Kilosmorning everyone06:39
Kilossheep time07:14
magespawngood morning09:18
Kiloshi magespawn 09:18
magespawnseems fairly quiet around here today11:15
magespawnpeople busy working11:16
Kilospeeps dont even greet unless you ping them11:50
Rynomsterlol xD12:02
Kiloshi Rynomster 12:12
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Kiloshi wraithy 13:59
wraithyhi there13:59
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za13:59
wraithysuperfly says I should tell you that I work with him :P14:02
Kiloshaha that makes you even more welcome14:07
superflyKilos: he's sitting right next to me 14:11
Kilosgood pat him on the back for his wise move14:11
Kilosand teach him python14:12
Kilosand community spirit14:12
Kilossuperfly you guys are nomanini hey?14:13
Kilos-peer got me14:24
superflyKilos-: he knows Python. Yes, we're Nomanini 15:09
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inetprogood mornings16:15
inetprooh and hi Kilos16:15
Kiloshi inetpro 16:15
inetproI greeted with a . even before you woke up this morning16:16
inetprodon't believe me?16:16
Kilosi do16:16
inetpro07/14 08:37:39 <inetpro> .16:16
Kiloswho answered16:17
inetproyou were still sleeping then16:17
inetproand everybody else also16:17
Kiloswell im old atm16:18
magespawnhey inetpro16:27
inetproheh magespawn, how are you doing?16:28
magespawngood and you ?16:28
Kilosstill at work magespawn ?16:29
magespawnyes till 20:0016:30
Kilosat least you have irc16:30
magespawnyup there are some privilages that i make full use of here at work16:30
Kilosnot like poor kbmonkey16:31
Kiloshe just disappeared16:31
magespawnwhere is he working now anyway?16:31
Kilosmakes the odd comment in the lists16:31
Kilosi have no idea16:31
KilosMaaz see kbmonkey16:32
MaazKilos: Huh?16:32
KilosMaaz seen kbmonkey16:32
MaazKilos: kbmonkey was last seen 10 months, 10 days, 4 hours, 17 minutes and 6 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-09-08 05:15:22 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-09-08 10:09:25 PDT16:32
Kiloslemme see if i still have his email addy16:33
Kilosmailed him16:35
Kilosoh inetpro isnt a wraith like a ghost or spirit apparition?16:36
magespawnWailing spirit16:36
Kiloswe have a small one here16:36
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magespawnthe legend around them is that if you here the scream yo age 10 years17:17
Kilos-hmm... connection probs again17:53
magespawnwhat sort? signal?17:53
Kilos-so then superfly is gonna get old quick then17:54
Kilos-mind you its a small one17:54
theblazehenIT people can have the weirdest out of context google searches... "mom keep buffer"18:01
magespawnhome time chat later18:02
Kilos-go safe magespawn 18:02
Kilos-thats why normal people battle with the internet18:03
theblazehenyeah lol18:04
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inetproKilos: why asking such weird questions?18:23
inetprodoes it have something to do with Ubuntu?18:23
chesedoevening all18:27
chesedoinetpro: which question?18:27
inetprochesedo: 07/14 18:36:01 <Kilos> oh inetpro isnt a wraith like a ghost or spirit apparition?18:27
inetproI have no idea what he is talking about18:27
inetproso I don't think it is about Ubuntu18:28
chesedoinetpro: in the nick list you will see a /wraith?/18:28
inetprooh my, ok18:28
inetpromust be a ghost18:29
chesedojip, must be...18:29
chesedobtw, how are you inetpro18:32
inetprogood, good... just cold these days18:32
chesedoactually thought earlier this week that it seems to be getting warmer - evenings still cold thu18:33
Kiloswhat weird questions inetpro 18:35
Kiloskeep up old man18:35
inetproKilos: keep up and get on the program old man18:36
Kiloswhat program18:36
Kilosim planning my reunion man18:36
Kilos31 years already18:38
Kilosand winter will be over yay18:39
chesedoKilos inetpro: on trello i see a few cards that appear to be sort of a template, would it be ok to create template list and move them there?18:43
Kilosinetpro when you gonna look at trello18:44
Kilosoh chesedo ask the fly sometime when he can merge that africa site stuff then that card can be removed as well18:45
chesedoaye aye captain18:46
Kilospro is the captain18:46
Kilosim the greeter bot18:46
Kilosi just forgot to add a please at the end18:47
Kilosforgive me18:47
Kilosblame the flu18:47
Kilospaddatrapper why so quiet18:47
chesedoKilos: any idea why 'becoming a member' is part of this card -> https://trello.com/c/Ei0TGnuH/47-details-on-members-page18:49
paddatrapperKilos: Been having Internet issues today...18:49
chesedoouch, that is always frustrating18:51
Kilosi think pro put it there maybe to encourage peeps18:52
Kilosor to show that za membership isnt the end18:52
Kiloschesedo also to edit wiki pages is a bit more difficult now as well18:55
Kilospaddatrapper you ok though lad?18:55
paddatrapperYup, all good here :)18:55
Kilosinetrnet can be repaired normally, with peeps its more difficult18:56
paddatrapperI find I can't fix people with a screwdriver...18:56
Kilosor a hammer18:56
Kilosor with sudo18:56
inetprochesedo: feel free to move things around as you see fit18:58
paddatrapperKilos: Would make things so much easier! Lol18:59
Kilossuod killall flu bugs18:59
* inetpro will hopefully wake up and be back some day in the future19:00
paddatrapperLol. Would be amazing19:00
chesedoinetpro: great!!! (just hope that i won't have to revert things due to learning it the hard way)19:00
Kilosinetpro sept you the greeter bot again19:00
Kilosill be 8 hours ahead and busy19:00
inetprono man, you have to find another bot for that19:00
Kilosyou were so good at it19:01
* inetpro is a very inconsistent bot19:01
Kiloschesedo will you be available19:01
Kilosfor 3 months19:02
Kilosi worry about leaving you guys alone19:02
Kiloswb captine 19:03
chesedoKilos: doubtful - studies start again in the next week or two19:03
Kilosoh my19:03
chesedoKilos: so do we :P19:03
Kilosill still popin and leave messages19:03
Kilosthis is my home channel forever19:04
* chesedo thinks we should paint the walls red while Kilos is away as that is the only moment we'll get :P19:04
captineeve all19:04
chesedoeve captine19:04
* chesedo wbbl19:04
pavlushkaHello ZA!19:05
Kiloshi pavlushka 19:05
pavlushkaanyone know about Zorin OS and its architecture, what type of package it uses?19:06
pavlushkaKilos: helllllo !19:06
inetprogood night all and sundry19:17
Kilossleep tight inetpro 19:17
Kiloskeep well my friend19:17
Kilosnight all. sleep warm. see you tomorrow19:22
pavlushkaGood night all, :)19:22

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