baw_does anyone know where a linux user in Grants Pass can get some local help?17:51
wxlbaw_: can't say i do, but would be happy to help remotely17:51
baw_my ex wife has a Linux laptop & she can no longer connect to the web - she has a brain injury & is pretty much computer illiterate but does email & a bit of facebook...17:53
wxloh man, yeah, that's probably something that would require help in person17:54
wxlyou might want to try pinging the mailing list. we're a little more active there17:54
baw_Closest LUG I can find is Eugene17:54
wxlyou might also try cali too17:54
baw_& I'm in New Zealand :-(17:54
wxlsomeone might be willing to hop across the border17:54

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