pleia2knome, Unit193 - I'm thinking I'll upgrade dev.x.o this week06:30
pleia2I'm around for a couple weeks, and if you are too to fix things, now's a good time06:30
flocculantevening pleia2 :)06:32
pleia2o/ flocculant 06:33
Unit193Nice, alrighty-o.07:02
knomepleia2, i'm around this week, except for sunday and next week i'll be off to stockholm from mon to thu10:19
knomepleia2, so from my POV, if you are going to do something, do it sooner than later :)10:19
bluesabrehey flocculant 11:12
bluesabreI'll work on the SRU paperwork tonight11:12
ochosiawesome! cause it looks like we have a winner with the yakkety driver version11:13
flocculantbluesabre: okey doke - currently I'm assuming that we'll get more than me saying it fixes the issue11:14
flocculantochosi: :)11:14
bluesabreflocculant: indeed, and there are a few comments on the bug report already11:14
flocculantok cool - not looked yet :)11:14
bluesabrehiya ochosi 11:15
flocculantbluesabre: aah I did see the 'this is nothing to do with what you said but' comment and just seen the confirming comment :)11:15
ochosihi y'all11:17
flocculantwould have been nice to have seen earlier - but at least it's not turned up at the end of 16.04 support cycle :p11:17
flocculantthis damned bug is on the first page of 123902 bugs if you sort by heat ;)11:18
bluesabreI'm just glad that it doesn't seem to be our fault11:19
flocculantyea 11:19
flocculantif it was we'd likely have picked it up sooner though11:19
flocculantwell - that's my story and I'm sticking to it :)11:20
flocculantoff again now - bluesabre I will look for sru bug in the morning and mail it to the list(s) for people to confirm - at that point I'll ping knome and pleia2 for shouting about it elsewhere :)11:24
bluesabregreat, have fun flocculant 11:24
flocculantif only ... :p11:24
ochosioff for some work again, ttyl11:25
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pleia2knome: kicked off the upgrade17:46
pleia2booting into xenial kernel18:01
pleia2everything broke18:02
pleia2the php5 to php7 move was not at all graceful18:03
pleia2alright, fixed wiki and dev, I think, with all the php7 magic done18:09
pleia2knome: you'll have to look at staging18:10
* pleia2 back to actual job18:14
pleia2actually, might as well upgrade the ram on this (free!) while I'm at it18:23
knomepleia2, mmk18:27
pleia2it's down, migration to 4G of ram in progress (from 2)18:27
knomeno looking18:28
pleia2I will say when it has returned18:28
pleia2elizabeth@xubuntu-dev:~$ free -h total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available18:32
pleia2Mem:           3.9G18:32
pleia2anyway, it's back up, play away18:32
knomemaybe i should set WP_DEBUG to false :P18:38
knomeor update the openid plugin :P18:39
knomei'll check that out later today when on desktop18:39
knomethanks for taking care18:39
pleia2sounds good, everything else seems to be working ok so there's probably no rush18:39
knomeyeah, and it's mostly me who's looking at staging anyway18:40
knome(that said, i need some stuff moved to the repository and production)18:40
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