jrwrendoes anyone know anything about the Jonathan Hall Memorial Library in Ridgeway?14:10
rick_h_maybe I should have come to CHC last night instead of fishing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_nZIs-4tI817:07
mrgoodcatoh man that looks awful17:36
mrgoodcatwhat camera is that out of curiosity?17:36
rick_h_mrgoodcat: the sony av cam17:37
mrgoodcati've heard that thing is sweet. video looks good17:39
mrgoodcatbit of water on the lens makes it look like you weren't wearing pants tho17:39
rick_h_yea, I've used it for the other videos I have up there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfxhvxNIYvc17:40
rick_h_well the ones from this year17:40
rick_h_got it for the hawaii trip17:40
mrgoodcatdo you have a gimbal or anything like that?17:41
rick_h_no, just a selfie stick and a handle I use on it and then I mount it on the kayak when I use it there17:42
rick_h_I got that camera because it has some built in IS though17:42
rick_h_so it should be a bit more forgiving without giant accessories17:42
mrgoodcat yea from the trailer walkthrough it looked like there was some IS going on17:43
mrgoodcatbut it was too jumpy to be a gimbal17:43
cmaloneyrick_h_: THat's the fun of fishing. :)18:32
cmaloneyI keep expecting this to break into "yakkity sax" when it speeds up18:33
rick_h_jcastro: noooooooo new motox replacement is sanss headphone jack wtf!19:12
cmaloneyWelcome to the new age of having to have a piece of plastic that can ruin your phone.19:21
cmaloneyI think they've over-shot the idea that people have Bluetooth headphones19:21
cmaloneyAnd the quality of Bluetooth19:22
cmaloneyBut, Apple decreed the 3.5" headphone jack is over and we all must now suffer19:23
jcastrorick_h_: yeah, stupid19:25
jrwrenapple decreed?19:31
jrwrenthe latest iphones have 3.5" jacks.19:31
mrgoodcatthe rumor mill is that the as-yet-unreleased one will not19:34
mrgoodcatbluetooth and thunderbolt for iphone, bluetooth and usb-c for android is the most likely scenario for all flagship phones of the future19:34
mrgoodcatcan't wait to buy yet another adapter to use my phone with my current headphones19:35
mrgoodcatrick_h_: do you have a source?19:36
jrwrensad that rumors cause such theatrics.19:36
mrgoodcatthis one is likely to be true from what i've heard19:36
jrwrenlightning not thunderbolt.19:37
jrwreni might not even care if the lightning to 3.5" adapter is cheap enough.19:37
jrwrenbut if its $50, I'll be pissed!!!19:37
mrgoodcatit will need a DAC19:37
mrgoodcatand that likely means battery too19:37
mrgoodcatunless the lightning connector can power peripherals?19:37
jrwrenno wai.19:38
mrgoodcatidk that much about lightning19:38
jrwrenof course lightning can power things.19:38
jrwrenit already powers SD readers.19:38
jrwreni don't have to worry about it for 4 yrs, assuming i get 4 more years out of this phone ;]19:38
mrgoodcatyea i'm planning on keeping my n6 for as long as possible19:39
mrgoodcatand hopefully the accessory market will stabilize around the new world order of no 3.5 jacks by then19:39
mrgoodcator they could just make bluetooth good19:39
jrwreni only use BT to connect to low quality BT speakers.19:39
jrwrenwhat is wrong with BT?19:40
jrwrenI find the number of taps on iOS to connect a BT speaker to be offensive.19:40
jrwrenyes, I'm offended by the bad UX.19:40
mrgoodcatBT is alright but there are many bad implementations19:41
mrgoodcatevery car ever for instance19:41
jrwrenoh. i don't use cars. ;]19:41
cmaloneyIn the real world we use cars19:42
cmaloney(eg: ouside of Utopianarbor)19:43
cmaloneyBut yeah, I'm both amazed at how well Bluetooth works when it works, and horrified whenever I have to set up a new connection at how much of an insecure PITA it is to setup19:45
cmaloneyand ant dongle hanging off of a phone is going to be a stress point19:46
cmaloneyso invariably whenever someone sits down will be when said dongle snaps at the connector19:46
jrwren3.5" BT adapter on the cheap might be doable and nice even.19:47
cmaloneyand one more dippy device in your pocket19:47
jrwrenmy recent life hack has been dropping a cheap $20 BT speaker into a sock. Tying the stock to my handlebars and its my radio while biking.19:47
cmaloneyAlso an effective bludgeon19:48
mrgoodcati keep mine in a backpack19:49
mrgoodcatone of those mesh ones19:49

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