mapppsmight start watching last ship04:56
mapppsyou watch many shows05:06
=== mappps is now known as mapps
daftykinsgot a few i'm not finishing lately05:08
mappsbored of them?05:08
daftykinsstill doing a rewatch of Frasier for a light hearted disposable short episode one, at the mo05:08
daftykinsjust picking hotels in the US <o/ \o> all booked to head over in September05:09
mappswhere and for how long05:09
daftykinsfew cities, 3 weeks05:09
daftykinsgonna check out the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado \o/ be nice to see the nearby city of Boulder again, really liked that back in 201205:12
mappssweet who you going with05:13
daftykinsmeeting up with folks along the way really, heading out on my own05:16
daftykinscome October i'm gonna so hate planes ;)05:17
mappsnot scared of flying?05:18
mappssome people hate take off05:18
daftykinsnah never been fussed05:24
daftykinsonly fear was when we had our little planes where you'd be seated by weight05:24
daftykinsi'd always be next to my old girl and get talked half to death XD05:24
mappswhats with pokemon go05:44
mappspeople going mad for it..isnt pokemon for kids05:44
daftykinsmy thoughts exactly05:45
daftykinsbut i believe the people that are into it, were kids when it first came out05:45
zmoylan-pii think it's that it allows a generation of adults who grew up watching pokemon cartoons as kids to now play pokemon in real world05:57
knightwisejoin #ubuntu-us07:08
daftykinsyou traitor ;_;07:08
zmoylan-pimight be doing it to correct their spelling... :-)07:12
knightwisedaftykins: :) Sorry bout that07:13
knightwiseThere was nobody there anyway07:13
daftykinsoh is that a dead channel?07:14
daftykinsand don't worry, just teasing :D07:14
zmoylan-pius is so big they'd have to break it down state by state?07:14
daftykinsthat's true, i think they may well do07:15
Myrttithey do07:15
daftykinsi bet every one is idletown! :D07:15
knightwise A lot of irc channels are fairly ... quiet these days07:16
knightwisebeen looking for some nice tech channels to monitor during the day07:17
knightwisejust to bash off boredom07:17
daftykinsah yeah07:17
knightwisehmm.. nice simple tutorial on an ssh vpn http://teohm.com/blog/2012/04/01/using-sshuttle-in-daily-work/07:18
corenominalmorning :)07:23
knightwisemorning corenominal07:27
MooDoomorning all07:42
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:53
brobostigonmorning daftykins08:04
knightwisehey brobostigon08:07
davmor2Morning all08:07
knightwisehey davmor208:07
daftykinsi hope we get some new exciting Jupiter pictures from NASA soon, they're really impressive08:07
brobostigonhi kbingham08:10
brobostigonhi knightwise08:10
brobostigonsorry kbingham08:10
knightwiseMusic by Vangelis from the album "Alexander"08:10
kbinghambrobostigon: no worries :) Hello right back!08:11
daftykinswhen i read Vangelis i wonder if it means the same creator as the Blade Runner soundtrack08:13
knightwiseyep it does08:14
knightwisehe also did the soundtrack for the rover mars mission08:14
knightwisegoogle Vangelis Mithodea08:14
zmoylan-pialso did some of the music for the original cosmos tv show with carl sagan.08:20
knightwisezmoylan-pi: correct.08:24
zmoylan-piloved that show as a kid... got it on dvd and loved it all over again.  watching him explain to a class room of kids ideas for detecting planets around other suns before we had was inspiring08:25
* knightwise has hit on his ipad08:26
knightwisehas IT08:26
zmoylan-piripped and sitting on a hard drive here too08:26
zmoylan-pii really liked the new version with tyson but sagan to me was just better at inspiring wonder08:27
knightwisesagan has "the voice"08:27
knightwise"THE" voice08:27
zmoylan-piand his prediction of the ad blocker wars in contact was spot on08:28
knightwiseThis is my favorite part from episode 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0QQJfPi3ps08:28
knightwiseThis is where he flies in from beyond the galaxy to find us where we are08:28
knightwisethe track is not on the orginal cosmos album but is from Apocalypse des animaux08:29
daftykinsyay my optical only took about 10 prods of eject before it opened this time \o/08:30
knightwisedaftykins: tried raping it with a paperclip ?08:31
daftykinsi think the motor rubber band type thing is somehow slipping, i've seen this on a few drives now once they hit almost a decade old08:32
knightwisedaftykins: what machine are you using08:33
knightwise(and why do you still need an optical disk ? )08:33
daftykinsi'm ripping an old 70s compilation for a client, to FLAC08:34
daftykinsi'd always push buying CD and ripping if FLAC can't be bought directly (for this client, more of an audiophile type with bags of money)08:34
daftykinsaaaaand... it's a Pioneer DVR-215D in my file server08:35
daftykinsi did have an ancient NEC ND-3520A but the laser stopped focussing so i had to ditch it08:36
daftykinsDVD still works, but not CD :>08:36
knightwise daftykins how about using an external usb one ,08:40
daftykinsi don't think changing the bus would help anything08:42
daftykinsah i'm so glad this set of discs aren't as damaged08:42
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Basille Day! 😃08:50
daftykinsBasille Brush?!08:51
JamesTaitMais oui!08:51
JamesTaitI can blame my fingers for the poor typing, but my eyes are fine today. :-/08:52
JamesTaitWhen I woke up this morning I'd been lying on my left arm, apparently for some time as it was completely dead.  I still can't feel it properly from the elbow down.08:57
JamesTaitWhich makes typing just that bit more challenging.08:58
daftykinsah, bit of Saturday night arm09:01
daftykinsmight not hurt to do some swinging around of said arm and fast finger flapping as if "air-typing" to try and speed up the circulation return :D09:02
JamesTaitYeah, I've been trying all kinds of things to get the blood flowing again, but to no avail so far.09:03
foobarrysqueezing a squash ball09:05
foobarryi have a powerball somehwere. those things are great09:06
zmoylan-pii got a mate a nice stress ball tardis for a tenner a few weeks back.  his commute is horrible09:07
daftykinswhat is this "commute" ? i only know the other side of the island and back again!09:08
zmoylan-piwhat happens when they take the roads in for the winter? :-)09:08
daftykinsoh the island closes for winter, sir09:08
daftykinsGreat Uncle Bulgaria decrees it is time to put down tools and hibernate09:09
daftykinsah pants, i just gave away our secret government structure09:09
* JamesTait considers his 8-metre commute quite long enough.09:09
* zmoylan-pi wonders what speed JamesTait plays his podcasts at to get through them on his commute... :-P09:10
* JamesTait wonders why the rest of the world doesn't sound like chipmunks.09:10
zmoylan-piall the helium escaped09:11
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKBfqdbki0k09:12
davmor2JamesTait: I think that covers us right :D09:12
JamesTaitWell played, davmor2. ☺09:14
davmor2How to ruin the celebration of a French revolution by making it English again it's the only way :D09:17
xxx_34255I have a problem  with my nm aplet[ I use ubuntu 16.04]. When I try to connect to hidden wifi network the connect button is  greyed.Any help?09:55
daftykinswhat about creating a manual one and entering its' name?09:58
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1542733 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network, "Connect" grayed out" [High,Confirmed]09:59
daftykinsconfirmed bug09:59
daftykins"workaround is: nmcli c up id <WiFiSSID> "09:59
xxx_34255I erased the the network and  reconnected. but when I tried to connect  to hidden wifi network from nm applet the same problem appeard again10:00
daftykinsyes, the bug explains that, see above10:00
daftykinsor if you have control over the network, don't hide the SSID - it's not a security benefit10:02
xxx_34255yes I saw it in launchpad but is there any status for the future correction of this bug?10:02
daftykinsyou can put the above command in a script as a workaround10:03
daftykinsso grateful!10:03
* zmoylan-pi hands daftykins a generic penguin bar and a mug of tea in compensation10:08
daftykinswait... small mcvities chocolate bar, or is this penguin meat?10:09
* daftykins squints at zmoylan-pi 10:09
zmoylan-pialdi penguin knock off bars called seal bars10:10
daftykinszomg do those really exist?10:10
daftykinswe don't have an aldi or lidl, else i'd have to pick one up to see if it... gets the seal of approval10:13
zmoylan-piit's the 21st century, gotta love the generic cheap knockoffs10:13
TwistedLucidityProbably comes out of the same factory10:14
zmoylan-piwhat sort of barren wasteland do you live in? :-P  even with my wonky leg and slow speed i can get to 2 tescos, 2 super valus, 2 lidls and an aldi and back in <2 hours-ish10:15
daftykinswe have none o' those10:16
daftykinsyou name it we've not got it!10:17
daftykinsstep this way to peruse the wares of "that bloke what has the fish, etc" or this way for "the geezer with the meat"10:17
zmoylan-pioh we have those too.10:18
daftykinsah i wanted to portray that the local signs are so backwards they'd literally read as the above10:18
zmoylan-pii didn't know till recently but old irish shop signs were required by law to have the family name on them for some reason.  mostly pubs but in rural areas they were also the shops, post office, farm equipment suppliers10:20
TwistedLucidityzmoylan-pi: I think daftykins is living in the wrong time....10:21
zmoylan-piyou'd walk in for a pack of polo and end up at back of the shop looking at new plough... impulse sales... :-P10:21
daftykinsi'm just living plain wrong! :D10:21
daftykinszmoylan-pi: what's the Irish version of 'oo-arr' ?10:21
TwistedLucidityShops should, under penalty of death, be required to display their number and street.10:21
zmoylan-piwell in ireland some streets have no names.  or numbers10:22
TwistedLucidity /\ A minor pet peeve of mine is the horrendous nature of street signage in the UK10:22
TwistedLucidity"We are at 123 Somewhere Street". Well...great...there's no visible street signs for a 10 mile radius. Helpful.10:22
zmoylan-pihad norwegian living in small lane with 3 houses with same number on it.  it amazed him that postal service always got his post there and didn't mix it up10:23
zmoylan-pibut we've just spent €38m on a post code system that after a year almost no one is using.10:23
daftykinsgood to know IT projects fail spectacularly over there, too10:24
zmoylan-piwe had electronic voting for a while too... it used ms access so you knew it was /special/10:24
foobarryjust bought a burglar alarm :S10:25
foobarrygot to the point where i'm the only one inthe street without one10:25
zmoylan-pia rottweiler?10:25
foobarryhave a friendly doggy but bougt an electronic one10:26
foobarryspending spree this month10:27
TwistedLucidityChange the locks as well. Semi-decent anti-bumpd/snap/pick can be had for ~£2510:27
Seeker`foobarry: it's an anti-burglar arms race!10:28
davmor2foobarry: oh you got one of these http://gizmodo.com/hyper-little-dog-bot-might-be-the-worlds-first-robot-ch-178358684910:28
TwistedLucidityPIR security lights are cheap too10:28
foobarrybut useless10:28
Seeker`now you've got one, they'll all have to upgrade to make sure they don't have the least secure house in the street10:28
TwistedLucidityOurs work....10:28
foobarryif you are in bed10:28
TwistedLuciditySeeker`: It pretty much is. You can't make the place impentrable, only the least easy to break into10:28
foobarrythen it just lights up the area for teh bad guy to see10:28
TwistedLucidityAnd to be see10:29
TwistedLucidityIt's also a warning "I though about fitting this to my house, what else did I think about?"10:29
zmoylan-pii love pir lights as it means i can walk around house at night without having to turn lights on and off as one hand is usually on hand rail due to wonky leg and other hand is often carrying something so never a hand free10:29
TwistedLuciditySame with a decent(ish) lock. It's a sign you've thought to some degree about security; less hassle to go elsewhere.10:30
foobarryi have a chubb lock10:30
foobarryaren't they quite secure?10:31
foobarrysay yes please10:31
zmoylan-pithere are no secure locks. there are merely locks that more hassle to bypass10:31
TwistedLucidity /\ That10:31
foobarrythe guy who wanted to get in my shed REALLY wanted to get in10:32
foobarrysmahed a load of tools doing so10:32
zmoylan-piwhat you are doing is not detering criminals but telling them to go to some less defended location10:32
TwistedLucidityChubb do make good locks. Even Yale make good locks. It all depends on exactly what was bought, how it was fitted and what it was fitted into.10:33
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foobarryMyrtti might be interseted in my wifes new acquisition10:57
* daftykins raises an eyebrow10:57
foobarryshe got an overlocker for dressmaking10:57
foobarryrather than an overclocker10:57
foobarrywhich my fingers want to type10:57
MyrttiI just want to upcycle old towels and jumpers for my own nefarious uses10:57
daftykinshow would one overclock a dress... tune in next time, on #ubuntu-uk10:58
foobarrydo dooo do dooo10:59
zmoylan-pii think lilli ann over clocked suits in the 50s... https://www.flickr.com/photos/53035820@N02/5180613214/10:59
davmor2zmoylan-pi: steam punkers would have a field day with that11:04
daftykinsyep, tough to iron indeed11:06
zmoylan-pii think if that suit showed a wrinkle you get you money back11:07
daftykinsyou don't get confident marketing like that anymore11:09
foobarryget a steel version of that in skyrim11:09
foobarry.win 911:10
DJonesWhat.... http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/apple-rumour-buy-formula-1-use-f1-promote-apple-car?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social11:50
knightwisehere you go :) Some random tune :) Eminem + ... an accordeon11:50
DJonesWonder if the drivers will have to listen to itunes in their helmets whiledriving at 200mph11:51
zmoylan-pispeed metal?11:55
knightwiseNext iphone won't have an audiojack connector11:56
knightwiseDrm is coming baby11:57
zmoylan-pithis is news again?11:57
knightwisenot really but the implementations are a little frightening.11:57
knightwisethis phone wont playback that ripped mp311:57
zmoylan-pibt headphones are ok, but means i can't listen to fm radio on my phones which is a real loss11:57
zmoylan-pimeans that really expensive headphones people just bought are obsolete or will need an ugly convertor11:58
zmoylan-piif anyone can move the industry away from normal head phone jacks it's apple but i really hope they fail11:58
knightwisehmm.. i hope so12:02
foobarrywill it be usb3?12:37
zmoylan-piit'll be usb 6 which is twice as good, it'll just need a wacky apple cable with 2 usb3 headers and costs 100 quid to replace :-P12:49
zmoylan-piyou'll also probably need a new mac laptop to be able to connect to it... :-D12:51
awilkinsAppleTalk for headphones13:22
awilkinsAll audio is written as scripts13:23
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imexillooking at popey's snapcraft screencast I was wondering if there also exits a snap for simplescreenrecorder ;-)15:03
imexiljust noticed probably wrong channel.15:08
foobarryis there a supported way of downloading youtube vids onto my tablet for offline viewing?15:20
foobarryor is that what youtube red is for?15:20
ali1234click on "watch later"15:31
BigRedSfoobarry: I don't think you can do it offline, you always need enough of a connection to let Google check you're still allowed to watch it15:36
BigRedSbut you can make it download the data in preparation15:37
foobarryi found a site that lets me download it15:37
foobarryru.savefrom.net lets you paste a link15:38
DJonesHmmh, gocompare.com looks like its sells email addresses to 3rd parties despite being told not to pass on details to them15:40
foobarryand not meerkats15:40
foobarryi got a superman one. my wife is so happy with it15:40
DJonesGetting unsolicated spam email from swinton insurance to an email address only given to gocompare15:40
foobarrymight not be gocompares fault15:43
foobarryswinton may not honour an API/form setting15:43
foobarrywhen gocompare does its search15:44
DJonesSo, hacking by negligence then15:44
awilkinsNaah, if you say you don't want to expose information and you do, it's your fault15:45
DJonesIn that case it'd be the website fault for exposin the info15:45
foobarryswinton may require it15:47
foobarryali1234: watch later only tags a video, rather than downloads it15:49
diddledanis it just me, or is this entire email incoherent? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2016-July/016735.html15:56
diddledanI can't figure-out anything he's trying to say15:56
ali1234he's trying to say that secure boot is pointless for nearly all usecases16:40
diddledanpokémon song: https://youtu.be/zbKV4YzLP4o18:52
diddledanbad voltage podcast today has a good discussion over the brexit vote and the parallels with american politics right now.19:50
zmoylan-pitranslation: letting the average person vote never ends well... :-P19:53
diddledanI find it interesting that most of the techy people I know were remainers19:53
diddledanand the non techy ones were more leaning toward leave19:54
zmoylan-pilinux people hate forking... :-P19:54
diddledangood news everybody: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-3680033420:12
zmoylan-pidon't worry, may will give the americans anything they aren't allowed collect anymore20:20
diddledanthe servers are in Ireland20:21
zmoylan-piall the undersea cables running into and out of ireland have uk money in them20:22
diddledanwait, what? I just found out boris jonhston is the foreign secretary?!21:14
diddledanI guess he did get a job out of the mess then, after all21:14
zmoylan-pinow he gets to be sent to turkey to see their president... after his poem...21:15
ali1234pretty obvious in hindsight that he quit the leadership contest because he was offered this job21:19
zmoylan-piwill look good on future attempt at pm job21:21
diddledandammit. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/14/truck-crashes-into-crowd-at-bastille-day-celebrations-in-nice2/23:40

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