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alias_neoIs it possible to stop my screen blanking when I lock it? I have a serious problem in that when I lock my computer, the screens blank, and as soon as my HDMI monitor goes into standby, the computer wakes back up and switching the monitor back on, this then loops until I come back, and once I unlock gnome-shell has become totally unresponsive until I ALT+F then r to restart it10:26
alias_neoit goes like this; Lock computer, all screens blank, hdmi monitor goes to sleep after ~5 seconds, this causes the screens to wake up, wakes the monitor again, showing lock screen, ~X seconds later sleeps again, minitor goes to sleep, computer wakes, lock screen again ... rinse and repeat10:28
alias_neoI@m quite happy for the screens never to sleep/blank if that's the only way to fix it10:29
muellicould anybody with patching power apply the commit mentioned in https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=767780 to the current staging builds..? It's quite annoying to not be able to send emails...10:49
ubot5Gnome bug 767780 in Mailer "The "References" header folded twice" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]10:49
muellihm jbicha is not around :(10:57
ricotzmuelli, pusing e-d-s 3.20.411:04
muelliricotz: \o/12:00
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