IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> Is anybody hating me for the spam yet?07:06
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> (Document) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/8MzkMv0r/file_226.mp407:07
acheronuknope, but would someone care to invite me on trello?07:10
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> acheronuk https://trello.com/b/lAVvKdKF/kubuntu07:14
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> do you have a trello account?07:15
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> username please07:15
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> yofel, do you aprove Trello membership for acheronuk?07:15
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> I'd wait for yofel to approve07:17
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> are you ok with that?07:17
valorieI will approve07:18
acheronukovidiuflorin: that's fine. 07:18
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> ok then07:18
valoriethanks, ovidiuflorin07:19
acheronukI'm on that board now. Thanks :)07:22
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> can someone please paste the last trello notification from IRC back to me?07:22
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> I can't get in IRC, because of work Firewall07:23
acheronukovidiuflorin: Is that meant to be on this channel? If so, I see none. I subbed to the trello board the other day, so was seeing them via emails from that07:25
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> yes, don't you receive notifications on IRC? from the Trello bot?07:27
acheronuknot lately that I've seen07:27
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> just now07:28
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> nothing?07:28
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> dang....07:28
yofelovidiuflorin: yes07:32
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> thank you yofel07:32
viphi ho08:36
sheytanheya! My Drivers KCS hangs on collecting information. Why? :(08:37
yofelbug (actually 2 I think)08:40
yofelsheytan: install apt-xapian-index, run 'sudo update-apt-xapian-index', and it should work08:40
sheytanyofel: great, it does work now. And btw the Intel Microcode driver - what is it? Intel GPU driver?08:45
yofelno idea08:45
acheronukyofel: in KCI/unstable, do you think it's ok to remove kwin's patch that disables wayland tests in CMakeLists? It no longer applies when KCI tries to build the souce package anyway.08:45
yofelacheronuk: hm... do it for now. We can look at that again later08:46
acheronuksheytan: https://wiki.debian.org/Microcode08:46
yofelthat was a workaround for the autopkgtests not being able to run the wayland tests08:46
sheytanacheronuk: thanks!08:48
clivejowhy do we have a kubuntu_unstable_utopic in kwin https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kwin10:26
jimarvanHUGS TO EVERYONE! :D10:28
jimarvan(sorry these days are crazy work...)10:28
* shadeslayer topples from surprise hugs10:28
jimarvanclivejo I did not do it! I swear!10:29
acheronukclivejo: why on earth did KCI merge that?10:30
acheronukhttp://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_kwin/834/console "merger: Merging kubuntu_unstable into kubuntu_unstable_utopic."10:33
jimarvanwow so many fixed10:36
hegemon8jimarvan: asking for Your opinion :  Upgrade from 16.04, or fresh install of 16.10? 10:46
jimarvanyou want to test 16.10?10:52
jimarvanbcs the upgrade will get you headaches probably10:52
jimarvanI use a VBox for my tests10:53
hegemon8yes jimarvan, was thinking about virtualbox, but it tells me nothing about how it will work on my hardware10:56
acheronukclivejo is running yakkety on his main machine I think?10:57
hegemon8and in 16.04 i've tried like most of apps from repo, to refresh memory what works for me and on my laptop :)  But since recently my kdeconnect stopped working i'm thinking on reinstall (god, i need to start to do separate home partition, cause Gigs of download are killing me :) )10:57
hegemon8i think You might be right jimarvan and should try VB first... Had mixed luck with upgrades before...11:00
acheronukyakkety also has plasma-desktop stuck at 5.5.5 as 5.6.4 is held in proposed at the moment. so you have to either get a bit dangerous with the proposed repo or take the risk of adding some of our staging ppas to unstick things11:03
yofelacheronuk, clivejo: that branch is historic and can go11:03
hegemon8acheronuk: yes, but clivejo is hardcore, He'll manage in case of anything goes wrong :)11:03
yofelor just leave it, not like it has much of an effect11:03
yofelif you can't manage if something goes wrong you really shouldn't be running the dev release ;)11:04
hegemon8i manage, reinstall :)11:04
yofelwell, that'll work, right ^^11:04
acheronukyofel: yep. I can fix most things, but I'm not quite ready to run it yet11:04
hegemon8nah, with simple issues i manage, but had some that made me reinstall before :)11:05
acheronukoutside of a VM11:05
hegemon8acheronuk: yeah, i'll wait a bit longer to put it outside VM. You've cooled my temptation :) 11:06
acheronukhegemon8: ubuntu haven't landed Qt 5.6.x in yakkety yet, so at the moment outside of some ppas, it's not moving much anyway11:07
hegemon8yeah, i'll wait for plasma 5.7 to be available, then i'll start  messing with my system again i guess.11:09
yofeltechnically running the dev release is rather low-risk compared to a couple years ago thanks to all the auto-qa between proposed and release. But things still happen11:09
hegemon8yofel: yes, lately upgrades were fairly smooth.11:10
hegemon8the only reason i was tempted to reinstall/upgrade is my beloved kdeconnect. Not sure what caused it to stop working. Did few things + updates before realised that my kubu can't see phone anymore. Tried google, ports forwardicng, got fed up, and i love this app :)11:14
acheronukhegemon8: I have a feeling their are newer versions of kdeconnect in the Xenial staging ppas for backports, than there are in yakkety at the moment.11:21
acheronuk* there11:21
hegemon8i might try to check if that sorts things, thanks. Tried beta android app, and went back to previous, phone see the laptop, but pairing popup isn't showing on laptop, and the software centre module can't see the phone anymore. 11:25
BluesKajHey folks11:28
acheronukhegemon8: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+sourcepub/6669362/+listing-archive-extra11:30
acheronukhegemon8: I think that may install without adding the whole ppa. The ppa is as a whole is not advisable unless you are doing dev testing and are prepared for breakages11:32
hegemon8acheronuk: thanks, on it.11:32
hegemon8will grab deb from the list only11:33
hegemon8will reboot just in case. Then i'll report back. thx again acheronuk11:39
jimarvangood luck hegemon8 :)11:47
jimarvan(sorry been frenzy at work, slow on answers)11:47
hegemon8same storry it seems11:47
hegemon8jimarvan: understandable.11:48
acheronukthat's a shame. I don't use it much, and then more with a tablet than a phone, so wasn't sure if it would fix your prob or not11:48
* BluesKaj hopes todays yakkety daily build doesn't crash during the install, again11:49
hegemon8i had to mess something up getting mycroft to work. I'm reinstalling to 16.04 soon i guess. Will take less then solving what mess i've made, rly :)11:49
acheronukhegemon8: just recalled a few weeks ago people saying the upstream version copied from our CI worked better11:49
hegemon8i don't doubt that acheronuk. I have feeling it has nothing to do with package version or anything. cause it stopped to work on some stage, when i didn't touch anything that is kdeconnect related. But hard to say,as got backports plasma upgrade, few other stuff, mycroft manual install and some other stuff. Too much to track down for me. That's why thinking of fresh install11:53
hegemon8will wipe the phone as well after trying to install manually pokemon Go and it didn't work from apk (i know - i was curious^^) but the kdeconnect stopped working before that.11:57
BluesKajkdeconnect is very hit and miss here, even with xenial on my desktop pc, won't connect at all to the xenial laptop, so I use the usb cable to transfer files if needed12:02
BluesKajthe phone won't connect to the lapyop via kdeconnect, just to clarify12:03
hegemon8BluesKaj: but worked perfectly between my 4.4.2 Android and samsung rv511 old laptop since day it was released  till now. I blame me :)12:04
* BluesKaj goes for more coffee12:04
hegemon8BluesKaj: good idea. I'll get myself one as well.12:04
hegemon8in next few days i'll look for software to test before reinstall, back up files, and will leave the ones i like (preferably KDE apps) So it might turn good for me after all .12:08
clivejowhy are my ears burning?13:43
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest30072
acheronukheadset shorting out?13:44
clivejosomeone seems to have pinged me13:45
clivejowhile I was off being an impatient patient13:46
clivejoyes Im running yakkety yak dont talk back13:47
* clivejo thinks we should add music to the installer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtTC3pGBjs413:50
mamarleyclivejo: If you did that, the MAFIAA would probably come after you.13:53
clivejoeven if we got yofel and ovidiuflorin to sing it?13:53
mamarleyclivejo: If you did that, the users would probably come after you!13:53
clivejobe funny though!13:54
clivejothe Kubuntu Khoir14:01
soeei proposed once this https://youtu.be/EZN2y-bJ-kQ?t=1m36s14:04
clivejothat would be lovely on loop while Kubuntu installs14:05
yofelyeah right, like the 'kubuntu band' photo from bilbao, just with actual music this time :P14:09
mamarleyFor once, people might actually be sorry that ALSA and PulseAudio are working correctly. :P14:09
yofeluse a java based web player and a usb headset. Then you're safe14:11
jimarvansee ya later peeps! :)14:14
clivejoacheronuk: ping18:19
acheronukclivejo: pong18:25
pursuivantmuon (master) v5.6.0-3-g6dc5c12 * Carlo Vanini: src (12 files in 3 dirs)18:35
pursuivantadd columns for Installed-Size, Version, Available-Version18:35
pursuivantAdd more columns to the list of packages and in the "preview changes"18:35
pursuivanttab.  The additional columns are hidden by default and can be shown18:35
pursuivantthrough the context menu by right-clicking on the list header.18:35
acheronukclivejo: later then...19:10
clivejoacheronuk: were you working on symbols?19:26
acheronuknope. not at the moment.19:27
acheronukI saw you fixed a load in apps staging19:28
clivejoIm working on FW19:29
clivejowondered if you wanted to help :P19:29
acheronuksorry, yes, I meant FW. duh...19:29
clivejoI think I seen you mention kio19:30
acheronukstill dome left to do looking at the QA19:30
clivejoyup, I had to go do something outside19:30
acheronukcan do a few if you like. practice helps.19:31
acheronukgimme 5 mins19:31
clivejoyeah, once you do a few hundred it sticks in your mind :p19:34
clivejobatchpatching in your sleep19:34
clivejois Qt5TextToSpeech in Qt5.6.1?19:35
acheronuknot sure. I saw something looking for that? can u remember what?19:37
clivejoIll leave kio and kitemmodels for you :P19:38
clivejono, just see it being looked for by some of the packages19:38
clivejoI want to move kdeconnect over from debian git but Im not sure how19:41
* acheronuk has not a clue19:42
acheronukclivejo: did you test those symbols update in pbuilder, or just trust the result?19:54
clivejojust trust the results at this stage19:55
acheronukok. hopefully they build20:12
clivejoacheronuk: everything fixed now?20:49
acheronukthose two are. any other of the oranges a problem?20:51
clivejoI dont think so20:52
clivejowould you do a test install?20:52
acheronukI have a fresh YY VM I think...20:53
clivejoits amazing how sitting around waiting and driving tires me out20:54
acheronukwaiting around does for some odd reason. 20:58
acheronukgrr.. updating the VM so it's current before I add the ppa is taking ages.21:02
clivejoI thought you had a super duper connection?21:11
acheronukIt's not the DL that is slow21:15
acheronukclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19414594/21:16
acheronukyofel: adding FW staging to my VM ^^^21:17
clivejoeakk why does it want to remove them21:20
acheronukQt 5.6 I presume, in some way21:21
clivejoah yes21:21
clivejohave to built the whole stack on Qt5.621:21
acheronukplasma and a few odds and sods rebuilt, and most of that would go away I presume?21:22
clivejoworrying about sddm21:23
clivejowonder is that due to the breeze theme21:23
acheronukyes, can't have that not installable!21:24
clivejobe interesting to see that list again when plasma is build on top21:24
clivejowish I could get plasma tagged so we could stage that21:25
clivejoacheronuk: mind helping me with kdeconnect21:29
clivejoneed to figure out breaks/replaces etc21:30
clivejoso when kdeconnect was ported to KF5, Jon chatted to upstream and they suggested using the name kdeconnect-plasma for KF5 version and leaving kdeconnect behind as the version 421:31
clivejobut instead of branching to a new project they just carried on as the same name, which debian has also recently done21:32
clivejoas me follow debian like lemmings we need to do the same21:32
clivejoas we21:32
acheronukyeah, I gathered that from discussions the other day21:33
clivejowell thats what Im "trying" to do21:33
clivejoIve mirrored debians git of kdeconnect and copied it to LP21:34
clivejoand setting up KCI to pull from LP21:34
acheronukbut it needs to smoothly replace the old named one?21:34
clivejothe package appears to be building21:34
clivejowell the old kdeconnect pulls in kdeconnect-plasma for some reason21:35
clivejosorry of Im talking very basic here21:35
clivejoIm rubber ducking you21:36
clivejokdeconnect Recommends: sshfs, kdeconnect-plasma21:37
acheronukthats ok21:37
clivejoso we need a breaks?21:38
acheronukbreaks/replaces is something I'm still a little fuzzy on21:39
clivejowell there its published in unstable21:43
clivejo21:42:52 make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop.21:45
acheronukhad that yesterday!21:45
acheronukso you need to replace and overwrite the kdeconnect package I see in Xenial with your one, and force removal of the kdeconnect-plasma one?21:50
clivejodid Qt5.6.1 get copied into unstable?21:52
acheronukon KCI, yes, seems someone did21:53
clivejoLOL tried to install kdeconnect from unstable21:53
clivejonot a good idea!21:53
acheronukso a breaks/replaces on the kdeconnect package and a breaks on the kdeconnect-plasma one?21:54
clivejoIm not sure, my brain wont think properly21:55
acheronuknot really here either. 21:59
clivejoI think I might have hay fever21:59
acheronukI think I need to read that part of the policy manual, then look at some real examples, then repeat a few times to get it clear in my head22:00
clivejoI think its a break22:00
clivejocause the same files will be in both kdeconnect and kdeconnect-plasma22:01
clivejothe package manager needs to remove -plasma22:01
acheronukoh, certainly a break. Just whether anything else needed on the main package you are upgrading, and any versioning22:03
acheronuksuch fun https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html22:05
acheronukWWYD? lol22:08
acheronukI'll try to think about it in the morning...22:12
acheronukclivejo: https://wiki.debian.org/PackageTransition22:18

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