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MarkusDBXHi, I'm looking for a really lightweight install image for xubuntu, without many packages (libreoffice, firefox and more) I don't really want the big packages.05:50
MarkusDBXI need a smaller image due to limited disk-space05:50
pleia2MarkusDBX: you can give xubuntu-core a try, see http://xubuntu.org/news/introducing-xubuntu-core/05:53
MarkusDBXah cool, thanks!05:53
pleia2you can follow the install it now instructions05:53
MarkusDBXvery nice, didn't know about this one05:54
pleia2I don't actually know of the officialness status of it right now, it's not broadly advertised :)05:54
pleia2Unit193: any updates?05:54
MarkusDBXpleia2: I test it, adavantage of small images is that they are really fast to test =)05:55
pleia2great :)05:55
Unit193pleia2: Same ol'05:56
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koukiHello, I have icon font bug under ubuntu: http://i.imgur.com/V7NyJ3D.png19:15
koukiIt's 16.04, running in virtualbox. Broken after apt dist-upgrade19:15
mrkrampskouki, looks like the shadow offset in the gtk theme is slightly higher than it should be19:17
koukii never saw that bug before... how to fix it? change theme?19:19
koukisame at other themes19:19
mrkrampskouki, you can fix it manually http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfdesktop/advanced19:19
mrkrampsbut this should not happen19:20
koukiwhere is the file?19:21
mrkrampsit's a hidden file and if not existent just create it19:21
mrkrampskouki, here's the bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk2-engines-murrine/+bug/159831619:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1598316 in gtk2-engines-murrine (Ubuntu) "gtk2-engines-murrine desktop text shadow problem" [Undecided,Incomplete]19:23
koukiafter creation of file, it turned to be more buggy xD19:26
koukii will change an theme19:26
mrkrampsok, themes to be an issue with murrine engine then19:26
mrkramps--themes ++ seems19:26
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xubuntu69wHello world21:56
xubuntu69wJust installed 16.04 from 14.04 :D21:57
xubuntu69wAnybody notices the Numix theme is different from olver versions? It's lighter, and some menus are bigger :S21:59
mrkrampsxubuntu69w, and the shadows of desktop icon text is far far away?22:00
xubuntu69wMmmm, no t really. Actually, no desktop icon text shadows at all with Numix. If swap to Greybird, shadows appear, but they are Ok.22:02
knomexubuntu69w, themes evolve22:07
xubuntu69wRule of life i guess. Any theme recommendation? Open to any ideas22:09
Unit193Dislike numix that much?  Simple enough to grab it and patch the SASS source.22:13
knomeor just use greybird22:13
xubuntu69wThe only issue i can live with, is that when you open the menu of the panel icons, it seems to be buggy. Wifi menu is bigger, so i have to scroll in order to click "Edit connections", and if you click on another icon like Bluetooth it doesn't changes menu. It forces to click on desktop in order to exit from menu.22:17
xubuntu69wSwap can with can't at beginning of paragraph.22:17
xubuntu69wOk, i tried Greybird, and seems I have the same issue. It feels weird for me, not normal behavior at all22:19
knomemaybe you are referring to gtk3 applications looking a bit different then.22:19
xubuntu69wI just spammed click Bluetooth and Wifi icons, and the problem went away...22:23
xubuntu69wCan you point me in any direction to get a deeper knowledge of GTK3?22:24
xubuntu69wSorry to ask, but I am a 6 months user, and young.22:24
knomegtk is a toolkit xubuntu uses. for a long time, gtk2 was the latest toolkit version; now gtk3 is in development. applications are slowly rewritten to use gtk3. the gtk3 styling is quite different from gtk2 - that's why some applications look different.22:26
knomethe themes' gtk3 support is still a work in progress.22:26
knome(well, xubuntu doesn't explicitly directly use gtk, but xfce, the desktop environment used by xubuntu, and all other applications included by default in xubuntu, do)22:27
xubuntu69wThanks for the input. I actually use Xubuntu do to the XFCE desktop environment, and even though i have heard of GTK before, never really digged on it. I googled gtk3, and found some useful links, thanks for your help :)22:29
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