BluesKajHey folks11:28
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tgm4883nacc: I can't do it15:44
nacctgm4883: me neither :)15:45
tgm4883I'm not sure why users think they need to hide stuff from us15:46
tgm4883tell the truth, take your lashing, and move on15:46
Bashing-omThe truth, the whole truth ...... and nothing but the truth; thank you .15:47
tgm4883it's like dealing with children sometimes....15:48
nacctgm4883: yeah, basically after 15 minutes, no difference -- ask the ppa owner for support :)15:48
ducassewhat's the state on snaps and support? are they supported in #ubuntu, or by the developer?15:53
tgm4883hmm, good question15:53
tgm4883ducasse: the developer I would think15:53
ducasseok. what about the canonical snaps?15:54
Bashing-omducasse: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2321161 ; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2327088 shed any light ?15:54
tgm4883ducasse: does canonical make snaps?15:54
tgm4883snaps should "Just work"(TM) so if they don't, it seems like support should be with the developer15:55
ducassetgm4883: well, they are listed as developer on some of them15:56
ducassetgm4883: ufw and nextcloud, for example15:57
tgm4883ducasse: we should probably define what support is. All it could likely be with any snap is "reproduce issue, figure out if issue is with package or snappy, file bug"15:57
tgm4883ducasse: UFW has a snap?15:57
tgm4883that... doesn't even make sense15:57
ducassetgm4883: for ubuntu core, i just noticed15:58
tgm4883eh, I guess so15:58
tgm4883since it's just configuring iptables15:58
nacctgm4883: so you can put it on the list of things not to install? :)17:20
tgm4883yea pretty much17:20
tgm4883It would be also interesting to see if the user is just misinformed17:21
tgm4883maybe it just says it supports one version of the kernel17:21
nacctgm4883: yeah, but given their response to why was "ask the devs /rof", I don't know if they know17:22
OerHeksWell gentlemen, we tried.17:24
naccOerHeks: :)17:24
* OerHeks is trying to upgrade 15.10-16.04 .. for 3rd day now .. too busy doing something else important17:29
nicomachusOerHeks: good luck. what IRC client are you using?17:36
nicomachusok. 16.04 comes with a new version of irssi that breaks a lot of configs, so just checking.17:37
OerHeksactually i am ready, backup done, usb ready with iso, just hit the upgrade button ..17:37
OerHeksi read that yesterday, irssi17:38
nicomachusit's easy to fix, just a bit frustrating when I didn't realize what was going on. :)17:39
OerHeksdidn't know that issue, not seen in #ubuntu anyway17:40
nicomachusAll of a sudden SASL was broken and I couldn't connect to freenode over proxy.17:40
nicomachusprobably because the people that need help can't get connected. haha17:40
OerHekslikely, yes17:41
OerHeksbut then they would go over to webchat.17:41
nicomachusGoogle gives an answer pretty quickly, though.17:41
nicomachushaving trouble figuring out why the kernel versions are different between my two xenial machines. :/17:49
naccnicomachus: what are the two versions?17:49
naccso they both have 4.4.0-28 installed17:52
nicomachusthe weird part is, Box 2 on that paste is using the -28 kernel, not the -4117:52
nicomachusnacc: but Box 1 is using -31 (just installed)17:52
naccnicomachus: you'd want to box 2 to be using -28, -41 is the 4.2.0 15.10 kernel17:53
naccnicomachus: i think it's just a timing thing, my mirror just got the new kernel (-31) in the last 10 minutes17:53
nicomachusnacc: ah, I didn't consider the -41 being leftover from 15.1017:54
nicomachusI suppose I may get the -31 for it later today. just checked and it wasn't there yet.17:54
naccnicomachus: you could always switch to the primary archive (or use the same as box 1), but that update just rolled out today17:55
nicomachusthey are the same, oddly.17:55
OerHeks4. rolling in here too18:08
nicomachusnowww I'm getting -31 on this box.18:15
naccnicomachus: very strange!18:17
daftykinsyou didn't need sudo to look in /boot :D18:47
nicomachusdaftykins: yea you're right. oh well.18:48
nicomachusI was thinking it gave a more complete list, but it's the same.18:48
tgm4883rsync is not a backup...18:58
lordievaderIt can do backup tasks... Dirvish, a backup utility, is a simple wrapper around rsync.19:05
tgm4883lordievader: I'd argue it's not doing a backup task then19:06
tgm4883but ok, rsync, without some sort of wrapper, is not a backup utility19:07
lordievaderCan still be.19:07
tgm4883lordievader: meh, it can be in the same way that cp can be19:07
lordievaderYes, a very manual backup utility.19:08
tgm4883OerHeks: I must be irritable today19:34
daxduplicity <319:35
OerHeksnot in my ears19:35
nacctgm4883: me too :019:37
tgm4883wth is deep trying to do?19:38
naccsomething wrong, presuambly19:38
naccbut won't tell waht19:38
tgm4883!slap jilocasin019:40
OerHeksthere is a repeat in #ubuntu ..19:42
tgm4883nacc: pretty sure I found his issue20:01
nacctgm4883: ack, is it just me or are those .bashrc modifications fubar?20:01
tgm4883yea they are all wrong I think20:01
tgm4883I'm verifying now20:01
tgm4883hmm, maybe not20:03
tgm4883there it is20:06
tgm4883nice find nacc20:06
tgm4883nacc: it's definitely that PATH=y20:11
nacctgm4883: it's like pulling teeth!20:15
tgm4883ones where people can't copy&paste are especially difficult20:15
tgm4883I should go get lunch20:15
* nacc too! it's afternoon already20:16
tgm4883Some days I wish you could curse in #ubuntu20:17
runrickusBashing-om hello21:09
Bashing-omhey ole friend .. " ubuntuforums.org refused to connect." :(21:10
runrickusYeppers! You knew what i was going to ask...lol21:11
Bashing-omrunrickus: I had that idea .. #ubuntu-forums : < bapoumba> IS took it down again .21:12
runrickusBoy that was fast...I was just reading that when it went down21:13
Bashing-omrunrickus: Whatever happened to a warning that we were going down ?21:16
runrickusI will Pm you on that...good reason though21:17
Bashing-omHokay .. will look forward to the advisement.21:17
tgm4883nacc: maybe we should change our nicks. Add a -dds on the end22:16
nacctgm4883: heh22:24
tgm4883nacc: has it always been this bad?22:32
nacctgm4883: it seems especially bad today22:32
tgm4883ok, thought it was just me22:32
naccand there are more ... helpful? ... people who are chiming in with potentially bad advice than normal22:33
tgm4883yea I noticed that too22:33
tgm4883nacc: I think I see the confusion earlier. linux-image isn't a metapackage23:23
tgm4883so he should just need to remove linux-image (and the other kernels he doesn't want)23:25
tgm4883then be fine23:25
tgm4883provided he has the one that he wants installed23:25
nacctgm4883: i was wondering about that23:25
tgm4883yea virtual packages are weird23:25
tgm4883I guess they don't really have a version number associated with them23:25
naccrmadison says linux-image only existed in precise :)23:26
nacclinux-image-generic should be pinnable, though23:26
tgm4883nacc: perhaps23:27
tgm4883nacc: although23:27
tgm4883he's probably on trusty?23:27
naccyeah, that's what i read based upon the kernel version23:28
tgm4883yea linux-image is in trusty too23:28
nacci wonder why rmadison doesn't see it, maybe it went from real to virtual at that point23:29

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