tsimonq2o/ Kilos06:46
tsimonq2Kilos: how are you?06:46
tsimonq2o/ Mister_Q, how are you?06:46
Mister_Qgreat tsimonq2 :) how are you?06:47
Kilosok ty tsimonq2 Mister_Q and you guys?06:47
tsimonq2great Mister_Q and Kilos :)06:47
svijhey Kilos, tsimonq2 and Mister_Q :)06:48
tsimonq2o/ svij, how are you?06:48
Mister_Qmorning svij o/06:48
svijfine fine, you? ;)06:48
Kiloshi there svig06:48
* svij looks out for svig06:48
svij404 – no svig found in the channel06:48
Kilosdholbach late06:48
Kilosoh my06:48
Kiloshi there svij as well06:48
tsimonq2great svij :)06:49
tsimonq2Kilos: *loudly taps watch* COME ON DANIEL!06:49
Kiloshi dpm06:50
dpmhi Kilos06:50
Mister_Qgood morning dpm :)06:51
dpmmorning :)06:51
tsimonq2o/ dpm, haven't talked to you in a while, how have you been? :)06:52
dpmtsimonq2, I'm good, how are you?06:52
tsimonq2great dpm :)06:53
svijtsimonq2: 8 minutes!06:58
svijmorning dpm and dholbach :)06:58
dpmhey svij06:59
Kiloshi dholbach06:59
tsimonq2svij: hm?07:01
svijtsimonq2: 8 minutes after you loudly tapped the watch ;)07:02
tsimonq2oh lol07:02
dholbachhey hey07:03
tsimonq2hey hey hey dholbach! how are you this morning? :)07:03
dholbachgood good :-))07:03
dholbachhow about you?07:03
tsimonq2great :))07:03
tsimonq2svij: 14 mins since watch he poked his head in07:05
tsimonq2svij: that's what counts :P07:05
svijdholbach: Kilos complained earlier that you were late. What's your excuse? ;)07:06
* tsimonq2 guesses coffee07:07
tsimonq2then I went:07:07
tsimonq201:49:31 AM < tsimonq2> Kilos: *loudly taps watch* COME ON DANIEL!07:07
tsimonq201:49:32 AM < tsimonq2> :P07:07
tsimonq2so that's the watch tapping explaination :P07:08
* Kilos ducks07:08
Mister_Qgood call tsimonq2 . I know I've forgot something :D07:08
svijwe should rather send our kid tsimonq2 to bed…07:09
tsimonq2hey now07:09
tsimonq2svij: but mooooooooooom it's summer vacation, let me stay up past my 7:30 bedtime :(07:10
svijkids these days…07:11
* svij shakes his old age.07:11
tsimonq2(the funny thing is, not only do I not live with mom, I don't have a bedtime :P)07:11
Kilosaha thats the problem07:11
tsimonq2Kilos: which one? :P07:12
svijwe need to talk to your dad!07:12
tsimonq2svij: dad is working night shift, he doesn't like to be bothered at work :P07:12
tsimonq2dad says as long as I follow the rules and pick up after myself, I can do whatever I want (that's not illegal or overly dangerous, obviously)07:13
Kiloswbb chores to do07:14
tsimonq2including staying up until early morning and saying hello to dholbach *AHEM* :D07:14
tsimonq2he must be getting more coffee XD07:15
* tsimonq2 hides07:15
tsimonq2no but seriously, I'm tired, went swimming at a lake with an uncle technically yesterday, so I'm off to bed, o/07:18
Mister_Qgood night tsimonq2 o/07:20
svijgood boy, he listened what I said… ;)07:24
dholbachtsimonq2, mate tea :)07:27
tsimonq2had to do something quick, back for a minute07:29
* tsimonq2 kicks svij :P07:29
tsimonq2nice dholbach07:29
MelondripsNot sure why I can't see anything? Never used freenode before.09:42
dholbachWhat do you mean, you can't see anything?09:50
dholbachmaybe because the channel was quiet in the last 15 minutes?09:50
MelondripsYeah I just realized that before it was too late. I usually speak too soon. -_-09:51
MelondripsMy apologies.09:51
dholbachno worries :)09:54
elachecheHey there!09:58
elachecheWassup guys!09:58
elachecheSo Melondrips where is that Linux related Tumblr ?10:00
MelondripsI have a lot more to post, I literally just started it today...10:00
MelondripsBut there.10:01
elachecheWhever you need advice/help don't hesitate to ask to community, here, or on reddit → r/ubuntu r/linux r/linux4noobs and many others :)10:02
elachecheMelondrips: that's not a public blog?10:02
elachecheI can't browse it becasue I don't have an account10:02
MelondripsOh, one sec.10:02
elachecheHow are you dholbach :)10:04
MelondripsPlease bear with me, I've been up for 86 hours, lol.10:05
elachecheno problems :)10:06
elachecheGood luck with your blog.. meeting people on irc, readin the "man" and docs will help you learn *nix things :)10:08
MelondripsI've done a lot more than what I've posted and Had actual screenshots, but since I am running Kali from a flash drive and my laptop battery is crap, when it shut off, well, yeah. I lost it all.10:08
MelondripsI succesfully used aircrack today and have written basic cpp programs, so I'm getting there.10:09
MelondripsAnd bby basic programs I mean hello world and an "asks for your name" and outputs "Hello, <name!>10:10
MelondripsGotta start somewhere. XD!10:10
elachechenice :) but why kali! :p10:11
MelondripsThank you, by the way. Sorry this stuff just gets me really hyped, haha. I've had no one to really talk about it with other than my old roommate.10:11
MelondripsAnd um, because... >.>10:12
MelondripsWell, I'm trying to get more in to the cybersecurity field and Kali was suggested.10:12
MelondripsThere, the white hatter way of putting it, haha.10:13
elachecheI see..10:13
elachecheDid you ever installed a GNU/Linux distor on a PC?10:14
elachecheTry that! It's better than running it from a live session10:14
MelondripsYeah, I have in the past, but my only current PC is a laptop with a broken HDD.10:15
MelondripsI'm waiting for a new one so this is just temporary.10:15
elachecheoops! :)10:16
MelondripsYeah, haha.10:16
MelondripsIt was a n interesting learning experience though.10:16
MelondripsI had never imaged and ISO on to a flash drive before.10:16
knomeMelondrips, elacheche: your discussion might be better suited to #ubuntu-offtopic - not to say you're not allowed to discuss here, but this channel is mostly designed for the ubuntu community team coordination10:17
elachecheAbout Kali, I am not a a cybersecurity expert, but some people I knew recommands using BlackArch.. It's ArchLinux for InfoSec, and the good thing is that istalling it is a little bit challenging :) So you'll learn things for sure10:17
MelondripsOh, sorry knome! Still new here! Thank you!10:18
elachecheoops, my fault knome.. I asked Melondrips to join the wrong channel then..10:18
elachecheMelondrips: You can join that channel by just typing /j #ubuntu-offtopic10:19
dholbachelacheche, good good - how are you? (sorry didn't see you message earlier)10:46
elachecheGood too :)11:01
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dholbachall right... I'm calling it a day - see you all tomorrow again!16:03
philipballewhey everyone17:03
jcastromhall119: ping17:44
jcastrogot a sec?17:45
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mhall119jcastro: pong, I do now18:47

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