elachecheKilos: did you got a good answer about the LoCo Pack & USbs?10:04
Kilosi saw the mails ty elacheche 10:09
elachecheThank you for reminding me of that! x)10:11
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ChangizwwHi, i'm using xubuntu 14.04! when i start and login to my user (and other users) desktop doesn't come up and it only shows wallpaper (however i could login by ctrl+alt+f1 and used startx to post this), can anyone help?! i remember i had this problem before and it was fixed by entering a couple of commands, but i can't remember now... thanks in advance18:29
wxlChangizww: typically #xubuntu would be the place to go for support18:33
Changizwwumm... thanks, but i tried it but no one is answering there, i think everybody is asleep there18:36
wxlChangizww: since they are the experts, that would be the place to ask for help. you could also try your loco team's irc channel if you want local support.18:36
Changizwwreally really thanks, i'll try that :)18:37
belkinsaChangizww: or you can ask in #xubuntu as that this their support channel.18:38
belkinsaChangizww: And most lurk here on IRC, just ask your question and wait for the answer.18:39
belkinsaYou can also ask/search on AskUbuntu or the Ubuntu Forums.18:39
wxlor the mailing lists..18:39
belkinsaThat too.  Thanks wxl.  But the Xubuntu one.18:40
belkinsaAre the LoCo's of Oceania dead or do we still have some folks here who are still active?18:53
Changizwwbtw i found the problem guys... my root drive was 96% full (just to know) thanks all19:26

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