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smoserharlowja, i'd appreciate a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/trunk.lp1602373/+merge/30002102:06
smoserand rharper ^ you too02:06
smoserand then, since you're clearly looking for something to do,02:53
smoser https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/trunk.net-improve-lo-dns/+merge/29803502:53
smoserrharper, fyi, this is what our openstack (serverstack) ends up readnering in /etc/network//interfaces.d/50-cloud-init.cfg02:59
smoserit has the 'dhcp' and dns-addresses02:59
smoseri think that is in the realm of funky behavior03:00
smoserresolvconf seems to be ok i geuss. so maybe nevermind.03:01
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rharpersmoser: re: server stack;  it's setting a global dns service entry in network_data.json as well as marking the interface as configured via DHCP;  Those aren't necessarily at odds; the DHCP response might not include a nameserver; or even the same ones.  I don't think we know enough to not emit a global dns entry if one or more of the interfaces is also dhcp;13:48
smoserits not really at odds, but it is pointless. i thought we (and resolvconf) might end up adding 2 dns servers of the same, or otherwise getting confused.13:51
smoseri was thinking it might be like our race13:52
smoserwith the routes13:52
rharpernot sure that it's pointless;  resolveconf should collect as many values and collect them14:12
rharperno different than hooks in resolveconf.d14:12
rharperwhich can add additional values14:12
rharperin serverstack case, its setting a global value, and the DHCP response may include more14:13
rharperI'd think it'd rather be on the openstack side to decide to emit dns_nameserver under the 'services' section or not depending on the type of network being deployed14:14
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harlowjasmoser will check that out17:33
harlowjai've got a big godaddy module for cloudinit i'm working on17:33
harlowjai'll share it with u guys, it probably has some things that can be made generic for all folks17:33
harlowjabut its a refactoring of things they were doing on firstboot via some non-cloud-init local triggering of puppet from a git repo and ...17:34
harlowjawhich is duping some of cloud-init and ...17:38
harlowjaso i'm just fixing that, lol17:38
rangerpbhey harlowja smoser suggested i follow up with you on a python related question/problem if you have a sec17:53
rangerpbpertains to -> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bbaude/cloud-init/azure_dhcp/view/head:/setup.py#L21417:54
rangerpbharlowja, smoser and i are curious if there is a way to change the install dir where line 217 ends up17:55
harlowjasmoser suggested me :-P18:00
rangerpbyeah, guilty as charged18:00
harlowjaah, hmmm18:00
harlowjagood question18:00
rangerpbbasically we'd like that line 217 to not end up /usr/bin18:00
harlowjaya, i wonder if there is a way18:01
harlowjai don't know one off the top of my head18:01
harlowjabut there probably is18:01
rangerpbi havent been able to find anything either18:01
harlowjaif u want, can u jump on #openstack-oslo18:02
harlowjalifeless (who is in NZ) has a bunch of knowledge about this stuff18:02
harlowjahe might know a way18:02
rangerpbsmoser, ill pursue that ... what do you want to do in the interim ?18:03
smoserharlowja, would there be some way to just move files after setup.py ran ?18:05
smoserie, just hackily mv ./usr/bin/that-file ./usr/lib/cloud-init/other-file18:05
smoserwell, withink the context of setup.py thugh, but outside the context of entry points18:06
harlowjagotta be some way here18:07
harlowjadid u guys try   --install-scripts18:10
harlowjapython setup install --help18:10
harlowjashows that might work?18:10
rangerpbi think the rub is he wants cloud-init into /usr/bin but not others18:13
harlowjawell thats weird18:14
harlowjasmoser might be crzy18:14
rangerpbwe are trying to avoid flooding /usr/bin but like the benefit the entry_point provides as it injects the right python version, etc18:14
smoserrangerpb's other idea was to have cloud-init dhclient-hook18:16
smoserwhich i'm not really opposed to.18:16
smoserand then its '--help' can even say "you probably dont want to call this"18:16
rangerpbharlowja, is there a way to replicate the entry point upside but not call it out as an entry_point in setup.py ?18:17
harlowjanot sure18:18
harlowjathis is in setuptools/easy_install and all that which i don't know to much about how it works :-P18:19
harlowjau may find some folks in #pypa (the pip people who also do setuptools and stuff afaik are in here)18:20
smoserharlowja, thats why we have you here.18:20
harlowjathis gets into there territory, lol18:20
smoserif people ask me a question, they expect me to say 'go ask someone more knowledgeable'18:20
smoserbut when they then ask you, you're supposed to know.18:21
harlowjadelegation is key, ha18:21
harlowjai delegate to :-P18:21
harlowjapypa folks though should really know18:21
harlowjai'm just a country-bumpkin who doesn't know anything18:21
harlowjasmoser https://gist.github.com/harlowja/781a010bbe2634982dbb0878982852bc if u get bored21:08
harlowjathe submodule idea there would be nice to offically support21:08
harlowjai'm also seeing https://gist.github.com/harlowja/41d557bb2c9dbd38a1c3c75bd834a0b6 :-/21:14
harlowjawhich seems odd21:15
harlowja`chunk_size=1024` is the default21:15
harlowjaunsure why that would be invalid, lol21:15
harlowjathats during reading '/sys/class/net/eth0/carrier'21:21

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