cyberangerFound an old blog post from netritious that just came in handy11:28
minasotaAnyone else having problems with people coming on to their property because of Pokemon Go?21:12
minasotaWalked out my garage door and there was a teenager, literally in my driveway 10 feet from the garage door pointing her phone at my door21:13
minasotacyberanger: which blog post?21:14
Unit193...Got a tazer? :P21:16
minasotaha, walking out with a sig p250 seems to work, too :)21:20
Unit193Hah, niice!21:21
minasotaIs there a way to see local spots in my neighborhood without downloading the app or signing into Ingress?21:27
Unit193Wow, speaking of which, aHR0cDovL2Fyc3RlY2huaWNhLmNvbS90ZWNoLXBvbGljeS8yMDE2LzA3L2NoaWxkLXNleC1vZmZlbmRlci1hcnJlc3RlZC1hY2N1c2VkLW9mLXBsYXlpbmctcG9rZW1vbi1nby13aXRoLWtpZHMvCg==21:45

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