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slangasekjbicha: why did you force-sync a version of fso-frameworkd that builds on no Ubuntu archs?15:48
jbichaslangasek: well I filed bug 1602263 for it15:49
ubot5bug 1602263 in fso-frameworkd (Ubuntu) "source package doesn't build when it contains binary package for armel only" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160226315:49
infinityI assume it's also meant to build arch:all?15:53
* infinity looks.15:53
infinitySo, you could "fix" it by declaring XS-Build-Indep-Architecture: amd6415:54
infinityWhich is a much smaller diff than dropping binaries from control.15:55
infinityAlternately, one could submit a patch to Debian to make the armel packages arch:all and cross-build them.15:56
infinityWhich, if they're firmware meant to run on other devices, could be the right answer.15:56
jbichaI don't know how to do your 2nd option15:58
cjwatsonI think XS-Build-Indep-Architecture: amd64 would be best.15:58
jbichaok I'll try that, thanks15:58
rbasak^^ this fixes a bunch of upgrade path issues. Probably too late for 16.04.1, but it'd be nice to get SRU verification done before the masses start upgrading because .1 is out.16:30
rbasak(sorry it's a couple of weeks later than ideal)16:30
Trevinhobdmurray: hey, could you (or pitti if available) publish this compiz change in queue https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=compiz ?17:52
TrevinhoWe had to reiterate the SRU because of a crash that is now fixed there.17:52
bdmurrayTrevinho: I'll have a look shortly17:58
Trevinhobdmurray: thanks, as it would be nice to have it in 16.04.118:06
bdmurrayTrevinho: 00_remove_scalefilter_in_unity_session.py is that an unsupported plugin?18:17
Trevinhobdmurray: yes, is unsupported. It's done inside unity itself since long time19:28
slangasek        make CFLAGS=$(CLFAGS) LDFLAGS=$(LDFLAGS)19:43
infinityrbasak: Are there no CVEs fixed in 5.7.13?19:59
infinityrbasak: Cause usually mysql point releases go through security for that reason.19:59
rbasakinfinity: there might be, but we'll have to wait for the quarterly (?) announcement to find out.20:41
rbasakinfinity: when MREs were a thing, we got an exception on the basis that it was done in the security pocket already anyway, and it would be no different.20:41
jderoseinfinity: when will the 16.04.1 daily ISOs stop having proposed enabled by default?21:08
infinityjderose: Tomorrow.21:39
infinityrbasak: Yes, but it should still be done through security.21:39
jderoseinfinity: awesome, thanks!21:40

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