44
naccdirtylifeandtime and joelio: feels like you are talking at different levels of technology / undersatnding :)16:44
dirtylifeandtimeyou're backing up *from* the cloud?16:44
joelioI run a cloud16:44
* joelio cloud platform engineer 16:44
naccdirtylifeandtime: if you don't know why you'd need parallel, don't use it, no big deal; it's a performance improvement (potentially) with overhead associated to handle the parallelism16:44
joelioyea, what nacc said :)16:45
dirtylifeandtimeI'm not necessarily interested in using it, just having a general understanding of what it does.16:45
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joeliocool, always good - I find it really useful - simple and works well16:45
joeliothere are other cases.. perhaps paralllel compression or decopression of media etc16:46
naccdirtylifeandtime: it runs stuff in parallel -- not trying to be sarcastic, but htat's all it does, really16:46
joeliodo one thing, do it well16:46
dirtylifeandtime"GNU parallel makes sure output from the commands is the same output as you would get had you run the commands sequentially. This makes it possible to use output from GNU parallel as input for other programs."16:46
dirtylifeandtimeCan you give me an example of that?16:46
joeliowell, it's just pipes basically, standrd unix philosophy16:47
naccthis seems like a better topic for ##linux or #bash at this point16:47
joelioyea, maybe16:47
naccnot really about ubuntu support16:47
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dirtylifeandtimenacc: understood, out of scope16:47
naccdirtylifeandtime: it's roughly like what joelio was telling you before, though; if you have 3 programs running at the same time, all possible outputting to the screen, you might get interleaved output16:47
naccdirtylifeandtime: parallel just handles that part of it, aiui16:47
joelioyep, sorry, my bad, was just trying to work out if there would be several procs wirting at the same time, but if it's scripted, doubtful :)16:48
joelioright, hometime.. have a good one all16:48
dirtylifeandtimeokay got it16:48
EriC^^so it runs them in parallel, but it can make sure they output sequentially16:48
dirtylifeandtimethanks for y'alls help!16:48
joelionp :)16:48
beginneri got a problem... i am trying to upgrade to 16.04 my kubuntu but the server x doesn't respond so i can't upgraded... how could  i manage it?16:49
=== kunwon1_ is now known as kunwon1
Bashing-ombeginner: What release are you upgrading from ?16:55
beginnerbashing: from 15.1016:57
dirtylifeandtimejoelio: you still here?16:59
Bashing-ombeginner: What is set for the upgrade path ' grep Prompt= /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ' ?17:00
Pinkamena_DI have a very long hostname that I would like to shorten if possible in linux. Usually when this happens I just use the hosts file but I cant do that because the dns is dynamic. Is there anyway to map a hostname to a shorter hostname?17:01
beginnerbashing-om: the thing is that once i click on the upgrade button it ask me the password but afterward it doesnt open the release note window17:01
naccPinkamena_D: /etc/hosts ?17:03
Bashing-ombeginner: Do not know the GUI method. prompt= ??, and we see what results once known with a terminal release upgrade .17:04
naccPinkamena_D: you mean the hostname itself is different each time?17:04
Pinkamena_Dno hostmane is the same, just ip address changes17:04
Pinkamena_DI type it often so I wanted to remap some 30 character hostname to like 5 chars locally17:06
naccPinkamena_D: you could just use a shell alias?17:08
beginnerprompt program17:08
Bashing-ombeginner: "program" does not cpmpute; read " cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades " . There are only 3 options .17:10
beginnerbashing-om : command not found17:10
beginnerbashing-om : i am a real beginner17:11
Bashing-ombeginner: We were ALL beginners on one time .. no sin there . I too am at some point on the learninbg curve .17:12
beginnerbashing-om: it sais prompt=normal17:13
akikPinkamena_D: if you can use the localhost ip you can just add the shorted name on that line in /etc/hosts17:14
Pinkamena_Dakik, the remote ip address changes every week or so17:15
akikPinkamena_D: it's not so clear how you need to access the shorter host17:15
Bashing-ombeginner: beginner That "normal" is correct . Does terminal command ' sudo apt update ' complete with no errors ?17:15
beginnersudo apt updatee17:16
Pinkamena_Dso basically I just got the cheapest possible hostname and little server at home for development purposes17:16
Pinkamena_Dits long of course, I just wanted to remap it in the same way that hosts does17:16
Pinkamena_Dbut instead of from hostname to ip, I want from hostname to hostname17:16
akikPinkamena_D: can you access all the needed services through the localhost ip ?17:17
Bashing-ombeginner: The command is ' sudo apt update ' .17:17
beginnerbashing om : done... everything updated17:18
beginnerbashing om : yeah i write it here instead in konsole...17:18
Pinkamena_Dnot sure what you mean needed services? basically I need to type now $ ssh someuser@some-really-long-annoying-hostname.com I want to make it so I only have to put $ ssh someuser@shortname17:19
Bashing-ombeginner: That updates/syncs  the list files .. now to see what results in updating the system ' sudo apt upgrade ' . completes with no errors reported ?17:19
beginnerno errors17:20
beginnerbashing-om: no errors17:20
akikPinkamena_D: is some-really-long-annoying-hostname.com the hostname of the machine you have at home or somewhere in the cloud? what is your client machine? what is your server machine?17:21
Pinkamena_Dserver at home, client is a laptop could be at any internet connected location17:21
Bashing-ombeginner: K .. and now .. no proprietary driver in use .. ( proprietary stuff is non-ubuntu) . what returns ' sudo lshw -C display '. In a pastebin site so you do not flood this cahannel . Do you require guidance to use a pastebin site ?17:23
akikPinkamena_D: ok maybe you could just use shell aliases in that case17:23
akikPinkamena_D: or $HOME/.ssh/config in which you can setup aliases17:24
akikPinkamena_D: i think .ssh/config fits your use case17:25
Pinkamena_Dssh config? thats interesting, I will take a look at it17:25
beginnerbashing-om: yes it would be great17:25
Bashing-om!pastbinit | beginner17:26
akikPinkamena_D: in it you can have "host server-a" and tell it to connect to "hostname some-really-long-annoying-hostname.com"17:26
Bashing-om!pastebinit | beginner17:26
ubottubeginner: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com17:26
akikPinkamena_D: so would just use "ssh server-a" and it connects to that long hostname17:27
Bashing-ombeginner: ' sudo apt install pastebinit ' . then, ' sudo lshw -C display | pastebinit ' . the result is a URL back in your terminal . Pass that complete link back here and we can access the file .17:28
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beginnerbashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19193354/17:32
Bashing-ombeginner: Good, Intel graphics, no proprietary driver . Now are you prepared to do the release upgrade ? All backups have been done ? Just in the event there is a problem .17:35
beginnerbashing-om: yes ready17:36
Bashing-ombeginner: ' sudo do-release-upgrade ' . and watch the show as the installer tells you what it is doing in the terminal .17:37
Bassemmindstorm: i'm ready to install 160.4 im trying it now how to get clean install without missing my windows17:37
Bassemminimec: i'm ready to install 160.4 im trying it now how to get clean install without missing my windows17:38
beginnerbashing-om: yeaaaaaah!!!! seems it work!!! thanks a lot!!17:42
minimecBassem: Hi again. I don't know how you partitioned your system, but I guess you just take the same partition you installed 14.04 on. May be the installer gives you an option for that.17:42
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Bassem_minimec: will you help me install the new version17:45
Bashing-ombeginner: Not over till it is over .. hope to see ya happy on the other side .17:46
minimecBassem_: Well there is not really much to help. You were able to install 14.04... The installation process for 16.04 is the same.17:46
minimecBassem_: If the installer gives you the option to replace the existing linux installation, choose that. The installation routine will do the rest.17:46
Bassem_minimec: i mean i dont want to miss the dual start up for ubuntu and windows...and shouldn't i delete the old ubuntu also....some one help me to install 14.04 because im new to ubuntu17:47
beginnerbashing-om: yes you're right... i hope so too!! thanks again17:47
Bashing-ombeginner: Sure .... let me know how it ends .. ( I had my fingers crossed ) .17:49
minimecBassem_: As long as you don't touch the windows partition, you will have the same dual-boot choise at boot. The 'grub' boot manager will handle that. You don't have to delete the old installation. The partition will be reformatted.17:49
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beginnerbashing-om: yes i'll let you now... as soon it finish... zzzzzzz!!!! hehehe17:51
Bashing-ombeginner: :)17:52
Bassem_minimec: should i select install third party software for graphics and wifi hardwear17:52
minimecBassem_: as you have an nvidia card, I would tend to say 'yes'.17:53
JakesDenHello, I have a problem with my keyboard. It visualy has a us layout but the keyboard is programmed to have the uk layout, is there any software that can make it change the incoming keys to what they would be on a us keyboard?18:00
mutanteJakesDen: you should be able to change your keyboard layout somewhere in the settings of your window manager / desktop18:01
mutanteJakesDen: from the keyboard point of view it's just where which stickers are. it's not programmed there, just the OS picks one18:02
Bashing-omJakesDen: Keyboard functional as is now ? what results ' sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration ' To have the wizard re-configure ?18:02
JakesDenit detects it uk but now i changed it to force us keyboard layout18:03
JakesDenthe thing is even if no keyboard layout is set it will automaticly be picked up as uk18:03
JakesDenand the battery compartment hardly even fits the 2 aaa batterys in it and now makes my keyboard wobble as the batterys are springing out18:04
JakesDenwould tightning the spring help?18:04
mutantemaybe the "even if no layout is set"-part is from language settings (en-uk vs. en-us), picking a default18:05
Bassem_minimec: install ubuntu alongside windows 7 or erase disk and install ubuntu?18:05
Bassem_minimec: or something else18:05
mutanteJakesDen: personally i like them to not have batteries, good old cable. they never run out in the wrong moment and it's not like i'll ever be able to set further away from my screen than the cable  length and still be able to read text18:06
minimecBassem_: Alongside Windows7! Otherwise, the whole disk will be reformatted, including windows 7. You can also choose 'something else' and choose the partitioni manually.18:07
JakesDenwell it seems like this wireless keyoard is not so wireless\18:07
JakesDenyou need the wireless reciver litraly touching it in order for it to work18:07
mutanteJakesDen: yea, that's kind of a good example ... the wireless part just adds extra things that can break and waste time.. imho18:08
Bassem_minimec: https://s31.postimg.org/py5x1hkd7/Screenshot_from_2016_07_12_18_08_01.png18:08
JakesDeni might mod the keyboard and give it a usb cable for use as a hub to conect a reciver inside the device and also power the keyboard18:08
mutanteJakesDen: sounds good.. then you can also connect things like external usb disks at the keyboard and they have the power18:09
Bassem_minimec: https://s32.postimg.org/vcn4g3605/Screenshot_from_2016_07_12_18_09_12.png18:10
Bassem_minimec: what to choose18:10
minimecBassem_: That seems ok. Use the (21.5) partition as root, and the (64.4) partition as /home. Format at least the (21.5GB) partition.18:10
JakesDennow i can jut imagen a youtube how: @Welcom back to the wired to wireless keyboard converion chanel@18:10
JakesDengreat now the rechargeable battery has floung across the room18:11
minimecBassem_: You have to choose the 'Mount point' for the mentioned partitions.18:11
minimecBassem_: '/' stands tor the 'root' partition.18:12
minimecBassem_: If you don't format the 54.4GB partition and choose /home as mount point, you will even preserve your user data from the last installation.18:13
JakesDenow i just stepped on a logo brick18:14
mutanteoh, then that line was totally appropriate18:14
JakesDenanyone know anything about the openbox window manager and desktop wallpapers on it?18:16
minimecJakesDen: Maybe check some wikis like this one... https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/openbox#Desktop_icons_and_wallpapers18:17
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Bassem_minimec: i'm kinda lost18:22
Bassem_can any one guide me through installing proccess18:25
Bashing-omBassem_: I am watching over minimec's shoulder. what is the problem ?18:25
minimecBassem_: watching the picture you sent me, you can reuse the partitioning, that was made by the previous 14.04 installation. It is even a pretty good partitining table. All you have to do is to choose a 'mount point' and format at least the '21.5GB' root partition. that's all.18:26
Bassem_minimec: how can i use mount point?18:27
Bassem_minimec: i'm totally noob18:27
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD18:29
minimecBassem_: Select the partition and then press the'change' icon, I guess...18:30
CodFectionI have external monitor which can support Upto 1400x900 but it only shows 1024 resolution.. when I do xrandr, after restarting it returns back to 102418:30
CodFectionany fixes??18:30
Bassem_minimec: so i select the 21 gb partion what type to choose?18:31
minimecBassem_: '/' for root and check the 'format' option.18:31
CodFectionhello? How to keep resolution of 1400x900 for external monitor even after restarting ubuntu?18:31
k1lCodFection: any adapters involved? what driver is installed?18:32
CodFectionVGA.. no drivers18:32
minimecBassem_: the 64.4GB partition will be '/home'. You can choose to format the partition yourself. Not formatting the partition will me, that all user data of the previous 14.04 installation are preserved.18:32
CodFectionxrandr --addmode VGA1 1400x90018:33
CodFectionxrandr: cannot find mode "1400x900"18:33
CodFectionyou see.. it removes 1400x900 from the settings after restarting :(18:33
k1lCodFection: well, adapter are known to make issues. so if you use one that might be it.  what video card is it? what driver is in use?..18:33
CodFectionintel HD 3rd gen.. windows works fine.18:34
zwitterioni cant change my nick18:34
CodFectionno driver.18:34
zwitterion##linux :Cannot change nickname while banned on channel18:34
nicomachuszwitterion: that's a question for #freenode18:34
k1lzwitterion: leave that channel.18:34
SebthreeBQM10HDCodFection, for what?18:34
zwitterionyeah, i know. i'm interesten in ubuntu anyway18:34
CodFectionfor external monitor18:35
Bassem_minimec: to make sure i got you right..the 21 partition will be room / right?18:35
k1lCodFection: well, then maybe that monitor is not sending the right EDID signal, so it doesnt show that mode as possible18:35
Bassem_minimec: and i'll format it18:35
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline18:35
Bassem_minimec: then the 64 partition will be /home and format it as well18:35
Bassem_minimec: am i right so far?18:35
CodFectionk1l, but adding it manually solves the problem.. then again after restarting.. it returns to 1024 resolution18:36
k1lCodFection: then put it into the xorg.conf18:36
Bassem_minimec: https://s31.postimg.org/qw8yhz7xn/Screenshot_from_2016_07_12_18_33_00.png18:36
CodFectionk1l, can you elaborate please..18:36
minimecBassem_: Choos ext418:38
Bashing-omBassem_: Fo you really really need encryption ? as it adds a level of complexity in times of trouble can not be overcome .18:38
Bassem_Bashing-om: what do you mean18:38
GinoManWorks_Are there other alternatives to installing apt stuff offline? I've got an rPi image which needs updated and some new packages installed but not all the devices I'm installing on are connected to the internet nor can be.18:39
=== zwitterion is now known as angry_somoan
Bashing-omBassem_: " /dev/mapper" says you are encrypting . When it breaks .. there is no recourse !18:40
doofusmaxiumsok... i goofed up and during an install of lubuntu, i said to format an ext4 partition that i didn't want to format, gparted shows it as formatted, (it wasn't set as an "install" mount point, just a shared data volume), but i didn't let the installer run for very long afterwards and forced the computer off a few seconds after hitting "install now" am I completely screwed or can i recover any/all of that data (currently on a liv18:40
k1lCodFection: see what situation is similar to your and try that solution: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution18:40
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Bassem_Bashing-om: im new to all this so i dont understand what are you saying18:40
Bassem_minimec: to make sure i got you right..the 21 partition will be / and formate then the 64 partition will be /home and formate right?18:41
amsbso...am I allowed to ask a derivative distro question here...there's no one in my distro's channel...18:43
doofusmaxiumsit looks like testdisk and/or photorec is the way to go18:43
ducassedoofusmaxiums: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery18:43
minimecBassem_: The mount points are correct, and you have to at least format the 21GB '/' partition. If you do not format the 64GB partition and choose the same user name, your user data of the previous 24.04 installation will be preserved.18:43
minimecdamn I need to type a little slower to avoid typing errors...18:44
ducasseamsb: try ##linux18:44
amsbducasse: thanks18:46
CodFectionk1l, useless wiki guide. tried everything18:46
CodFectionis this the only way left?18:46
Bassem_minimec: which one to choose https://s32.postimg.org/r0k8edw79/Screenshot_from_2016_07_12_18_46_31.png18:47
minimecBassem_: The default one '/dev/sda ATA WDC...' as shown in the previous pictures...18:48
k1lCodFection: so you added something to your .xprofile?18:50
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k1lCodFection: did you test the edid signal?18:50
CodFectionhow k1l18:51
k1lCodFection: did you try all that (since you said its useless and you tried everything)18:51
CodFectionyea I tried the steps in the relevant ones18:51
saitoh183_hi all, anyone here familar with installing phpmyadmin?18:54
mutantesaitoh183_: apt-get install phpmyadmin18:55
saitoh183_im on mate 16.04 with nginx, mariadb 10.118:55
=== zanshin_ is now known as zanshin
saitoh183_yes the problem is during the setup18:55
k1l!info phpmyadmin | saitoh183_18:55
mutantemariadb or mysql should not matter, "drop-in replacement"18:56
ubottusaitoh183_: phpmyadmin (source: phpmyadmin): MySQL web administration tool. In component universe, is extra. Version 4: (xenial), package size 3841 kB, installed size 24418 kB18:56
saitoh183_during the setup, it ask for the web application...after that it is suppoe to prompt to add the application password to create the db in mysql...this part doesnt happen18:57
minimecCodFection: The 'xrandr' way is indeed worth a try. use 'gtf' to get the 'Modeline' for the desired resolution, like 'gtf 1920 1080'.18:57
minimecCodFection: then add your result as 'newmode' like this: 'xrandr --newmode "1920x1080_60.00"  173.00  1920 2048 2248 2576  1080 1083 1088 1120 -hsync +vsync'18:58
saitoh183_i tried sudo dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin, but all i get is the web application choice18:58
minimecCodFection: Then you have to add that 'newmode' to the screen you want to configure, like 'xrandr --addmode HDMI2 1920x1080_60.00'19:00
mutantesaitoh183_: can you manually edit the config file to insert the password  (and ironically need to do more commandline work to get the tool to avoid using the commandline)19:00
minimecCodFection: You should now be able to choose the resolution from the 'Display' GUI in 'Settings'. Note: 'HDMI2' is an example for my system...19:01
saitoh183_mutante: but when i check mysql via CLI there is no phpmyadmin DB...and im gussing without it, phpmyadmin wont work19:02
thushijoin #automotive19:02
mutantesaitoh183_: maybe you need to give phpmyadmin the current root password , in the config file of phpmyadmin. i have not installed it in years since i found it easier to just use mysql without it. none of the extra setup and you end up writing the same queries anyways..19:04
Exagone313there is a channel #phpmyadmin19:04
Exagone313as long as it's not linked to the package itself19:05
Exagone313the question19:05
mutantewho knows if it's linked to the package :)19:05
mutanteit sounds like it might19:05
MrokiiHello. What app for doing backups of (K)Ubuntu is recommended (maintained) these days? I would prefer something with a GUI, but I want to able to access the files via commandline or some file browser if necessary.19:05
Exagone313personally, I download phpMyAdmin manually19:06
Exagone313and it works without problem, just that it's not tupdated19:06
mutantein the end you paste queries and click "ok" instead of pasting them and hitting "enter"19:06
mutantei dont see the point19:06
Exagone313but you don't make it available publicly anyway, so...19:06
mutantefor the price of another security vector19:07
Exagone313only the server/computer itself could access it19:08
mutantemanually installing likely means no updates ever19:08
Exagone313depends by whom19:08
mutantein a PHP app.. that has your DB root19:08
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Exagone313it does not save it, it prompts for it, and you are not supposed to make it available publicly, I use VPN or X forwarding to access it personally19:09
saitoh183_i dont get why i had it work one time and now i cant get it to work again19:10
NarwhaalI use ssh + elinks19:10
Narwhaalno more secure19:10
Exagone313saitoh183_: can you copy the thing on http://paste.ubuntu.com/ or a screenshot somewhere?19:11
ducasseMrokii: take a look at backintime, for instance, it has a kde gui19:11
Mrokiiducasse: Thanks, I'll take a look.19:12
tahderhello, I'm attempting to install ubuntu on my lenovo desktop that has windows 10 on it. I burned a cd but while reading directions on the internet it says to go to the BIOS, which I did, and go to the sectionboot, well there is no "boot" section. and i'm affraid something went wrong burning the cd. I just burned onto the ubuntu OS nothing else. Any help is much appreciated19:13
Exagone313tahder: just so you now, you can use a USB key instead of a cd/dvd. Can you send the link of what you're talking about?19:14
mutantetahder: when you burn the CD there should be something to make it a "bootable" CD19:14
Exagone313it probably says how to change boot order or to enable legacy boot19:14
mutantethere might also be a "BIOS" or "UEFI" switch that changes everything about boot options19:14
debug0x1tahder: Or you can try the F9-F12 keys.19:14
tahderyes, i know and i tried that already and the install OS was corrupted. the link in just a sec19:15
tahderokay mutante, how do i get there now that ive already burned the cd19:15
mutantetahder: i'd do what Exagone313 said and use a USB drive.. probably easiest19:16
mutantethe link you have seems to be pretty detailed ..19:17
forgxCan I ask a question about ufw? Or that would be offtopic?19:17
saitoh183_Exagone313: i dont what to show...basically i run the setup via sudo install phpmyadmin (added the source list) then it prompts for the webclient (apache or lighttpd).I hit ok and it just finishes the installation.19:18
saitoh183_it should ask  to configure database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common19:18
saitoh183_but it doesnt19:18
mutantesaitoh183_: you said you have nginx, so if it just supports apache and lighttpd.. that would be why, i guess19:18
tahdermutante, yes but the problem is there is no boot section to begin with19:18
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mutantesaitoh183_: then it's a feature request. you could open it as a bug against the package. "support nginx"19:19
saitoh183_no...cuz after that i can just symlink to the html folder of nginx and it should work19:19
saitoh183_i did it in 14.04 and 15.0419:19
saitoh183_nginx isnt the problem19:19
saitoh183_the problem is the fact that im not getting the configure database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common19:20
Exagone313saitoh183_: stop did you just say you edited sources.list?19:20
Exagone313don't do that19:20
saitoh183_no i didnt edit it manually19:20
Exagone313remove what you added, phpmyadmin is available without any addition repo19:20
saitoh183_i just added so i could get the lastes version of phpmyadmin19:20
mutantetahder: that's surprising. i dunno, but it's a Lenovo, they all have a boot option somewhere.. must be hidden19:21
saitoh183_to make sure i wasnt getting a unsupported package19:21
Exagone313sorry, but if you are not using the ubuntu repo, I can't help you, ask on #phpmyadmin19:21
Exagone313but don't forget to tell them you are using their repo19:21
saitoh183_i tried that first and added the source after i couldnt get it to work for the thousand time19:22
Exagone313to not get redirected here once again :P19:22
mutantetahder: can you switch it between UEFI and BIOS (legacy) ? boot options might show up then19:22
forgxCan you configure ufw to allow a dynamic dns? (Like a domain)19:22
saitoh183_i tried it with the official repo and it was the same problem19:22
saitoh183_the ubuntu repo i mean19:22
Exagone313ok, so can you copy the console output, when you install? I can't try it here19:23
saitoh183_i followed this guide: https://www.unixmen.com/how-to-install-lemp-stack-on-ubuntu-16-x/19:23
saitoh183_ the part about phpmyadmin19:24
saitoh183_yes i will output..sec19:24
Exagone313saitoh183_: are you using it for local development or a server?19:24
saitoh183_its local19:26
naccsaitoh183_: what's the issue with phpmyadmin?19:26
fefegghrjrrrsomething cool19:28
naccsaitoh183_: the version of phpmyadmin in 16.04 is 4: (updates)19:28
Exagone313saitoh183_: you are blocked here? https://1969324071.rsc.cdn77.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/sk@server-_0051.jpg19:28
Exagone313unselect apache with space and press enter when nothing is selected19:30
saitoh183_nacc:im on mate 16.04 with nginx, mariadb 10.1 ...im having a probnlem with the setup of phpmyadmin..during the setup, it ask for the web application...after that it is suppose to prompt to add the application password to create the db in mysql...this part doesnt happen19:30
Exagone313it shouldn't ask for any password19:30
saitoh183_Exagone313: this part is the part that doesnt happen19:30
naccsaitoh183_: that page you referred to is 100% out of date19:30
Exagone313ok so there is no problem, conbfigure it manually19:30
naccit has a screenshot of mysql-server-5.6, but 5.7 is what is in 16.0419:31
Exagone313find the path where phpMyAdmin is installed and make an alias19:31
nacc*and* mentions php5, which isn't shipped in 16.0419:31
Exagone313I can't see you image, can you link the image link directly?19:31
Bassemwhat is the best irc clint19:31
naccsaitoh183_: so i wouldn't trust anything they write19:31
Exagone313Bassem: hexchat and irssi19:31
nacc!ot | Bassem: that's an opinion poll, not a support question...19:31
ubottuBassem: that's an opinion poll, not a support question...: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:31
saitoh183_i just took that link for the pic...but i found one with php7 and mariadb 1019:32
DJonesBassem: Depends on your usage, I'd say irssi, but everybody has differnt opinions19:32
Exagone313saitoh183_: so phpMyAdmin is installed, you don't fail the installation or get blocked, right?19:32
naccsaitoh183_: ok, i just installed phpmyadmin in a lxc container in 16.04 and it prompted for db info19:33
saitoh183_its just that it doesnt do the db creation step19:33
ioriasaitoh183_, are you installing phpmyadmin from ppa ?19:33
naccsaitoh183_: as i mentioned, you aren't using an official version (afaict)19:33
jianu81scan you help me19:33
jianu81si have 4 gb of ram19:33
jianu81sis there any reason to use a 64bit ubuntu ?19:33
saitoh183_i tried both19:33
naccsaitoh183_: only one is supported here19:33
k1ljianu81s: there is no reason to not use 64bit if your cpu can use 64bit19:34
naccsaitoh183_: and going back and forth without properly purging can lead to issues19:34
jianu81sdoes it use more space than 32bit ?19:34
k1ljianu81s: no.19:34
saitoh183_didnt go back and forth...i tried just doing sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin19:35
k1ljianu81s: if you dont want to have traffic jam. do you want a 32 line highway or a 64line highway?19:35
Exagone313saitoh183_: http://dpaste.com/1GTV03B19:35
Exagone313check if the location is /usr/share/phpmyadmin/ first19:35
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Exagone313then include the alias how I did, then reload nginx, then go to __your-address__/pma/19:36
ericb2Hello, I need testers : https://adullact.net/frs/?group_id=71719:36
ericb2thanks in advance !19:36
naccsaitoh183_: you said you tried with official and unofficial versions19:36
Exagone313ericb2: we are not testers19:36
Exagone313we are helpers19:36
ericb2Exagone313, this is stable version19:36
k1lericb2: no advertising here.19:37
Exagone313ericb2: this isn't in the ubuntu repo19:37
saitoh183_this is what i got in my default.conf19:37
ericb2no, but that's an official site, and this software is known already. I just adapted it to Ubuntu and Raspbian19:38
k1l!motu | ericb219:38
ubottuericb2: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU19:38
saitoh183_and i already have phpvirtualbox working with a simlink from /usr/share/phpvirtualbox/ to /usr/share/nginx/html/19:38
Exagone313saitoh183_: yeah, it's not complete, and it should be named nginx.conf. but add my alias, you should understand how is it cinluded in a server{} block19:38
k1lericb2: this is how software lands in the ubuntu repos. see that procedure19:38
Bassemwhat this command do sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd819:39
ericb2k1l I'll read, thanks :-)19:39
nacc!ppa | Bassem: it adds a ppa to your system.19:39
k1l!ppa | Bassem19:39
ubottuBassem: it adds a ppa to your system.: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:39
ubottuBassem: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge19:39
ericb2k1l, maybe you know OOo4Kids too. This is the same basis, and I'm the main dev too19:39
saitoh183_but again, i dont think the problem is nginx...the problem is the installation that is not doing the portion of creating the phpmyadmin db in mysql19:39
naccsaitoh183_: as i just said, i ran the install myself, in a lxc container, and it did what you expected.19:40
ericb2ubottu, the sources are ~ 2GB19:40
ubottuericb2: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:40
naccsaitoh183_: please retest starting from fresh with the official repositories19:40
ericb2ubottu, he he :-)19:40
ubottuericb2: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:40
backboxi need help19:40
ioriaericb2, btw the logo is too similar to openoffice one ... :þ19:40
k1l!backbox | backbox19:40
ubottubackbox: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.19:40
saitoh183_nacc: i did that...i did a purge of maria,mysql, phpmyadmin19:40
backboxis there any one replay me19:41
saitoh183_did a autoremove and clean with rm of the mysql folders19:41
ducasse!language | backbox19:41
ubottubackbox: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList19:41
naccsaitoh183_: pastebin `apt-cache policy phpmyadmin`19:41
tikhow do I add music to an Iphone without vbox/itunes19:41
ronalalguien habla español?19:42
saitoh183_ok sec19:42
brohan_Hello all. I have a laptop with a 1TB HDD, that even with Win8 dual boot has a lot of room left on it. Unfortunately the drive is failing. The machine has room for 2 drives. I am considering adding on an SSD. What size would be best? What should I put on it?19:42
nacc!es | ronal19:42
ubotturonal: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:42
brohan_I figure /boot /swap and root19:42
=== tik is now known as TiK
backboxmany ethenticationmay required19:42
naccbrohan_: if the drive is failing, shouldn't you back up everytyhing?19:42
brohan_nacc: I am currently doing a dd of my /home partition19:42
ericb2ioria, I'm OpenOffice dev19:42
TiKHow do I edit a docx file?19:43
ioriaericb2, that's ok, then19:43
ericb2ioria, and I forked OpenOffice.org long time ago19:43
naccsaitoh183_: ppa support must come from the ppa owner, sorry19:43
naccsaitoh183_: if you are willing to purge the ppa and try install phpmyadmin again, i can try and help19:43
saitoh183_i added the nijel after trying for many hours with the ubuntu19:43
naccsaitoh183_: i can only cite what i have said a few times, i just did an `apt-get install phpmyadmin` in a fresh xenial environment and had no issues.19:44
naccTiK: openoffice/libreoffice?19:44
k1lbackbox: see the bots message where to get help with backbox. the other talk is offtopic in here19:44
naccbrohan_: sorry, confused by what you are asking then?19:45
TiKnacc: tried that... I can't edit anything19:45
saitoh183_nacc: yeah...i did that also and it seemed to work and i had to remove it and i could not get it back to that point19:45
Exagone313TiK: you may have issues with this proprietary format, if possible, try to switch and ask around to use the opendocument format (odt, odp...)19:45
Exagone313if no one ask for that, it won't move19:45
naccTiK: ah, it might depend on the particular document; wonder if google docs or something can help (not sure)19:46
naccsaitoh183_: ok, so you had it working ... then removed it?19:46
saitoh183_yeah cuz i had a access denied error with root @localhost and i decided to start from scratch and since then, i cant get it to the db portion19:47
naccsaitoh183_: if i had to make a guess, that means you didn't actually purge the db settings and so it's not asking to reconfigure what is already configured; try `dpkg-reconfigure -plow phpmyadmin` ?19:48
naccsaitoh183_: did you not give root a password?19:48
heap_hi, which ubuntu is more stable jessie or xenial?19:48
b-yeeziHi all, I have a question about accessing a mongodb server running in an LXC container from the host19:48
naccheap_: jessie is debian, not ubuntu.19:48
k1lheap_: there is no jessie19:48
heap_oh ok sorry19:49
naccb-yeezi: just ask, you might get more help in #ubuntu-server, though (or an LXC channel if it's a LXC issue)19:49
amsbso I've had no luck in #linux-mint or ##linux as it seems no one is in either channel...may I ask my derivative distro question in here?19:49
b-yeezinacc I will try that. Thanks.19:49
TiKhow do I add music to an Iphone without vbox/itunes?19:50
k1lTiK: i guess you dont. since apple doesnt want you to19:50
TiKk1l: :)19:51
DJonesamsb: If you're using Ubuntu, then yes19:51
TiKk1l: I miss my andriod phone  could just drag drop into a Music folder19:51
k1lamsb: we can only support ubuntu in here. see the mint forums if you need help with mint and the mint channels are dead19:51
b-yeeziI am just trying to connect to it, but it say connection refused by server.  I can ping it, I made sure the port is open. Still no luck19:51
b-yeeziI can see a new lxbr0 network device, and when I ping the container, I see that it's using that device's gateway19:52
saitoh183_nacc: dpkg-reconfigure -plow phpmyadmin just get the web application choice...hit ok and it closes19:54
naccsaitoh183_: with the ubuntu package?19:55
SebastianRasor01Hey guys, I'm looking for a way to encrypt my Ubuntu system due to Veracrypt not supporting system encryption.19:57
saitoh183_nacc: with both...i have been trying with the ubuntu package since yesterday...about 1 hour ago i saw the nijel ppa and gave it a try19:58
naccsaitoh183_: unfortunately i can't help at all with the ppa package, you need to go back to the official ubuntu package if you want support here19:58
sidilingjust installed ubuntu but my samson usb mic has super low input19:58
k1lSebastianRasor01: why not use LUKS for full disk encryption? that is the standard19:58
sidilingi maxed the mic boosts to no avail19:59
sidilinganyone else run into this issue before?19:59
saitoh183_nacc: i can if that is what it takes...19:59
SebastianRasor01k1l, I'm new to Ubuntu, I'll look into it. Thanks!19:59
k1lSebastianRasor01: luks is what the installer can do automatically19:59
GhostEchoHello All19:59
SebastianRasor01Is there a hidden OS option like in VeraCrypt? That's one of the reasons I use VeraCrypt.20:00
SebthreeBQM10HDGhostEcho, hi20:00
minimecsidiling: Have you tried to search the net for your problem? Maybe also try if you can tune the settings with 'alsamixer' in a terminal.20:01
saitoh183_nacc: so here is a valid guide https://www.unixmen.com/how-to-install-lamp-stack-on-ubuntu-16-04/ ... you agree?20:01
saitoh183_just for the phpmyadmin portion20:02
naccsaitoh183_: that also has out of date pictures; i don't trust it.20:03
GhostEchoGuys Im new to Ubuntu.. is it safe to install Nixnote2 as when i download it Chrome throws security warnings.. apologies if these kind of question is not supported20:03
saitoh183_nacc: do you have it installed?20:03
naccsaitoh183_: do i have what installed?20:04
naccsaitoh183_: yes, i have told you that 3 times now.20:04
amsbI've read some wikis but I still have a question about some I/O redirecting20:05
saitoh183_nacc: lol..sorry i though you just tested it really fast to see if it did install.. ok...so you have a phpmyadmin db in your mysql?20:06
amsbcan someone give me a simplified explanation of what is happening here?: 2>&120:07
ducasseamsb: you're still not on ubuntu...20:07
k1lamsb: ask in ##linux for general linux support if you dont use ubuntu20:07
amsbokay sorry20:07
amsbk1l: there's basically no one in there20:08
naccsaitoh183_: yes.20:08
k1lamsb: 2300 people are more than enough in ##linux20:09
amsbI have a separate, curious question that may be a stupid one20:09
k1lamsb: we played that game now often enough. you can ask in #ubuntu-ops to lift that mute if you use ubuntu one day and need support. thanks20:10
saitoh183_nacc: well that is what i dont have which is suppose to be created during the installation20:12
saitoh183_nacc: so i removed the third party ppa and did a pruge of phpmyadmin*, followed by a autoremove and autoclean20:14
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naccsaitoh183_: ok20:15
NomadJimHow can I install firefox 47.01 on ubuntu 14.04? I need it to work with selenium as firefox 47 doesn't seem to20:20
k1l!info firefox trusty20:21
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 47.0+build3-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (trusty), package size 44107 kB, installed size 102883 kB20:21
NomadJimyeah I need 47.0120:22
NomadJimDo I just have to do it manually from https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/47.0.1/linux-x86_64/en-US/ ?20:23
k1lNomadJim: i dont know when the 0.1 will be packaged for the repos. maybe ask a question or file a bug on launchpad.20:25
NomadJimroger that20:25
NomadJimIs this the right channel to ask How can I make an alias to the firefox binary that's in a random folder in /usr/local/bin?20:32
jattwith ln20:33
OerHeksNomadJim, 2016-06-30 firefox (47.0.1-1) unstable https://launchpad.net/debian/sid/+source/firefox ... and i see the mozilla-next team working on 48 already .. so i guess it will hit the updates soon20:36
NomadJimI get spoiled by ubuntu doing everything automatically that I forget how to do it manually20:37
wadAny of you guys try running Windows in a VirtualBox under Ubuntu? I've enabled bi-directional clipboard sharing, but neither direction works.20:41
administrateurHello Ubuntu user's :)20:42
jatthello 😸20:42
administrateurSoon Microsoft programs will be available on Linux?20:45
tgm4883administrateur: not a support question, you're looking for #ubuntu-discuss20:45
Jack__934Who developer on C?20:46
administrateurOkay :(20:46
administrateurMe before but it's been a year I have to touch the C20:47
ubottuCanonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.20:47
administrateurthanks ubottu20:47
OerHeksyou are welcome in that dedicated support channel :-)20:47
tgm4883OerHeks: that's not at all what he was asking though20:48
dax#ubuntu-for-windows is for Ubuntu on Windows, not Microsoft products on Ubuntu.20:48
forgxCan you use ufw to allow only a domain? (for dynamic dns)20:48
deepeshHi can anyone help me  installing java on ubuntu ...20:48
forgxdeepesh: yep20:48
bekks!java | deepesh20:49
ubottudeepesh: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.20:49
k1ldeepesh: what java and what ubuntu exactly?20:49
administrateurhow to help the staff of Wine ? Wine is dead in developement ?20:50
daxtalk to #winehq about that20:51
deepeshkll,  ubotttu .. i have followed these steps : https://www.unixmen.com/installing-java-jrejdk-ubuntu-16-04/20:52
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deepeshbut i think  there is some issue with  it20:53
=== Obama is now known as nolsen
deepeshcoz when am trying to   source /etc/environment it says PATH: command not found20:54
ash_workzwhat do you call the key sequence using super (ie: super+c+= is €) ?20:54
deepeshforgx, bekks, ubottu,  any help ?20:55
forgxdeepesh: Do you know if it's possible to set up ufw/iptables to allow a dynamic ip? (I already have a dynamic dns).20:55
k1lash_workz: super is the key that is labeled with the windows logo on most pcs20:56
ash_workzthe right alt20:56
beginnerbashing-om: so seems like it worked out... i gonna restart the pc... see you in a bit hoping in a good upgrade... for now thanks...20:56
k1lash_workz: no20:56
ash_workzaltGR I guess20:56
Bashing-ombeginner: Outstanding .. remember .. 1st thing is to update/upgrade as soon as you are back up .20:57
k1lash_workz: no. super is "super". or "windows key". or "apple key".20:57
deepeshforgx,  no i dont20:57
ash_workzsorry; forget I said super20:57
deepeshi think i have messed up something20:58
ducasseash_workz: you are thinking of the 'compose key', i think.20:58
ash_workzducasse: yes! thanks20:58
deepeshforgx, can u pls guide me how can i get clean java installed21:01
forgxdeepesh: Ubuntu version, java version.21:01
jonkyunder universal access, I enabled control cursor using the keypad. now I can't click on anything. i disabled it using the keyboard, but it's still not working.  im running 15.1021:01
jonkydoes anyone have a suggestion?21:02
deepeshforgx, btw this is what i have in my /etc/environment -21:02
deepeshsorry --21:02
bekksdeepesh: Ubottu already told you.21:02
jonkyactually im going to reboot then come ask for help21:02
deepeshforgx, ubuntu 12.04 LTS21:07
forgxdeepesh: If the official ubuntu tutorial didn't work, try: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-java-on-ubuntu-with-apt-get21:08
forgx(Remove previous versions first)21:08
deepeshforgx, and this is my /etc/environment21:08
deepeshPATH ="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_03/bin"21:08
deepeshJAVA_HOME ="/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.8.0.92"21:08
forgxWhat error are you getting, again?21:08
deepeshcoz when am trying to   source /etc/environment it says PATH: command not found21:09
deepeshforgx, how do i remove previous versions  ?21:09
forgxdeepesh: sudo apt-get purge openjdk* java* oracle8*21:10
forgxAnd try to remove any changes to the /etc/enviroment you made.21:10
almarkgood evening is there a  way to fix the theme differences in 16.04 unity?21:13
almarkscrollbar in firefox differs from thunderbird etc....21:14
deepeshforgx, the link u have shared again list so many java versions21:14
deepeshso i need to get all ofthem21:14
forgxdeepesh: no, choose one.21:14
k1lalmark: i guess its due to firefox using gtk3 now and thunderbird doesnt21:14
deepeshas in default one or oracle ..correct ?21:14
forgxdeepesh: I recommend the openjdk ones.21:14
almarknautilus idem ditto21:15
forgxdeepesh: openjdk is a open source alternative to the original oracle-jdk21:15
deepeshforgx, and what about  the default21:16
forgxdeepesh: What do you mean with "the default"?21:16
JanGo17Best laptop to buy for linux ?21:16
beginnerbashing-om: IT WORKED OOOOUUUUUT!!!!! THANKS BRO!!!!21:17
beginnerbashing-om: thank you very much for your help!!! i gonna play a bit with the new futures!!! your tips are been more than helpful... thanks again... Bless!!21:19
Bashing-ombeginner: Glad to henp .. and to be of help .21:23
deepeshforgx, by default i meant this : sudo apt-get install default-jre21:31
forgxdeepesh: Yes, it's also a option.21:32
forgxBut keep in mind21:32
forgxdeepesh: if you are using 12.04, then you will get java 6, which is very old. I recommend installing openjdk.21:32
paranoidabhiplease suggest something for this http://askubuntu.com/questions/795169/kde-slow-boot-on-kubuntu-16-0421:37
daum_hi guys - i have 3 network cards that are all on different networks.  my em1 and em3 both have public internet.  I can ping out to any ip fine over em1, however over em3 i can only ping/ssh/curl other ips on the exact same network.  I can't get outside of it's own subnet of ips though as well nothing from outside can reach it on that interface unless it's on the same subnet..  Any idea what i'm doing wrong? here is an example of my setup:21:38
daum_ http://pastebin.com/m8skcvPc21:38
k1lparanoidabhi: any reason to run a 4.7 kernel? that is not a standard ubuntu one21:40
j625-xi have an interesting problem, i have a 64-bit tablet computer - it has an external keyboard option, but i do not want to use the keyboard. I have it working pretty well without one - but the one challenge that I have is that I want full disk encryption for this device, but I would need a physical keyboard to unlock LUKS! I'm exploring strategies for not needing the keyboard, i can put the key on a USB without a passphrase (not cool).21:41
j625-xshould i possibly look at some kind of chain booting setup?21:41
Jordan_Udaum_: How do you want this to work? If a connection is initiated from this host to an internet addressible ip what interface do you want it to use?21:41
Kiritoo.O where is mpv pulling youtube-dl from21:43
KiritoIt's apparently not actually the youtube-dl package21:43
k1lparanoidabhi: and i would look out for an bios update for your laptop. there are some bugs in the bios, the syslog tells21:43
deepesham getting the same error21:43
Jordan_Uj625-x: You can have /boot/ be unencrypted and include enough in the initramfs to use an on screen keyboard (the former being easy, the latter likely nlt so much).21:43
deepeshJAVA_HOME command not found21:44
daum_for majority of the time em121:44
daum_Jordan_U, if the connection starts on em3 it should start/finish on it21:44
j625-xJordan_U: that would be IDEAL! But is there an on screen keyboard that doesn't require X?21:45
Jordan_Udaum_: A connnection initiated from that host doesn't "start" from any interface though, which was why I asked.21:45
* Kirito really wishes more motherboards would support FDE21:46
KiritoI have never actually come across a single laptop that actually supports it. </sigh>21:46
daum_Jordan_U, right for that i was just testing with pings/curls specifying the em3 interface21:47
daum_my main thing is for if an outside host connects over the ip that em3 is on, it should complete over that ip21:47
daum_right now it seems to work just fine if from one host on that subnet i do a curl --interface em3 yyy.yy.yyy.98/ready, but if i try it for example from my local computer it doesn't get any response21:49
Kiritoand I am under the impression that Ubuntu's mpv package has youtube-dl statically built into it somehow o_O21:49
Jordan_Udaum_: I've never dealt with a situation where there are essentially two "default" routes on one host before. Network namespaces might help.21:49
daum_Jordan_U, should the server at least respond to pings on it's em3 public ip?  just trying to decide if there is an issue with the network outside the server, or if this is more of a server setup itself21:51
noobfaceokay, im trying to make a bootable cd of ubuntu. The cd is burned but i can't figure out what additional software i need to get it running. Also my current OS seems to be having issues thus the reason why i can't do this on a usb (note- it is not possible to make a bootable usb at the moment)21:51
Ben64noobface: you boot off the cd if you burned it properly21:52
Jordan_UKirito: 1: Statically including libraries is against Debian/Ubuntu packaging guidelines and 2: youtube-dl is a terminal based app, not a library 3: Is written in python and 4: is packaged in the youtube-dl package. So I find that unlikely.21:53
Ben64noobface: although i'm curious as to which iso you used, since ubuntu hasnt fit on a cd for a while now21:53
daum_i'm leaning towards there is someting going on with the network itself, as they can ping/curl themselves over the interfaces and get a response, but anything else can't get tem21:53
KiritoJordan_U, wrong terminology but it's definitely pulling ytdl from somewhere else.21:54
daum_Jordan_U, but that may be due to the fact they are on the same network and not tehn trying to use the default gateway which is on the other nic21:55
noobfaceben64 sorry for delay. I didn't know you need a particular type. Which one will work and can you update the OS once you install it?22:00
Ben64noobface: how about you explain more of what you did22:01
noobfaceok, downloaded ubuntu -16.04-desktop-amd64.iso.part, and burned it to the cd with Brasero Disc Burner. The prompt didn't give an option to make it bootable and when i took it back out and inserted again then the file manager prompt came up with the ubuntu folder on the cd but when i tried to open it it said something had to be on there to install.22:04
noobfaceor actually to be opened22:04
Ben64.part ?22:05
SpeccyManthe clue is in the filename, .part means it is incomplete!22:05
noobfaceoh i see. oh sec while i redownload22:06
noobfaceactually before i do is there a version you'd recommend for cd install22:06
Ben64well it isn't going to fit on a cd22:06
noobfaceokay well my problem with the usb is that i can't seem to get rufus (to actually install) to install or run and i keep running into this problem22:08
noobfacethats why i thought cd would be easier22:09
Bashing-omnoobface: There is a minimal install that will fit on a CD .. that, however, is not for the faint-at-heart .22:09
tgm4883noobface: why are you trying to use rufus on linux? Or are you using Brasero on windows?22:09
Ben64tgm4883: windows software to put isos on usb22:09
noobfaceyes tgm488322:09
Ben64oh wait i missed the brasero bit earlier22:10
tgm4883noobface: you're using brasero on windows?22:10
YankDownUnderIf "Rufus" is causing issues, there is "WinUSB" that lives in the Ubuntu repo's that can be used to create Windows bootable USB drives - and as well,  USB's should be properly formatted and partitioned prior to use (they do get corrupt, ya know)22:10
noobfaceno im on ubuntu right now22:10
noobfaceim trying to install to my other desktop22:10
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tgm4883noobface: if you are on ubuntu, then you should use the built in usb creator22:10
Ben64or dd22:10
tgm4883rufus is recommended for windows users22:10
=== trollsen is now known as nolsen
noobfaceoh i see the problem. Well my other computer came with windows 10 on it22:11
noobfacealso not that that computer doesn't have an OS at all and it currently stuck in a loop of .. search for os, no os loop back22:12
Ben64rufus is windows software for running on windows. since you're trying to make the bootable usb on linux, you wouldn't use windows software to do it22:12
YankDownUnder"WinUSB" runs natively on Ubuntu.22:12
noobfaceI can't find winusb on the command line I just did: sudo apt install "WinUSB says- unable to locate package then I did: sudo apt search WinUSB .. it just says sorting...full text search.. done22:14
Ben64it's called "winusb"22:15
YankDownUnderHave to add the PPA and it's yours.22:15
Ben64no ppa, and winusb isn't even what you want22:15
Ben64use the usb creator22:15
Ben64or dd22:16
noobfacei thought winusb WAS the usb creator22:16
Ben64winusb is for making windows bootable usb's, you said you're trying to put ubuntu on a usb22:16
noobfacethats right22:18
noobfaceok, what software do i need to download Ben64 to make my usb bootable22:20
noobfaceaha! got it up there :) thank ben6422:22
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KiritoHas anyone here by chance used the Liquorix with current Ubuntu?22:36
Jack__934Hello! :)22:37
DMAHello. My aunt's got an old laptop with 12.04 and updated it to 12.04.5 but her WiFi stopped working (chipset is Ralink RT3290). Seems like the driver needs to be compiled, but I'm thinking on upgrading it to 16.04. What would be the best way? do-release-upgrade gives me a 404 error as well as the software updater (which I guess calls do-release-upgrade)22:38
Ben64DMA: what is the exact error22:38
DMABen64: do-release-upgrade fails when getting a signature, quantal.tar.gz.gpg22:39
Ben64change the upgrade setting to LTS only22:39
DMAsame thing22:43
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noobfaceOkay Ben64, i just put the usb into my other computer for install and the usb was recognize, the first screen popped us for*Install Ubuntu, OEM, or set up but it only stays there just a minute and then shuts off. i press the power button and it doesnt respond. i even unplagged everything and held the power button for 30 seconds and repluged and it powered on again but then it would just repreat the loop22:45
noobfacei just did it again and the second i do install ubuntu, enter it powers off, any suggestions?22:47
DMABen64: rebooting made the update to 12.10 button change to 14.04 and looks like it's working22:50
fuwindoofwanna change to german server22:51
YankDownUnderfuwindoof: Use: "/join #ubuntu-de"22:52
Jordan_UDMA: It might still end up being easier to re-install (preserving /home/). Is all of her important data backed up?22:52
gbaker_Good afternoon everyone.22:53
DMAJordan_U: dunno. She bought it and learned to use it, I have barely touched it, except now that her wifi is not working22:54
Bassemhow to keep num lock on while ubuntu loading?22:55
x23i'm using retroarch in ubuntu 16.04, but the option down or top in my josting don't work22:55
YankDownUnderBassem: Do you have the option in your BIOS to have "NUMLOCK" on? Because that's the easiest way...22:56
gbaker_Bassem I had that issue before but I found it in the BIOS22:56
BassemYankDownUnder, yes it's on22:56
hellcook_Has anyone tried the Dell xps13 developer 2016 edition? I have seen some bad feedback on the Web. What's your experience ?22:57
BassemYankDownUnder, ubuntu turn it off22:57
Jordan_UDMA: Make sure that she does. Most people don't keep backups, and all too often there is a disaster (hardware failure, fire, mistake) that ends up losing a lot of data, when such a loss is easily preventible.22:57
YankDownUnderBassem: Did you choose the proper keyboard layout when you installed? That might be an issue...22:57
noobface(ill repaste this because I don't think Ben64 is with us anymore) i just put the usb into my other computer for install and the usb was recognize, the first screen popped us for*Install Ubuntu, OEM, or set up but it only stays there just a minute and then shuts off. i press the power button and it doesnt respond. i even unplagged everything and held the power button for 30 seconds and repluged and it powered on again but then it22:57
noobfacewould just repreat the loop22:57
BassemYankDownUnder, yes i did22:57
YankDownUnderBassem: Worth a read: http://askubuntu.com/questions/155679/how-to-enable-numlock-at-boot-time-for-login-screen22:58
gbaker_I keep 2 backups, I use one of the hard drives in my laptop just as a backup, and I also keep an external.22:59
noobfaceoh wait nevermind i just had to get to safe mode23:01
Bassemhow to move the unity bar to bottom...do i need unity tweak23:02
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YankDownUnderBassem: The dock?23:04
YankDownUnderBassem: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2016/03/ubuntu-16-04-move-unity-launcher-to-bottom/23:05
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Bassemwhat is the difference between Winetricks and Configure Wine23:07
=== vicks is now known as nolsen
YankDownUnderBassem: "Configure WINE" is for the actual configuration of WINE, whereas "WINE Tricks" adds some "bits and bobs" to further and tweak the functionality of WINE. Does that make sense?23:08
BassemYankDownUnder, how can i get wine23:09
=== nolsen is now known as Jar
=== Jar is now known as nolsen
YankDownUnderBassem: "sudo apt-get install wine"23:09
BassemYankDownUnder, i want to know what aplication can wine run first23:09
naccBassem: you're really jumping around on questions23:10
YankDownUnderBassem: WINE can run, well, heaps of things...and in most installations, there are a few "Windows" apps that are added in the installation (like Notepad)23:10
Bassemnacc, im new to ubuntu23:10
naccBassem: why do you need wine?23:10
Bassemnacc, to run some games23:11
Bassemnacc, i want to check if wine can run certain game23:11
YankDownUnderBassem: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu23:11
Ben64!appdb | Bassem23:11
ubottuBassem: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help23:11
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gbaker_Bassem: you can also check out PlayOnLinux, it's basically a front end for wine and has scripts for installing some apps a bit easier.  https://www.playonlinux.com/en/23:16
AndChat|180336Just a test, don't mind this message, sorry23:16
Bassemgbaker_, thanks alot23:16
gbaker_What game are you trying to install?\23:17
=== AndChat|180336 is now known as hellcook_
Bassemgbaker_, starcraft23:17
gbaker_Yeah that will run, the only Blizz game that doesn't work quite yet is Overwatch23:18
gbaker_It's back to quiet again :)23:24
YankDownUnderQuiet is a good thing.23:25
Bassemgbaker_, do i need playonlinux or wine is enough23:27
YankDownUnderBassem: If you want to "keep it simple", just install "PlayonLinux" and you're done, hmm?23:28
gbaker_PlayOnLinux would be your best bet23:28
Bassemgbaker_, ok23:28
Bassemgbaker_, is it free?23:28
gbaker_It will set everything up.23:28
gbaker_yes it's free23:29
=== AJarThatMassages is now known as nolsen
noobfacehey, so im installing ubuntu 16.04 from a usb and i want to know how much swap area i should leave if i have 16004 space available23:30
noobface16004 MB btw23:30
chechenoobface: how much ram do you have on your system?23:31
checheI am unable to execute terminal from dash on ubuntu 16.0423:31
chechenoobface: the 16Gb are ssd drive right?23:32
Bassemgbaker_, Ubuntu Precise (and superior) users : You must install the package wine:i386 to get PlayOnLinux working is that me?23:32
noobfacebut it says i have only 16004 mb of free space left after the /dev/sda23:33
setuidOk, this is an odd one... I ssh from A -> B, keys are set up, not prompted for auth. Perfect. I then ssh from B -> C, and am prompted for a password. (keys from B->C are set up, I should NOT be prompted).23:33
gbaker_Yes, but it should just install it as a dependency23:33
noobfaceBUT the /dev/sda/ doesn't show size23:34
setuidBut... If I open another terminal, ssh from A -> B, then B -> C, I am NOT prompted, and can ssh right into C without auth from B.23:34
setuidBut ONLY when I have done an initial ssh in that first session, and keep the shell open to C23:34
setuidssh-agent is not used anywhere here, and should not be23:34
Bassemgbaker_, there's 3 options For the Trusty version For the Saucy version For the Precise version which is mine?23:34
setuidSo why does A->B->C work the second time, but not the first, if the keys are set up the same across all three hosts?23:34
Bassemgbaker_, im on this page if you can guide me https://www.playonlinux.com/en/download.html23:35
preciseSo I have a directory of files that are arbitrarily named ebooks, using the file util, I can get the majority of their titles from Meta data. I would like to bulk rename the files based on said Meta data. Here is my script along with my output and 2 stack excange posts that I referred to: http://pastebin.com/fW9b4zYV23:35
DMAsetuid: check the security log on B and C to see what's different the second time you SSH A->B->C23:35
preciseObviously the output is not what I am looking for, hence the echo control.23:36
gbaker_You shouldn't need to download from site, use the package manager23:36
Bassemgbaker_, how?23:36
chechenoobface: normaly the sugessted swap size is double RAM size.23:37
preciseignore line 3, snuck in there on accident23:37
setuidDMA, Nothing different23:37
noobfacethen that's be the whole things23:37
setuidDMA, But if the keys are set up right (they are), then auth should work every time, not only the 2nd to nth time23:37
gbaker_just open a terminal and paste this     sudo apt-get install playonlinux23:38
DMAsetuid: just a theory: perhaps there are some weird configs in sshd_config23:38
Bassemgbaker_, is apt-get working in ubuntu 16 or apt only23:38
DMAsetuid: the log you checked was /var/log/sshd or which one?23:38
setuidThe first login prompts for auth, but as long as I keep that session open, the other ssh's into C are unprompted23:39
preciseSo any ideas for my renaming BASH script?23:39
setuidDMA, /var/log/auth shows nothing obvious, keys are found, etc.23:39
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DMAsetuid: Looks like there's another kind of agent doing the auth, that's why I think there might be another uncommon configuration elsewhere23:40
DMAPerhaps a Host or User section in sshd_config?23:41
setuidDMA, no agents doing auth that I know of, other than pam23:41
b-yeeziHi all,23:42
b-yeeziAnyone else have an issue with slow opening apps in 16.04?23:43
Bassemgbaker_, should i add 32 bit  libraries?23:43
gbaker_Yeah, might as well :)23:43
preciseI hate to be pushy, I just don't want my issue to get buried in the wall of text. Any ideas on my script? When I use the file util it gives in quotes the title, so I want to select said quoted area, strip the quotes and rename the arbitrarily named file to the grepped text. Why isn't it doing so?23:44
Bassemgbaker_, with that command sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38623:44
gbaker_Sorry nothing is slow on my laptop. It's so quick I even make myself jealous23:44
b-yeeziI have 2 pcs with m2 sata ssds, one with i7 and one with i523:45
gbaker_Bassem I believe that is correct23:45
Bassemgbaker_, on more thing the sound notification is missing in hexchat what can i do?23:45
b-yeezimy i7 opens apps using a single thread instead of using all available 823:45
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gbaker_Hmmm, never checked for sound notifications23:46
allen___Sorry about non-Ubuntu question but does anyone know a good distro which can live on a USB, load into RAM, and save files and settings onto the USB. A persistent USB distro like how Dream Linux used to be?23:46
BootHelphow can i create a custom UEFI boot entry in NVRAM table. "efibootmgr --create"? how do i pass the efi file i want to boot? and not the default elilo.efi23:46
DMAprecise: you might ask in #sed or in #bash23:47
allen___live on a USB flash drive I mean23:47
preciseThanks for the tip DMA, heading there now.23:47
preciseallen___: ubuntu should be able to do that. On Windows look up YUMI USB creator, on Linux look up unetbootin. Check for persistence options.23:48
allen___oh cool, thanks23:48
DMAprecise: and that ".*" regex will match a plain pair of double-quotes; after stripping them you'll end up with a zero-lenth string filename23:49
DMAprecise: second, if you got a file named "part1"-then-"part2" you'll get TWO results from grep (in two different lines) and that'll probably be a problem23:50
checheHow can I find where dash search find the applications? I am unable to find any.23:50
DMAOr maybe not, but you might end up with a two-line-filename file23:50
minimecallen___: I even use a standard ubuntu and fedora installation on a USB3 stick. I mount the /tmp directory into ram via /etc/fstab @boot. Working quiet well...23:50
mutantecheche: maybe the "which" command helps here23:50
DMAcheche: try which your-app-name23:51
DMAI know there are better alternatives in BASH but as you're talking about DASH...23:51
chechesorry I am taling about the unity stuff.23:51
allen___awesome minimec, I might try that. Though if there's a distro specifically made for persistent USB installs (like Dream Linux used to be) I'd try that first, because they made sure to minimize writes to the flash drive to reduce wear. I think most things were kept in RAM until shutdown, then saved to disk23:53
checheyou click on the windows symbol on your keyboard. screen gets darked and you are able to type to search for your documents music and applications.23:53
setuidDMA, /etc/ssh/sshd_config is IDENTICAL on both hosts, byte-for-byte23:53
checheI thought that it was called dash search.23:54
minimecallen___: You probably get the most write cicles in /tmp and in the browser cache folder. These are the two I mount into ram. And... this story about USB sticks wearing out is getting 'old' with SSD technology now 'imho'23:55
allen___yeah I know, there's different opinions on that23:56
allen___anyway thanks, I'll look into that :)23:56
DMAsetuid: uhm... I just can think of increasing sshd's verbosity (if possible) and checking again the logs from A->B until B->C. If you got a different behaviour the first and second time, there's gotta be a clue somehere on why23:56
Bassemsound notification is missing in hexchat what can i do?23:59

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