mowthegrassHi there16:26
mowthegrassAnyone encountered issues durning installation the installer just seem to get frozen on screen (Not really getting killed) it just needs to manually be woken up by a key stroke on the screen, Post the key stroke it just continues the installation16:28
mowthegrassit appears to be little strange we are observing this on both precise and trusty16:28
dmj_s76xnox: so can we perhaps merge the nvme patch.18:14
dmj_s76It fixes single drive nvme scenarios and doesn't regress any mixed/multiple/non-nvme configurations I've tried.18:15
dmj_s76xnox: multiple drive boot issue was unrelated to the nvme-bug and in fact was a limitation in firmware that prevents booting from nvme in bios mode23:25
dmj_s76I believe the patch fixes ubiquity for single and multiple nvme drive systems23:25

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