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* lpotter tries skypeforlinux03:30
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tsdgeossil2100: i think we should land silo 001 (if that means it'll go for OTA13 and not OTA12)09:24
mterrySaviq, so CI is busted right?  Looks like some script has a missing end quote?13:09
dandrader_tsdgeos, https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/previewIconActionsTestName/+merge/30008314:42
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mterrydandrader, your removeApplicationStage branches need to rebase on your other mirSurfaceInputBounds branches (they both want VERSION=19)15:51
dandradermterry, you're adding it to the same silo?15:51
mterrydandrader, no, they'll land separately15:51
mterryyou can rebase now or after they land, just giving a heads up15:52
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