luddeDo anyone know if it is possible to use Ubuntu Mate with only free software?00:54
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vvpПривет всем06:37
vvpHello everybody :)06:39
myCould anyone tell me how can I stick the titlebar of firefox to the top panel?07:25
myI just hid the titlebar when maximazed. That'll be enough for me thanks.07:28
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kelvin_hey guys is anyone there08:55
kelvin_how good is this OS as a media server.09:10
kelvin_have just installed samba409:10
kelvin_by the way this is a re-install after grub sweated me out09:12
kelvin_and something called lmvmetad-09:13
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DrImperatorHello, I have a problem with firefox. It crashes even in safemode. Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I uninstalled it (purge), and installed again. Same problem. Interestingly TorBrowser works.13:48
ouroumovhi DrImperator13:48
DrImperatorI wonder if you may have some insight how to get FF running again.13:48
ouroumovDrImperator, do you have interesting output if you start firefox from the command line?13:49
DrImperatoroffice:~$ firefox13:50
DrImperatorExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child 554213:50
DrImperatorExceptionHandler::SendContinueSignalToChild sent continue signal to child13:50
DrImperatorExceptionHandler::WaitForContinueSignal waiting for continue signal...13:50
DrImperatorBus error (core dumped)13:50
DrImperatorand back to the command line13:50
ouroumovrun "killall firefox && firefox -P"13:51
DrImperatorit shutdown TorBrowser, and then asked me to choose a profile, selected default, and Mozzila Crash window showed.13:52
DrImperatorlines in command line output:13:53
DrImperatorExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child ExceptionHandler::WaitForContinueSignal waiting for continue signal...13:53
DrImperatorExceptionHandler::SendContinueSignalToChild sent continue signal to child13:53
DrImperatorBus error (core dumped)13:53
ouroumovDo you remember doing unusual stuff before this problem showed up?13:54
DrImperatorno, not really13:54
DrImperatormaybe I will delete the default profile and set up a new one?13:55
ouroumovTry that yes13:55
DrImperatorExceptionHandler::GenerateDump cloned child 584113:56
DrImperatorExceptionHandler::SendContinueSignalToChild sent continue signal to child13:56
DrImperatorExceptionHandler::WaitForContinueSignal waiting for continue signal...13:56
DrImperatorBus error (core dumped)13:56
DrImperatori deleted profile, created new one, clicked Start FireFox13:56
DrImperatorand I see Mozilla Crash Reporter again13:56
DrImperatoralso, Welcome Centre doesn't work13:56
ouroumovCan you launch the software boutique?13:57
DrImperatorno, it doesn't work - I clicked on the icon now in menu and nothing shows up (later some error will come up). I wanted to install chrome after FF stopped working.13:58
ouroumovLooks like your installation is badly broken13:58
ouroumovTry running the following commands in the terminal:14:00
ouroumovsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f14:00
ouroumovsudo apt-get --fix-missing install14:00
ouroumovsudo apt-get --fix-broken install14:00
DrImperatorall three resulted in:14:01
DrImperator0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.14:01
ouroumovAwesome. Well, I'm out of ideas. Maybe try and post about it on the community forums? ( https://ubuntu-mate.community/ )14:02
DrImperatorthere is one thing that happened before ff stopeed working - but it never resulted in FF breaking before14:03
DrImperatorfor some reason my computer files (old) become "read only" and when I restart I am asked to do fdsk (or smth) /sda and repair errors by typing Y14:04
DrImperatorI have a dual Win7 (not using it anyway) and Mate installation14:04
DrImperatorI think my hdd is old - it was almost continusly running for 5 years or so14:05
ouroumovDoes "lsblk" says your mate root partition (/) is on the same disk? (sdaX)14:06
DrImperatorcomputer is top office range from 200814:06
DrImperatoryes. sda614:07
DrImperator└─sda6   8:6    0  79.9G  0 part /14:07
ouroumovIf you don't use windows anymore you might consider backing up your files, than doing a clean reinstall of Ubuntu MATE using the whole disk?14:08
ouroumovthen *14:08
DrImperatorDo you think this causes my system to go 'read only' at times?14:09
ouroumovIt might. I've had similar problems on drives handled by windows14:09
DrImperatorThanks! I will reinstall.14:10
DrImperatorYou were most helpful.14:10
ouroumovNot really u_u14:10
DrImperatorwell, it would have worked on another pc maybe14:11
ouroumovWhen the "fix" is a complete reinstall, you can't exactly say you've solved the problem14:11
DrImperatorok, I'm going to fetch the larger usb and install14:11
DrImperatorthank you ouroumov14:11
ouroumovyw, till next time :)14:12
DrImperatorouroumov: thank you, fresh install. Everything just works!16:19
fnord_Akuli, anwesend? Bildschirmhelligkeitsproblem von gestern..19:21
fnord_Akuli, ich kann über FN-Tasten die Helligkeit nicht steuern. Lautstärke geht.19:24
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:36
Akulinomic, thats way better than me using google translator19:36
* nomic knows .. . geschwindigskeitsbeshrankung (speed limit)19:36
nomicthought that was longest german word  Bildschirmhelligkeitsproblem19:36
nomicwut is - >  Bildschirmhelligkeitsproblem19:36
* nomic thinks19:37
fnord_Akuli, alles cool in kabul?19:48
Akuliin kabul?19:49
fnord_english is the spoken language hier... sorry!!!19:49
Akulii really don't speak any german19:49
fnord_alles paletti in cincinnati?19:50
fnord_Akuli, realy???19:50
Akuligoogle translator did that for me :)19:50
Akulino problem19:50
Akulii thought you didn't speak english :)19:50
fnord_I dont speak english sinc us-war in irak!!!19:51
Akulihmm :(19:51
fnord_sorry... in the world... without Russia :-))19:51
Akuliin irc you don't need to worry about your english skills :)19:52
Akulipeople will understand you just fine19:52
fnord_my problem is: adjusting of ... can you remember my question of yersterday???19:53
Akulido you have a brightness adjuster in the panel now?19:54
fnord_it does not work...19:54
fnord_the adjuster is on the panel, but not work..19:55
Akulidoes it just move without doing anything?19:55
Akuliit works great on my laptop19:56
fnord_ok.. I try anything else... I will be back in a few minutes19:58
potatozillaworth install liquorix kernel on ubuntu?21:17
ouroumovwhat's liquorix?21:23
ouroumovnvm, googled it21:23
ouroumovpotatozilla, I'd say it depends if you want support21:26
potatozillasomeone here , have tested , have noticed any improvement with use of liquorix kernel?21:28
potatozillasomeone use Liquorix, NeteXt or XanMod Kernels spins or everyone here use the generic stock Kernel?21:39
bartucziÜdv. Mindenkinek!21:42
bartucziKi van itt magyar?21:43
bartucziHi! Gibt's hier Deutscher, oder jemand, der / die auf deutsch sprechen kann?21:45
canopusGood evening.21:47
canopusI'm using the Ubuntu mate version for the raspberry pi21:47
canopusI'm on a tty (I have disabled the graphical mode)21:48
canopusNow I'm wondering how can I get the beep working21:48
canopusprintf "\a" in the shell doesn't make any sound21:49
canopus(In a xsession it does work.)21:49
mate|50993good evening. can anybody tell me how i would fix that whenever i try to open a document in vim by double-clicking it in caja nothing happens?22:25
mate|50993From other Ubuntu installations I22:25
ouroumovin vim?22:25
mate|50993I'm used to double click a document which fires it up in vim, running in a terminal. With my current installation, nothing happens.22:26
ouroumovSo I don't use vim but I've just tested with nano and it's doable22:27
ouroumovRight click your document, select "Open with other application", then22:28
ouroumovgo to "use a custom command"22:28
ouroumoventer: mate-terminal -x vim %f22:28
ouroumov(for me it's mate-terminal -x nano %f)22:28
ouroumovthen click open22:29
mate|50993This works, thanks a lot!22:29
mate|50993Way better than "Open Terminal here" ;)22:30
mate|50993Would you mind to explain what -x does? Cannot see it in the help or man page.22:32
ouroumovmate|50993, it's "execute command", but you're right it's not in the man page, weird22:36
ouroumovI'm gonna report it as an issue on the github repo22:38
mate|50993Thought so, it also works with -e 'vim %f', maybe it was replaced with -e sometime? Anyway, thanks again for the easy solution!22:38
ouroumovI think -x means "execute and subsequent flags are the executed command options, not mate-terminal options" or something like that22:39
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mate|50993sounds reasonable, since -e requires the argument to be quoted22:40
ouroumovmate|50993, submitted issue on github: https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-terminal/issues/12622:46
mate|50993Nice, lets see what they say. For now, I'll call this a day (or night). Thanks again and goodbye22:53

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