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lazyPowerbdx - is that a budding beats deployment i see there?01:08
marcoceppibdx: man, robi's a real roller coaster ;)02:15
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bdx`charm login` wont let me in!16:13
bdxI've attempted logging in and out of the charmstore from my browser multiple times with the same creds16:15
bdxI can successfully authenticate to the charmstore in my browser .... just not from the cli16:16
bdxis this a known issue right now?16:16
magicaltroutpaste doesn't exist16:16
magicaltroutwhats the error bdx ?16:16
rick_h_bdx: no known issues I know of atm16:16
magicaltroutpersonally I'd just remove go-cookies and see what happens16:17
rick_h_bdx: you said you've logged out and in on jujucharms.com successfully?16:17
bdxmagicaltrout: mybad - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1937809p6/16:17
bdxrick_h_: yea16:17
rick_h_uiteam ^16:17
bdxmagicaltrout: srry I didn't mention ... did that too16:17
rogpeppebdx: that paste doesn't work for me16:18
rogpeppebdx: (doesn't exist)16:18
urulamabdx: did you try first logging through jujucharms.com?16:19
urulamabdx: that worked ok?16:19
urulamabdx: which username was given to you?16:19
rogpeppebdx: without knowing what the error is, it's difficult to help16:19
bdxurulama: yes ... I've logged in and out multiple times16:19
bdxI'm grabbing it ... don't know what the deal was with that16:20
bdxurulama: ^16:22
urulamabdx: were you able to "charm login" before or is this your first try?16:24
bdxurulama: I've been able to `charm login` all along16:25
magicaltroutbdx out of interest are you charm login-ing on the same box as you've been using the browser to test login?16:26
magicaltroutyou're not firewalled or something weird?16:26
urulamabdx: ok. did you try deleting ~/.go-cookies and ~/.local/share/juju/store-usso-token ?16:26
urulamaafter that, try charm login again16:27
urulamaand if that doesn't work, we'll have to fetch the logs :(16:27
bdxmagicaltrout: .... not that I know of ... hopefully to some degree though :P16:27
bdxI haven't touched that16:27
bdxpossibly I should?16:27
bdxI'll remove it and retry16:28
urulamaremove it, might be something with your oauth token16:28
bdxyea - I've removed my .go-cookies between login attempts16:28
bdxthat did it16:29
bdx`rm ~/.local/share/juju/store-usso-token`16:30
bdxawesome - thanks you guys16:30
bdxshould I file a bug for this?16:31
bdxagainst charmstore-client16:31
urulamabdx: please, if it's not too hard. we're aware of it, but you'll be able to track when we address it as well16:33
bdxurulama: its being developed on gh? here -> https://github.com/juju/charmstore-client ?16:35
urulamabdx: yes16:37
bdxurulama: thx16:42
natefinchmarcoceppi: is juju.fail borken?16:44
natefinchmarcoceppi: nvm... refresh finally went through.  Not sure what was up16:44
urulamabdx: thanks16:46
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bdx1looking at interface-elasticsearch .... here https://github.com/juju-solutions/interface-elasticsearch/blob/master/requires.py#L22-2817:10
bdx1if I react @when 'elasticsearch.available' ....17:11
bdx1like so17:12
bdx1as long as nginx.available, and kibana.initialized are true17:12
bdx1would my hook fire every time a new elastic instance is added to the cluster17:13
bdx1even if elasticsearch.available is already true17:13
bdx1because the state would be set *again* by the code in interface-elastic17:14
bdx1or would my function not execute, because the 'elasticsearch.available' is already set?17:15
lazyPowerbdx1 - it will execute every time. see the beats-base layer for examples. all the generics are there https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-beats-base17:16
bdx1oh sweet, thats exactly what I was looking for17:17
bdx1lazyPower: thx17:17
bodie__Hello all.  Anyone know when Dimiter will be around?17:22
bodie__I spoke to him at Gophercon and wanted to sync up, but my IRC client is giving me grief.  Need to find one that works well on Mac.17:23
redirbodie__: I think he is on holiday for a bit.17:28
lazyPowerbodie__ - i've had good luck with quassel17:30
lazyPowerbodie__ http://quassel-irc.org/17:30
bodie__Thanks lazyPower17:34
lazyPoweranytime. long time no see :)17:34
lazyPowerhow are you?17:34
PrabakaranHello kwmonroe, Is it possible for me to get root user password using mysql-root interface?17:45
kwmonroePrabakaran: you mean the root user on the system itself?17:47
Prabakarankwnonroe, i am asking this to log in as root MySQL User at the MySQL console17:48
kwmonroeah -- i'm not sure about the mysql root user password.  i don't think that data is provided on the relation17:49
kwmonroebut i thought the user that gets generated when relating via mysql-root had all permissions17:49
Prabakaran<kwmonroe> in mysql charm we can get root password by running mysql -u root -p`sudo cat /var/lib/mysql/mysql.passwd`17:50
Prabakarani want this to happen using mysql-root interface17:50
Prabakaranis it possible17:50
kwmonroehmm.. i'm sure it's possible, but i don't know if that's advised.  there was probably a reason why the mysql charm author didn't want the root password passed on the relation17:51
kwmonroewhat are you trying to do that can't be done with the auto-generated credentials?17:51
PrabakaranI just tested sampledatabase charm ... i was not able to grant access to my mysql database which i have created because of the user permission.17:52
kwmonroeah, sorry Prabakaran, i don't know enough about mysql permissions to be of much help.17:54
Prabakarani am getting error while runnning GRANT command http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19389315/17:54
PrabakaranMy product needs the database which is created in the remote mysql machine. To make that particular database accessible for the connecting nodes we are giving the GRANT command ..17:55
PrabakaranAs per this log http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19389315/ whatever user i am getting from mysql-root doesnt have all permission17:57
Prabakarani was just thinking to do all these as a root user so is there a possiblity of getting root password for mysql charm thru mysql-root interface17:59
kwmonroemarcoceppi: ^^ should the user from a mysql-root relation be able to grant perms?18:01
aisraelWrong window. But Prabakaran , I think the mysql-root relation should allow you to run grant perms, since it's intended as an administrative interface to the database. Usually, though, using the provided credentials by the mysql interface is sufficient for a charm.18:16
Prabakaran<aisrael>So how would i resolved this ? because as per my requirement i need to use mysql-root...18:19
Prabakaranaisrael: As per this log http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19389315/ whatever user i am getting from mysql-root doesnt have all permission18:20
aisraelIs this a charm that needs to access the charm created by a different charm?18:20
aisraelsorry, A charm trying to access the database created by a different charm?18:22
aisraelIn other words, are you trying to use the same database from different charms?18:22
aisraelPrabakaran: Ok. What I'd suggest is creating a relation between your two charms, and the charm that created the database can share it's credentials with the charm that also needs to access it.18:23
Prabakaranaisrael: i didnt get your suggestion. As far as i understood i have one charm ie A and also have mysql charm.. Both are installed in the different machine. now using this mysql-root interface i need to create a product specific database on mysql charm. I am doing this task from being in the Charm A machine. Here actual scenario is if any peers of Charm A also needs the same database. That is why we are giving GRANT permission for t18:32
PrabakaranBut now the problem is as per this log http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19389315/ whatever user i am getting from mysql-root doesnt have all permission to grant access to the database18:32
bdxcan someone merge this for me -> https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesbeedy/charms/trusty/wordpress/apache2_trusty_fix18:34
bdxoops .. this -> https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesbeedy/charms/trusty/wordpress/apache2_trusty_fix/+merge/29772018:34
bdxmarcoceppi, jcastro, rich_h_: the charm partner email for July has broken links to the newsletter :-(18:36
Prabakaranaisrael: as you said if i share creadentials also i hope granting the permission for the database is not possible18:36
Prabakaran<kwmonroe> marcoceppi aisrael: if you know any solution or alternative for my query please mail me .18:39
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FugaaWhat's the conventional way of reconnecting with a juju controller? Say I lose my machine where I deployed some services to google cloud. I have access to (and have added to juju) the original credentials used.19:25
FugaaAh, bootstrapping with the original credentials was successful. I see the old controller machine is still running. I haven't tested this, but with a new controller the old services won't be picked up.19:37
cory_funegronjl: Are you around, by chance?19:45
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