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goddardi cant connect to mysql server from wordpress02:56
goddardcan some one give me a hand?02:56
sarnolddo you get any error messages? check both mysql and wordpress logs02:57
rawiHi folks, somebody knows if Xenial will bring Samba 4.4, or will stay with 4.3 for the next 5 years?09:01
rbasakThe plan is to not bump major version, though that has already happened once for security reasons.09:05
rbasakSee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#When. We don't want to change behaviour for existing users.09:06
rawirbasak: Thank Yyou. I was only asking because of features (demote dead controller), not security. So I'll find another way09:09
rbasakrawi: it would be possible to have an official backport if someone volunteers that: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports09:10
rawirbasak:  I've never adapted and compiled programs on my own, so I'll wait or try debian backports09:15
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eakdevI was wondering if I could make our ubuntu file server into a web server as well. Is this possible and okay?10:45
jamespageddellav, pkgos-parse-requirements appears to have improved a little10:49
vagarwaleakdev: it is possible, simply follow a guide to setup a webserver11:04
jamespageddellav, coreycb: not sure we can avoid backporting paramiko and cryptography for newton UCA11:11
jamespagesbuild does not understand the conditional deps pn crypto on lescina11:11
jamespagecoreycb, ddellav: doing an sbuild backport for lescina11:35
jamespageshould do the trick11:35
coreycbjamespage, I agree, we're going to need cryptography and paramiko.  was it sbuild that was causing cryptography to fail?12:19
jamespagecoreycb, yeah12:31
coreycbjamespage, ok cool.  I was stuck on that.12:31
coreycbjamespage, I didn't touch CI yesterday, but depending on where we are with b2 I'll poke at it today12:33
jamespagecoreycb, i've been poking12:53
coreycbjamespage, thanks12:53
jamespagecoreycb, ok sbuild updated - we can try cryptography again now12:54
coreycbjamespage, ok I'll kick it off12:55
jamespagecoreycb, two neutrons and a ceph build atm12:57
jamespageno wonder that machine is slow :-)12:58
coreycbjamespage, I can't tel why this is failing:
jamespagecoreycb, neither can I13:23
jamespageI'll backout the sbuild update13:23
coreycbjamespage, ok13:23
Amine_Hello all I am having troubles to run my a remote ubuntu machine (14.04 LTS) running under Linux kernel version 3.14.32.  After a recent upgrade and a reboot the machine refused to boot and freeze at some point. I was able to reboot the machine in system rescue mode and also read the content of /var/log/dmesg to see what happened13:40
Amine_here is the dump of dmesg http://codepad.org/llFGvb6213:40
Amine_Can anyone help to know why my the machine freeze and therefore I can't ping nor ssh it ?13:41
DelphiWorldyo ubuntuficators13:46
DelphiWorldi'm runing ubuntu server 16.0413:46
DelphiWorldi want to build kernel 3.15.513:46
DelphiWorldbut i have failur13:46
DelphiWorldinclude/linux/compiler-gcc.h:106:30: fatal error: linux/compiler-gcc5.h:  file not found13:47
skyhiya, wrote a script that runs pg_dump then scp's the results. I am getting a broken pipe error when I run the script with crontab but not normally13:58
coreycbjamespage, ddellav: we're looking pretty good on deps for b2.  about all that I see left that we can update are: python-ddt, python-debtcollector, python-django, python-eventlet14:21
ddellavcoreycb ok, i'll take a look at those14:34
coreycbddellav, I don't think we need to get them for b2 necessarily14:35
coreycbddellav, let's work on them after14:35
ddellavcoreycb ok14:35
coreycbddellav, are you working on monascaclient?  I just noticed heat needs 1.2.014:36
ddellavcoreycb yea, it's basically done14:36
coreycbddellav, ok let me know when it's ready and I'll upload it14:37
coreycbbeisner, jamespage: when you get a chance python-keystonemiddleware 4.4.1-0ubuntu1~cloud0 and openstack-trove 1:5.0.1-0ubuntu1~cloud0 are ready to promote to mitaka-proposed14:52
coreycbbeisner, jamespage: also the neutrons (7.1.1), nova 2:12.0.4-0ubuntu1~cloud0, and python-oslo.concurrency 2.6.1-0ubuntu1~cloud0 are ready to promote to liberty-proposed14:53
rattkinghey hey, has anyone here upgraded from 12.04 to 16.04 skipping 14.04?14:58
naccrattking: i don't think that's supported14:58
rattkinghmm but it should be possible right?14:59
geniiYou'd be better off to just do a clean install of 16.04 in that case15:00
naccrattking: http://askubuntu.com/questions/115835/is-it-possible-to-skip-an-lts-upgrade15:00
naccrattking: "possible", maybe? (anything is possible with root! :) ... advised, perhaps not15:01
rattkingits its too tricky I will probably do a debootstrap install on another partition15:01
* rattking tries something15:03
* genii makes more coffee15:08
rbasakrattking: I often drop migration paths when no longer needed to clean up. I'm sure others do too. So there are probably landmine packages that will explode if you attempt it and hit one of those cases. You may also end up with latent bugs that you'll find later that won't make any sense and that you don't necessarily attribute to your leap even if that was the cause.15:08
rattkinghmm good point.. I was looking at a system the other day I have thats been dist-upgraded for 10 years now and relized I have no clue what might have been modified in that time :)15:10
rattkingthe problem I am facing is the number of systems I need to upgrade off of 12.04 this year. so whatever I do it needs to be scripted and solid15:14
jcastroany help on this one would be appreciated!15:20
naccjcastro: may want to ask for clarification if they know what was updated that might be involved (sounds like a regression) /var/log/dpkg.log may help with that15:28
ddellavcoreycb python-monascaclient is good to go, builds in experimental and yakkety: lp:~ddellav/ubuntu/+source/python-monascaclient15:41
rattkingforcing an dist-upgrade from 12.04 to 16.04 wasn't too bad, I had to force remove 'netbase console-setup libblkid1 module-init-tools' due to multiple packages owning the same files, but they all installed correctly during the upgrade.. now to look for breakage :)15:53
coreycbddellav, pushed and uploaded.  I changed the min pbr back to 1.8.15:54
coreycbddellav, all the core packages marked as TODO in the spreadsheet are ready for b217:45
coreycbI just took a pass17:45
ddellavcoreycb ok, thanks for the heads up17:45
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beisnero/ oh hey coreycb - sure checking those now18:24
coreycbbeisner, thanks.  I think maybe just the liberty ones are left to do.18:25
beisnercoreycb, looks like both are already done18:33
coreycbbeisner, alrighty, cool18:33
beisnerboom done :)18:34
velushello all, im creating a chat service on a website and i need a php processes to be run on the server, it needs to be runc constantly, and was told the best was was to set up a service script for it. is there any example services scripts so i can run the php script as a demon/service, and have it start on start up18:47
sarnoldif you're on 16.04 LTS there's a pile of configurations in /lib/systemd/system/  -- if you're on something before that, look in /etc/init/18:50
velushow do i check the version19:05
XinIf someone told you that Hillary Clinton was officially considering selling her breast milk to Bernie Sanders, on a scale of 1-10 (1=low) how credible would you say this statement was19:05
Xinoops wrong window19:05
velusok the testing server is 16.04 and the webserver is 14.0419:07
compdocheh, thats dumb even in the right window19:07
nacccompdoc: :)19:08
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spm_dragethttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dovecot#Setting_up_Maildir has for mail_location once ~ - syntax and once %u - syntax, all mixed. Is there a reason or just bad documentation?19:14
sarnoldspm_draget: it looks like it exists to show that both are possible19:18
mowthegrassAnyone encountered issues durning installation, the installer just seem to get frozen on screen (Not really getting killed) it just needs to manually be woken up by a key stroke on the screen, Post the key stroke it just continues the installation19:19
sarnoldspm_draget: %u looks like it expands to user@domain, %h expands to the home directory, and they recommend using ~/ instead of %h for some reason: http://wiki.dovecot.org/Variables19:19
mowthegrasswe are doing installations over 200 machines almost 60% of them go into this state eventually leading to manual work19:20
sarnoldmowthegrass: I have a computer that behaves like that, I suspect it's part of the IPMI/BMC/Video card19:20
sarnoldmowthegrass: you may wish to investigate e.g. MAAS or FAI or something else that requires less manual intervention19:20
mowthegrasssarnold: did you find any fix for that ?19:20
sarnoldmowthegrass: no, I lamost never interact with that machine's keyboard/monitor, when I do I just hit the control key while turning on the screen..19:21
mowthegrasssarnold: we are doing FAI however after the installation kicks in the purple screen simple gets to a state where it doesnt finishes the installation except showing the progress bar.19:21
mowthegrassi need to manually hit some key19:22
sarnoldmowthegrass: does it actually -hang-??19:22
mowthegrasssarnold:it doesnt hang19:22
mowthegrassit completes the installation provided just hit some key out on the screen19:22
sarnoldbut you do have to hit the key? that's .. annoying.19:22
mowthegrasswe kicked in almost 200 machines today and waited more than 2 hrs  and this kept wondering whats happening19:23
mowthegrassnothing shows in installers logs too19:24
spm_dragetsamold: Mixing both syntaxs without any further comment is totally confusing and not really a good way of documenting it.19:25
kyle__Stupid user questions: has the syntax of /etc/network/interfaces.d/* changed?20:24
kyle__The same config I used for vlans in 14.04 doesn't appear to work on my test-box of 16.0420:26
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spm_dragetkyle__: Funny enough… I moved some lines from interfaces 1:1 to files under interfaces.d and suddenly my network would not come up anymore on 16.04. Did not debug that yet… just reverted the changes20:39
kyle__I was hoping for a, 'dumbass, it says right here in xyz wiki!', so I could get this all working :P20:40
kyle__Humm.  The only way I made it happy this time was with vlan-raw-device20:50
lordievaderkyle__: I think 16.04 is using bios naming instead of the old ethX naming. Might that be your issue?20:50
kyle__Nah, I like the eth naming myself, but I have it configured with the new name, in all of its silliness20:51
lordievaderCould you pastebin your config?20:59
rharperkyle__: can you share your interfaces config ?21:33
rharperkyle__: both your /etc/network/interfaces  as well as anything in interfaces.d21:33
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