aclimatt_What happened to KDM in 16.04? I can't find the package anywhere or any mention of it anymore01:48
aclimatt_And if KDM isn't around anymore, is there any other alternative to lightdm and GDM if you're using KDE?01:50
Zrenaclimatt, kubuntu ships with sddm02:04
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> ssdm is the default now02:04
aclimattAh OK02:04
aclimattI'll give that one a try, thanks!02:05
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rajivmarsI have just installed kubuntu 16.04. The memory consumption is very high. what may be the reason behind it?06:05
hateballrajivmars: press ctrl+esc and find out what uses memory06:22
hateballlikely it is a wild akonadi06:23
rajivmarshateball: its plsmashell.06:25
rajivmarshateball: how to fix it?06:25
hateballrajivmars: oh, how much is it using?06:26
rajivmarshateball: plasmashell-280mb, mysqld-450mb06:27
hateballrajivmars: depending on the amount of plasmoids etc you use, that's not super much for plasmashell06:28
rajivmarshateball: ok.06:29
hateballrajivmars: if you do not use akonadi (KDE PIM), then you can run "akonadictl disable" to lower mysqld memory usage06:29
hateballrajivmars: and also, you likely want to use kubuntu backports to get plasma 5.6.5, since 16.04 default is quite buggy06:29
hateballrajivmars: if you want to do that: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y06:30
rajivmarshow to upgrade to plasma 5.6.5?06:30
rajivmarshateball: i have plasma 5.5.5 installed. how do i upgrade it to 5.6.5/06:31
soeewhen it omces ot mysqld there is know  bug reported06:31
hateballrajivmars: the command I gave you does that06:31
rajivmarshateball: do you tell me the approx size of this installation?06:32
hateballrajivmars: I dont remember, 300mb maybe? Remove the -y at the end of the command it will ask you for confirmation first, and show how much06:33
rajivmarshateball: thankyou:)06:34
rajivmarshateball: today while installing "wine' by using; "apt install wine", the installation stops after 98% and there was some error messages for that failure. I will paste those error messages on http://paste.ubuntu.com/19340797/. will you please see those?06:39
hateballrajivmars: I dont know, temporary network issues maybe?06:42
hateballrajivmars: Did you try installing it again? What has already been downloaded is cached so it doesnt need to start over06:42
rajivmarshateball; I don't know why this happens most of the time while installing wine.06:43
acheronukthe failed files fetch from those urls manually in a browser here at the moment06:45
rajivmarshateball: what should i do if a package installation has stopped in the middle. do i use the command "apt install <<package name>>" again to install it or something different?06:46
hateballrajivmars: Just do it again06:48
hateballrajivmars: You could also try switching to a different mirror06:48
rajivmarshateball:after doing  this again the installation begins where it left of. I mean is there any effect on that particular package, because it is then installed in two parts.06:51
hateballrajivmars: nothing is installed until everything is cached locally06:52
hateballbecause the packages depend on each other, you cant just install 1 out of 1006:52
rajivmarshateball: That means if a package download is interrupted in the middle due to network failure or other issues, it doesn't affect anything, and i can resume the downloading process from where i left of.06:56
hateballrajivmars: Yes06:58
rajivmarshateball: thakyou:). Now i am upgrading plasma.06:59
rajivmarsI have just changed my password for my email account. after doing this, now when i am opening 'geary' it shows an error :Unable to open local mailbox for "my emal id". geary does not show any settings options to fix it. How do i fix it?07:37
soeerajivmars: we do not support geary etc.07:38
soeetry to ask his app devs07:38
rajivmarssoee: Ya. i understand. sorry:)07:39
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Kardiis there an IRC for asking questions about laptops09:34
hateballKardi: For the hardware? ##hardware09:35
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rajivmarsafter updating my system, whenever i turn it on, it shows a notification "failure to download extra packages" the package is : "ttf-mscorefonts-installer". When i try to install that then the terminal shows an error message comes which i paste to "http://paste.ubuntu.com/19353035/". Anyone please see it and tell me the solution for this. I am using kubuntu 16.04 lts.11:23
hateballrajivmars: you could try something like: sudo apt purge ttf-mscorefonts-installer && sudo rm var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/*.exe && sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer11:26
hateballand see if that goes through11:26
rajivmarshateball: ok.11:26
hateballrajivmars: ugh, typo at var11:27
hateballneeds to be /var, obviously11:27
BluesKajHey folks11:27
rajivmarshateball: it removed ttf-mscorefonts-installer but it shows this " cannot remove 'var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/*.exe': No suc11:30
rajivmarsh file or directory".11:30
rajivmars 11:30
hateballrajivmars: yes because I missed a leading /11:30
hateballso just edit the command11:31
rajivmarshateball: after what?11:31
BluesKajbefore var11:32
rajivmarshateball; ok.11:32
acheronukthat ttf-mscorefonts package also sometimes just has issues with downloading the fonts archives from sourceforge11:35
rajivmarshateball: it again shows the same "download failed" error. i think its a mirror problem.11:36
acheronukrajivmars: I had the same "Can't drop privileges" errors the other day, but the fonts did download and install11:37
acheronukso as you say, maybe a mirror or network prob their end11:37
hateballrajivmars: it is this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/154328011:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1522675 in synaptic (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1543280 /root/.synaptic/ not created due to locking status" [Low,Confirmed]11:38
hateballI think11:38
rajivmarsacheronuk; that means i have to trying it until the mirror is ok.11:39
hegemon8rajivmars: this can be bit lame way to do it, but i install kubuntu-restricted-extras package (pulls flash and other restricted stuff too, but ms fonts as well)11:40
hateballhegemon8: that's just a meta-package, it is still the ttf-mscorefonts-installer that pulls the exes11:40
rajivmarshateball: Is that "update notifier" shows when the computer turns on even after removing this package?11:41
acheronukrajivmars: I've had hassle with it in the past. On last Xenial install it just worked. So either fixed or is indeed a bit random11:41
rajivmarsacheronuk: may be it will fixed after 1-2 days when the mirror for that is ok.11:42
acheronukAll I know is it worked yesterday with Xenial. So......?11:42
rajivmarsacheronuk; for now i going to remove it and try it after some time:)11:43
MrokiiHello. Can somebody tell me where I find the location of the konsole-/bash-preferences-file? Specifically the file that contains information about profiles and their colour-schemes.11:44
hateballrajivmars: make sure you clean up (remove) that partial dir also11:44
hateballMrokii: ~/.local/share/konsole/11:45
rajivmarshateball; so by using "apt-get autoclean"11:45
Mrokiihateball: thanks, I'll take a look.11:45
hateballrajivmars: no, by doing rm as you did before11:46
hateballMrokii: there should be a config for each profile11:46
MrokiiYeah, found it. Thanks.11:46
rajivmarshateball: by running the same command that you provided?11:46
hateballrajivmars: yes11:46
hateballrajivmars: without the apt bits of course11:47
rajivmarshateball: thankyou:)11:47
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StatelessCatis their any special configuration on ubuntu or kubuntu to override the /etc/UPower/UPower.conf configuration ?12:28
StatelessCatI observe that my configuration on /etc/UPower/UPower.conf is not applied.12:29
StatelessCatHow can I fix this to permit my computer to go on HybridSleep when the battery is critical ?12:29
BluesKajStatelessCat,  notfamilair with UPower, i use Power Management in System Settings which is a KDE app12:31
BluesKajso depends which DE you use12:31
StatelessCatI use Kubuntu, but I installed i3wm on it and no longer use kde and plasma12:32
StatelessCatBluesKaj: do you think there is a way to configure powermanagement on Ubuntu at a lower level than KDE/GNOME/any DE ?12:33
makinenI hope they would add tiling to kde12:33
BluesKajI guess upower can be controlled from the terminal12:34
BluesKajman upower gives a lot of options12:35
StatelessCatmakinen: I hope (: . Since I use i3wm, I cannot go back on KDE or Gnome-Shell... And I loved so much KDE and plasma in the past (:. KDE was my first DE.12:35
StatelessCatBluesKaj: I know how to use UPower, but his configuration seems ovveridden by something12:36
BluesKajStatelessCat,  did you have a DE before switching to I3, if so then the config files for power management may still be in effect at the lower level12:37
StatelessCatBluesKaj: for instance, I set to do HybridSleep as critical action when battery go less than 30%, and this is never triggered. As well when I ask Upower to trigger HybridSleep when battery time remaning is low.12:38
StatelessCatBluesKaj: I installed Kubuntu, so maybe it's the KDE configuration that is taking precedence. thats what I ask here :)12:38
makinenI've been using kde since the version 1.1. and it would make me sad to abandon it ;)12:40
BluesKajok then if you want to use i3 tiling exclusively , you'll have tp purge kde/plasma, StatelessCat12:40
makinenthough the real reason is that I'm too lazy to learn i3 or awesome12:41
StatelessCatBluesKaj: apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop ? hum this will be violent, no ?12:41
makinenbut I gave a try to the tiling script for kde and it was great though too buggy :(/12:42
BluesKajmakinen,  it's no point learning i3 unless you need it for efficiency on the job or some such, IMO12:42
makinentiling indeed increases my productivity12:43
StatelessCatmakinen: i3wm is more simple to learn, more effective, very well documented compared to Awesome.12:43
BluesKajStatelessCat,  unfortunately iill rove a lotokde appsyes12:43
BluesKajomigod , my KB is acting up ...12:43
makinenbut the tiling script don't work properly with all applications and its configure dialog is broken12:44
* StatelessCat is away for 20mn12:44
BluesKajunfortunately purging will will remove a lot of kde apps12:44
makinenI might just fix the script instead of switching wm12:45
pragomer_1how to upgrade to newest stable kde in kubuntu 16.04 via backports?13:04
hateballoh they left13:08
soeethat is why we should have short welcome screen/slideshow where user woudl be asked after installation if backports shoudl be enabled13:18
jimarvanhmm soee that is a good idea13:26
jimarvansince they make the effort to come here13:26
jimarvanand poor hateball responded in 4 mins pfff13:26
BluesKajit's understandable after 5mins or so , but before a minute is up some are gone due to the instant gratification expectation13:29
hateballSomeone with powers greater than mine could make a !trigger for sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade13:30
hateballWith some explanation13:30
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StatelessCat14T144317 BluesKaj | StatelessCat,  unfortunately iill rove a lotokde appsyes -> Ok BluesKaj, I'll do a fresh install from Ubuntu-server rather :)14:32
BluesKajI corrected that messy response, to: unfortunately purging kde will remove most kde apps, StatelessCat14:35
BluesKajStatelessCat, ubuntu server is the right way to go, no DE to deal with then you're free to use i3  etc14:37
StatelessCatBluesKaj: but for gtk, qt... all will come with apps ?14:43
* StatelessCat think about his old love... Arch***** ^^14:43
BluesKajit's ubuntu after all14:45
BluesKajyou can install which ever apps you want afaik, but the associated ked or gtk libs will come withthem including any dependencies, dunno how that intercts with i3 tho14:47
BluesKajkde or gk14:47
BluesKajdamn KB...I guess the wireless signal is dropping out on certain keystrokes, have to use more pressure14:49
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BluesKajStatelessCat,  you can ask in #i3 chat14:52
StatelessCatBluesKaj: thanks14:53
BluesKajStatelessCat,  good luck :-)14:54
StatelessCatyou too14:58
rajivmarswhat is the command to get information about a particular package?16:16
Dragnslcrapt-cache show <packagename>16:17
rajivmarsDragnslcr: thanks:)16:18
hoagiesin kubuntu 16.04: how can one remove icons from the panel (=taskbar)??17:20
lethuhoagies: right click > unlock widgets > then click the menu icon17:21
lethuwhich shows up17:21
hoagiesthere is no "unlock widgets" ..... only "lock widgets"!!!!!17:26
lethuhoagies: then click on the right most icon17:27
lethuhoagies: it should show up an vertical bar, move the mouse over the icons you want to remove and click the red "x"17:28
hoagiesno .... ithe one in red only gives 'remove this panel' ... i.e.' remove the whole enchillada'17:31
lethuhoagies: which icons do you want to remove?17:32
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lethuhoagies: if it is the icons in the sytem tray then right click on it then sys tray options > sys tray settings17:34
hoagiesi tried to remove chromium, which had a double icon somehow .... reinstalled kubuntu 16.04!!!!17:35
acheronukclick the "hamburger" on the panel. then while the panel options bar is visible, hover over the icon you want to remove17:37
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acheronuklike http://i.imgur.com/NVMFBho.png17:39
acheronukoh. gone. :/17:39
stephen_bcan anyone tell me why single click to open is not working even my setttings are fine17:39
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.17:48
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ThyriaenI just got me Kubuntu 16.04 LTS from http://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/ and i cant seem to find the install option in the boot menu :) there is only one available to boot into the live disk - am i missing something ?20:35
acheronukBoot the live session, and the first screen you then get should be one that asks if you want to install now, or continue testing on a full live desktop20:36
Thyriaenokay thank you ill look around20:38
Thyriaeni found the option - thanks a lot20:43
jonathan_xIt might have been after installing the lastest nVidia driver (on my system) (for the first time this install) but at some point recently KDE started regularly freezing the UI. What happens is that sometimes I can go to a tty and issue service sddm restart, at ot other times the thing is frozen and I can only do so using a SSH sessions.20:48
jonathan_xDuring those times there is only a single (currently, Nouveau) error message that might indicate anything. I forgot what it was, I could find it again probably. But this happened every day several times at least. In the end I installed Cinnamon from some PPA and the thing has only happened once since (if it is the same thing).20:50
jonathan_xRemoving nVidia and establishing nouveau as the default again, did not change the issue.20:51
jonathan_xI want to ask what is the fastest and easiest way to complete remove X and all desktop managers, purge their config, including any user config, and then reinstall it?20:53
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MrokiiHello. Where in Kubuntu can I see if an nVidia-graphics driver is installed and used?21:36
rattkinginfo center will tell you that21:39
rattkinglook at the opengl driver vendor21:40
Mrokiirattking: Thanks, I'll take a look21:41
MrokiiOkay, it seesm the nouveau-driver is used.21:42
Thyriaenso i have tryed the install kubuntu option on the live disk twice now - it always tells me that the installer has crashed - no error messages21:42
MrokiiSo the next question would be, how do I activate an nVidia-driver instead, on Kubuntu?21:42
jonathan_xThyriaen: you are not doing anything special?23:07
Thyriaenjonathan_x: for some reason it worked the thrid time23:54
jonathan_xsukoshi ;-).23:54
Thyriaenthe anymations / dragging windows around etc23:54
Thyriaenor clicking on anything is super laggy23:55
Thyriaenis that a driver issue ?23:55
jonathan_xI don't know.23:55
jonathan_xI'm trying to think but I haven't experienced it myself.23:56
jonathan_xYou could install Cinnamon next to KDE (it will load from the selection dropdown in SDDM, where you log in) and see if that is laggy too, if not, it must a KDE issue right.23:58

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