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tatertotshello all00:21
tatertotsare most of you guys using ubuntu in a p2p/workgroup lan environment?00:21
YankDownUnderIsn't everyone pretty much in some type of mixed LAN...?00:22
tatertotsno not everyone has their ubuntu box joined to a domain00:23
tatertotsmost are probably just using it p2p/workgroup00:23
mutantethere are still companies who have Windows domain, a domain admin, and no "bring your own hardware" at all00:23
YankDownUnderI'll keep myself to preferring freedom in a network - unless there are issues that truly require some type of security that exceeds the norm.00:24
tatertotsI've joined my ubuntu to domain but can't log in with domain credentials for some reason or another00:25
tatertotsit says it's in the realm and it shows up in AD and all00:25
tatertotsbut no dice when trying to log in as a domain user00:25
tatertotsand you know there's not a lot of current info on ubuntu in the domain/AD environment online either sadly00:26
tatertotsI've been trying to use realmd and sssd instead of winbind and samba00:28
rypervencheHi there00:29
tatertotsjust thought i'd see if any of you guys had messed around with that type of config00:29
Zganwhich config tatertots00:30
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tatertotsI was using this as a guide https://www.unixmen.com/how-to-join-an-ubuntu-desktop-into-an-active-directory-domain/00:33
orlocklol wtf00:33
tatertotsyeah most of the related articles on *ubuntu.com were written for Ubuntu 10.04 which is wayyyy outdated info00:34
* RtMF swats at the bait with *her* claws00:34
tatertotsi'm sure not too many ubuntu users will be attempting to join ad but i thought i'd make it my pet project for today00:35
binarydepthtatertots Are you using 14.04 ?00:36
tatertotsi guess technically it is joined since the client (ubuntu) says it's in the realm and the (server/AD) displays the ubuntu box, just can't log in to the dam thing00:37
YankDownUndertatertots: Here's an interesting read from SuSE: https://www.suse.com/documentation/sles11/book_security/data/sec_ad_config.html00:37
tatertotsguess it could still be useful in the event of a network audit by a vendor or something00:37
YankDownUndertatertots: Even though that article is for SuSE, it points out important points...00:38
YankDownUndertatertots: As well...(for Arch Linux - but still a good read): https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Active_Directory_Integration00:39
tatertotsthanks Yank i'll read through those links and see if i can make head or tails of this weirdness i'm having logging in00:40
jaythelinuxguyI'm hoping someone can help me with urxvt. My ~/.Xresources is being read properly every boot, but the spacing is reset and there is too much space between characters. If I run "xrdb ~/.Xresources" the spacing is completely fixed. But I have to run that command every time I log in. Is there something in Ubuntu that might reset the spacing and override my Xresources during login? My Xresources is here: http://pastebin.com/iT9nyHPg00:46
maddawg2 /join ##ubnt00:53
setuidAnyone know how to use a local preseed file with a local iso image for an unattended install?00:59
setuidSeems to require a location, and when using that, I can't use my local ISO to install it00:59
isaiasvelascoricI have a issue with my Ubuntu Forums account01:19
isaiasvelascoricWhen i sign up in Ubuntu Forums01:20
isaiasvelascoricAnd i click on Login SSO01:20
isaiasvelascoricin Login SSO01:20
isaiasvelascoricIt didnt sign up01:21
isaiasvelascoricHow i contact administrators?01:21
YankDownUnderAh...well, he left...nevermind...that was a pointless waste of two minutes of time. Onwards.01:24
DidactJust installed 16.04  on a SSD drive that had 14 on it b4 and now the thing won't show up as a bootable drive in the bios01:27
torpet HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-28-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 8 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1,12GHz ** RAM: Physical: 15,5GiB, 82,4% free ** Disk: Total: 2,2TiB, 91,4% free ** VGA: 10de:1b81 ** Sound: AV200 - Xonar STX1: USB-Audio - Anua Mic CM 900 ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection ** Uptime: 1h 17m 28s **01:27
Didactany thoughts ?01:28
YankDownUnderDidact: Boot up with the liveUSB (or whatever you installed it with) and check that the drive is set as "bootable" with the partition manager...01:29
Didactk, will try that... bbl01:30
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Orion3khey does anyone know where I can find a working plugin or solution to get gedit in 16.04 to restore my previous session/tabs?01:38
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YankDownUnderOrion3k: Have you checked the actual "Gedit" application page for plugins/features/tips'n'hints?01:39
Orion3kyup and it used to have one but it was removed01:39
Orion3kI also tried like 4 other ones I found but couldn't get them to work for this version of gedit01:40
YankDownUnderOrion3k: Ah. Hmm. And here I used to think that it was the bee's knees...back in the day...01:40
Orion3kSession Saver: Allow to bookmark working sessions in order to get them back for further use. Unfortunately the plugin was broken and unmaintained, so it has been removed.01:41
YankDownUnderOrion3k: Have you checked the IRC channels on "irc.gnome.org" - the official Gnome IRC servers (and all their applications)01:43
antonio_hi, anyone up for giving a newbi a hand?01:43
YankDownUnderOrion3k: Would be an interesting project to obtain the code and update/upgrade it, hmm...however...01:43
sponixantonio_: If you say the issue you are more likely to get a response01:44
Bashing-omantonio_: Depends, what is the issue ?01:44
antonio_can't get my wifi working. Used ndiswrapper for driver install but rfkll list still says hard blocked yes01:45
Orion3kyeah I will ask there next, thanks01:45
antonio_just installed linux today so am a bit slow01:45
bocephus_#geekblogtv /join01:45
bocephus_oops got it backwards.01:46
cookie913can someone help with packaging question? I want to install/add some files into the package01:46
cookie913according to the docs, I have to edit debian/boo.install01:47
cookie913then add src/bar usr/bin01:47
cookie913my question is where is this src? I assume source directory where my debian folder is located...01:48
cookie913which means my line will be debian/bar usr/bin01:48
cookie913assuming there is a usr/bin in the final package01:49
cookie913the above does not work… and I have been re-reading the doc… but I'm at a lost01:49
antonio_btw, I have tried rfkill unblock all  to no awail01:50
crafty1cookie913: Which package are you referring to.  Also this is the ubuntu channel.  Also do you mean /usr/src01:50
cookie913I have downloaded the source code of "which"...01:50
cookie913just wanted to package it as a debian file01:51
cookie913purpose is for playing only01:51
crafty1cookie913: But the source for which program01:51
cookie913hehehe… is the "which" program… eg. try typing "which perl"01:52
cookie913and you should get /usr/bin/perl or something like that01:52
crafty1Oh haha I understand now01:52
cookie913anyway, it could be anything…01:52
cookie913I am just trying to play with packaging.. https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dother.en.html#install01:52
crafty1cookie913: gotcha gotcha01:53
crafty1my initial thought is that the source would download to /usr/src.  is it not there?  thats where linux headers go01:53
antonio_I'll be back tomorrow with my questions. it's 4am here. goodnight all01:55
orlockIs there a native ipsec vpn client for ubuntu?01:55
orlockOr an AnyConnect client?01:55
crafty1cookie913: I mean I would think you could go sudo apt-get source <package>01:56
cookie913but I am trying to package it myself01:56
crafty1sudo apt-get build-dep <package>01:56
crafty1sudo apt-get build-dep <package>01:56
crafty1sudo apt-get source --compile <package>01:56
crafty1The above should put a .deb in the directory you ran the command from01:57
cookie913so let say I have a file called blah.sh and I want to include that in the which.deb01:57
cookie913how would I do that?01:57
crafty1Perhaps you might want to consult this since you are creating it on Ubuntu for Debian : packaging.ubuntu.com/html/packaging-new-software.html01:58
jaythelinuxguyhi guys. I'm using rxvt on Ubuntu MATE and I'm having an issue, I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm pretty sure this is an Ubuntu-specific issue, but my spacing is off. What fixes this is running "xrdb ~/.Xresources" and then it's perfectly fine, until I log out and log in again. It's almost as if something in Ubuntu is overridding spacing settings during login. Have any of you run into this: My Xresources is the following: http://pastebin.com/02:16
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bocephus_jaythelinuxguy, looking at your resources02:25
bocephus_is your spacing off in the terminal>?02:26
bocephus_not sure I`m the guy to help you with this.  I think there might be some spacing option in the Tweak Tool.02:27
jaythelinuxguybocephus, the spacing is off, but only until I run: xrdb ~/.Xresources02:27
jaythelinuxguyThis problem is specific to urxvt, my preferred terminal02:27
jaythelinuxguyI just don't want to run xrdb ~/.Xresources every time I log in02:27
crafty1jaythelinuxguy: Can you just put xrdb ~/.Xresources in your bashrc file02:34
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jaythelinuxguycrafty1, I don't think so, because it needs access to the X server directly.02:35
crafty1why not try it and verify02:35
crafty1I used to use XTerm on Gentoo with i3wm and had a weird font issue and did this02:36
jaythelinuxguyI'll try it in a few moments02:36
casathe process end02:37
thumpbawhere can i grab a fresh 14.04 sources.list http://hastebin.com/gatiwuxejo.pas02:37
thumpbaim getting a lot of fails and W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. on apt-get update02:38
jaythelinuxguycrafty1, thanks, that did work. I was certain that I've already tried that though. But come to think of it, I probably just tried putting that command in the startup applications and not in .bashrc. Thanks!02:42
Bashing-omthumpba: ' cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list ' let's verify the source list fil .. then maybe update the keys ??02:43
crafty1jaythelinuxguy: No problem.  Glad to hear it.02:44
theosthere is a black box on my screen. there was a dialog box there and i couldnt close it. now its empty/black and its stuck. its above everything. how do i kill it?02:46
YankDownUndertheos: Have you tried to either change desktop or minimise it? Sometimes by doing that, it will graphically refresh that dialog.02:48
bocephus_open a terminal type in top02:49
backnforthjoin #archlinux02:49
bocephus_find the pid number for the box type kill ####  // or just try rebooting02:49
theosYankDownUnder i switched desktop but its not working02:49
YankDownUndertheos: What is the cause of the "black dialog box"?02:50
theosevery text that comes over it gets embedded in it02:50
YankDownUndertheos: What were you doing that created this "black dialog box"?02:51
theosYankDownUnder there was a dialog box there. copy/paste/select all etc. and it didnt close with esc. now it turned black02:51
theosYankDownUnder i have no idea what created it02:51
YankDownUndertheos: Is there a window control on the dialog? Like "Close/Minimise/Maximise"?02:51
theosthere is nothing there. just a small black box02:52
YankDownUndertheos: If you click inside that box, and just hit "enter" or "return" - does that do anything?02:52
theosi cant select the box02:53
YankDownUndertheos: Try this: hit "ALT-F2" - in the box type: xkill => then place the "X" cursor over the dialog. See what that does, eh?02:53
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theosthanks YankDownUnder. it was transmission that created it. and now its dead too :)02:57
YankDownUndertheos: There ya have it. Good oh.02:58
Forcas_I'm in windows and want to delete linux partitions. I forget what the program is called02:59
YankDownUnderForcas_: You'd have to use the parition manager in Administrative Tools.03:00
Forcas_no worries, i found it03:00
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returnthisis there any paid ubuntu support? All I see is enterprise, but I just want to get my current problem resolved03:03
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Enterprise/Business. Since I don't do well at reading minds and cannot perceive your problem, what is your problem?03:04
returnthisYankDownUnder: I have been here a few times asking already. which is why I just asked about paid support...03:04
returnthisI have 3 displays running at 2560x1440, but apps are rendering at 1024x76803:05
returnthiseverything looks huge03:05
returnthisI have to set the fonts to very very small and zoom web pages in firefox to < 50%03:05
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Is "X" resolving the proper resolutions for the screens?03:05
returnthisthis is on a laptop that I have had ubuntu running for over 2yrs03:06
returnthisand worked for weeks after upgrading to 16.0403:06
returnthisyes, xrandr reports correct resolution03:06
returnthisif I do Ctrl+Alt+F2 the terminal renders correctly03:06
returnthisxterm also renders correctly03:06
returnthisit appears its only gnome-ish apps:  firefox, chrome, emacs, slack, spotify03:07
YankDownUnderreturnthis: So the rest of the "Desktop" is not rendered in 2560x1440, correct?03:07
returnthisbut I am not entirely positive on that03:07
returnthisspotify menus are 'large' but the rest of the main display looks normal03:07
YankDownUnderreturnthis: The actual desktop - is that rendered in the 2560x1440?03:07
returnthisI use xmonad... so ,,,03:08
SuccessIs ubuntu more stable than it used to be?03:08
Successlike say last year03:08
returnthisbut I did try the default ubuntu wm03:08
returnthisand no, the desktop is 'large'03:08
Successreturnthis, define 'large'03:08
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Again, what I'm trying to discern first and foremost is whether or not the window manager/desktop are rendered in the proper resolution.03:08
returnthis'large' == rendering as if 1024x76803:09
ramrebolHola. Instalé skype y dejó de funcionar el audio. He reiniciado y buscado en google y no se soluciona nada. Ahora no suena nada de nada03:09
returnthiseverything is very zoomed, like accessibility magnifier is running03:09
returnthisbut all accessibility is turned off03:09
YankDownUnder!ubuntu-es | remrebol03:09
ramrebolalguien me puede ayudar con el audio?03:09
returnthistwice over the past 4 days, the desktop rendered normally after a new login03:10
returnthisbut that didn't stay03:10
ramrebolYankDownUnder: : ups,  thanks03:10
returnthisI tried older kernels03:10
returnthisI tried older version of xmonad03:10
returnthisI am not able to discover any errors in dmesg, or xorg log03:11
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Firstly I'm attempting to figure out if the actual window manager and desktop are truly using 2560x1440 as the native resolution. That has to be established first in order to truly proceed.03:11
returnthishow do we determine that?03:11
returnthisxrandr reports the correct res03:11
YankDownUnderreturnthis: You should be able to find out quickly enough in the control centre - under hardware - then displays03:12
YankDownUnderreturnthis: What "xandr" says and what the desktop says are two different things, truly.03:12
Successguys I'm considering moving to ubuntu temporarily a(maybe permanently if it's finally decent) and i have a few questions to know if it's worth my time. (1) is 16.04 notably more stable than 15.10 was, and (2) does unity still suck03:12
returnthisyes. that is also showing the correct resolution03:12
ramrebolHi. I installed skype, and then the audio stopped working. I restarted ubuntu, and also I searched solutions in google, but I have not find any solution. Now it does not sound anything. Anyone can help me?03:12
Successalso is there a mess of drivers, i remember wireless drivers used to be terribad03:13
returnthisSuccess: stability is in the eye of the beholder03:13
YankDownUnderreturnthis: So "Monitors" is showing that they're all using 2560x1440.03:13
returnthisYankDownUnder: correct03:13
returnthisI have two oriented vertical and one horizontal03:14
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Righty oh...so, then it's an issue with GTK2/GTK3 rendering...hmm...thinking...03:14
YankDownUnderreturnthis: I use multiple monitors...always have (well, since 1998 I have)...on all my workstations.03:15
thief_and_a_liarI deleted all linux partitions on my laptop, and expected the machine to load windows, but grub shows up with error03:15
returnthisYankDownUnder: this configuration has been working for over 2yrs03:15
Successreturnthis, old ubuntu the packaged X would always fail, applications from apt-get would break, dependencies and installing things from source were a nightmare etc.., as an aside I'm coming from Gentoo, I have not had my system crash or a stability-related reboot once. and every single package just works :)03:15
returnthisSuccess: I came over from gentoo ~3yrs  ago03:16
returnthisthere are upsides and downsides03:16
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Is this the question you posted? : http://askubuntu.com/questions/798238/applications-rendering-at-low-resolution03:16
returnthisyes, that is me03:17
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Digging, bro...digging...03:17
returnthisI will buy you a large quantity of your favorite beverage if you solve this03:17
bq__anyone helping this without reinstalling OS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/18204533/03:17
YankDownUnderreturnthis: NVidia card in the laptop?03:18
YankDownUnderreturnthis: I drink chai latte. Or coconut water. :)03:18
returnthisno, intel03:18
* returnthis looks for specific03:18
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Coolbeans03:18
returnthisHaswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller03:19
returnthisconfiguration: driver=i91503:19
Successreturnthis, can i hear your story? i used ubuntu for a while and couldn't take it anymore, it had so many bugs it was rediculous. and they kept changing things on me once i got used to it. finally i ended up on gentoo with the mindset, "it's source-based so if something is broken i can gladly fix it myself" but... nothing was ever broken :o, also i love being able to update on gentoo it is so much more painless on my teribad03:20
Successpseudo-dialup interwebz. What got you to switch?03:20
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Did you install "gnome-tweak-tool" yet?03:20
pezdispenserupdated my kernal,  now an app called mps-youtube will not work gahhh03:20
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Please, do this in a terminal: sudo apt-get-install gnome-tweak-tool03:20
returnthisSuccess: I didn't emerge world for too long and had a deadline. :)03:21
returnthisoh nice, something has a lock on the dpkg03:22
YankDownUnderreturnthis: It could be "Software and Updates" or "Update Manager" that does...and you DID type "sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool", ya?03:22
returnthissudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool03:22
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Just checking, bro.03:23
returnthisSuccess: so it was quicker to install a binary distro than to resolve gentoo's issues03:23
Successreturnthis, LOL my problem exactly rn03:23
YankDownUnderreturnthis: in the "Dash" or on the upper-right hand of the primary screen, in the "system tray" - is the update manager running?03:23
Successi forgot to emerge @world for like a year and everything is a cluster...03:24
returnthisYankDownUnder: running xmonad, so no tray03:24
returnthis/usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 55 --configure libunity-protocol-private0:amd64 libunity-scopes-json-def-desktop:all libunity9:amd64 gir1.2-unity-5.0:amd64 unity-scopes-runner:all virtualbox-dkms:all virtualbox:amd64 virtualbox-qt:amd6403:24
returnthisthat is what is running03:24
returnthisaaaaaah it is asking for a password in another screen :)03:24
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Fair enough...03:24
returnthisSuccess: honestly, life is better in debian based land. I am not going back to gentoo03:26
returnthisYankDownUnder: I have it installed and open03:26
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Right oh...so, on the right-hand side of the "gnome-tweak-tool" you shall see "Windows" - that is where you can adjust the HiDPI03:27
returnthisWindow Scaling?  it is set to 1  (one)03:27
YankDownUnderreturnthis: This is the article I'm looking at for this information: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2911509/how-to-make-linuxs-desktop-look-good-on-high-resolution-displays.html03:28
OrnithornHello, how do I configure xorg on the newest ubuntu version?03:28
OrnithornI can't find xorg.conf on the system03:28
Ornithornanyone home?03:30
YankDownUnderOrnithorn: Patience.03:30
YankDownUnderOrnithorn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config03:32
returnthisYankDownUnder:I am not seeing any changes, I set it to 2, and restart chrome... looks the same03:32
YankDownUnderreturnthis: It might be that the "window manager" needs to be restarted...03:33
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Just on a side note, I'm rather glad that I've not "encountered" this error with my own setup(s)03:33
returnthisI think I might move to tmux on the terminal03:33
returnthisI am thinking about buying a new laptop as a result of htis03:34
YankDownUnderreturnthis: That is the way we did it in the beginning... ;)03:34
returnthisit really sucks03:34
Bashing-omOrnithorn: xorg.conf file is depreciated .. is there a need for it ?03:34
returnthisso ... is there paid support?03:34
OrnithornBashing-om: yes there's a need, because fglrx was deprecated too03:34
YankDownUnderreturnthis: On a completely different side-note, my Macbook Pro never has any issues in plugging in monitors - or very-large-display systems...03:35
OrnithornBashing-om: so there's literally no other way to manage amd drivers03:35
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Have you tried the KDE/Plasma version of Ubuntu?03:35
returnthisI have been thinking about getting one, but $2k+03:35
YankDownUnderreturnthis: "You get what you pay for" - and I'm a cheap/miserly person...however, function means the most for something critical. ;)03:36
returnthisYankDownUnder: wouldn't the apps still use gtk though?03:36
OrnithornYankDownUnder: the Kubuntu is kind of a mess, I wouldn't recommend it, it doesn't have a very solid Plasma setup03:36
Bashing-omOrnithorn: K. then as YankDownUnder pointed to the tutorial . If the file exist, it will be used .03:36
OrnithornBashing-om: I don't know where to put which directives though, there are multiple sections03:37
OrnithornI'm assuming all the 3D stuff goes in the "Screen" section?03:37
Bashing-omOrnithorn: Regrets, but this is above my skill level also .03:37
YankDownUnderreturnthis: I'm using a "switched" version - I started this past installation with Ubuntu-Mate, then scrapped MATE and went to Cinnamon, then scrapped Cinnamon and went to KDE/Plasma and set it up to use the "backports" PPA's for the latest/greatest plasma stuff...works wonders with two monitors...one being 2560x1440 and the other being 1920.1080 - with an occasional extra 2560x1440 plugged in.03:38
returnthisok... logging out of wm... brb03:38
returnthisYankDownUnder: didn't work03:41
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Just found this channel => #xmonad03:42
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Lives here on this server.03:42
returnthisYankDownUnder: have been there, this is not an xmonad issue. it happens in ubuntu's default wm too03:42
YankDownUnderreturnthis: I'm just curious as to what happens when you use another desktop/window manager aside from "xmonad" - if the issue is still apparent...03:43
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Ah...right oh...fair enough...just following logical flow.03:43
returnthiseverything is rendered very large on the screen03:43
returnthisfirefox looks the same. just with more window decorations03:43
mrr411where does one go to ask about Ubuntu studio?03:44
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Quick question - just cuz I'm curious moreso...in a terminal, what happens if you type: gnome-settings-daemon &03:45
returnthisomg... everything is freaking huge now!!03:46
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Huge?03:46
returnthisthat back button in firefox takes up 1/3 of my screen03:46
mrr411^ need bigger screen03:46
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Right - then "sudo killall -9 gnome-settings-daemon"03:46
* theskillwithin is a web developer using osx soon will probably switch to ubuntu =D03:47
returnthisit is dead, but nothting changed :(03:47
YankDownUnderreturnthis: I would have thought it might have forced the HiPDI settings you set in "Gnome Tweak Tool" to the rest of the window manager03:47
returnthisI can only enter 1 or 2 into that field03:47
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Fire up "Gnome Tweak Tool" again...03:47
returnthiswait... that looks good03:48
returnthisholy crap! firefox is normal after I start it03:48
fnodeusertheskillwithin: macbook air?03:48
theskillwithinoh shit no photoshop on linux.  wtf adobe03:48
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Again, I'm left to wonder what the Unity desktop renders like - since I'm not familiar with "xmonad"03:49
theskillwithinfnodeuser  I currently have a mac pro desktop that cost me like 8k  lol, one of the reasons I Want to switchs way to expensive03:49
orlocktheskillwithin: Try gimp.03:49
returnthisomg YankDownUnder you are getting vags of coconut water now03:49
theskillwithinwell im not a designer... I get designs from the designer and make that into a website03:49
fnodeuserthere are cheaper apple computers03:49
orlocktheskillwithin: And theres just not enough market03:49
theskillwithinso maybe I can run photoshop CC in like a VM03:50
YankDownUnderreturnthis: Fair enough...love my coconut water. :)03:50
fnodeuseryou are a web developer03:50
theskillwithinthe cheaper apple computers were kind of slugish fo rme03:50
theskillwithinorlock valve made steam games work on linux,  that was a success, I think there is03:50
mrr411any one knowanything about ubuntu studio? have a few set up questions03:50
YankDownUnderA sluggish Mac? I'm wondering exactly how much time was spent tweaking OSX before making decisions to move away from OSX...IMHO...03:51
theskillwithinno my mac is DEFF not slugish03:51
theskillwithini was just answering why I got a mac pro03:51
fnodeusertheskillwithin: the latest models should be ok for your job's requirements03:51
tatertotswell guys i like to think i'm making progress in my research on this whole ubuntu AD thing, hopefully I'll have good news shortly...gonna break to have some tatertots03:51
orlocktheskillwithin: "Linux" is a massivly fragmented market, and honestly, desktop graphic designers will either deal with gimp or use a mac03:51
tortibtatertots, well at least we know why the name suits you well now03:51
theskillwithinwell I think about it, what do I use most of the time...  sublime text, browser, terminal/iterm.  all works on ubuntu.03:52
theskillwithinalso I ssh into linux servers all day cuz im a web dev,  wouldnt it make sense to just work on linux haha03:52
orlocktheskillwithin: I've used some adobe tools for linux. They had bugs, Adobe were not interested in fixing them. The Solaris versions fo the ools had the same problems03:52
theskillwithini mean the only reason I use osx in the first place is its "linux-ish"03:52
tortibOS X isn't linux and never will be03:53
orlocktheskillwithin: well, soon enough with the work going into Windows 10 it should not be so much of a pain03:53
fnodeuserit's UNIX03:53
tortibyou're at the whim of the Apple corporate zealots03:53
tortibthere is no freedom of swpeech with apple03:53
theskillwithinewww windows03:53
theskillwithinadobe XD might be cool03:53
plop_its_ellieuh you do know you can take a .deb for example, extract it, install the contents of it and run it on another OS like Arch03:53
tortibfnodeuser, it's a variant of FreeBSD, far from the linux ideology.03:54
orlockthey are all bad03:54
tortibI dunno I'm liking Ubuntu quite a bit03:54
orlockuse them enough, they all suck03:54
tortibEverything appears to just work except for my nvidia video driver03:54
orlockbut they pay the bills03:54
tortibfor some reason when I first boot up (which doesn't happen often) I can't type my password into the lightdm window03:55
fnodeuserwhat linux ideology?03:55
tortibI have to switch to a tty then back to the lightdm03:55
tortibfnodeuser, freedom of speech03:55
tortibapply tries to follow that by releasing some of their source code03:55
plop_its_ellietortib, if you go into the additional drivers the drivers for your card should pop up, you can just install it there03:55
fnodeuseryou mean the free software movement and GPL?03:55
theskillwithinill prob start off by dual booting ubuntu, but dang these are sexy af https://system76.com/desktops   I wish I invested my 8k into one of those instead of a mac pro =[03:55
tortibplop_its_ellie, yeah I tried that, but the nvidia binary driver does the exact same thing as the open source one03:55
plop_its_ellietortib, what does it do?03:56
YankDownUnderplop_its_ellie: Why not just get the source and compile it per your system...?03:56
tortibplop_its_ellie, I can't type into the password box, and I have to switch to a TTY then back to a normal one03:56
tortibnormal meaning X03:56
theskillwithintortib what do you mean no free speach with apple?03:56
tortibplop_its_ellie, also when logging in (after I switch a TTY) I'm not able to login to gnome3 quickly takes a second03:56
plop_its_ellietortib, are you using luks encryption?03:57
tortibno idea what causes that because it does it on a fresh install plus a new user and clean /home dir03:57
plop_its_ellieoh this is in the display manager03:57
tortibplop_its_ellie, right, lightdm03:57
MoPacHello. So I've been getting this persistent problem in 16.04 where my CPU gets stuck at its lowest frequency until I restart or suspend/resume. It's using intel_pstate. There is nothing obvious in the logs or thermald, and the max cpu freq available remains as high as it should be -- the cpu just idles at 800MHz anyway.03:57
tortibplop_its_ellie, if i try to use gdm3 it renders the system completely unbootable03:57
plop_its_ellieYankDownUnder, oh was just giving an example, but yes compiling source also works too03:57
YankDownUnderFair enough.03:57
tortibplop_its_ellie, and no, no encryption03:57
MoPacIs there anywhere else I can check? It's doing it right now so I can poke around...03:57
orlocktheskillwithin: they just look like average desktops - whats so special?03:57
theskillwithinorlock  100x better than my mac pro03:58
theskillwithini mean perforamcne wise lol03:58
returnthisYankDownUnder: so what I have discovered, I have to start gnome-settings-daemon and then kill it. then everything works03:58
theskillwithintortib how does apple not free speach?03:58
orlocktheskillwithin: Honestly, i have no performance problems with the 5 year old CPU in front of me03:58
tortibtheskillwithin, no source code available for OS X03:58
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
orlocktheskillwithin: The only reason i've just gotten a new computer is because i needed more ram03:59
tortiborlock, everything works with linux with those computers03:59
tortib100% certified to run linux03:59
theskillwithintortib ohh,  lol ironic I am banned in #linux for saying brb, and u,  I guess they don't allow free speach in there03:59
tortibtheskillwithin, nope they don't :(03:59
plop_its_ellieive never heard of that error on the login screen03:59
tortibthe ops are mean and it gives the community a bad name03:59
plop_its_elliebut i can try looking it up03:59
theskillwithinyea, i bet they are socialist03:59
orlocktortib: Brand new Dell Optiplex, everything does too03:59
tortiborlock, I bought a Dell Inspirion 15 700004:00
tortiborlock, worked AWESOME was really happy but the wifi kept getting cut out04:00
orlockbeen happy with the wifi on this04:00
tortibso I returned it :(04:00
orlockbut wifi is one of the pain points04:00
theskillwithinis there any recommendations other than https://system76.com  to look for ubuntu desktops?04:00
orlockeven on fucking wireless routers that ship with linux04:00
tortibtheskillwithin, dell is a good bet04:00
tortibcheaper than system7804:01
orlocktheskillwithin: Optiplex 704004:01
theskillwithinim kind of a performance nut, I like the best of the best in a sorts.  but i just do web dev haha04:01
orlocki7 6700, 32Gb ram, m2 ssd04:01
tortibtheskillwithin, yeah you can get a dell inspirion i5 (which is plenty fast) and it will be good for you04:01
theskillwithinsoo affordable04:01
tortib32GB of RAM is completely useless04:01
tortibunless you're running 10 vms04:01
orlockinstall linux on your mac04:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:01
tortiblol installing linux on the mac...yeah...right04:02
tortibthe wifi doesn't work on the newer macs04:02
Ben64please move all this non support chat to somewhere else04:02
tortibso depending on the one he has he may have trouble04:02
tortibok ben04:02
tortibBen64, can I be unbanned from offtopic pls?04:02
theskillwithin3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5  32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC  AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB    prob can get a unbuntu box for muchhh cheaper haha04:02
Ben64tortib: you'd have to ask in #ubuntu-ops for that04:03
tortibBen64, ok04:03
tortibplop_its_ellie, good find, didn't see that while i was scouring the web for solutions.04:04
tortibplop_its_ellie, i'm going to try the 331 drivers04:04
plop_its_ellietortib, you are on 14.04?04:04
theskillwithinso on mac when I first booted up first thing I did was install their developer package, cuz im a web dev.  is there a similar package for ubuntu?04:04
plop_its_elliethe 331 drivers are ancient04:05
tortibyeah but at this point i just want it to work and all game performance should be okay with 33104:05
theskillwithinor do I just install git and whatnot individually04:05
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, sudo apt-get install git04:05
Ben64theskillwithin: build-essential maybe04:06
theskillwithinoh no i understand that, see original question04:06
theskillwithinooo that looks interesting04:06
plop_its_ellieweb development?04:07
plop_its_elliecouldnt you just use a text editor xD04:07
tortibplop_its_ellie, hope this works!04:07
theskillwithinI use sublime text04:07
orlockuse vi04:07
orlockor emacs04:07
orlockbut only one04:07
tortibwhy would you do that04:07
tortibi wrote a website in VIM it was dumb04:07
EMPHASISAfter 2 years of using 14.04, this morning Ubuntu (unilaterally?) swapped the CAPS LOCK and Left CTRL on my keyboards. Both keyboards have changed, so the problem is not the keyboards, but some Ubuntu system definition.04:08
tortibThen I found quanta and was <304:08
Ben64EMPHASIS: seems like you might have done something like this inadvertently. https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/MovingTheCtrlKey04:09
EMPHASISBen64: Thanks: will look into it!04:10
=== Zzyzx is now known as THX1138
theskillwithinhmm so the biggest differences between ubuntu and osx will probably be, no more keychain, no more time machine,  do iphone backups even work?    doesn't seem like a huge sacrifice.04:16
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, there are replacements for all of that04:16
theskillwithinkeyhcain doesnt even work with terminal I think lol, so thats a problem for me04:16
xanguaThe replace for iPhone tho, is switch to Android(or Ubuntu phone)04:16
theskillwithinubuntu prob has a better way04:16
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, if you want a password manager you can use from the command line you can use pass04:17
plop_its_ellieubuntu has a backup utility called deja-dup (which is just a front end to rsync) and you can make incremental backups of your files04:18
plop_its_ellieif you want to get fancier you can install ubuntu using btrfs or zfs and use snapshots as well04:18
theskillwithinya ill switch to ubuntu, but man idk if Ill ever get rid of my iphone.04:18
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, iphones work with ubuntu04:18
plop_its_ellieyea, you can plg it in and get data from it04:19
plop_its_ellieand sync04:19
plop_its_ellietho i doubt backups will work04:19
theskillwithinohhhh, ok thats cool.  I thought u ment i could install ubuntu phone software on my iphone04:19
plop_its_elliefor that you can use itunes in a virtual machine04:19
notkenspeaking of backups04:19
xanguaHe said iPhone backups, so I assume he means iTunes, which doesn't work in Ubuntu theskillwithin plop_its_ellie04:19
gbakerI'm using btrfs and seems quite fast and stable04:19
notkenanyone ever use deja-dup for any backups?04:20
plop_its_ellienotken, yea ive used it04:20
plop_its_ellieit works fine, not much i can say about it04:20
theskillwithinif that ubuntu phone was as thin as an iphone id prob buy that just to try it04:20
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, you can already buy ubuntu phones today04:20
notkeni have 15.10, but i can't upgrade to 16.04 somehow04:21
plop_its_ellietho idk how mature the os is04:21
notkenis it because the support for 15.10 ended already?04:21
orlocki used to have a phone i could install .deb's on04:21
orlocki miss that phone04:21
theskillwithiniphone there  is just so much hype, they will come out with a thinner phone in 3 months now and id hate to miss out on that04:21
fnodeusertheskillwithin: because you want to show off your mobile :P04:22
plop_its_elliebut yea apple doesnt care much about other platforms so getting an android device would probably be easier in the long term04:22
theskillwithinhmmm no apple maps pre installed on unbuntu phone tho.   hmmmmmmm04:22
xanguatheskillwithin: and they'll also break Ubuntu support for every new iOS release... Since 201004:22
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, ive heard there is a map app called mapero which uses open streetmaps04:22
plop_its_elliethere are alternitives tho like google maps04:22
theskillwithinlol everytime i ask siri to take me somewhere  it opens up apple maps and im like, nope close, open google maps manually.  lol04:22
xanguaIsn't Apple maps... Open maps?04:23
plop_its_elliegoogle maps, nokia has some maps thing, open streetmaps...04:23
plop_its_elliexangua, i think they are using yandex on the back end04:23
theskillwithinI have a funny video to share, I guess ill put that in offtopic04:24
plop_its_elliealso there are other ways to back up the phone04:24
Startrek852anyone know what mirror.servers.com is? I found it in the sources.list on an Ubuntu 14.04.4 server.04:24
plop_its_ellieyou could plug it in, extract the data to a designated folder just for your phone's data and use rsync/deja-dup to make incremental backups for that04:25
theskillwithinim sure if its that much of an issue I could partition a small portion off and install osx on that.04:25
theskillwithinI dont even like itunes haha04:25
plop_its_ellieyou could put os x in a vm as well04:26
plop_its_ellietho you could use nextcloud as well to sync things like photos across all your devices as well04:27
theskillwithinwell the first thing id probably do  is use  https://www.vagrantup.com/vmware/  and see if I can use my adobe photoshop cc subscription inside that vm04:27
plop_its_ellieso with nextcloud there is a server component and a client component, for that you set up the server software on a server (obiously) then you download the client app onyour devices and point it at your nextcloud server04:28
* theskillwithin shakes fist in air cursing adobe04:28
plop_its_elliephotoshop works fine in a vm04:28
plop_its_elliewhat are you doing in photoshop?04:28
plop_its_elliethere are tools available like gimp, lightroom and krita04:28
plop_its_ellieer darktable04:29
plop_its_ellienot lightroom04:29
theskillwithinim not a designer, I take the design files and turn that into a website04:29
theskillwithinbut really the designers should provide me assets lol04:29
plop_its_elliedarktable is basically a replacement for adobe lightroom04:29
plop_its_ellieyou might be able to get away with just using gimp then04:29
plop_its_ellietho if you are doing it for websites then i recommend using svgs04:29
plop_its_ellieand inkscape would be the better tool for that04:30
plop_its_ellieinkscape is an adobe illustrator replacement04:30
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Toreltican i safely switch my mother board from UEFI to legacy without breaking my installation?04:32
theskillwithinlol that would be my second complaint about designers, they dont use vector enuff.04:32
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, you could always make a clone of what designers send you from scratch04:34
theskillwithinlike oh thanks for theses 20 indiviudal psd files instead of using seperate artboards putting mobile and desktop view together, and making me export all the assets individually some of which I have to edit myself because you didnt make them easy to just export you just made it look good, and no vector so literally finding my own assets or svg sometimes.04:34
theskillwithindesigners are just way behind.  adobe XD is WAYY better than photoshop and no on uses it.   its adobes response to sketch taking over.04:35
plop_its_ellietheskillwithin, or just use inkscape04:35
plop_its_elliescrew adoebe lol04:36
theskillwithinyea i know, they had bloated ps for so long and its not even used for what is was made for haha04:36
theskillwithinoh thanks for giving me 10 different varients of bold that dont acctually exist in the font.04:37
theskillwithinlol and im looking here now, appears inkscape is free too.04:38
theskillwithinif I had clients I could do web dev the right way on my own =[04:39
theskillwithinStartrek852  do you haz question?04:39
Startrek852anyone know what mirror.servers.com is? I found it in the sources.list on an Ubuntu 14.04.4 server.04:39
tgm4883Startrek852: you'd have to post the whole file where you got it from04:49
mrgees100peashow do I chage to a windows directory using the terminal.04:50
Ben64same way as any other directory. "cd"04:51
mrgees100peasThe directory is named OS in the GUI but I can't do "cd OS"04:51
Ben64you need to specify the location04:51
tgm4883Ben64: mrgees100peas it's probably mounted via gvfs which means he likely doesn't know where it's actualy mounted04:52
Startrek852tgm4883: here's the whole file: http://pastebin.com/Y6Z91KvV04:52
mrgees100peasBEN64 yes, that is it. it is name OS in the GUI but I don't know how the terminal sees it as. I can access it via GUI04:54
tgm4883Startrek852: openstack?04:54
Ben64mrgees100peas: it's just there, floating around in the GUI? no, it's actually somewhere04:54
mrgees100peashow do I list the different whatchamacalle it. moutns?04:54
Ben64mrgees100peas: "mount"04:54
mrgees100peasmount what?04:55
Startrek852tgm4883: What's openstack?04:55
tgm4883Startrek852: Is this some VPS?04:55
mrgees100peasyes, but I need to specify something to mount. "mount OS" doesn't work04:56
tgm4883mrgees100peas: no, he wants you to just type mount04:56
tgm4883mrgees100peas: which will show you the mounts04:56
tgm4883mrgees100peas: not actually mount something04:56
Startrek852tgm4883: I don't know, it's not my server. It's a friend's.04:57
mrgees100peasoh ok it came back as /dev/sda404:57
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
tgm4883mrgees100peas: what's the output of 'mount | nc termbin.com 9999'04:57
tgm4883Startrek852: well it's not an official mirror, and google only has one reference to it, in a commit on openstack04:58
mrgees100peasit returned the following --> http://termbin.com/h9fz04:59
Startrek852tgm4883: Can I see the commit?04:59
tgm4883mrgees100peas: it's mounted at /media/master/OS05:00
tgm4883Startrek852: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=%22mirror.servers.com%2205:01
mrgees100peasoh ok got it to work. thanks05:01
Edward___Hi, when I am using Ubuntu dual boot, I uninstalled it so I could have Windows on its own by running booted /fixmbr on a rescue CD. Now, when I turn on my computer I am greeted with a GRUB command prompt with no sign of Windows! Any help?05:06
tortibplop_its_ellie, that "solution" didn't work it rendered X unbootable05:07
tortibsystem froze up too05:07
tortibwhile booting I had to boot into recover mode and install the new drivers05:08
plop_its_ellietortib, weird05:08
plop_its_ellieyou tried 16.04 then?05:08
plop_its_ellieor another varient like xubuntu?05:08
hiexpohi ya all05:15
macopythonI need help in understanding how permissions for local directory is managed when using LDAP. Any hint ?05:18
rypervenchehiexpo: Hi there.05:19
orlockmacopython: the same as normal, just that the UID and GID is obtained via ldap rather than /etc/passwd05:19
macopythonorlock: I see. Can it be changed in same way like using chmod ?05:20
macopythonAlso do they have groups like local users have ?05:21
orlockchmod still works in the same way, and yes05:22
orlockyou still have the primary group and other groups05:22
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=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
StatelessCatWhy unity seems hard to package on another distros ? Is it because unity use old and patched {gnome, libindicator, compiz,...} versions ?05:25
gelei007hi,genius,can i ask a question,how to turn my usb bootable drive withe ubuntu setup system to a iso file that can be used in a cd rom05:32
b-yeezigelei007: That's a good question05:38
capum321hello  -  find command gone insane, it is outputing every location which it can look into. instead of just the real findings.05:46
EriC^capum321: paste results05:46
EriC^and command you're using05:46
capum321any string I use with find / string 2>/dev/null or without redirect stderr05:47
EriC^capum321: it's find / -name "string"05:48
capum321it is impossible, it is listing all the location05:48
EriC^-iname for case-insensitive, you can use wildcards -name "string*"05:48
theskillwithinI think this belongs here05:55
theskillwithinoops I was wrong actually (moves to offtopic)05:55
anddamhello, I see from apt-cache(8) that search performs a query over name and description and that can be shrinked to names only. Is there a flag for description only?06:01
anddamI'm trying to adopt the new apt interface so I'd like to convert my usual ~n and ~d searches from aptitude06:01
anddamalso I see multiple regex args to search subcommand are and'ed togheter, but is there a way to specify an or between conditions?06:04
anddamand possibly also a not non implemented via the regex06:04
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rypervencheanddam: Such as what?06:06
abb4shey every body , i installed giggle , but there is not any thing to show , how can i add my remote  repository on github ?? should i use command line for it ? or it has a visual feature ??06:06
anddamrypervenche: I don't understand what you're asking06:10
anddamaptitude has a syntax to specify fields into which to search, ~n and ~d, and logical operators to combine queries06:11
anddamI'm asking if apt-cache can do the same since from its man page I wasn't able to figure it06:11
anddamactually, from the man page I figured it cannot06:11
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EriC^anddam: maybe make your own alias06:12
rypervencheanddam: Ahh, yeah no. A lot of people like aptitude for that. I usually use awk to sort things or dpkg -l and more awk.06:13
anddamEriC^: ok, but alias to _what_'06:13
anddamrypervenche: mmm, I see, I might just stay with aptitude for that06:13
anddamEriC^: the point is if I don't know _how_ a task is performed in apt how can I possibly make an alias to it?06:14
EriC^i mean make your own command that's an alias06:14
EriC^how can you tell awk not to print something? like grep's -v ?06:15
anddamagain, an alias to what?06:15
orionHi. Does anyone know why this output looks so strange? http://paste.ubuntu.com/19339879/06:15
EriC^apt-cache search bla | awk '$1 ~ ! /string/'06:15
EriC^that doesn't work06:16
orionWhat the hell is that second partition?06:16
EriC^it's just an example06:16
orionAnd why does it overlap with sda5?06:16
rypervencheorion: You are using an extended partition.06:16
rypervencheorion: It's basically a way around the 4 partition limit on MBR disks.06:17
rajivmarsI have just installed kubuntu 16.04. The memory consumption is very high. what may be the reason behind it?06:18
StatelessCatrajivmars: how high is very high ?06:19
StatelessCatvery high compared to what ?06:19
orionrypervenche: How are the partitions allowed to overlap like that?06:19
CoJaBorajivmars: Did they fix the browser at least? :/06:20
rypervencheorion: One is a container of sorts that contains all of the logical partitions.06:20
EriC^anddam: apt-search() { apt-cache search "$1" | awk "\$1 ~ /$1/"; }06:20
EriC^anddam: that will let you search only the package names06:20
rajivmarsStatelessCat: I mean it is continuously consuming 1.2gb out of 4 gb of RAM.06:21
rypervencheorion: I.e., the extended partition is usually the 4th partition on the disk, in which you can have a bunch of logical partitions that go past the 4 partition limit.06:21
orionrypervenche: Ah, I see.06:21
orionSo if I want to bump up the size of the extended partition, do I delete partition numbers 2 and 5 and recreate them?06:24
StatelessCatrajivmars: I remember ~800MB/8GB on a fresh Kubuntu 16.04 last time I check. Did you do some tweak ?06:25
=== gh is now known as Guest10515
CoJaBorajivmars: make sure you aren't counting cache06:25
rypervencheorion: It's a bit complicated, but it depends on where the extra space comes from, before or after.06:28
StatelessCatrajivmars: make sure to understand how KDE uses the ram to store shared libs.06:28
orionrypervenche: After: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19340386/06:28
rypervencheorion: Then you can extend the extended partition, and then the logical partition.06:30
rypervencheorion: So extend sda2 first, and then sda5 if it needs it.06:30
rajivmarsStatelessCat: actually this memory consumption has been rising. after i update the computer.06:31
StatelessCatrise by ?06:34
StatelessCatrajivmars: I think you should ask #kde and/or #kubuntu if this is a known issue06:35
rajivmarsStatelessCat: thanyou:)06:35
orionrypervenche: Thanks for that information. I used parted to change the end sector, and I've used pvresize and lvresize accordingly.06:37
rypervencheorion: :) Nice. Good job.06:37
orionI appreciate your help. Good night.06:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1211110 in openvpn (Ubuntu) "network manager openvpn dns push data not updating system DNS addresses" [High,Incomplete]06:43
christanguys ? how to connect a wifi USB adapter ?06:48
hateballchristan: plug it in a USB port06:49
hateballchristan: Does it work automatically? Great. If not, run "lsusb" and tell us what chipset it is06:50
christanstill not working im using virtual box now. when i plug it. it run to in my windows OS06:51
christanstill not working im using virtual box now. when i plug it. it run to in my windows OS06:54
Jordan_Uchristan: Why do you want to use the wifi adaptor feom within the guest OS rather than the host?06:55
christanso how can i set it ?06:55
christanour connection here is quite slow.06:56
christanwhen i using guest OS06:56
Jordan_Uchristan: Do you think that passing the wifi card directly to the guest will speed it up? Because I'm almost certain that it will *not*.06:59
AvaniHey all! \o  I'm using Ubuntu LTS 12.04 with Unity, and Compiz Any ideas on how to get notification applets working? (Specifically looking for something to be able to toggle CPU frequency)07:00
Guy1524hello is anybody there?07:00
christanBus 001 Device 004: ID 2001:3310 D-Link Corp.07:00
christanBus 001 Device 003: ID 0bda:0129 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTS5129 Card Reader Controller07:00
christanBus 001 Device 002: ID 80ee:0021 VirtualBox USB Tablet07:00
christanBus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub07:00
christanthats the chipset07:00
Guy1524ok, well I would like to know if it is possible to have a folder synced between two ubuntu computers over the internet07:01
Guy1524I am writing software on both my laptop and desktop and would like to have them automatically synced07:01
Guy1524but I would also like to be able to work offline07:01
Guy1524is this possible?07:01
hateballGuy1524: you could use rsync I suppose07:02
Guy1524ok, Ill research that, thanks for the pointer07:03
hateballchristan: so you're using a Windows host, that runs Ubuntu inside Virtualbox?07:03
hateballchristan: And you have passed through the USB dongle to the VM?07:03
christanyup exactly.07:03
christanyes. but when i use some console and scan for network. it says that plug in a wifi device07:04
hateballSeems to be some sort of realtek chipset07:05
hateballWhich are usually dire and should be burned. But that's just my experience.07:05
hateballchristan: Why are you not setting up network on the host and bridging it to the VM?07:05
=== zz_capri is now known as capri
christanso i need to bridge  ? is that possible ? how07:07
hateballchristan: Should be obvious in Virtualbox gui, havent used that for a long time tho07:08
anddamEriC^: sorry was afk, I see the point but I'd rather keep installing aptitude than using awk07:13
anddamEriC^: also the only specific restriction apt-cache offers is exactly the one for names, and the output format isn't very suitable for parsing since it's put out as stanzas, not as columns07:15
christanhow to set it so that my dongle will work ?07:18
anddamchristan: I briefly read your previous lines, you've been answered: set the network in your host computer, and then configure the guest networking to work with that07:22
anddamIIRC bridging wasn't allowed if the host interface is wifi, but that may have been a linux things only07:22
AvaniHey all! \o  I'm using Ubuntu LTS 12.04 with Unity, and Compiz Any ideas on how to get notification applets working? (Specifically looking for something to be able to toggle CPU frequency)07:31
clorisudoes anybody know how i can print to a wireless printer (epson xp-220) on ubuntu?07:33
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YankDownUnderclorisu: If you read through the following article, you might be able to get it all working properly. http://askubuntu.com/questions/454910/how-can-i-connect-ubuntu-14-04-to-my-wireless-printer-canon-mp62007:35
Dead_OfficeWhen I do "tar -xvzf " what does that mean ?07:36
YankDownUnderDead_Office: If you open a term and type "man tar" or "tar --help" you will find that it extracts a compressed archive.07:36
Dead_OfficeYankDownUnder , Thank you  . I'll provide you the answer and you tell if I'm correct07:37
Dead_Officex: extract files from an archive , v: verbosely list files processed , z: filter the archive through gzip , f: use archive file07:40
YankDownUnderDead_Office: Spot on. Good work. Good on ya.07:41
Dead_OfficeYankDownUnder, Thanks07:42
YankDownUnderDead_Office: You're more than welcome. Thanks for actually taking the time to read the documentation - as most do not. Cheers!07:42
clorisuYankDownUnder: how do i find the  ip of my printer?07:42
YankDownUnderclorisu: Read the documentation of the printer - that would be the first place to start. Once you've done that, you'd want to make sure that it's IP address is the same as your "local network"...the rest is extremely easy after that.07:44
BlackDexHello there. I have xenial installed. And with qt5 applications it seems like the font-size and icons are very large. I have this behavior with the ownCloud client and the new VirtualBox 5.107:47
BlackDexWhat can i do about this?07:47
YankDownUnderBlackDex: What desktop are you using - Unity, Mate, Cinnamon, KDE/Plasma...or something else...?07:48
BlackDexUnity :)07:48
YankDownUnderBlackDex: Here's two different articles to read: http://www.webupd8.org/2015/11/configure-qt5-application-style-icons.html + https://launchpad.net/~hda-me/+archive/ubuntu/qt5ct07:49
clorisuOK YankDownUnder, i read the epson network guide man and still have zero idea07:53
KlausedSourcehey, this might be a little offtopic, but is there an android client for linux with that i can use apps from google play?07:54
YankDownUnderclorisu: So then what is the IP address that comes default with the printer? Please don't ask me to read the docs.07:54
clorisuYankDownUnder: the docs for it didnt list the ip, it gave me a general epson doc, not specific to that model07:55
YankDownUnderclorisu: On that printer, does it not have a configuration panel on the machine at all? Somewhere where you can change the settings or muck with other configurations?07:56
clorisutheres no lcd screen YankDownUnder07:56
YankDownUnderclorisu: What is the model of that epson printer?07:57
clorisuXP-220 YankDownUnder07:57
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BlackDexYankDownUnder: Thx! That is a lot better08:00
YankDownUnderclorisu: I've read the basic FAQ and setup. Have you connected the printer to your router already - and also have  you tested it's working from another machine or from a phone or tablet?08:00
YankDownUnderBlackDex: Coolbeans.08:00
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clorisuYankDownUnder: found a cord, dw08:19
YankDownUnderclorisu: Meaning...you're what, directly plugging it in as opposed to using the wireless?08:20
=== mikecmpb_ is now known as mikecmpbll
KlausedSourceany good fan-control software for intel-cpu powered laptops?08:35
YankDownUnderKlausedSource: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto08:36
k1l_KlausedSource: usually that is done by the bios. make sure you have the latest version08:37
=== vir17 is now known as zctio
vbotkaKlausedSource, it's rather ThinkPad than Intel, but a good overview anyway http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_control_fan_speed08:40
andresmadorranhow can I unzip a file with a m10?08:43
YankDownUnderandresmadorran: What exactly do you mean - the question does not make sense.08:45
mcphailandresmadorran: do you mean a bq m10 Ubuntu edition running Ubuntu? Support for phones and tablet devices is in #ubuntu-touch08:48
Bassemi have nividia gtx 970 i selet the first driver but when i restart i got low graphic error https://s32.postimg.org/3kdk7t1ed/Screenshot_from_2016_07_14_10_42_57.png08:48
sulleHow do i make a command run each time i boot up ubuntu?. i have a mouse setting that i need to run automaticaly when i get in to the os !08:49
EriC^sulle: dash > startup apps08:50
Kartagissulle: /etc/rc.local08:50
sulleEriC^, i have tried that, but it does not work08:50
anddamdo I have to restart some service once I edit an udev rule?08:50
christanhow to fix this ? when i set the host to bridge to my VMs . my wifi USB adapter stops08:50
EriC^sulle: why not? try to output the command to a log08:51
sulleEriC^, ok, I remade it, might work now :) i think i missed a " in there "facepalm".08:51
anddamnamely i added     SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="0bb4", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"     to     /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules    yet the connected device lists as   "crw-rw-r-- 1 root root 189, 9 Jul 14 10:48 /dev/bus/usb/001/010"08:52
EriC^sulle: :)08:52
daumieJust disvovered my log file is 387 GB.... what causes this08:53
anddamnvm, udevadm to the rescue08:53
anddamsorry for the noise08:54
commander_hi guys am on 14.04 and my synaptic touchpad drivers not loaded08:54
commander_my model is dell insperion 325108:54
hateballdaumie: who knows, maybe if you told us what log-file this is anyone would have an idea08:54
commander_so my touchpad not working08:55
Kartagiswhy am I getting Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it? on 16.04, even though nothing else is using it?08:55
hateball!fixapt | Kartagis08:55
ubottuKartagis: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »08:55
daumieThe general log folder is that big hateball08:55
commander_Kartagis, cause dpkg is used by some other app08:55
hateballdaumie: use 'du' to find out which file then08:56
commander_!fixapt | commander_08:56
ubottucommander_, please see my private message08:56
YankDownUnder387gb for a logfile...hmm...sounds a bit fishy that.08:56
Kartagisthanks hateball, !fixapt fixed it08:58
christanhi guys. how to fix this ? when i command wifite . it needs wifi device. but i already plug in the device08:59
commander_my touchpad not working on dell09:01
Luka00Hello people,boot my pc this message appears: intel_soc_dts_thermal: request_threaded_irq ret -22 ? what does it mean? Creates problems?09:01
Luka00I upgraded the kernel to version 4.709:02
commander_Luka00, is it creating any issue ??09:03
Luka00not for now09:03
hateballLuka00: you're running an unsupported kernel, so who knows09:03
YankDownUnderIt's a "fan trip point" - from the sensors modules that load with the kernel.09:03
commander_Luka00, thats fine !! its not any error as i can read it09:03
commander_Luka00, so yeah it is just a output from kernel module09:04
commander_guys my touchpad not working , upgrading kernel should fix it ??09:05
YankDownUndercommander_: Is it safe to assume you've been through the control centre/system settings and nothing works...?09:06
commander_synclient -l says no module loaded09:06
YankDownUndercommander_: Has it worked before?09:06
commander_YankDownUnder, synclient says no synaptics module loaded09:06
commander_yeah when i installed 14.04 at first09:07
YankDownUndercommander_: Has it worked before...?09:07
commander_after some upgrades it stopped09:07
Luka00For now still does not freeze, if it happens I will return to the supported kernel.09:07
commander_again i fixed it some modprobe commands and again it stopped09:07
commander_Luka00, yes09:07
Bassemwhat is the right driver to use https://s32.postimg.org/3kdk7t1ed/Screenshot_from_2016_07_14_10_42_57.png09:07
YankDownUnderAh...well. Right - so that answers that question. Have you removed+reinstalled the synaptics touchpad stuff in the software centre?09:08
commander_YankDownUnder, i did that but it still wont work09:08
commander_sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics i did this09:09
commander_after removing xserver-xorg-input-synaptics09:09
YankDownUndercommander_: So you've "installed" the "Synaptics Touchpad" stuff, and rebooted and all that jazz, and it is still not working, eh?09:09
commander_i did it so many time and it wont load man09:09
YankDownUndercommander_: If I didn't ask, I would not know - therefore, I ask.09:10
commander_YankDownUnder, so i decided to give it a try with Xenial's kernel09:10
commander_YankDownUnder, no problem buddy09:11
YankDownUndercommander_: Have you tried REMOVING all that is related to the touchpad, and then doing a cold-boot to see if the kernel "re-finds" the hardware and configures it?09:11
commander_YankDownUnder, how can i do that ???09:11
commander_I mean i dont know what that all mean09:11
commander_i removed xserver-xorg-input-synaptics  which i think are the drivers09:12
YankDownUndercommander_: Firstly, remove the software related to the touchpad. Then do a very nice clean shutdown/power off. Then power on the machine again to observe if Ubuntu re-recognises the hardware...hmm?09:12
commander_YankDownUnder, my touchpad works like a PS/2 mouse , but it is not recognized as touchpad , and no scrolling , it is not even listed in setting panel09:13
YankDownUndercommander_: Something that I've done for clients - in some instances when things "acted freaky" - was to turn off the touchpad in the BIOS of the laptop, boot back into linux, remove ALL that was related to the touch pad, power down again, then re-enable the touchpad in BIOS and let the system do it's magic.09:14
YankDownUndercommander_: Then you might also want to install "xserver-xorg-input-mtrack" when you get back to that point, bro.09:15
commander_okay let me try09:15
commander_YankDownUnder, it removed xserver-xorg-input-multitouch09:16
commander_okay i will be back after testing thanks for help09:16
aneshi friends, my wordpress localhost goes to 404 ... where i need to change allowoverrride .. in apache2.conf?09:18
anddamanes: I figure in apache or httpd channel09:19
Bassemis BleachBit good application?09:27
k1l_Bassem: for what?09:28
k1l_Bassem: what issue do you want to solve with it? why dont you start using your working install instead of making it not working again :)09:28
christan scanning for wireless devices...09:30
christan [!] no wireless interfaces were found.09:30
christan [!] you need to plug in a wifi device or install drivers.09:30
christan  HELP ME WITH THIS GUYS09:30
k1l_what wifi device do you have?09:30
habitshi guys, could you please tell me which NVIDIA drivers I should install for my NVIDIA 920M on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04?09:31
habitsIt seems that the latest drivers cannot "cooperate" with kernel 4.4.0-2809:31
christanD link09:31
k1l_Bassem: in short: dont use bleachbit. it will remove files and doesnt know if you or some program still needs it. its known to make desktops like kde unusable.09:32
k1l_christan: run "lspci | nc termbin.com 9999" in terminal and show the output url here09:32
christanD link N 150 USB adapter09:32
k1l_christan: then make that "lsusb | nc termbin.com 9999"09:33
christanok wait09:33
Bassemk1l_, `shouldn't i choose the first driver https://s32.postimg.org/3kdk7t1ed/Screenshot_from_2016_07_14_10_42_57.png09:34
hateballk1l_: he's running a VM in virtualbox and trying to use USB passthrough to get network on the VM...09:36
k1l_hateball: uh.09:36
hateballWe've already advised what to do, namely bridge host networking09:36
hateballk1l_: Just letting you know, before you waste time :)09:37
k1l_hateball: yeah, thanks.09:37
k1l_Bassem: did you try that nvidia driver already?09:38
k1l_Bassem: nvidia added support for 970gtx since driver 343. so it should work09:38
aienaI installed composer from ubuntu as root. Now I am trying to install a package in a webapp directory in my home fore this is the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/19347907/ how do I troubleshoot ?09:40
christanscanning for wireless devices...09:41
christan [!] no wireless interfaces were found.09:41
christan [!] you need to plug in a wifi device or install drivers.09:41
christanit always says like that09:41
Evlbhey, any1 here a Tomoyo-Ninja09:42
Bassemk1l_, i tried it but it gave me the error system run on low graphic09:43
aienachristan:  maybe the wireless device on your system is not picked up by the kernel or its module is not loaded09:44
aienatry finding the model number and googling09:45
k1l_christan: so you are on a VM?09:45
k1l_Bassem: then try this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=xenial  which got a  nvidia-graphics-drivers-36709:46
christanyup. im using VM. so i need to install the firmware so it will read by the guest OS ?09:46
k1l_christan: well, you didnt show any output that the usb device is even seen by the VM, yet09:47
k1l_Bassem: and make sure "linux-generic" is installed09:48
Bassemk1l_, how can i try it i'm new to ubuntu09:48
christanhmmm so maybe i will install the set up for the adapter. does it work ?09:48
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sine0hi there. I installed ubuntu and then installed the xubuntu desktop. I wondered how I could switch back to the regular ubuntu desktop09:50
k1l_christan: you are making no sense and not answering any questions directed at you. i cant help you that way09:50
=== omega is now known as xxx_34255
k1l_Bassem: the website i linked got instructions how to add that PPA. please read them. then install the packages is named you09:51
christanthanks k1l . its ok now09:52
christani need to install the set up here in the guest OS09:53
dumle29anyone had any luck getting virtualbox to work on a pc with secureboot?09:53
dumle29I think I need to sign the drivers or something09:53
Bassemk1l_, how can i get linux-generic09:56
Paddy_NII have noticed that since I completely removed virtualbox 5.0.x and installed VitualBox 5.1.x with the appropriate extensions and guest additions that seamless mode now makes the unity panel and launcher invisible?  The only way for me to use seamless mode and have the panel and launcher show is to disable the mini-toolbar in virtualbox. Does anyone know how to fix this?09:56
Paddy_NIIt would be even better if the "toolbar" was just integrated into the appmenu09:56
ducassedumle29: you need to either sign the drivers or switch off secureboot, yes.09:58
dumle29ducasse: Know of a guide on how I would go about signing the drivers? I'd prefer to leave secureboot on09:59
morfinwhy Ubuntu have OpenSSL without SSLv3_client_method and SSLv3_server_method and other SSLv3_ functions?09:59
morfinwhy they're removed and libs are broken because of that?09:59
ducassedumle29: not at hand, but i've seen several before. i'd assume there would be more now after 16.04 was released and this became necessary. also, you could just use kvm instead ;)10:00
dumle29ducasse: I need windows sadly10:00
dumle29stupid sonos10:00
tortibkvm sucks10:00
tortiband windows works on kvm-qemu10:00
tortibbut I couldn't get USB working10:01
k1l_Bassem: install that package with the packagemanager you like.10:01
k1l_Bassem: like on temrinal: "sudo apt install linux-generic"10:01
Bassemk1l_, done now i'll use sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa10:02
k1l_Bassem: did it install something?10:02
Paddy_NIdumle29, VirtualBox supports EFI10:03
dumle29Paddy_NI: ehm?10:04
dumle29Paddy_NI: No, the drivers aren't signed, therefor it won't start under secureboot10:04
Paddy_NIdumle29, <dumle29> anyone had any luck getting virtualbox to work on a pc with secureboot?10:04
Bassemk1l_, no10:04
dumle29Paddy_NI: Yeah? No need to repeat my question :)10:04
Paddy_NIdumle29, I must be mistaken10:04
dumle29Paddy_NI: Secureboot means that drivers have to be signed, or they aren't trusted10:05
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ducassePaddy_NI: with 16.04, dkms modules need to be signed when secureboot is enabled.10:05
dumle29and aparrently, oracle doesn't have the resources to sign drivers -_-10:05
dumle29brb rebooting to turn on kvm support in bios10:06
ducassedumle29: they can't, as they are compiled on your machine.10:06
Paddy_NIdumle29, Hmm.. More like Oracle are greedy and don't want to spend money10:06
Paddy_NIducasse, Oh good point10:06
Guest69482guys i have this issue in 16.0410:06
Guest69482dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of maitreya:i386:10:06
Guest69482 maitreya:i386 depends on libwxbase2.8-0 (>=
Guest69482 maitreya:i386 depends on libwxgtk2.8-0 (>=
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ducassePaddy_NI: i doubt they would want to give out their private keys ;)10:07
Paddy_NIHas anyone been experiencing the odd "Seamless Mode" behaviour in VirtualBox 5.1.x?10:07
Paddy_NIUnity Panel and Launcher are invisible10:07
k1l_Guest69482: your 3rd party software is making that. talk to them to fix that10:07
Paddy_NIThe only cure is to disable the mini toolbar10:07
Guest69482k1l_: its an issue with wx packages right ?10:08
Guest69482k1l_: coz this thing works on my 15.0410:08
k1l_Guest69482: your 3rd party software wants package in versions, that are not in that versions on 16.04 anymore. so they need to update that software10:08
Guest69482k1l_: is there anyway for me to include those packages onto my system ?10:09
k1l_Guest69482: like its not libwxgtk2.8 anymore but libwxgtk3.0 now10:09
Guest69482k1l_: i know, can i include old packages as well in 16.04 ?10:10
k1l_Guest69482: not with that package relying on old versions that are not in 16.04 anymore10:11
Bassemk1l_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19349306/10:11
k1l_Bassem: now install the package i named you before10:12
Bassemk1l_, done now what?10:13
Guest69482k1l_: i just downloaded those two packages and installed them, so looks like that app can be installed now :)10:17
christanhelp me with this guys. im using VM. and the host OS is windows. whats wrong with this ?10:24
christan[+] scanning for wireless devices...10:24
christan [!] no wireless interfaces were found.10:24
christan [!] you need to plug in a wifi device or install drivers.10:24
Triffid_Hunterchristan: your VM doesn't provide a wireless device to ubuntu guest?10:25
hateballk1l_: As I said :p10:27
christanyes. how to fix it ?10:27
christanhow to set it up ? for me to using my USB Adapter to my ubuntu ?10:29
christanfor me to use my USB adapter to my ubuntu. if i plug it in. still the same notes10:30
Triffid_Hunterchristan: that's because you plug it into the host, but are expecting to see it in the guest.. VMs don't work that way unless specially configured to do so10:31
dumle29ducasse: Really? oh10:31
macopythonHow local files and directory permissions are managed while using ldap ? Any help ?10:32
christanyeah... im expecting. so it wont work ?10:32
dumle29oh well, enabling vtx changed my bootorder to windows first, so sigh.10:32
dumle29oh well back10:32
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Summerainserver irc.ircgate.it10:48
tatertotshello everyone10:49
tatertotsYank you still around?10:49
voozeAnyone know if it's possible to make consolas as the only font use "hintslight"? I'm using infinality + hintfull for the rest, but consolas have some problems with hintfull. :)10:50
dumle29any idea why my software program won't start anymore?10:54
dumle29package manager or whatever it's called10:54
dumle29the defauly 16.04 package manager10:54
hateballdumle29: Do you get any error message?10:54
dumle29I've been stuck to use the commandline for a while now10:54
dumle29hateball: Nope. mouse cursor just spins a bit, then nothing10:54
dumle29hateball: Know the package name I should use to launch from the terminal?10:55
hateballdumle29: Nope, I am on kubuntu. a guess would be ubuntu-software-something tho10:56
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:56
dumle29ooh neat10:56
dumle29oh balls. doesn't seem to be anything called software anything, nor ubuntu-software anything10:57
dumle29and the package is just called "software"10:57
dumle29in the gui10:57
k1l!info gnome-software10:58
ubottugnome-software (source: gnome-software): Software Center for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.20.1+git20160617.1.0440874.ubuntu-xenial-0ubuntu1~16.04.1 (xenial), package size 237 kB, installed size 1057 kB10:58
Kbobyes, hello; can someone point me to the official way to update ubuntu 15.10 to 16 ?11:01
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:02
hateballKbob: ^11:02
OerHeksKbob, just run updates, you should see a message11:03
Kbobok, thanks11:03
hv1Is there a remote way to downgrade 16.04 to 14.04?11:09
OerHekshv1, no, reinstall.11:13
CodingCookiehello guys :) I'm trying to use php and lamp on ubuntu. everything is fine, but the .httaccess file doesn't work i think. Could  someone help me ?11:14
the-moose-machinhi. i am having some trouble with gcc. I am trying to install an application and it returns with the error that the C compiler does not work. Now this is untrue because gcc is installed (gcc (Ubuntu 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.3) 4.8.4). This is on trusty. Any idea what could be wrong?11:15
mcphailthe-moose-machin: that isn't the standard trusty package, is it???11:17
mcphail!info gcc trusty11:17
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.124ubuntu6)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 41 kB11:17
mcphailthe-moose-machin: undo whatever you did to install the non-standard package11:19
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the-moose-machinmcphail: i guess you are right.11:19
the-moose-machinmcphail: not sure if i did because it may have auto updated. as i do not remember compiling another version of gcc11:20
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mcphailthe-moose-machin: it may have been brought in by a PPA11:20
mcphailthe-moose-machin: if you run "apt-cache policy gcc" it might give you a clue11:20
the-moose-machinmcphail: oh. ok. how do i downgrade to the previous version then11:20
mcphailthe-moose-machin: depends on how and why it was changed in the first place. If it came with a bundle of dodgy packages from a PPA, you'll need ppa-purge. If you just force-installed it as a single package, use "sudo apt-get install PACKAGENAME=PACKAGEVERSION", cross your fingers and hope it doesn't break11:22
the-moose-machinmcphail: running apt-cache policy gcc says: gcc:11:23
the-moose-machin  Installed: 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu611:23
the-moose-machin  Candidate: 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu611:23
the-moose-machin  Version table:11:23
the-moose-machin *** 4:4.8.2-1ubuntu6 011:23
the-moose-machin        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/main amd64 Packages11:23
mcphailthe-moose-machin: that looks OK, but please use a pastebin service for pastes11:24
KamasutraHow to check if file is empty ?11:24
the-moose-machinmcphail: so is there anything i should be looking for?11:25
mcphailthe-moose-machin: looks as if you have the right version installed by the package manager. What made you think you had another?11:25
the-moose-machinno idea. the application i was trying to install says that gcc compiler is not installed. i have no clue why11:26
the-moose-machinI am installing this on a cluster over ssh. the first computer installed it ok, but the second and third do not. all computers have identical versions of ubuntu. all installed together11:27
BluesKajHey folks11:28
mcphailthe-moose-machin: well, if they all have the version you pasted I'm not sure what's wrong. Will need to let someone else have a think about it11:28
the-moose-machinmcphail: ok. i continue my googling meanwhile. thank you for your help11:30
MrokiiHello. Where do I find the preferences-file(s) for bash, specifically the location where the profiles and their colour-schemes are saved?11:42
=== Afrotoast is now known as asleepfroo
the-moose-machinmcphail: ok i found a lead. the stdio.h file is missing in /usr/include. So it installs in the machine which has the file and does not install in the machine that does not. So if i scp the stdio.h file from the machine that works into the identical directory in the machine which does not. Will that be ok, or would it be a screw up?11:45
DJonesAh well, time to put the tv on and watch some sport12:07
DJonesGrr, wrong window12:07
Kamasutra!ot > DJones12:08
ubottuDJones, please see my private message12:08
DJonesKamasutra: I know, wrong window unfortunately12:08
Luka00Hello people I upgraded the kernel to version 4.7, but it did not help. Ubuntu continues to freeze12:09
tatertotsomfg Ubuntu + AD is a PITA12:10
Kamasutradowngrade it12:10
Luka00I can do to fix this annoying problem?12:10
Luka00It also happened with version 4.412:10
Luka00I changed in the hope that does not happen12:11
Luka00I hope there is a solution because it is a significant problem12:15
hateballLuka00: Did you run a memtest yet? Did you check your HDD for errors with smartctl?12:16
Luka00memtet i s ok12:16
Luka00smartctl not yet12:17
Luka00hateball if you can tell me how do I feel now12:21
hateballLuka00: I have no idea how you're feeling, nor do I see how it is related to your issues12:23
Luka00:D sorry it is google traduction12:23
HD|LaptopHi all, does anyone know how to properly use pam_exec for user providing?12:24
HD|Laptopmy pam_exec script successfully gets the username and password, and is registered as the first line in /etc/pam.d/common-auth and common-account12:25
HD|LaptopAnd it returns 012:25
HD|Laptopyet I cannot login (I test via running "login" on a root ssh session, I dont have physical access)12:25
tatertotsanybody played with ubuntu in a AD environment?12:25
Luka00I mean how do you use smartctl??12:25
hateballLuka00: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda (or whatever your drive is)12:26
hateballLuka00: and then !paste the results12:27
Luka00ok thanks12:27
StatelessCatI installed kubuntu. I am using i3wm instead of KDE. I want my computer to suspend on low battery. Usually on archlinux and fedora, I use the /etc/UPower/UPower.conf file to control this behavior. On kubuntu, this configuration file seems to be ignored, and my computer NEVER do HybridSleep/Hibernate/PowerOff when battery is very low. How Can I make Ubuntu to use /etc/UPower/UPower.conf ?12:27
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system-64Where do I go to ask someone questions about ubuntu on USB?12:34
Luka00hateball this is the result http://paste.ubuntu.com/19358266/12:36
Luka00it tells you something?12:41
we_are_oneHow do I customize ubuntu ?12:42
SkylakeMXwe_are_one: hey u still there?12:46
SkylakeMXwe_are_one: sorry, was busy on work. You could try to make some visual customization with ubuntu tweak, and download gtk themes on the web :P12:47
Luka00like that we_are_one?http://computers.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-customize-your-ubuntu-desktop--cms-2131612:48
YouxinHello! I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and I'm trying to play a video of format flv using the media player(build in) but it shows me "Package dependencies cannot be resolved"12:48
SkylakeMXYouxin: guess you installed without audio codex?12:49
YouxinI also tried to install codec required plugins but shows me the same package dependencies error12:50
YouxinI also tried to install media players like vlc, mplayer, etc but shows the same error :(12:51
SkylakeMXYouxin: what error?12:51
YouxinThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  gstreamer1.0-libav: Depends: libavcodec-extra-54 (>= 6:9.13) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libavformat54 (>= 6:9.1-1) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libavutil52 (>= 6:9.1-1) but 6:9.18-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 is to be installed                     Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14) but 2.19-0ubuntu6.9 is to be i12:52
we_are_one!paste Youxin12:52
AaronYouxin: type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f12:52
we_are_one!paste > Youxin12:52
ubottuYouxin, please see my private message12:52
SkylakeMXYouxin: yes, you should do what Aaron says first12:53
Luka00none of you use a Acer Aspire E1-520?12:54
SkylakeMXLuka00: why?12:54
AaronLuka00: just ask12:54
Luka00*Acer Apire E1-510 sorry12:54
we_are_oneHas it got something special with freenode ?12:54
Luka00because ubuntu continues to freeze12:55
we_are_oneram ?12:55
Luka00and I do not find the cause12:55
SkylakeMXLuka00: when does it freeze?12:55
we_are_oneHardware support I guess12:55
Luka00when you surf on the internet or even suddenly12:56
we_are_oneDell is better12:56
YouxinAaron it didn't worked12:57
SkylakeMXwe_are_one: dell and acer are both .... meh :P12:57
AaronYouxin: type dpkg-reconfigure -a12:57
SkylakeMXLuka00: could you tell us your memory usage?12:57
Luka00... how?12:58
SkylakeMXLuka00: type free in terminal12:58
Luka00ok a lot I think12:58
we_are_onelol type free -h12:59
Luka00  total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available12:59
Luka00Mem:        3928128     1214044     1793116      221224      920968     223214012:59
Luka00Swap:       4073468           0     407346812:59
SkylakeMXwe_are_one: I'm not human :O12:59
Youxinwhat means additional home directory Aaron?13:00
SkylakeMXLuka00: seems ok to me13:00
SkylakeMXLuka00: what video driver do u use?13:00
EriC^Luka00: how does the pc freeze?13:00
Luka00intel hd graphics13:00
RastaTuxHey guys- in which channel can i ask a question about developing ON Ubuntu (not FOR)?13:00
EriC^Luka00: complete freeze and you have to reboot with the button?13:01
we_are_oneRastaTux : #bash13:01
Luka00yes I use buton of powe13:01
SkylakeMXLuka00: does the TTY still work when freezing? (ctrl+alt+f1)13:01
Luka00I think not13:01
Luka00not tested13:01
Luka00i have tested ping13:02
Luka00with other pc13:02
EriC^Luka00: does it happen always when you're doing something specific? like watching videos on the web?13:02
Luka00and no response from freezed pc13:02
Luka00no EriC^13:02
SkylakeMXLuka00: I see, you could ofcourse try a kernel upgrade if it's a fairly new laptop13:02
we_are_oneMine freezes when I open a large size file in some apps like gedit13:02
EriC^Luka00: can you upload /var/log/syslog?13:03
Luka00:D done SkylakeMX13:03
we_are_oneLuka00, try Windows13:03
Luka00are you serious we_are_one?13:03
SkylakeMXLuka00: are temps ok too?13:04
SCollinswe_are_one: no one should ever have to use that thing...13:04
shangulhai.i have xubuntu 14.04.i connected an adsl modem(td-w8901n) to my pc using lan cable but my pc couldnt detect it.i tried ubuntu 9.04 and kubuntu 13.10 and both detected it well.note: my pc doesnt hav internet at all13:05
hateballLuka00: drive looks healthy then, always good to check13:05
Luka00EriC^ when it freezes in the log there isn't the hour13:05
Luka00as a hole13:05
=== we_are_one is now known as Agarbatti
Youxinguys it also didn't worked13:07
hateballLuka00: Is the laptops BIOS fully updated?13:07
Luka00yes when I had windows 1013:07
Luka00and use intel microcode13:07
AgarbattiLuka00, What made you to use ubuntu then ?13:08
Luka00nice question13:08
hateballIt's strange that it would just freeze and not kernel panic at least13:09
hateballLuka00: What sort of GPU does it have?13:09
Luka00Linux is used only for old PCs?13:09
EriC^which pc is it?13:09
Luka00I have said Acer Aspire E1-51013:10
EriC^seems similar https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/150972313:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1509723 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Acer Aspire ES1-311] Ubuntu freezes occasionally" [High,Triaged]13:11
AgarbattiI told you already.!  hardware support13:11
c0axHi guys I have problem with vagrant. I installed vagrant and virtualbox and added box downloaded. but when I do vagrant init box and then vagrantup it says no default provider found13:12
c0axwhat to do ?13:12
YouxinSkylakeMX the dependencies error is immortal :P13:12
EriC^Luka00: try kernel 4.1.1213:13
AgarbattiI too have got issues with wireless13:13
EriC^Luka00: it's a workaround confirmed by 3 people in the thread13:13
AgarbattiMy boot loader shows me three versions of kernel in advanced options13:14
AgarbattiI mean grub shows13:14
Agarbattifrom 3.something upto 4.something13:15
EriC^Luka00: if it still freezes there are other workarounds13:15
SkylakeMXYouxin: sorry was afk for a while13:15
EriC^Luka00: which ubuntu version are you using?13:15
SkylakeMXYouxin: still same error?13:15
Youxinyes the same error13:16
Luka00new 16.0413:16
torpetWhat is the best way to pin an older version from a PAA?13:16
torpetapt-mark hold is annoying during apt-get upgrade13:16
SkylakeMXYouxin: could you look at this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/502207/ubuntu-14-04-problem-when-install-gstreamer1-0-libav-unmet-dependencies13:17
Bashing-omtorpet: Remove the source from the system ? Then the PPA will not be able to update .13:17
torpetBashing-om: The package in the official repos is slightly newer, but I want to use the one from PPA13:18
Luka00someone tells you to update someone downgrate13:18
Luka00I am not sur eis the best solution13:18
EriC^Luka00: you can also try intel_idle as a grub boot parameter, but i'm not sure how it affects the powersaving of the intel and other stuff13:19
Bashing-omtorpet: My thought, maybe not a good idea .. Have you looked at the dependency issues ?13:19
Bassemmy num lock always turn off at login screen13:20
torpetThe source version is the same (nzbget 16.4), but I want to use the version packaged by the devs.13:20
SkylakeMXYouxin: if that doesn't work, I think the problem is that you are still using 14.04 and a upgrade to a newer version is pending13:20
SkylakeMXYouxin: you should try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:20
Luka00the possibility of reinstalling windows becomes more real :D13:20
Luka00I like Linux but I don't like these continue freeze13:21
Bashing-omtorpet: I would expect the author to provide a dependency list .. see what versions are on the system to get an idea of the problems you may encounter .13:22
Bassemhow can i keep my num lock on ar login screen ubuntu 1613:23
EriC^Luka00: it's a kernel bug, try 14.04 it should work fine, or downgrade the kernel to 4.1.12 , or try the intel_idle or intel_idle.max_cstate=1 grub boot parameter, the cpu will get hotter than usual though so it's at your own risk13:23
Bashing-omBassem: What setting in the firmware (bios ) is passed to the kernel at boot time ?13:24
YouxinSkylakeMX: thank you bro13:24
YouxinIt finally worked :D13:25
SkylakeMXYouxin: nice! what was your solution? the dist-upgrade or that link?13:25
Luka00I try this downgrade -__-13:25
YouxinSkylakeMX: it was that link13:25
SkylakeMXLuka00: hey, you are not forced to use ubuntu13:25
SkylakeMXYouxin: great ;) have fun13:26
BassemBashing-om, in the bios it's on..it keep on while the computer loading and turn off at the login screen13:26
Luka00it's not a problem of Ubuntu13:26
Luka00with other distro same problem13:26
YouxinI tried many command looked many answers but this was the final one13:26
SkylakeMXLuka00: what distro's did you use?13:26
Luka00first in dual bott with Windows10 Centos713:26
YouxinSkylakeMX: actually how these error occurs?13:27
SkylakeMXYouxin: did you get a prompt that some :i386 packages got removed?13:27
Bashing-omBassem: Fo not know .. but the keyboard is part of the X layer, Are you using a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file ?13:28
BassemBashing-om, how can i know?13:28
YouxinSkylakeMX: yes13:29
tatertotshello guys i'm trying to trouble shoot a ubuntu system that has been joined to active directory but refused to allow AD users to log in.  Anybody that can shoot out any keywords to point me in the right direction would be appreciated13:29
Bashing-omBassem: ' ls -al /etc/X11/xorg.conf ' in a terminal will tell the tale .13:29
SkylakeMXYouxin: then somehow your 'multiarch', something that makes your system work with 64 and 32 bit applications screwed up. :D13:30
BassemBashing-om, `ls: cannot access '/etc/X11/xorg.conf': No such file or directory13:30
Luka00byeeee see you after maybe13:33
SkylakeMXLuka00: cya13:33
Bassemwhen i run HD movie the picture dos not run smoothly13:34
seanballaisHey guys! :)13:35
SkylakeMXseanballais: hey!13:36
=== coy is now known as Guest15198
hateballBassem: you were using nvidia, right?13:37
Bashing-omBassem: Well .. the config file is depreciated as Kernel Mode Setting now does the discovery of hardware -m so not having the file is a good thing in your case . You have installed release 16.04 .. is this a fresh install ? Or did you take my thought and install the gnome distro ?13:37
Bassemhateball, yes13:38
bipulHi, I am unable to assigned password for account a2 via sudo echo "123" | passwd --stdin a213:38
seanballaisHey SkylakeMX13:39
hateballBassem: try running this in a terminal: nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="nvidia-auto-select +0+0 { ForceCompositionPipeline = On }"13:39
BassemBashing-om, fresh 16.4 ubuntu13:39
hateballBassem: with a bit of luck that will fix tearing13:39
SkylakeMXseanballais: sup :P13:39
Bassemhateball, what dos this command do13:40
hateballBassem: it activates a kind of systemwide vsync13:40
Bashing-omBassem: What Nvidia card are we working with ' lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D' ? And what driver is installed  ' dpkg - l | grep -i nvidia ' ?13:41
BassemBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19363529/13:43
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest30072
BassemBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19363626/13:44
hateballBassem: oh you're not using nvidia driver, then my command wont work13:44
hateballBassem: Why not at least use nvidia-361 in default repos?13:45
Bassemhateball, i dont know13:45
hateballOr if you like to live dangerously with a !ppa: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-36713:45
Bassemhateball, this is fresh ubuntu install13:45
Amine_Hello all I am having troubles to run my a remote ubuntu machine (14.04 LTS) running under Linux kernel version 3.14.32.  After a recent upgrade and a reboot the machine refused to boot and freeze at some point. I was able to reboot the machine in system rescue mode and also read the content of /var/log/dmesg to see what happened13:46
Amine_here is the dump of dmesg http://codepad.org/llFGvb6213:46
hateballBassem: nouveau isnt really awesome on such new chipsets13:46
Amine_ Can anyone help to know why my the machine freeze and therefore I can't ping nor ssh it ?13:46
Bashing-omBassem: The 2nd command .. I have a typo should be ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' . No space before the ell .13:47
Bashing-ombasilAB: I concur with hateball to purge and try the 367 version driver .13:48
Bassemmovies not working smooth why13:49
Bashing-omBassem: " Kernel driver in use: nouveau " 'nuff said ? .. see hateball's suggestion "  Or if you like to live dangerously with a !ppa: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-367 " I do concur .13:52
tulipsokay... my touchpad is doing some things in ubuntu 16.04 and I am trying to find an easy way to configure it to turn off some things that is causing my touchpad to do things when i am typing13:52
tulipsi saw the synclient thing but i dont know what to configure in order to do what I want13:53
maddawg2i like porn13:53
BassemBashing-om, can't understand what do you mean i'm new to ubuntu13:53
maddawg2wrong channel13:53
tulipsi was using a graphical utility back in 14.04 but now i read that support for it got dropped in 16.0413:54
loop01hi there13:54
SkylakeMXmaddawg2: lol13:54
SkylakeMXmaddawg2: no problem I do too13:54
SkylakeMXloop01: hey13:55
Bashing-omBassem: We are syggesting that you install the 367 version proprietary driver .. But as a new user .. may be a steep step on the learning curve . Are you up for it ?13:55
Bassemhateball, The program 'nvidia-settings' is currently not installed.13:56
loop01I have a few installs of ubuntu server 14.04.04, and it seems that even if I upgrade them to the latest packages using "apt-get dist-upgrade", they end up with different kernels (3.19 and 3.13), why is that?13:56
hateballWell, it's not really steep. Open a terminal, paste the oneliner13:56
BassemBashing-om, yes13:57
jinxi1how do I know what driver I am using for my nvidia card?13:57
hateballjinxi1: "lspci -k" in a terminal13:57
loop01has anyone else experienced this issue?13:59
hateballBassem: Open a terminal. Then you paste the following and press enter: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-36714:01
hateballBassem: Press Y when it asks for confirmation, wait until everything has finished. Then reboot.14:01
Bashing-omBassem: Welcome to the learning curve ! run terminal commands ' sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa ; sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install nvidia-367 ; sudo reboot ' . Installs the 367 driver and reboots the system . When back up .. what do you look like now ?14:01
DelphiWorld'lo all14:01
Bashing-om!hwe | loop0114:01
ubottuloop01: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack14:01
DelphiWorldbuilding kernel 3.14.5, getting:14:02
DelphiWorldinclude/linux/compiler-gcc.h:106:30: fatal error: linux/compiler-gcc5.h:  file not found14:02
Agarbatti!building > DelphiWorld14:02
Agarbatti!build > DelphiWorld14:02
ubottuDelphiWorld, please see my private message14:02
Agarbatti!build > Agarbatti14:03
ubottuAgarbatti, please see my private message14:03
Bashing-omhateball: Great minds think alike  :)14:03
loop01ubottu: I have used the same iso to install ubuntu server 14.04.04 of different machines, and they have different kernels. Everything else is exactly the same. How come I ended up with different versions of the kernel?14:03
DelphiWorldAgarbatti: pre-built? no. need to patch14:03
xangualoop01: depending on the point release, trusty may come with a newer kernel then the one it was released with14:04
xanguaOriginally released in April 201414:05
loop01but the latest iso downloaded today gave me the kernel 3.1314:05
loop01whereas another iso downloaded a few weeks back gives me 3.1914:05
loop01it doesn't make sense, I am quite astonished to be honest14:05
tatertotsi think i'm going to try to use winbind instead of sssd, maybe winbind will be less frustrating14:06
Bashing-omloop01: I suspect that "  the same iso to install " is not an accurate stement . release 14.04 has kernel series 3.13. release 14.04.1 has the utopic kernel. now at 14.04 there is wily's kernel  soon to be xenial's in 14.04.5 .14:06
tatertotswhile i like the idea of sssd it's proving to be a real PITA14:06
marxSHi. If I dualboot Ubuntu on my PC (with Windows) and then later decide I don't want the Windows (but instead want to allocate all space to Ubuntu) is this easily done?14:07
marxSOr would it require a fresh install of Ubuntu\14:07
Bassemok done i have the last driver my my nividia14:07
tatertotssssd supports more complex ad infrastructures but sometimes you have to sacrifice14:07
Bashing-omBassem: And we now have tear free movies ???14:08
loop01Bashing-om: I will check to make sure I used the same isos...14:08
BassemBashing-om, movies working fine14:08
BassemBashing-om, when you type my name before message it appear in green color how can i change the color i'm using hexchat14:09
marxStatertots:  is that to me?14:09
Bashing-omloop01: I do run " sysop@1404mini:~$ uname -r >> 3.13.0-91-generic " and hjave not opted in for HWE so I remain on the 3.13 series kernels .14:10
Bassemtest, hi14:11
=== test is now known as Guest66181
Bashing-omBassem: Never used hexchat .. can not advise there .. but it is a config change to make that happen .. where I do not know .14:11
BassemBashing-om, what can i do for the num lock to be on at login screen14:12
hmei7halo there14:13
Bashing-omBassem: Still with the number lock issue with the driver installed ??? maybe change the behavour in the firmware .. ??14:14
BassemBashing-om, how14:15
loop01Bashing-om: Thank you very much for your help. I found the problem. I had slighty different versions of the iso and the latest one I installed was not part of the LTS Enablement Stack14:21
loop01well, you found the problem, I just confirmed that that is what happened :P thanks again for your help14:21
Bashing-omBassem: The firmware is different in each and every manufacturer, I can not advise on a particular method . consult the manual for the firmware .14:22
Bassemyou mean the motherboard bios14:22
Bashing-omloop01: Great .. Pleased you understand what is taking place .14:23
ubuntu989Are file moves logged automatically?14:23
loop01I am researching now how to move that particular install to the LTS Enablement Stack14:23
Bashing-omBassem: Yeah .. just take good notes on what you change in " bios " .. so you can easily revert th change if needed .14:24
delfaaanis anyone here have a problem about getting freeze using ubuntu?14:24
BassemBashing-om, the option in bios is on and it keep on while windows loading but when i load ubuntu it turn off14:24
Bashing-om|hwe | loop01 The tutorial :14:25
Bashing-omBassem: So, turn it off .. see what results ???14:25
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
BassemBashing-om, it still off14:25
ob-sedDoes ubuntu 16.04 (desktop version) easily support the GTX 960   using nvidia-binary drivers from the ubuntu repos ?14:25
Bashing-omBassem: Beats me then .. over my skill level .14:26
Bashing-omob-sed: Gamming ?? might want a later driver from our trusted PPA .14:27
ob-sedBashing-om: ah ok so is it a special PPA rather than the default ubuntu repos ?14:27
Bashing-omob-sed: Yes ... have a read on the background : https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2015-August/004693.html .14:28
BassemBashing-om, `what about this https://help.ubuntu.com/16.04/ubuntu-help/numeric-keypad.html14:30
Bashing-omBassem: Reading .14:30
nbastinare there any 14.04 drivers for LSI SAS HBAs?14:31
nbastinLSI seems to have given up on them around 2.6.x kernels14:31
Bashing-omBassem: Looks good to me .. IF and I do sress IF lightdm ( unity ) is your display manager .14:32
ob-sedBashing-om: yes wouldnt this nvidia driver in the default official (non-PPA) repo be fine for a GTX 960 on Ubuntu 16.04?14:32
ob-sednvidia.com shows driver 361 supports the GTX960:   http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/96877/en-us14:32
ob-sedso basically with ubuntu 16.04 installing the latest nvidia driver from the default repositories should work fine for the GTX960 yeah ?14:33
Bashing-omob-sed: 'sudo ubuntu-drivers list' and then compare : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/104284/en-us / You decide .14:34
ob-sedBashing-om: wish I had ubuntu installed,  but it's a friend buying a new computer and he wants to run Ubuntu 16.04 and is hoping that will work with the GTX960 he's put in his shopping basket14:35
Bashing-omob-sed: Yhat card us supported out of the box in 16.04 / Better performance "might" be gained with the latest driver for intensive gameing .14:37
BassemBashing-om, how can i know?14:38
Bashing-omBassem: Only way is to try and see .. There are so many hardware combinations .. there is no better way to know !14:39
=== Zzyzx is now known as THX1138
dragnadhCan someone help me? When I start steam I get an error stating that I am missing some packages, however, I do not know how to get them.14:43
Prelude2004chey guys.. good day.. i have a process i can't seem to kill what do i do ?14:44
Prelude2004cbasically server is running well with sessions but when i do lsof |grep something i have a process that just sits there and kill -9 doesn't do anything14:45
Prelude2004cwhat is the best approach14:45
Fuchsif it is a zombie and it has parents: you can kill the parent14:45
Fuchsif init is the zombie: you are a bit out of luck14:45
ob-sedBashing-om: ah thanks yeah good tip,  just wanted to know if the GTX 960 had out of the box support in ubuntu 16.04 which it does14:47
ob-sedbut yeah good to know theres a PPA with a new driver (eg for better performance in the latest linux game)14:47
Bashing-omob-sed: :) .. Yall should be good to go .14:48
Prelude2004cif init is zombie , how do i find out ?14:50
Tinohi everyone! I got a problem. Today i installed the latest ubuntu version in my pc, which had windows 10. During the installation, i accidentally deleted the boot and the recovery partition of windows, so that now i can only use ubuntu. Now i'm running test disk, and it says14:50
dragnadhCan someone help me with fixing my steam error when I launch it?14:50
Tinosorry...and it seems that te file system has been damaged. How can i recover the partitions?14:51
doublel93hello, I'm trying to install ubuntu on a window machine to dual boot, installing from an usb, the installation is on something called initramfs, how can I exit and try again ?14:52
dragnadhDoes anyone know how I get these packages installed? http://pastie.org/1090731714:54
naccTino: might be better asked in a windows channel (#windows?)14:54
naccdoublel93: you can just run 'reboot', iirc14:55
naccdragnadh: where did you install steam from?14:55
nacc!info steam xenial | dragnadh14:55
ubottudragnadh: steam (source: steam): Valve's Steam digital software delivery system. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 1: (xenial), package size 853 kB, installed size 2600 kB (Only available for i386)14:55
ob-sedTino: oh god, yeah ask on ##windows but it might involve running some kind of windows recovery tool,  and then reinstalling ubuntu properly14:55
naccob-sed: thanks for the channel correction!14:55
dragnadhI installed the package from the steam website since the software manager didnt have it14:56
naccdragnadh: in that case, you need to ask steam for support, this channel can only support the packages provided by Ubuntu (which is there, you just have to enable the multiverse component)14:57
Tino@ob-sed Thanks14:57
Prelude2004csorry got disconneted14:57
Prelude2004csee that image.. that is the PID i can't seem to kill14:58
doublel93nacc: ok thanks,  anyone knows why would this message appear when booting from an usb ?  "(initramfs) unable to find a medium containing a live file system"14:58
bdmcI have what I hope is an easy question.  I have been looking at my sources.list ( 16.04 ) and what I see when I do an "aptitude update" and they do NOT match.  I have tried editing sources.list, but nothing seems to make any difference.  How do I get the WHOLE list of repositories found in sources.list to be recognized when I do an "apt update" or an "aptitude update?"14:59
naccdoublel93: it means something failed during the boot process. It's hard to know exactly what with that message. What version of Ubuntu are you trying to isntall?14:59
naccbdmc: in what way do they not match? Perhaps use a pastebin to show the contents of each.15:00
bdmcThe list when I do an update ONLY shows "xenial stable," not restricted, universe, or multiverse, which are all in sources.list ( and enabled ).15:01
naccbdmc: "xenial stable" isn't a thing15:01
naccbdmc: please pastebin `apt update` and the contents of /etc/apt/source.list15:01
doublel93nacc: 16.04 ,  is using an usb3 a problem ?15:01
bdmcnacc: Sorry, I was combining two lines.15:01
naccdoublel93: shouldn't be15:02
naccbdmc: 'stable' isn't a thing in Ubuntu either, then. Please just pastebin the lines15:02
=== metal_camp is now known as metalcamp
bdmcnacc: I am.15:04
Prelude2004chttp://imgur.com/G3VaaXU  <--- anyone know why i can't kill this pid ?15:04
ob-sedPrelude2004c: is it a zombie?  U tried `kill -9 $pid`  ?15:05
Prelude2004ci tried yes. wont kill it15:05
ob-seddammit, kill -9 is supposed to forcibly terminate a pid15:06
tgm4883Prelude2004c: can you post the output and command when you do that15:06
Bassemhow can i mount cuu file15:06
Prelude2004cdoesn't do anything.. just continues as if it killed it15:06
Prelude2004cbut pid is still there15:06
=== thebaer is now known as bear|away
Bashing-ombdmc: Consider. an update syncs the data base between your system and your mirror .. if there is no db update to be done in the sync operation then nothing is reported in the terminal .15:07
tgm4883Prelude2004c: "ps aux | grep 26132"15:07
bdmcnacc, Bashing-om: Hmmm.  My normal pastebin, pastebin.ca, seems to be misbehaving, and pastebin.com doesn't like me, either.  Any suggestions?15:08
Prelude2004croot     21704  0.0  0.0  10468  2208 pts/15   S+   11:12   0:00 grep --color=auto 2613215:08
Prelude2004croot     26132  0.0  1.2 51560324 305620 ?     D    00:53   0:24 /home/ffmpeg-zazeen-v3/ffmpeg -hwaccel vdpau -threads 1 -vsync 0 -fflags +discardcorrupt -i  ......15:08
naccbdmc: paste.ubuntu.com15:08
bdmcBashing-om: But I am used to see in the list of sites probed, anyway.15:09
bdmcnacc: Thank you.  Coming up.15:09
bdmcnacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19371428/15:10
tgm4883Prelude2004c: ah, ok15:10
Prelude2004cit's some stuck ffmpeg session and i can't kill it15:10
tgm4883yea, looks like it's hung on disk wait15:11
naccbdmc: that looks totally normal to me15:11
naccbdmc: you don't get a hit per each component15:11
tgm4883Prelude2004c: is that a network share?15:11
Prelude2004cyes.. it is15:12
bdmcnacc: OK, thank you.  I will quit worrying.15:13
Prelude2004ci am writing files nfs mount15:13
Prelude2004cis that what is causing my issue? because i am writing other files to the same location on the same server ( other sessions ) and they are fine15:13
tgm4883Prelude2004c: networks problems maybe. You're probably going to have to reboot the server (or fix the disk wait issue another way)15:13
Prelude2004cits been sitting for hours15:13
tgm4883Prelude2004c: I'm not sure what your issue is exactly, other than the process is hung on disk wait15:13
tgm4883rebooting is probably your easiest solution15:14
Prelude2004cdo you mean throw some timeout on the nfs write ?15:14
=== asleepfroo is now known as _afro
Prelude2004cya but then takes down all the other sessions :(15:14
tgm4883You could let it sit there then15:14
joelioah great, made dropbear work to unlock LUKS remotely via ssh </smug mode>15:16
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tomakhi, I have a problem with the ttf font rendering in libreoffice15:24
tomakthe font is not smooth at 90 or 100% zoom level15:24
tomaki think it's this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/181135/problems-with-ttf-font-rendering-under-libreoffice15:25
tomakI tried to insert the suggested snippet to the ~/.fonts.conf file and it did not help15:26
tomakand of course, I didn't forget to restart for the change to take place15:27
tomakis there another solution, or should I modify a different file?15:28
tomakI'm on ubuntu 16.0415:28
dracconiHey guys, what is this mean (on 64 bit ubuntu 16.04)? libuuid1:i386 : Breaks: libuuid1 (!= 2.27.1-6ubuntu3) but 2.27.1-6ubuntu3.1 is installed.15:31
Bassemhow can i mount cuu file15:31
dracconiI want only install wine15:31
naccdracconi: are you using any PPAs?15:32
dracconiwine ppa's15:32
naccdracconi: ppas are not supported here, contact the ppa owner15:32
tatertotsok guys i think i've got most of the pieces of the puzzle ironed out, earned a few grey hairs in the process. I get access denied when i try logging in to ubuntu with valid domain credentials15:32
Bassemhow can i mount cue file15:32
dracconinacc: ah, its only help what mean 32 bit break 64 bit package, did you read that?15:33
tatertotsthe command realm list shows it's joined , on the server side i can see the ubuntu client in AD15:33
naccdracconi: yes, I read it. the packaging in the PPA is probably incorrect -- dunno15:33
tatertotson the ubuntu client i can even 'id user@domain' and get info back15:34
tatertotsbut cannot log in15:34
naccdracconi: it's saying that according to your system, libbuid1:i386 breaks any version of libuuid1 != 2.27.1-6ubuntu3, and you have 2.27.1-6ubuntu3.1 installed. THat's as much help as I'm willing to give15:34
dracconinacc: but will it change something, because it breaks something, i dont want to reinstall tho15:34
naccdracconi: dunno, like i said, as the ppa owner15:35
* dracconi had terrible aptitude suggestions...15:35
naccdracconi: *ask the ppa owner15:35
dracconinacc: ah, ok, so you dont help me with that simple thing...15:35
tatertotsi thought about abandoning reamld+sssd in favor of samba+winbind but i doubt it'd be any different since the ubuntu is technically joined but still can't log in15:35
naccdracconi: it's not simple, you've installed (imo) some random packages that i don't know about, can't help you there ... can only help with official ubuntu packages15:36
tatertotsI'd hate to scrap everything to move to sambe+winbind only to join the realm and still not be able to log in15:36
dracconinacc: i didnt install anything... i only need to know what this mean, what will it break15:36
dracconinacc: or its only warning i have 2 same packages15:36
naccdracconi: afaict, it's uninstallable in that state.15:37
tgm4883dracconi: debian packaging has a concept of "Breaks" where packages can state that one package breaks another so they both can't be installed at the same time15:37
dracconitgm4883: Ok, thank you my mentor :)15:37
tgm4883dracconi: for that reason, you'd need to ask the packagager (aka, the PPA owner) what it breaks15:37
dracconitgm4883: do you have idea how to install wine maybe?15:37
tgm4883dracconi: apt install wine15:37
tgm4883!info wine15:38
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu14 (xenial), package size 0 kB, installed size 6 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)15:38
dracconitgm4883: maybe is there known bugs with 16.04?15:38
naccdracconi: no, the bug is with the ppa.15:38
dracconinacc: ok, thank you15:38
tgm4883dracconi: seems to work on 16.04 here15:38
dracconitgm4883: did you add i386 arch?15:39
tgm4883dracconi: why would I do that?15:39
* tgm4883 has one of the new fangled 64-bit computers15:39
dracconitgm4883: umm, is this possible to remo this now?15:40
tgm4883dracconi: how did you add it?15:40
dracconidpkg --add-architecture i38615:41
dracconitgm4883: btw. thank you for advice about ubuntu 16.04 and nvidia :)15:41
tgm4883dracconi: have you tried... "dpkg --remove-architecture i386"15:41
dracconitgm4883: i *maybe* held some i386 packages15:42
tgm4883dracconi: why?15:42
dracconitgm4883: idk15:42
tgm4883dracconi: I really don't have time to support your randomly doing stuff15:42
tgm4883dracconi: Seems like if you had time to go "I wonder what happens if I hold these random packages" then you have time to figure out actual issues15:43
dracconiok, i leave wine15:48
capum321what is necessary to save changes to '/etc/default/grub' with '/etc/grub.d/' '10_linux' and '30_os-prober' `chmoded a-x` execution bit disable. The changes aren't taking effect. Unless `chmod'em a+x` while `updat'ing-grub` couple of times in between15:57
nacccapum321: sorry, can you rephrase your question? not sure I understand all the quotes15:58
joelionginx install broken on 16.04?16:01
joelioSetting up nginx-full (1.10.0-0ubuntu0.16.04.2) ...16:01
joelioJob for nginx.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status nginx.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.16:01
joelio.. fresh lxc container16:02
joelioah, ipv6, joy16:02
dragnadhhttp://pastie.org/10907317  how do i get those libs? i cant find them in synaptic16:02
naccdragnadh: you seemed to have ignored my response earlier. The steam that is packaged by Ubuntu (which is what would be supported here) installs fine.16:04
dragnadhyeah but i mean that package never was there16:04
naccdragnadh: what package?16:04
dragnadhi clean installed ubuntu tried finding the steam package16:04
naccdragnadh: did you enable multiverse?16:04
dragnadhin the software manager etc it was never there16:04
capum321nacc just read faster and you understand the verbalizing of commands.16:04
capum321nacc ;)16:04
dragnadhi looked if that was enabled since most googles turned that up16:05
capum321nacc don't worry i follow tutorial, so the command were correct16:05
naccdragnadh: did you run `apt update` first?16:05
nacccapum321: ah good, you followed a tutorial! so you're the expert :)16:05
capum321nacc but didn't work as expected16:06
dragnadhi did16:06
naccdragnadh: can you run `apt-cache policy steam` and pastebin it16:06
capum321nacc ? i even did some free support back on mint days!16:06
nacccapum321: i still don't understand what you are trying to do, that's what i was unable to parse16:07
capum321nacc :/16:07
nacccapum321: you've turned off execute on some scripts in /etc/grub.d and wnat to save changes to /etc/default/grub? What does the one have to do with the other?16:07
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=== exio is now known as exio4
dragnadhnacc http://pastie.org/1090736916:08
capum321nacc i don't know but i figure it out a more steps indeed way to made it work? you see. if chmod a+x those scripts are enable then /etc/default/grub change take effect on next reboot!16:09
capum321nacc, otherwise, no16:10
naccdragnadh: ok, two issues16:10
naccdragnadh: 1) steam is clearly available there16:10
naccdragnadh: well, the second is just using the steam ppa, i guess16:11
naccdragnadh: you *have* steam installed according to that16:11
arooni__anyone have suggestions for an irc client for ubuntu that's better than xchat and also is compatible with znc ?16:12
nacccapum321: i'm really having a hard time understanding you ... what are you trying to do, clearly, in one sentence?16:12
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capum321change grub_timeout and grub_default16:15
=== rolf is now known as Guest76645
Bashing-omarooni_: Check out irssi . Support in #irssi .16:16
curious482Hi everyone!  I'd like to know how exactly I can get these prebuilt files (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily-preinstalled/current/) working from Qemu on Windows, to emulate an Arm architecture running Ubuntu Core?16:17
curious482Is there some kind of special kernel image I would need?16:17
curious482I tried to start with a prebuilt Raspberry Pi Image but after copying the above files into a new raw img (after mounting them from windows, which might bork permissions) I'm not sure how to rewrite the raspberry pi's run batch file for qemu, which said:16:18
curious482qemu-system-arm.exe -M versatilepb -cpu arm1176 -hda 2012-07-15-wheezy-raspbian.img -kernel kernel-qemu -m 192 -append "root=/dev/sda2"16:18
curious482how can I change that to instead use the "ubuntucoreraw.img" file I created in Windows?  What kind of Kernel should I be using or where do I get it?16:19
curious482Thanks so much for any help.16:19
ducassecurious482: try #ubuntu-arm16:20
nacccapum321: and you can't just edit /etc/grub/default?16:20
nacccapum321: and then run `update-grub` ?16:20
capum321nacc i am a expert, i follow tutorials out there don't you know that!?! haha16:32
capum321nacc didn't work when I set the script chmod a-x16:33
nacccapum321: what script? why are you mucking with permissions?16:33
nacccapum321: you don't need to do that to simply set those values16:33
SchrodingersScatwho are you and what are you doing16:33
capum32110_linux 20_memtest86+ 30_os-prober scripts16:33
capum321because i have edited 40_custom too16:33
capum321thats why16:34
nacccapum321: what does editing those scripts have to do with changing their permissions?16:34
Joniihello. I did kinda ugly reinstall of Ubuntu 16.04 as it broke pretty bad16:34
JoniiAnd as a result, I manually, after installation, cleared lots of partitions from my disk. Including swap partition. Now, my ubuntu boots really slowly16:35
nacccapum321: you said you wanted to "change grub_timeout and grub_default", yes? All you need to do is edit /etc/default/grub and then run `update-grub`.16:35
JoniiI'm thinking it's because ubuntu searches for that swap partition which no longer exists16:35
capum321oh lawd, well, if you change 40_custom to make grub entries look like what you want, the moment you update-grub with those scripts execute bit enable, they will override your changes to default]16:35
JoniiAny easy way to fix this? If I manually make a new swap partition, for example?16:35
tgm4883Jonii: do you have a swap partition listed in /etc/fstab ?16:36
nacccapum321: 40_custom is for adding extra grub entries, not for changing the format of existing grub entries16:36
Joniitgm4883: a cryptswap thing, yes16:36
JoniiCryptswaps confuse me so dunno16:37
JoniiIt says in comments that a swap existed during installation16:37
tgm4883Jonii: well you could try creating a new swap partition, but I'd check what is actually making your boot slow first16:37
Joniibut the line is commented out which contains its uuid, and it only has /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 none swap sw 0 0 line16:37
Joniitgm4883: well, i'm like 40% sure it's the swap, and I figured it's way easier to make a working swap or to disable the swap than do any deeper forensics16:38
tgm4883Jonii: "systemd-analyze blame"16:38
Jonii21s apt-daily.service16:39
Jonii7s dev-sda6.device16:39
Joniii thought that command was a joke :D16:40
tgm4883systemd does have some neat built in tools16:41
tgm4883Jonii: you can also get a graphical view by doing "systemd-analyze plot > plot.svg"16:41
tgm4883Jonii: So apt-daily is taking a long time to run it semes16:41
tgm4883that sda6 does as well16:42
tgm4883Jonii: is sda6 your swap?16:42
craigbass76do I need to make a partition on a thumb drive first, or can I just dd if=... of=... and make it into a bootable drive?16:44
akikcraigbass76: dd will create everything for you16:45
craigbass76akik, That's what I was thinking, just figured I'd ask before I pulled the trigger16:46
Joniitgm4883: actually the numbers are all messed up. sda6 is where my / is now16:46
Joniifstab remembers different numbers16:46
tgm4883Jonii: fstab should be working off UUID, not device numbers16:47
tgm4883Jonii: what does 'lsblk' look like?16:48
Joniiuuid is entirely incorrect16:48
Joniioh, wait, no it isn't16:48
JoniiIt's correct, it remembers where root is.16:50
Joniicrypttab has uuid as well, which I presume dose not exist16:50
wally___anyone familiar with mounting MyCloud via nfs on 16.04?16:51
tgm4883Jonii: might be worth checking /var/log/syslog and see if there are any errors that point somewhere16:51
Joniicouldn't I just disable swap somehow? :/16:51
JoniiI'm now like 60% sure that it would save me16:51
tgm4883Jonii: you could try just commenting out that line in fstab and rebooting16:52
Joniitgm4883: you don't think crypttab file / crypttab line affects this?16:52
A-dry_is someone here using rabbitvcs for ubuntu 16.04?16:53
A-dry_I cannot get it working with a SVN Repo16:53
naccA-dry_: what happens?16:54
A-dry_it chrashes with error -11 when i try to chechout16:56
A-dry_the Debug log just shows -11, no further error code or sth16:56
sveriHi, since today or yesterday I cannot start eclipse anymore when connecting via RDP. I get a segfault message. When starting with gdb and running eclipsse there I get this message: program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. awmemchr () at ../sysdeps/x86_64/rawmemchr.S:37. 37      ../sysdeps/x86_64/rawmemchr.S: File not found. any ideas what is going on here?16:58
naccA-dry_: using the ubuntu version or their PPA?16:58
A-dry_nacc: yes, right16:59
A-dry_are someone having the same issue?16:59
naccA-dry_: ? that was an either/or question16:59
dragnadhnacc http://pastie.org/1090742516:59
naccdragnadh: why are you running taht script?17:00
naccdragnadh: just run `steam`17:00
Joniitgm4883: commented the line out from crypttab file as well, and now the computer boots instantly17:00
dragnadhjust gives shutdown17:00
dragnadhatleast there i see what errors17:01
tgm4883Jonii: nice17:01
A-dry_I'm using the PPA, sorry17:01
naccA-dry_: does it happen with the ubuntu package? you'll need to consult the ppa owner for support of a ppa package17:02
naccdragnadh: i'm not sure what you did, or why. You had steam installed, according to your `apt-cache policy output`. Rather than run steam, it seems like you added a PPA, and then are running a shell script to start steam. In my system, I installed steam from multiverse and I can either use the GUI menus or run `steam` and it launches fine.17:03
XardIn ubuntu 16.04 if I set the unity launcher to auto-hide and use "Top left corner" as Reveal location the Reveal sensitivity doesn17:04
naccA-dry_: i can try reproducing with the ubuntu pacakge, i have it installed in a LXD container; what's the command you run (feel free to pastebin it)17:04
Xarddoesn't seem to be very responsive even with "Reveal sensitivty" set to maximum :<17:04
A-dry_nacc: let me run some tests and I'll be back soon17:05
naccA-dry_: np17:05
A-dry_nacc: thanks a lot for being offering your help!17:05
kali_yugai'm using kde. my system tray "network" icon doesn't change. It just keeps the default one. before it always changed too now it doesn't anymore17:09
Egyptian[Web]hi - after installing ubuntu lts i run apt-get uprade and it updates my kernel. i need a specific version for my application. how do i tell apt to never upgrade the kernel in the future?17:09
jerichowasahoaxI'm looking to harden my 16.04 server. Any good checklists?17:10
Bashing-omEgyptian[Web]: One can tell the system which kernel is the default booting kenel .17:11
OerHeks!pinning | Egyptian[Web]17:11
ubottuEgyptian[Web]: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto17:11
BlapeBlopsEgyptian[Web]: Not sure if you can but it isn't hard to recompile your own Kernel. Maybe you can make a script that uses a really specific version of the kernel whenever you run upgrade17:11
OerHeksno need for compiling kernel though ..17:12
tgm4883That's hardly ever necessary17:12
OerHekskali_yuga, why should your network icon change?? while changing a theme?17:13
ActionParsnipjerichowasahoax: https://www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/how-secure-ubuntu-1604-lts-server-part-1-basics17:14
jerichowasahoaxActionParsnip: Thank you17:14
naccEgyptian[Web]: why are you so sensitive to kernel version?17:15
OerHeksActionParsnip, i found some handy tips here too, especially with firewall and such https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-on-ubuntu-16-0417:15
Egyptian[Web]no no .. i dont want to recompile. ubuntu provides a workable version already . ..17:15
naccEgyptian[Web]: if you dont' update your kernel, you'll miss out on security fixes17:15
Egyptian[Web]nacc: ask the devs! /rof17:15
OerHeksif an app needs a specific kernel ( and not higher) , drop that app.17:16
naccyeah, it seems fundamentally broken17:16
naccand also violates the separation a kernel is trying to provide17:16
Egyptian[Web]OerHeks: i wish .. anyways .. i see apt pin and apt hold but nothing  to say this specific version is the one to use17:17
naccEgyptian[Web]: it can be a major security problem to not update your kernel ever, I really would not suggest you do that.17:18
naccEgyptian[Web]: if there is some API or other regression in your application due to an Ubuntu kernel update, file a bug17:18
Egyptian[Web]nacc: thanks for the word of advice17:18
tgm4883what app is this?17:20
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drupalproI'm on a ubuntu 12.04 and currently I can't ping anything outside. ping  shows a network not reachable. my ifconfig settings look like this: http://prntscr.com/bswrnr  -- im not sure what to do to troubleshoot this.17:28
naccdrupalpro: you don't seem to have a default route (afaict)17:29
naccdrupalpro: did this happen all of a sudden?17:29
ActionParsnipdrupalpro: can you ping your default gateway?17:29
drupalprobut i never changed anything. it was working fine a few days ago.17:29
drupalproyea just out of no where it stopped working.17:29
drupalproi tried rebooting.17:30
drupalprowhere do i see my gateway ?17:30
naccdrupalpro: it'd probably be
drupalprohow do i set this default route?17:30
ActionParsnipdrupalpro: IP=$(/sbin/ip route | awk '/default/ { print $3 }'); echo $IP17:31
drupalpronacc, where do u get that # from ?17:31
naccActionParsnip: no default route on their system17:31
naccdrupalpro: just based off typical network configs and your IP17:31
ActionParsnipnacc: that'll do it17:31
ActionParsnipdrupalpro: reboot router (leave it off for a good 30 seconds) then reboot your PC17:31
drupalproim on a vps node17:32
naccsomething like `ip route add default via dev eth0`; but that shouldn't be necessary to do manually17:32
drupalproim logged in via the web browser console page17:33
ActionParsnipdrupalpro: I'd ask your provider what to set it as. It should get set via DHCP17:33
drupalproActionParsnip, just did your command.. got nothing: http://prntscr.com/bswu4117:33
ActionParsnipdrupalpro: yes, your system doesnt know where to shove traffic to get web access17:34
drupalpromy provider is vps.net --- so i have to ask them? but why was it working find a few days ago? did the provider change something ?17:35
capum321nacc i am back17:35
ActionParsnipdrupalpro: pretty much, something happened17:35
capum321nacc if 40_custom is to append17:35
capum321then how to change existing entries?17:36
drupalprohmm.. i see a rebuild network button on the page. let me try tat.17:36
drupalprothanks for the leads.17:36
nacccapum321: what do you want to change in the entries?17:36
capum321just the title content between single quotes17:37
curlearsgreets.  When booted under 14.04.4 Live DVD, where do I look for the storage device filenames?  I though they were under /dev, but I can't find them there.  I know the system sees them, because I can see them on my louncher bar on the side of the GUI screen17:37
dragnadhnacc, i installed it from the ubuntu thing like you said and now get http://pastie.org/1090744917:38
drupalproActionParsnip, ok that did it... rebuilt network button on the vps page17:39
drupalproall this time ....17:39
curlearsAhh, I found them./   under /media/ubuntu/17:39
ActionParsnipdrupalpro: coolio, all better ?17:40
nacccapum321: can i ask why you want to change the title? for linux, i blieve the title is defined in /etc/grub.d/10_linux17:41
curlearshey there, nacc!17:41
naccdragnadh: what do you mean you installed it from the ubuntu thing? it was already installed on your system (per your prior output)17:42
capum321because i have Lubuntu and the title says Lubuntu and also Advanced modes for Ubuntu the second submenu17:42
capum321says Ubuntu17:42
nacccapum321: can you rephrase that? Are you saying because it says "Ubuntu" and you want it to say "Lubuntu"?17:43
capum321its reads Ubuntu17:44
nacccapum321: afaict, from a grub menu perspective there is no difference between Ubuntu and Lubuntu (that's purely a WM/DE thing)17:44
capum321it reads Ubuntu and I would like to be Lubuntu17:44
curlearscapum321: so much worry over a minor cosmetic issue...17:45
nacccapum321: did you intsall lubuntu or the lubuntu-desktop metapackage?17:45
capum321i installed lubuntu distro17:46
nacccapum321: ok17:47
nacccapum321: i don't have a lubuntu install handy, but i guess you'd modify /etc/grub.d/10_linux to set the OS variable. Then run `update-grub`. BUt I don't think ti's worth doing17:48
capum321So can edit those scripts? i mean other than 40_custom ?17:49
nacccapum321: as root you can do whatever you want to your system17:49
nacccapum321:  you can edit 40_custom too17:49
nacccapum321: you just should know what you're doing.17:49
capum321no, let's be safe side17:49
nacccapum321: then don't edit them at all :)17:49
capum321that was against my will indeed17:50
nacccapum321: you said "safe side", it's safer to not edit system configuration files than to edit them17:51
capum321safe "tweak" side17:52
nacccapum321: tweaking grub configuration is never that safe imo. If it can't be changed in /etc/default/grub, it's not worth doing17:53
baizonguys, can someone help me? im getting this error: warning: "Sector 32 is already in use by the program `FlexNet'; avoiding it.  This software may cause boot or other problems in future.  Please ask its authors not to store data in the boot track"17:54
baizoni never did install anything from flexnet17:54
nils_baizon, when are you getting this error, what are you trying to do?17:54
baizonnils_: since my last update (apt-get upgrade)17:55
nils_baizon, do you know at what step?17:55
BeachBallI have installed vsftpd on a fresh install of ubuntu 16.something server - I have a useraccount with password setup, I have uncommected write_enable = YES in config and restarted the service - it fails the logon17:55
capum321nacc ok thanks i will find more adventureous tutorials to me tweak this thing though17:56
baizonnils_: i guess grup-update17:56
akikbaizon: flexnet is a license management software17:56
nacccapum321: i already told you what you need to tweak?17:56
nils_baizon, yeah or grub-install17:56
baizonakik: but i dont have anything from them?17:56
BeachBallmy password for the user is 5Bev?6V7sAu+ZJfZn$#5n_G=MEPUFE could that be causing a problem with vsftpd?17:56
nils_baizon, I would suggest you wipe the boot sector ;)17:57
OerHeksbaizon,  some software, adobe photoshop installs flexnet iirc17:57
capum321nacc sure thing, you sound very confident, "i guess..."17:57
nils_but it'll destroy flexnet.17:57
baizonOerHeks: i dont have windows, or wine17:57
capum321nacc or is it a manner of speak?17:57
nacccapum321: i'm not willing to test it locally, as i don't think it's worth doing. Changing the OS variable assignment should do what you want17:58
OerHeksbaizon, Adobe Photoshop, CAD/CAM, Rosetta Stone, Matlab or others17:58
baizonOerHeks: i got none of them17:58
OerHeksso what 3th party software is that, or maybe it is installed on windows 7/8/10 .. gives same result17:59
capum321nacc have a great time17:59
OerHeks*as it writes sector3217:59
baizonOerHeks: i dont have windows. I'm pure on ubuntu, thats why i curious what it can be17:59
nicomachusbaizon: did the machine ever have windows? possibly a small recovery partition?18:00
baizonnicomachus: yes it has windows a year ago18:01
baizonnicomachus: but why did it pop up this day?18:01
nicomachusnon-serious probably unlikely answer that someone'll yell at me for: the Windows 10 bogeyman18:01
OerHeksadobereader perhaps ..18:02
newbie|2any updates on fan speed for 16.0418:03
newbie|2for laptops18:03
BlapeBlopsIs it higher on 16.04?18:04
k1lnewbie|2: that is device specific. most times its best to make sure the bios is uptodate18:04
newbie|2fans speed goes up and down18:04
newbie|2it is a lenova18:04
BlapeBlopsMore variability in fan speeds than on 14?18:04
newbie|214.10 fan speed was no issue18:04
OerHeksup and down sounds good. better than full speed default.18:05
k1lnewbie|2: maybe you need to clean the laptop from dust.18:05
stevenhow can one read rfc's locally? I installed doc-rfc and it drops a bunch of gz files on the fs but how do I actually read those rfc's?18:07
user12Can someone help me with my computer? it stalled downloading the 16.04 update and now it won't access the internet or bring up the GUI18:10
Pinkamena_DHello, strange question here. I am using the unity default interface (compiz installed) I often end up opening a large amount of GNOME terminals for my work, and when I click to choose one I see many screens that look the same. (not sure what the unity effect is called where all windows are shown 'zoomed out' for you to choose from) Usually they do not seem to be in order very well. Can I sort this 'zoomed out choose a18:10
Pinkamena_Dwindow' view by date opened or date used?18:10
Alecsuser12, do you use amd closed source drivers?18:11
user12yeah i have x86_64 architecture18:11
WooHoouser12, did you try the command 'startx' ?18:11
Alecswell, those drivers won't work on 16.0418:11
k1lWooHoo: user12 dont run startx on ubuntu. start the dm (lightdm) to start the xserver18:12
jinxi1how do I know what driver I am using for my nvidia card?18:12
user12Thats the problem 'lightdm' won't start as a daemon on my computer18:12
user12i tried to kill the service and restart it but it won't  restart18:13
Alecsremove fglrx18:13
Alecsfollow this guide http://askubuntu.com/questions/68306/how-do-i-remove-the-proprietary-ati-drivers#6831218:13
k1luser12: boot without "splash quiet" as kernerl parameters and see where it errors18:13
user12honestly i think I'm going to try to reinstall 14.04 at this point18:14
user12i have it back up on a low graphics interface, who can i get it rerunning again?18:15
k1luser12: so what video card is it?18:16
user12k11 i can't tell you now because I can access the terminal from the mode I'm in now18:17
=== curlears is now known as curlyears
user12how can I convert an .iso file to a bootable USB from the command line? that way i can just boot up a new one and try again18:20
alt^255Hi. Is it possible that in ubuntu 16.04, running system() in a program suid or setgid will drop the privileges18:22
Loshkiuser12: modern images can just be dd'ed to a usb stick. And if you have the right version of grub, you can boot directly from the iso on disk.18:22
user12what version of Grub would I need to do that? i already have a .iso on my usb18:23
=== siopsys is now known as siopsys14
sojausI have been trying to install uTox but can't manage to do it correctly. I am on xubuntu 16.04 32bit and this build "installs" but then doesn't appear anywhere in menus or .files https://build.tox.chat/view/uTox/job/uTox_pkg_linux_deb_shared_xenial_x86_nightly_release/18:24
=== siopsys14 is now known as siopsys
sojausIf I take it from the github and extract it I get an executable which I can run...but I don't know where to put it. I tried to put it in /bin but nothing changes. I don't want to run it from the downlaods folder and want it to appear in menus.18:25
k1luser12: use "dd" to burn it to a usb on terminal18:26
cyourceHi, I'm using Ubuntu on WSL - how can I permenantly save exported env. vars via commands18:26
sojausi am not real clear on the file system so please use noob directions18:26
sojaushere is the github I used V18:26
sojausoops sorry https://github.com/GrayHatter/uTox18:27
cyourcehelp would be awesome18:30
user12k11 what would the command look like if the iso was within the usb as opposed to the Desktop?18:32
OerHekssojaus, open terminal, cd Downloads , ./utox [enter]18:33
sojausso I make a dot file in my home folder?18:33
sojausdo I just drop the executable in it or is there more to it?18:33
k1luser12: sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdx where sdx is the usb. but it will erase the whole usb.18:34
OerHekssojaus, they should provide you a launcher, now you have to make it yourself >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles18:34
user12a;right thank you.  just ran that.  hope it workds18:34
sojausOerHeks: I don't quite understand ./  I have seen .file in hidden places but I don't understand ./18:35
sojausisn't /  my home directory?18:35
EriC^^/home/<user> is your home directory18:36
MonkeyDustsojaus  no, ~ means home18:36
EriC^^~/ is your home18:36
linuxfoolHey everyone. If I am running Ubuntu server on a machine without a GUI, can I SSH into the server from a machine capable of running GUI applications and run GUI applications from the server but displayed on the client that I SSH'd into from?18:36
sojausok so if I make ./uTox where would I find that?18:36
EriC^^linuxfool: yeah, with x-forwarding, if it's enabled18:36
MonkeyDustlinuxfool  no, because server doen not run X18:37
naccsojaus: ./ just means run 'uTox' as found in . (the current directory)18:37
OerHeksto start from bash, you need ./ in front of the name, else you add it to your path18:37
EriC^^ssh -X user@host18:37
sojausooohhh. I thought I was making a dirctory to put that extracted executable in18:37
nacclinuxfool: yes, you can, it may need configuration or installation of pacakges as EriC^^ and MonkeyDust are saying18:37
user12alright it didn't work k1118:37
sojausis there a way to manually place that executable where it would go with a proper package installation?18:38
OerHekssojaus, you can, place it in /opt/  and it will be available for all users on that machine18:38
user12i got the error 'isolinux.bin not found/corrupted'18:38
sojausOerHeks: thanks will try that18:38
user12how would i fix that18:38
nacclinuxfool: although, my typical response is if you're running on a server without a GUI, why is it running applicatiosn with a GUI?18:38
k1luser12: that is not an ubuntu iso18:38
naccOerHeks: hrm, really? /opt isn't on my users's path by default18:38
linuxfoolEriC^^: So as long as I have the correct packages installed on the server and client, I can run something like firefox using the server's resources on a client through SSH even though the server would be unable to run Friefox since it doesn't have a GUI?18:39
user12i downloaded it from http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/18:39
nacclinuxfool: running firefox remotely is a terrible idea :)18:39
OerHeksnacc, true, it isnt, next step would be make a group for that app, and add users to it18:39
k1luser12: and its called "isolinux.bin"?18:39
user12k11 maybe it got corrupted?18:39
naccOerHeks: ack, just checking18:39
sojausOerHeks: do I need to make a directory for it or just drop the executable there? The only thing in there now is a printer driver directory18:39
naccOerHeks: just didn't want sojaus to think that was all that was needed18:40
user12not exactly let me get the exact file name18:40
tgm4883linuxfool: I'm almost certain that whatever you're trying to do, that you are doing it wrong18:40
OerHekssojaus, make a propper folder for it.18:40
linuxfoolnacc: I need to run a small little program that's not very graphically intensive but I'm also using the server to PXE boot a few laptops. I'd like to have everything running off one server18:40
k1luser12: use tab-completion to make sure you dont have typos18:40
nacclinuxfool: but what does that have to do with firefox? :)18:40
OerHekssojaus, that would be easier to handle, making a (user)group for that app18:40
curlyearsI am confused.  I type dd -if=<.isoname> of=/media/ubuntu/ADATA\ UDF  and I get the following error message:  dd: failed to open ‘/media/ubuntu/ADATA UFD/’: Is a directory18:41
sojauswhen I was digging around I found /bin was full of all the app executables...why is that not the right place for this?18:41
naccsojaus: /bin and /usr/bin are meant to be for packages installed by your OS, not for things built from source, etc.18:41
user12the error message reads 'isolinux.bin missing or corrupt' k1118:41
sojausI don't quite understand where everything is put when the system installs for me...so trying to grasp it18:41
EriC^^curlyears: dd expects a filename not a dir18:41
naccsojaus: that way those directories are under the control of the package manager (apt/dpkg)18:41
linuxfoolIt doesn't, I was using it as an example. The program I want to run is a small little  3MB poker program with a very simple interface. No 3D graphics or antying, but the program has to be run off a server so clients can access it in a browser using a local IP address18:41
EriC^^of=/dev/something curlyears18:41
kyle__How do you get ntp into ubuntu server now?  My 16.04 laptop has it, but I don't see the packages when I search on my server.18:42
sojausnacc: so if I manually place an executable in /bin what will happen? Nothing?18:42
k1luser12: why is it talking about isolinux.bin?18:42
linuxfooland the adminstrator panel is a simple interface but it is graphical18:42
nacc!info ntp xenial | kyle__18:42
ubottukyle__: ntp (source: ntp): Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs. In component main, is optional. Version 1:4.2.8p4+dfsg-3ubuntu5 (xenial), package size 513 kB, installed size 1612 kB18:42
linuxfoolplus it's a windows only file so I need to run it through wine18:42
nacckyle__: server and deskopt use the same packages18:42
curlyearsEric^:   I am trying to dd the 16.04 installer onto my USB drive.  That is the name the USB drive is listed under for the media devices18:42
user12i don't know why; the boot screen says that when i try to boot from usb18:42
EriC^^curlyears: that might be the mountpoint18:43
naccsojaus: it would also work, but you'd be making your system harder to maintain18:43
k1luser12: .....18:43
kyle__nacc: I'm confused.  apt-cache search ntp returns nothing on my newly installed server.18:43
EriC^^curlyears: try the name at the start, sdc1 or sdb1 etc, like /dev/sdc118:43
tgm4883curlyears: you need to point it at the device, not the mount point18:43
k1luser12: i thought you were talking about the dd command giving an error.18:43
nacckyle__: have you run `apt update` ?18:43
kyle__Yes.  And installed many things so far.18:43
EriC^^curlyears: actually just the disk, not the partition, so /dev/sdc /dev/sdb ...18:43
user12no no i already did the 'dd' command18:43
kyle__Well, my chef recipes have.18:44
sojausnacc: so anything I do manually needs to go in /opt then? also why did the printer drivers install to /opt? I didnt move them there18:44
user12i was trying to boot from the usb now18:44
k1luser12: where did you dd the the file to exactly? /dev/... ?18:44
sojausim struggling understanding the FS and feel stupid18:44
curlyearsEric^:  I am trying to creat a bootable 16.04 installer.  I donm't have access to my DVD writer, so I have to do it via USB.  What is the correct dd command to accomplish this?  the if="ubuntu16<blah>.iso18:44
nacckyle__: apt-cache search ntp on my system produces 161 lines here :/18:44
tgm4883sojaus: 'man hier'18:44
nacctgm4883: nice one18:44
tgm4883sojaus: that explains the filesystem18:44
Apachezin ubuntu 16.04, where do I alter which Hz the gfx card will output to the monitor?18:44
tgm4883the directory structure I mean, not the filesystem18:44
sojaustgm4883: thanks18:44
user12i dd the file to /media/usb,  which i mounted /dev/sdb1 to so i could access the usb18:45
Apachezsuddently the builtin intel gfx on a laptop seems to operate at 40Hz'ish instead of the regular 60 Hz...18:45
sojausis fs and directory structure not the same thing?18:45
linuxfoolAnd if that's not the best idea, should I just run it off a desktop instead?18:45
kyle__nacc: Doh!  My chef recipes change the sources.list file to a specific mirror, and apparently hadn't run update afterwards.18:45
naccsojaus: /opt is recommended, yes; or possible /usr/local18:45
nicomachuscurlyears: why not just use Startup Disk Creator instead of dd?18:45
tgm4883sojaus: nope18:45
k1luser12: that is all wrong18:45
user12how so?18:45
naccsojaus: fs = filesystem (btrfs, zfs, etc) and directory structure is the layout of directories (agnostic to fs type)18:45
k1luser12: you need to dd it to "/dev/sdb" not /dev/sdb1" or /media/usb.18:46
curlyearsnicomachus: good question.  Because I didn't know there was such a utility? (and will it write a bootable installer to my USB thumb?)18:46
sojausnacc: see this confuses me when you can do it more than one way. I will use the example of themes. I put them in /usr/share/themes but others told me to make a new themes directory in home18:46
naccsojaus: you should not be mucking /usr/share generally18:46
nicomachuscurlyears: yes, it will. just search for it in the Dash.18:46
naccsojaus: taht is under the control of packages18:46
user12why does it have to be /dev/sdb ?  I cd'd to the usb and 'ls' shows the files from it18:46
naccsojaus: there are often multiple ways of doing things.Some are "better" than others for maintainability18:47
sojausnacc: also can you clear up how people use / ? I thought this was root....but I see people type this as home as well18:47
k1luser12: because that is how  this stuff on the terminal works.18:47
naccsojaus: ? / is the root fileysystem directory18:47
user12alright ill try that18:47
k1luser12: i told you to dd to the bare usb. and that it will erase the whole usb.18:47
naccsojaus: unrelated to the user "root" or anything to dow ith "home"18:47
MaybeANameI'm trying to use binfmt-support to run an i386 binary on a Raspberry Pi, doesn't need to be fast just needs to run18:48
nacclinuxfool: typically, a server is running server-like stuff18:48
tgm4883sojaus: / by itself is never home, are you sure it wasn't ~/18:48
nacclinuxfool: if your server is goign to run a graphical application, it will need the deps for the graphical application to run, i assume18:48
sojaustgm4883: perhaps I misread yes18:48
MaybeANameI have qemu-user-static, binfmt-support, and I've added the i386 architecture with dpkg --add-architecture18:48
MaybeANameAnd shows up as a foreign architecture. Also added the non ports repos, and done apt-get update, but, apt install libc6:i386 fails18:49
MaybeANameAny ideas? Says it isn't found18:49
sojausso if / is root what is the root directory under /?18:49
tgm4883sojaus: the root users home directory18:49
curlyearsOK. *FINALLY* creating a bootable USB installer thumb18:49
naccsojaus: you mean /root? that is the root user's home directory18:49
sojauswhat is that for? I thought when you were running as root it was only for system wide changes...why would you need a user directory when root?18:50
tgm4883sojaus: technically, / is just the top of the directory tree. We just always call it the root directory (since the base of a tree is the root)18:50
k1lsojaus: on ubuntu there is no root user account with login. so that user doesnt exist in that way. that is why we use sudo.18:50
tgm4883sojaus: many reasons the root user needs a home directory. For instance, what if the root user needs an SSH key? Where would you store it if there wasn't a home directory for the root user?18:51
curlyearsit seems to be about 1/2 finished18:51
curlyearsI will disappear for a while, as I am going to attempt to install 16.04 on this beast18:51
sojausso my home folder is my media and profile settings right?18:52
curlyearsnacc, K1l_:    wish me luck!!!!!!!18:52
tgm4883sojaus: it contains those things generally, yes18:52
sojausmine is 50GB...could I paste that in place of a home folder on another installation and it would work?18:53
tgm4883sojaus: generally yes18:53
sojausif I wanted to do a manual backup to extermal drives is that a reasonable way? Just copy my entire home folder?18:54
MonkeyDustsojaus  that's how i do it, with rsync18:54
EriC^^+1 rsync18:54
tgm4883sojaus: if you were moving it to the same version of ubuntu, it wouldn't have issues. If you were moving it to a different version or OS, you might run into some minor issues18:54
tgm4883sojaus: yes, I'd run tar or something instead of rsync for a proper backup18:54
sojausSo whats the way to save things that avoids issues?18:54
k1lbecause the system can be isntalled easily with a iso again. you can save a list a installed packages and some settings in /etc too18:54
sojaussay you went to another flavor of ubuntu etc18:55
sojausand would it matter if you went from 32bit 16.04 to 64bit in this case?18:55
k1lsojaus: you can change to another flavor with installing the other desktop18:55
naccafaict, the supported flavors use the same base packages, so that should translate, as long as you are on the same version of the pacakge18:55
tgm4883sojaus: no need to reinstall for a different flavor, just install the -desktop package from the repos18:56
naccsojaus: bitness shouldn't matter either (again, presuming same versions)18:56
sojauswould anything in my 32bit home folder settings mess up on a 64bit install?18:56
sojausok thanks18:56
sojaustgm4883: does doing it that way make things "messier"? since different flavors have different defaults? Like right now Ihave Xubuntu16.04...if I installed xfce on ubuntu 16.04 would it be identical to xubuntu 16.04 or would it have ubuntu apps and settings with xfce desktop?18:57
tgm4883you'd have both sets of apps installed18:57
sojausI have read removing default apps can cause issues...is this true?18:58
tgm4883depends on the default app18:58
tgm4883removing systemd would cause issues18:58
sojaustheses sites said dependencies can be messed up or removed18:59
sojausif you delete default apps...not systemd etc but say like a mail client or broswer that is default18:59
tgm4883sojaus: nothing bad should happen provided you look at what it's trying to do18:59
sojaustgm4883: problem is I don't know what stuff does well enough. say there is a default media player and I want to remove it and put another. can removing it mess up the system due to this dependency thing?19:00
tgm4883sojaus: most likely no19:00
sojausid have to find the link again for the example they used but it was something like this where removing this default application took something improtant with it and screwed up the isntall19:01
tgm4883sojaus: yea find the link19:01
tgm4883I'd like to see that19:01
=== zen is now known as Guest93874
sojaustgm4883: I was trying to find a way to install the base system and then add apps I want...I found xubuntu core but am not sure I'd end up better off doing that over the full install and removing/replacing19:02
sojausi didn't want to end up with a bunch of detritus and messed up settings19:02
tgm4883sojaus: you could install ubuntu server and install stuff from there19:03
sojaustgm4883: how bare bones is that? I would like something that has the xfce desktop and normal utilities and system apps...but let me choose the apps like browser and media players and that stuff19:04
tgm4883sojaus: it starts as command line only19:04
sojausoowff....too much for me then19:04
tgm4883sojaus: personally, I'd just install the default install and customize from there19:05
sojausI am discovering that things get left behind when I remove things with apt-get purge or with the software center...it doesn't remove bits in my home directory hidden files19:06
sojausis cleaning this up maually the only way?19:06
jilocasin0afternoon all19:06
xanguasojaus: yes19:06
naccsojaus: your home directory is not under the pureview of the package manager19:06
jilocasin0anyone know how I can get the software updater to stop trying to install updates for a kernel I'm not running?19:07
naccjilocasin0: what do you mean?19:07
sojausI am never sure where things will be...seems .config .cache .gconf and .local  often have bits left19:07
jilocasin0nacc: running 4.6.2, keep getting security updates for 4.4.019:07
naccsojaus: those are all in your home directory, and which is used is technically application-specific19:07
sojausis there no way to all at once remove those bits?19:07
naccjilocasin0: so you'r enot running an Ubuntu kernel?19:07
k1ljilocasin0: remove "linux-generic" then19:08
k1ljilocasin0: but those updates are there for a reason. if you use mainline or other kernels you need to take care of that of your own19:08
tgm4883sojaus: you could just leave them...19:08
jilocasin0nacc: I had to update to the 4.6 branch as my skylake processor isn't fully supported under 4.4 (esp Intel HD graphics)19:08
tgm4883ah, know that issue19:08
sojaustgm4883: it feels "dirty" with crap laying around...they will have no effect though?19:09
tgm4883sojaus: that's why they are hidden :)19:09
jilocasin0running 4.6.2-040602-generic #201606100516 SMP19:09
naccjilocasin0: you can remove linux-generic and that should remove linux-image-generic, etc.19:09
k1lsojaus: its just a few bytes. dont mind them19:09
naccjilocasin0: right there is an issue, 4.6.4 is out19:09
naccjilocasin0: so you're possibly missing updates already :)19:09
jilocasin0nacc: but I definately don't need 68MB of 4.4 updates.19:10
naccjilocasin0: ok, so do the removal as suggested, but also update your kernel to be current19:10
k1ljilocasin0: we told you already what to do19:10
sojausso when I use apt-get or software center to install things...it puts the executable in /bin and the desktop launcher part in /usr/share/applicaitons and the settings in a dot file in home right?19:10
naccsojaus: no, it puts an executable in /usr/bin19:10
jilocasin0k1I:removing generic won't remove the one I'm using (which is also -generic)19:11
sojausnacc: so what are the executables in /bin?19:11
tgm4883sojaus: no, it puts settings generally in /etc19:11
jilocasin0here goes nothin.....19:11
naccsojaus: did you *read* `man hier` ?19:11
naccsojaus: as suggested a while back19:11
tgm4883it literally spells it out for you :)19:11
k1ljilocasin0: its a metapackage. if you remove that apt autoremove should clean the rest19:11
sojausyes....I see the decriptions...but its hard for me to visualise...I am very visual not good at text19:11
tgm4883It's hard to visualize "This directory contains executable programs which are needed in single user mode and to bring the system up or repair it."19:12
sojausits why I am struggling with command line and do better with discoverable guis...I am trying to look through the directories in thunar and understand where things are19:12
sojausand why19:12
naccsojaus: you should, if you really want to learn this, learn to use the terminal and understand the text19:12
naccit's not really a GUI-oriented thing19:12
sojausnacc: I am trying...19:12
tgm4883sojaus: Why are you trying to learn all this?19:12
tgm4883I feel like we're past the point of a random curiosity19:13
naccsojaus: generally, applications put 'default' settings in /etc or /usr/ somewhere. When they are first run by a given user, the application creates something in ~/ which has the users's customizations. But that's not owned by the pakcage manager but by the executable itself19:13
CodeMouse92sojaus: I'm coming in VERY late on the convo, so I have no context, but "The Linux Command Line" by William Shotts is superb for learning the Linux command line. (Online version is free) linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php/19:14
sojaustgm4883: I have had a lot of issues tyring to isntall things and getting answers has led to more quesitons so I am trying to understand why fixes will or wont work and to not feel so frustrated when things donpt just "work"19:14
curlyearsoff to try installinfg 16.04   back in a while19:14
tgm4883sojaus: ok19:14
deephi friends ...i was trying to set some env variables in bashrc as a result of whcih i am getting this error on each and every command19:15
sojauswith OSX I just dragged the dmg into the app folder and never understoof where anything was....its not always that simple with linux19:15
deepCommand 'ssh' is available in '/usr/bin/ssh'19:15
deepThe command could not be located because '/usr/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable.19:15
tgm4883sojaus: and with good reason19:15
sojausand when things dont happen like a tutorial says I feel lost19:15
deepcan anyone tell me what went wrong with already executing commands and files19:15
sojausand dont always understand the resolution19:15
tgm4883sojaus: you'd need to post the link to the tutorial19:16
we_are_onedeep #bash19:16
tgm4883deep: nobody can tell you whats wrong with something that you don't post19:16
naccdeep: what did you change? in ~/.bashrc or /etc/bashrc? sounds like you modified your PATH incorrectly19:16
=== capri is now known as zz_capri
sojaussure I didnt save them unfortunately. An example would be trying to install veracrypt. I had issues with the main page method. I found a ppa method that some said was good andsome said not. then I found a command line method that DID work so I saved it19:17
deepnacc, ~/.bashrc19:17
naccdeep: ok, what did you change?19:17
deepwe_are_one,  i didnt get it  #bash ...19:17
deepi added haddop env vars in it19:17
sojausI see different direcitons as to where and how to put things...and I can never be sure if its just opinion or if there is a turly important reason19:18
sojausso trying to learn where things SHOULD go19:18
jilocasin0apparently we are up to 4.6.4...19:19
tgm4883sojaus: which is where 'man hier' comes in19:19
totesHey guys whats the goto site for sharing small packaged configuration files ect?19:19
tgm4883sojaus: I suggest you read that, then let us know if you have question after that19:19
sojausanother is Tor Browser...I got it from the software center...but then I read from Tor saying you shouldnt use the ubuntu repositories but when I try to intall TBB with the Tor direcitons it doens't put it in the same places and menus as the repository...like Tox earlier it has to be moved manully and I dont know where19:20
deepnacc, we_are_one .. any idea19:20
tgm4883sojaus: I'm almost certain you should never be manually moving things19:20
tgm4883sojaus: ever19:20
sojaustgm ok like uToc19:20
Starkysojaus: Well, at least Tor Browser can be put anywhere, like your Desktop.19:21
tgm4883sojaus: ok, what about it19:21
scottlws20utox is safe to install from the repos19:21
curlyears+what ther 8&^T*&^*(&^ is Utox?19:21
sojausif I extract it instead of it installing....like most apps...it just extracts an executable icon in the downloads folder...as we discussed before19:21
naccdeep: please pastebin your .bashrc or your hcanges19:21
scottlws20utox is like a decentralized, encrypted skype19:21
naccdeep: you haven't told us *exactly* what you did, impossible to help19:21
tgm4883sojaus: ok, so run that file?19:21
sojaussome said move uTox to a new directory in /opt for example19:21
tgm4883scottlws20: please stop19:21
sojauswell I dont want to leave it sitting in the downloads folder and run it from there19:22
sojausit just seems weird to do it that way19:22
we_are_onedeep :19:22
sojausbut I am not sure where I can safely move it to that is best19:22
tgm4883sojaus: so then make a bin folder in your home directory and put it there19:22
Egyptian[Web]could someone enlighten me on why this isnt working?  https://thepb.in/p/X6hBPp26L64U319:22
OerHekssojaus, wait, you asked the best place for it, so that would be /opt/ ..19:22
we_are_onewhat's its output ?19:22
sojausOerHeks: yes I followed your directions...I am just trying to understand the whys....19:22
tgm4883sojaus: you should never* be copying stuff manually to locations outside of your home directory19:23
curlyearssojaus: then move the downloaded file to where you *DO* want it extracted to, and run it to extract at that location19:23
deepnacc, oks but for now am not able to open any file19:23
tgm4883curlyears: not really helpful19:23
sojauscurlyears: so move the tar.xz to /opt and extract it there?19:23
sojaushow does that differ from cut and pasting the executable to /opt?19:24
deepThis is the error i am getting :http://pastebin.com/iQhpQLm3 we_are_one  ,19:25
tgm4883sojaus: assuming that the .tar.gz file contains only the executable, then nothing19:25
sojausnormally I would choose "extract using software center" or whatever19:25
naccEgyptian[Web]: becuase isn't a version string?19:25
deepnacc,  : http://pastebin.com/iQhpQLm319:25
k1lsojaus: ubuntu got a packagemanagement. it makes sure programs work and keep security and heavy bugfix updates.19:25
k1lsojaus: so if you fiddle with other 3rd party code, you loose that things.19:25
we_are_onedeep: type $PATH19:25
naccdeep: fine, pastebin the output of `/bin/cat ~/.bashrc` ?19:26
sojaustgm4883: in most cases there are more than just an executable right? at least when Ihave looked. Is the rest the stuff that the package manager puts in /usr/share and whatnot?19:26
nicomachuswe_are_one: do you need help with something?19:26
user12k11 to be completely clear, if my usb is 'sdc1', i should dd to 'sdc'  and not 'sdc1' correct?19:26
we_are_oneno why ?19:26
nicomachusoh nvm19:26
tgm4883sojaus: again, you shouldn't be manually copying stuff outside your home directory19:26
jilocasin0'ello again everyone.19:26
sojauskll thats for things you can get from the repos right? These are things not in them like uTox, veracrypt, etc19:26
k1luser12: yes. it doesnt boot if you dd to the partition. you need to dd to the bare metal19:26
user12k11: alrighty19:27
k1lsojaus: yes.19:27
we_are_onedeep export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin19:27
notadeveloperhow to use amd and nvidia together in ubuntu?19:27
notadeveloperi have 3 monitors only 1 works19:27
deepwe_are_one,  what will this last command do ?19:28
notadeveloper1 is on amd19:28
deepchange the path19:28
jilocasin0removed linux-generic (then autoremove) upgraded to 4.6.4 (latest, and rebooted).  First thing that happens is the software updater tells me I have 68.3 MB of security updates for the _4.4_ kernel. :(19:28
sojaustgm4883:  I heard you...not arguing. I was asking about extraction since uTox is the first time its only been an executable in there...the other times there are other directories...are those the things the package manager moves to the various plces like usr/share and /bin etc?19:28
we_are_oneadd path19:28
sojausk1l: thanks19:28
sojausI am trying to understand why uTox is just a single executable....but the others have so much extra stuff...what is that extra stuff?19:29
deepwe_are_one, http://pastebin.com/VzN646Pr19:29
deepif i need to edit this how do i do now19:29
deepwhen am not able to open any file \19:29
tgm4883sojaus: everything apparently bundled in utox?19:29
sojausis that not how linux applications are normally done then?19:30
sojausWhen I was asking all the "what goes where" stuff thats what I was getting at. It seems some put a lot of stuff in a lot of places...and uTox for example has one thing...and doesnt put it anywhere automatically19:30
tgm4883sojaus: I give up. I've got more important things to do than walk you through what 'man hier' is19:31
we_are_onedid you try export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin first ?19:31
tgm4883sojaus: honestly not trying to be mean, but I've got stuff I need to get done19:31
notadeveloper1 is on amd19:32
notadeveloperhow to use amd and nvidia together in ubuntu?19:32
sojauswell it was mean...I have read man hier...its not explaining what I am asking. You dont owe me you time but it gets old seeing people say "read this" and then getting pissed when that doesnt clerar it up19:32
sojausnot everyone learns the same way sorry19:32
we_are_oneAnd check if these path are correct to your folders and files19:33
sojausI always google and read first because people get so pissed if you don't just "get" things...but sometimes google doesnt solve it19:33
OerHekstgm4883, that utox tag does not even contain a read.me or license..19:33
tgm4883sojaus: different developers package things differently. If you want to know why a specific developer packaged everything into a single file, then you should ask the developer of that app19:33
tgm4883sojaus: your safest bet is going to be falling back to "install only from the repos. If you have to get software elsewhere, create a directory in your home directory (eg. ~/bin) put the file(s) there and add that to your PATH19:35
deepwe_are_one, i changed the path but now if i do source ~/.bashrc  again am getting error19:35
sojaustgm these issues all came up because several things I wanted were not IN the repos...I will make the bin folder thnks19:36
jilocasin0tgm4883: unless it's software that you want to share across users (ex: eclipse) then I usually put it in /opt19:36
tgm4883jilocasin0: thanks for that...19:36
jilocasin0tgm4883: np19:36
naccjilocasin0: you *might* need to remove more metapacakges19:36
we_are_oneWhat error ?19:37
naccjilocasin0: e.g., linux-image-generic (although i thought linux-generic took care of that)19:37
jilocasin0nacc:  meta this, meta that, pretty soon we are talking _real_packages_ ;>19:37
deepError :http://pastebin.com/1Vh0fT1J19:37
naccdeep: did you ever provide your  modified .bashrc ?19:38
we_are_onevi /etc/environments19:38
we_are_onepaste its output19:38
naccwe_are_one: i feel like that's going down a rathole, let's just undo what deep modified such that PATH got unset19:38
deepnacc, i didnt get you ..provide my  .bashrc19:39
naccdeep: did you pastebin the contents of what you changed or what is in your .bashrc now?19:39
tgm4883deep: please pastebin your .bashrc so we can see what it's trying to do19:39
jilocasin0nacc: Package 'linux-image-generic' is not installed, so not removed19:39
deepi paste bin the error am getting on doing sourec ~/.bashrc19:39
tgm4883deep: no, pastebin your actual file19:40
deeplet me paste bin my bashrc19:40
sojausjilocasin0: so is it ok to move the uTox executable to /opt because I couple of people have said that and a coupls said never move things outside home...its confusing19:40
Jordan_Uwe_are_one: Please don't recommend using "vi" in place of cat. Many new users (and quite a few old ones as well) will have understandable difficulty figuring out how to exit vi, and "cat" is the appropriate tool for this job anyway.19:40
naccjilocasin0: you might also just remove the kernel package that's trying to be updated?19:41
tgm4883sojaus: yes, you could put it in /opt if you want. I was trying to save you some trouble19:41
jilocasin0sojaus: I can't comment on uTox specifically, but I am going to assume that it's one big static executable.  you can move it to /opt or /opt/uTox,19:42
mrgrayhe guys19:42
Startrek852Hello, I have a question. When \I ssh into a server normally, I get no lag, but I get this really weird terminal. If I try to change the terminal using TERM=screen, I get the normal terminal but excruciating lag. Can anyone help?19:42
mrgraywhat up19:42
user12k11: So after i dd, is that all I have to do?  so then i just remove the usb, and reboot with it?19:42
jilocasin0sojaus: Just make sure it's set as executable and the users have permission to run it.19:42
Jordan_UStartrek852: Wierd in what way? What OS is on the server? What terminal emulator are you using on the client?19:43
Egyptian[Web]nacc what would the version string for the kernel be??   or noting that when i run uname -r i get
we_are_oneIt is just his path var has been modified from default completely. That's why I asked to pastebin the output from /etc/environments.19:43
Egyptian[Web]plus withoth "generic" fails with the same error19:43
naccEgyptian[Web]: it's not ther version string for the kernel, it's the version string for the pacakge19:44
deepnacc , we_are_one , tgm4883  : http://pastebin.com/vn8AkLgh19:44
Jordan_Uwe_are_one: Understood, and "cat" is still much more appropriate for that than "vi".19:44
naccdeep i believe you have typo'd your .bashrc19:45
naccdeep: which, if you had just provided your .bashrc when first asked, would have been the fastest answer19:45
SEMEN_DADI used to have a19:45
naccdeep: export PATH=$PATH:$HADOOP_PREFIX/bin:$HADOOP_PREFIX/sbin19:45
SEMEN_DADboyfriend named "Ubuntu" once19:45
deepone more problem i  am facing is my screen / terminal / brwoser there is significant latency since past few days19:45
naccdeep: no space aroudn the =19:45
SEMEN_DADhe would "play the bongos" on my ass19:45
SEMEN_DADI used to have a19:45
SEMEN_DADboyfriend named "Ubuntu" once19:45
SEMEN_DADhe would "play the bongos" on my ass19:45
SEMEN_DADI used to have a19:45
naccJordan_U: thanks19:46
jilocasin0nacc: apparently it's 'linux-signed-generic'19:46
naccjilocasin0: ah, could be, if using secure boot19:46
naccjilocasin0: or that could just be the new default, not sure19:46
deepya the actual file has no spaces   this is because i had to type it coz of issue with slow response in screen \19:47
we_are_oneJordan_U, are these bans removed or not later ?19:47
jilocasin0nacc: insecure but EFFI skylake19:47
Startrek852Jordan_U: Ubuntu 14.04.4, Konsole, and weird as in it shows this: https://postimg.org/image/cymaaf9ld/ at the bottom of the terminal and instead of showing the normal :~$ prompt, it shows :~⟫.19:47
deepnot sure wy but ts quite slow and wierd , nacc19:47
user12k11: Thank you so much!!! it worked!!!19:47
Jordan_Uwe_are_one: You should join #ubuntu-ops and ask for your ban to be removed (rather than trying to evade it...).19:48
tgm4883deep: can you post the output of 'cat ~/.bashrc | nc termbin.com 9999'19:48
we_are_oneJordan_U, no I'm not banned . Btw there is a problem in it19:48
we_are_oneIP can be dhcp allocated so ...19:49
we_are_oneothers may face trouble19:50
sojaushow do I see if Tor is running? I am trying to setup utox to use it and it says Step One is verify its running. I found this command ps -elf | grep tor but I don't understand the long output19:50
sojausis there a simple way to see if its running?19:50
naccdeep: does your issue go away if you `mv .bashrc .bashrc.bak` and then relogin (or start a new shell)19:50
deeptgm4883, :http://pastebin.com/wR24zbpr19:50
jilocasin0sojaus: ps -elf | grep tor  if you see anything other than grep tor you're running it.19:51
deepif i move bash file i wud have to create a new one right ? nacc19:51
tgm4883deep: fair enough19:51
jilocasin0sojaus:usually I would use  ps aux | grep -i tor19:52
deeptgm4883, nacc btw i read this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/133389/no-such-file-or-directory-but-the-file-exists19:52
deepnot sure how relevant is this to me19:52
ax562question, why is the software app in ubuntu almost worthless19:52
ax562it works less than half the time19:52
tgm4883deep: completely irrelevant19:52
deeptgm4883, any idea what wrng ?19:52
sojaushttps://0bin.net/paste/SWNVDDLcoQKAlPrC#V8yfd04SSmfXHJTj-FNowvYsYegYTpi7G4QgUDuN/tz so all this means its running?19:52
ax562is there something I can do?19:52
jilocasin0sojaus: ps lists the processes running, grep filters it for the presence of the string tor.19:52
ax562running 16.04lts 64bit19:53
jilocasin0ax552: install something better ;)19:53
ax562like what?19:53
Starkysojaus: "/usr/bin/tor --defaults-torrc /usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc -f /etc/tor/torrc --RunAsDaemon 0"19:53
naccax562: "the software app" means nothing.19:53
Starkyyes it does19:53
tgm4883deep: can you run this "export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games:/snap/bin"19:53
ax562Software 3.20.119:53
ax562specific enough?19:53
jilocasin0ax552: sudo apt-get install synaptic19:54
naccno, wth is "Software"?19:54
sojausStarky: I don't understand the file path you posted. Do I need to look in there for something?19:54
StarkyIt's what you put in the paste bin19:54
jilocasin0nacc: I think he's rerrering to the new default gui package manager in ubuntu.19:54
ax562synaptic a gui program?19:54
jilocasin0ax552: yep.19:54
naccjilocasin0: ah19:54
ax562jilocasin0 do you get the same problem?19:55
=== precise is now known as DeerGod
Starkysojaus: You don't need to understand anything in there, except that there is a process called "/usr/bin/tor" (aka Tor) running19:55
deeptgm4883,   ok can u tell me when do we use /etc/environment and qwhere  ~/.bashrc19:55
deepas both hav env variables19:55
ax562I've installed on 3 different machines and it's always the same...works...doesn't work...works..doesn't19:55
sojausStarky: i am not understanding why you quoted that portion...does that "runsasdaemon ) part mean its running ?19:55
tgm4883deep: lets just work on fixing your PATH first?19:55
sojausah ok19:55
jilocasin0ax552: no, it's just way too watered down for my taste.  I typically use apt-get from teh command line, but it's nice to see what's out there in a gui sometimes19:56
ax562It hangs up literely on every task19:56
sojausso if it was not running what would the output for that be?19:56
sojaus"not running" or "not found" etc?19:56
Starkysojaus: No, "the fact that the whole line appears" means that is running19:56
ax562yeah, apt-get is great but sometimes I don't know the exact name of packages19:56
deeptgm4883,  am asking coz its present in my /etc/environment19:56
Starky"runasdaemon" is jsut an argument for Tor, "RunAsDaemon 0" means it's not running as a daemon/service.19:56
tgm4883deep: or if you prefer can you post the output of '/bin/cat ~/.bashrc | /bin/nc termbin.com 9999'19:57
jilocasin0sojaus: if it wasn't running, you wouldn't see it in the output (it only shows currently _running_ processes).  Running as a daemon just means it's running in the background.19:57
ax562can I run for example "apt-get install deluge*" and will that install all packacges with similar starting name?19:57
deeptgm4883, post running that what shld i do19:57
StarkyFor example, I'm gonan use Cygwin here and make an output of mine19:57
tgm4883deep: running which command, I gave you two19:57
sojausjilocasin0: I didnt explicitly start it so does that mean it runs by default? I looked in startup settings and its not there19:58
Starkybut Cygwin's 'ps' is more or less similar19:58
deepthis is what i get from 2nd command19:58
jilocasin0ax562: no to run apt-get install you need to know the name of the package.  There might be one called deluge or not, that command would install all that start with deludge19:58
tgm4883nacc: ^19:58
deeptgm4883, Output = http://termbin.com/f9je19:58
ax562what would be the ramifications if I did?19:59
jilocasin0ax562: apt-cache search <string> would list all of the packages in your repos that contain the string and the name you would need to enter into apt-get install to install it19:59
ax562obviously I would install extra packages that might not be needed, but would that be a serious problem19:59
nicomachusax562: why not just use apt-cache-search?19:59
ax562ah ok20:00
ax562didn't know that existed20:00
ax562thank you!20:00
nicomachusax562: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto#Search_commands20:00
naccdeep: why dod you have PATH=y20:01
tgm4883deep: out of curiosity, what if you do this command now 'cat ~/.bashrc | nc termbin.com 9999'20:01
jilocasin0ax562: try this:  'sudo apt-get update'  followed by 'apt-cache search synaptic'  (minus the quotes of course)20:01
Starkysojaus: Try `initctl list`, maybe `grep` it with tor, if it appears there, then it means it's autostarted and it has been installed somehow20:01
StarkyYou could also try `service --status-all` as well20:01
deeptgm4883,  what this site btw -http://termbin.com/f9je ??20:01
tgm4883deep: a pastebin20:02
tgm4883deep: it's showing the contents of that file20:02
StarkyAnd `systemctl list-unit-files --type=service` maybe too20:02
sojausStarky: its not in that list20:02
ax562that brought back a huge list of packages jilocasin020:02
deepnacc, bash: y:/home/hduser1/hadoop-2.7.1/bin:/home/hduser1/hadoop-2.7.1/sbin: No such file or directory20:02
jilocasin0ax562: if you look down near the bottom of the list you should have seen: 'synaptic - Graphical package manager'20:03
StarkyTry the other too, it's gonna depends if it uses Upstart, System V or SystemD20:03
deeptgm4883,  i was not able to open it and gt some msg like this - Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.20:03
deepnot sure why ??20:03
ax562oh I remembet synaptic20:03
ax562that's old school20:03
jilocasin0ax562: that tells you that it's in one of your repos and to install it you would need to type: 'sudo apt-get install synaptic'20:03
tgm4883deep: weird20:03
ax562yeah I installed already20:04
Starkysojaus: IF it doesn't appear anywhere, most probably the installer of uTox installed it and executed it20:04
ax562my real problem stems from trying to install deluge20:04
ax562I install it but it never works20:04
jilocasin0ax562: there might have also been a line like this: 'muon - package manager for KDE'  which would be the KDE equivalent.20:05
ax562is this a 64bit 16.04lts bug?20:05
pavlushkanazmul: it worked :)20:05
setuidI'm trying to clone a system's packages into a preseed file, but the only place I can find to add packages, is the 'tasksel tasksel/first' struct. Is there no way to inject a --get-selections style file into the preseed process?20:05
=== j4f-dev is now known as jaf-shredder
sojausStarky: I knew I had it installed as I have the Tor Browser installed...but I dont know how to run Tor beyond opening the TBB...I dont see any settings or anything for Tor as a service20:05
setuidsojaus, torbb handles it all for you20:06
deepnacc,  any idea20:06
setuidsojaus, get the other package, and configure each service manually if you need to20:06
StarkyYou can install tor, `sudo apt install tor` or try to compile it yourself20:06
jilocasin0ax562: according to my apt-cache it's a bittorrent client written in python.  so 'sudo apt-get install deluge' should install it.20:06
ax562yeah install is not the problem20:06
ax562it working is the problem20:06
tgm4883deep: found it20:06
sojausstarky its installed20:07
naccdeep: so your .bashrc file has something like PATH=y in it. Why does it have that line?20:07
deeptgm4883, ?20:07
sojausi just dont see any way to manage its settings ...20:07
TomyThEGreyHatCONNECT <AccessIRC>20:07
tgm4883deep: ok, can you edit your .bashrc file again20:07
setuidsojaus, you don't, you're using torbb20:07
setuidso don't use torbb20:07
ax562it works on 16.04lts 32bit20:07
StarkyI'm lost on the conversation so I don't know exactly what "Tor" you installed.20:07
=== jaf-shredder is now known as j4f-shredder
deepI am again getting error on opeinig bashrc20:08
deepThe command could not be located because '/usr/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable.20:08
StarkyWhich method, you used to install Tor?20:08
deepsudo: command not found20:08
tgm4883deep: what do you use to edit it?20:08
tgm4883deep: vi? nano?20:08
deeptgm4883, nacc20:08
nacc!paste | deep: even if it's annoying,20:08
ubottudeep: even if it's annoying,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:08
sojausset TBB is not open...I am trying to set up uTox to use tor and tor is apparently running....20:08
tgm4883deep: ok, one sec20:08
jilocasin0ax562: that's alot of packages for a bittorrent client.20:09
deepnacc,  ok got it will paste it from next time20:09
sojausis there no gui or way to see tor settings or if its a startup thing? or it only activates when an app requests it?20:09
StarkySo, you are using the "tor" from "Tor Browser Bundle", right? Or you also did "sudo apt-get install tor"?20:09
StarkyUnless someone made one, nope. Tor, as any other Linux service, is mostly configured manually20:10
tgm4883deep: do '/usr/bin/sudo /bin/nano ~/.bashrc'20:10
mutantewhere "gui" doesnt mean "not manual"20:11
Bassemgot that error again how to fix The system is running in low-graphics mode20:11
tgm4883deep: find the line that says "PATH=y"20:11
tgm4883deep: delete the "y" character, then make sure that the line below it is on the same line. Eg. the line should look like this PATH="$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH"20:12
mutantesojaus: re: "GUI to see tor settings" you pick any GUI text editor and check /etc/tor/rrrc20:13
naccdeep: tgm4883's instructions are right; but you still haven't answered the question of why you made that change? :) (PATH=y)20:13
mutantesojaus: sorry, /etc/tor/torrc20:13
tgm4883nacc: I believe it was a typo20:13
deeptgm4883, /usr/bin/sudo /bin/nano ~/.bashrc' didnt worked20:13
tgm4883nacc: in adding the line below it20:13
sojausmutante: thanks20:13
nacctgm4883: ah!20:13
tgm4883deep: what do you mean it didn't work20:13
Egyptian[Web]nacc:  you said " it's not ther version string for the kernel, it's the version string for the pacakge " as i am coming from the rhel world. i do not understand you .. could you expand pls?20:13
deeptgm4883, getting error :bash: bin/sudo: No such file or directory20:14
tgm4883deep: then you typo'd it20:14
jilocasin0ax562: well the deluge page does say that the repo version is probably way out of date.  Have you tried installing form the ppa as per the instructions here: http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Installing/Linux/Ubuntu20:14
naccEgyptian[Web]: just like in RH, there are kernel versions (e.g., 4.4.0, 4.6.4, 2.6.8-rc1) and there are package versions (,, etc)20:14
naccdeep: tgm4883 said to run '/usr/bin/sudo ...'20:15
tgm4883deep: because that error doesn't make any sense when the the command was /usr/bin/sudo20:15
naccdeep: you said it said bin/sudo ....20:15
Egyptian[Web]nacc agreed but the version is on the package name too20:15
naccEgyptian[Web]: i don't know what you mean.20:15
Egyptian[Web]how do i get the version for a package that i want to install ?20:15
naccEgyptian[Web]: just because the version strings are *similar* does not make them identical20:16
Bassemgot that error again how to fix The system is running in low-graphics mode20:16
deepnacc,  tgm4883 ..Ok Thanks20:16
deepbut why i have to give this whole path everytime20:16
naccdeep: becuase you typo'd your PATH!20:16
naccdeep: and so the shell doesn't konw where anything is to be found20:16
tgm4883deep: because you fubar's your .bashrc20:16
deepnacc,  i am not sure  where i have given this  y in my path20:16
tgm4883deep: that's what we're in the process of fixing20:16
=== RAX is now known as rax-
naccdeep: in the future, i would suggest not making these changes if you don't do them *exactly* as provided in whatever guide you were reading. No guide would have told you put "PATH=y" in your .bashrc, it's a probable typ.20:17
=== rax- is now known as RAX
Jordan_Udeep: We aren't sure either, but the only person/thing that could have done it is you.20:17
deepnacc,  as i told earlier am facing some latency issue in my screen ,, asin when i open file it doesnot shows all content at one go20:18
deepit takes time20:18
deepand i have to reopen it several time s20:18
deepthat wud have created the problem20:18
tgm4883deep: yea probably20:19
Startrek852Jordan_U: Hello?20:24
Bassemgot that error again how to fix The system is running in low-graphics mode20:24
naccEgyptian[Web]: for a package you want to install? you'd see what's availble with `apt-cache policy <pkgname>`20:24
deeptgm4883, nacc where should the JAVA_HOME_PATH be set20:24
deep/etc/evironment or bashrc ?20:24
=== coy is now known as Guest47966
naccdeep: typically taht would be in your own .bashrc if you want to only have it set for your user, or in /etc/bash.bashrc if meant for all users (but that would only affect those that use bash20:26
deepnacc, ok i found that typo and commented it20:26
deepbut when trying to do source ~/.bashrc20:27
deepagain getting th errr20:27
Jordan_UStartrek852: That's byobu acting as it's intended to.20:27
=== root is now known as Guest3596
Jordan_UStartrek852: Someone configured that server to start byobu automatically upon logging in (at least for that user).20:27
Jordan_UStartrek852: http://byobu.co/20:28
naccdeep: which error do you get?20:28
tgm4883deep: after fixing the error, you'll need to logout and back in20:29
deepnacc, http://pastebin.com/KAKjEsj620:29
deeptgm4883, ok20:29
deeptgm4883, u mean exit terminal right ?20:30
deeptgm4883, great it worked20:30
deepnow i need to see why my screen is responding so so slow20:31
deepany idea20:31
Jordan_Udeep: "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"20:31
deepJordan_U,  pastebint ..whats that for ?20:33
Jordan_Udeep: The command I gave will upload the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log to http://paste.ubuntu.com and output a link to the paste for you to share to us.20:34
deepOk Jordan_U but its not doing that20:35
deepdoing error20:35
naccJordan_U: not sure deep  means actual screen or if they mean remote termimal20:35
nazmulmy wifi adapter( TP-link: model:TL-WN727N) is not working at all. i typed "lsusb" in terminal, then the adapter showing as "Ralink MT7601U"..so, that means the adapter is okay and the driver is not installed. i searched in google and collect some drivers and commands but that's not working.there is some github link of the driver in askubuntu.com but the links are not valid now.they are like from 2014/2012. Please20:36
deepnacc,  i mean my actual screen - browser/ terminal etc20:36
deepand not remote20:36
Egyptian[Web]https://thepb.in/p/DRhjLgGLgoWfy <- nacc even with the "correct" version number its not working20:39
Egyptian[Web]https://thepb.in/p/X6hBPprPww6h3 <- apt-cache output20:40
naccdeep: ok, then what Jordan_U suggested20:41
deepJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19410441/20:41
deepnacc,  ok Thanks !20:41
naccEgyptian[Web]: that's becuase the version you found was for linux-image-3.13.0-88-generic20:41
Bashing-omdeep: " Ok Jordan_U but its not doing that " // Is the pastebinit tool installed ? ' sudo apt install pastebinit ' .20:42
naccEgyptian[Web]: i think you want to pin the 'linux-image-generic' package, fwiw20:42
user12so while trying to install Ubuntu, it raised error 5, and recommended burning the usb at a slower speed.  Would Setting the BS parameter on 'dd' to a low number fix this issue?20:42
Grorcohow do I virtually do something in IRC?20:43
daxuser12: no. and that advice only makes sense for CDs, not USBs20:43
Startrek852Jordan_U: Thanks. That's explains the weird terminal, but what about the horrid lag when changing the terminal type?20:43
user12dax: so how would i fix error 5 booting from a USB?\20:43
=== newguy is now known as dibs_
iDompaAnyone there?20:46
jattGrorco: virtually?20:46
iDompaWhat is the best IRC for Ubuntu?20:47
mutanteiDompa: Freenode20:47
* Grorco kills NickServ with an axe for being a butt20:47
Grorcojatt, I found it and feel a little better :)20:47
Startrek852mutante: I think he means IRC client.20:48
jimiDompa, and, on freenode: There is a bot, alis, that can assist you in looking for channels on the Freenode irc net. To start, /msg alis help20:48
GrorcoNickServ wont let me log in so I can join the python channel20:48
pavlushkanazmul: give us the "lsusb -v -d vendor_id:product_id" by pasting the result in paste.ubuntu.com and post the paste link here, please20:48
user12dax: so how would i fix error 5 booting from a USB?20:48
iDompaI use Hermes on Android20:48
jimGrorco, you are logged in20:48
paul_Sapete se il LAMP della versione 16.04 puo' essere messo online senza ulteriore configurazione per attività di produzione? Grazie20:49
Fuchsno, he isn't20:49
FuchsGrorco: what error do you get?20:49
Bassemgot that error The system is running in low-graphics mode20:49
jimoh, sorry, wrong window :)20:49
StarkyiDompa: I recommend HexChat as a GUI client and weechat as an CLI client20:49
GrorcoFuchs, invalid command20:49
FuchsGrorco: and what command did you try?20:50
Fuchs(it's  IDENTIFY you are looking for)20:50
Pici!it | paul_20:50
ubottupaul_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:50
GrorcoFuchs, /msg NickServ username password20:50
FuchsGrorco: lacks IDENTIFY20:50
iDompaStarky - HexChat looks good and included with a lot of distros20:50
FuchsGrorco: /msg nickserv identify optionalusername password20:51
paul_ubottu: su #ubuntu-it non c'è nessuno20:51
ubottupaul_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:51
paul_qualcuno parla italiano?20:51
* Grorco apologizes to NickServ and carefully places his head back upon his sholders20:52
Fuchspaul_: e in questo canale gente non può fare en italiano, si deve parlare inglese.20:52
StarkyiDompa: I'm using weechat right now (I even had to use Cygwin so I could run it on Windows)20:52
Fuchsah well20:52
StarkyiDompa: I would not recommend it for CLIphobics though :P20:52
jim-now- you're logged in...20:53
FuchsGrorco: as a minor sidenote, I recommend setting up SASL to auto-identify instead of manually logging in every time20:53
GrorcoFuchs, thanks20:53
Fuchsyou're welcome20:53
ax562jilocasin0 installed deluge20:54
ax562but needed extra package deluged20:54
ax562which I believe is the daemon used for deluge20:54
Egyptian[Web]nacc the pastebin out put shows for linux-image ... linux-image-generic does not exist20:54
we_are_oneio posso parlare20:55
iDompaStarky I use CLI all the time20:55
TameikiHello, it is possible to "calibrate" my laptop battery ? On my Ubuntu+Openbox installation, the battery % don't go upper than 86% and my laptop still have charge at 0%.20:58
deepJordan_U, any idea from that pastebin i shared20:58
Jordan_Udeep: No, sorry.20:58
deep http://paste.ubuntu.com/19410441/20:59
deepoh ok20:59
deepnp Thanks !20:59
nazmulI am using Zorin OS 11. my wifi adapter( TP-link: model:TL-WN727N) is not working at all. i typed "lsusb" in terminal, then the adapter showing as "Ralink MT7601U"..so, that means the adapter is okay and the driver is not installed. i searched in google and collect some drivers and commands but that's not working.there is some github link of the driver in askubuntu.com but the links are not valid now.they are like from 2014/2012. Please21:00
DJones!zorin | nazmul21:01
daxnazmul: ask the Zorin OS folks. #ubuntu only handles Ubuntu and its official flavors21:01
Startrek852Jordan_U: Any idea about the horrid lag when changing the terminal type?21:07
Tipping_FedoraI need some help with 14.0421:13
Tipping_Fedorait seems I am having a display issue21:14
Tipping_Fedorait's a fresh install, and after a short time it "breaks"21:14
Tipping_Fedorathe symptoms are a "glitchy" screen and a complete freeze of the system21:15
minimecTipping_Fedora: So you cannot switch to a console anymore to check the sys.log and Xorg.0.log files when in 'freeze' state?21:18
Tipping_Fedoraits seems stablish now, so please let me check those files21:19
Tipping_Fedorawhats those files's locations?21:19
Bassemno one can help me?21:19
minimecTipping_Fedora: What if you tried to login via ssh and 'cat' the sys.log file from an other computer, until you get the freeze?21:20
Bassemgot that error The system is running in low-graphics mode21:20
Tipping_Fedorathats what I'm doing now21:20
minimecTipping_Fedora: ;)21:20
Bashing-omBassem: What did you do to break graphic's ?21:21
minimecTipping_Fedora: files are in /var/log21:22
Tipping_Fedoraanything to look for specific?21:24
BassemBashing-om: nothing last command i did for the num lock and i turn off my pc normally when i turn it on again i get this message21:24
minimecTipping_Fedora: Well I guess the syslog file. I see no Xorg.0.log file in /var/log with 16.04, but 'locate' gave me one in $HOME/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log. That is new...21:25
Tipping_FedoraI have 14.04 atm21:25
Bashing-omBassem: // humm .. Maybe go back and revert the change you made to the num-lock script ???21:26
BassemBashing-om: how?21:27
Bashing-omBassem: No idea .. what change did you make ?21:27
BassemBashing-om: nothing i told you i show you the command before i do it21:28
BassemBashing-om: i have access to termina how can i check my graphic21:28
Bashing-omBassem: K. I have a short attention span .. show me again the command that you executed .21:29
Bashing-omBassem: ' sudo lshw -C display ' might be of use here .21:29
BassemBashing-om: sudo sh -c 'printf "[Seat:*]\ngreeter-setup-script=numlockx on\n" >/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-numlock.conf'21:30
minimecTipping_Fedora: I also have one in /var/lib/gdm3/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log. I am using gnome3 with gdm. So you might find one in /var/lib/lightdm/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log . Strange locations...21:31
Tipping_Fedorano, when it freeze3s, ssh stops21:31
Bashing-omBassem: Let's then see that file ' cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-numlock.con ' . see if it has a bearing on this .21:31
BassemBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1941654021:31
Bashing-omBassem: "  configuration: driver=nvidia " says the nvidia driver is loaded .21:32
acovrigcan I (in theory) install MAAS to machine 1, then net-install MAAS to machine 2 and use machine 2 as the region controller?21:32
BassemBashing-om: so who do i get that error21:33
ltelmoGood evening, Does anyone know if it is safe to upgrade to gnoem 3.20 via the staging ppa on 16.04 ubuntu-gnome?21:34
Bashing-omBassem: We can look ar the display error log .. see what might be happening ; ' cat .xsession-errors ' .21:34
minimecTipping_Fedora: Did not se the '14.04 message'. So on 14.04 the Xorg.0.log file is still in /var/log. Older files have names like Xorg.0.log.old or Xorg.1.log. You should be able to check them even after reboot.21:35
BassemBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1941709121:35
minimecTipping_Fedora: In your case there might also be something in 'kern.log'.21:36
minimecBassem: Hi. In your case it seems like the xserver cannot understand that 50-numlock.conf fiel and starts in low graphics mode. If you remove that file or 'hide' it, the system will probably boot normally.21:38
Bassemminimec: i did the cat command says no such file21:39
minimecBassem: what command?21:39
Bassemcat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-numlock.con21:39
minimecBassem: Oh I see.... There's an 'f' missing probably... 'cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-numlock.conf'21:40
minimecBassem: 'conf' not 'con'21:40
Bassemminimec: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1941771621:40
RobertJordantrying to use unpack200 on some .pack files, but unpack200 doesnt seem to exist in the directory they're in. is there a way to do it from a higher directory?21:41
minimecBassem: 'sudo apt-get install numlockx' Is numlockx installed?21:42
Bassemminimec: i dont think so21:42
minimecBassem: Install it ... ;)21:42
ZenMastais it possible to use wget to download a file from a shortened url and have it save the file using the name that would have been prompted had you opened the url in a browser?21:43
ZenMastafor example if I wget tinyurl.com/something   the file would be downloaded with filename "something"21:43
Tipping_Fedoraminimec: any other Ideas? or could you perhaps look at pastebins of my logs?21:44
Bassemminimec: thanks alot i install and restart that fix the problem21:44
minimecBassem: No problem ;)21:44
BassemBashing-om should have told me to install it when i ask him about the command21:44
Bassemthanks alllllot21:45
Bassemminimec: i was that close to hate using ubuntu21:45
minimecTipping_Fedora: I see n pastes... I can have a look at them but I am not the 'log reading master' ;) Give me Xorg.0.log first and the older one, if you have some.21:45
Bashing-om!cookie | minimec21:46
ubottuminimec: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:46
Tipping_Fedorait just crashed, aka froze21:46
Tipping_Fedoraso please give me a sec21:46
tatertotsnow i don't feel so alone https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/158511121:46
Bassemminimec, ok now i'm n from ubuntu do you know how can i mount cue files21:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1585111 in samba (Ubuntu) "net rpc join fails in Ubuntu 16.04" [High,Confirmed]21:46
minimecBassem: There's a learning curve with linux, but afterwards you don't want to go back to your old system (win...) ;)21:47
Bassemminimec, im trying21:47
tatertotsglad it wasn't just me..was slowly getting grey hairs21:47
minimecBashing-om: Mille gratie ... ;)21:47
tatertotseven without the bug i doubt many sysadmins will be enthusiastic about having ubuntu/debian in their enterprise active directory shops21:48
Tipping_Fedoraminimec: xorg   http://pastebin.com/bwECBdHj21:49
chrissieI run a small business with 15 employees, with Windows we are swamped in licence fees and instability. Is Ubuntu appropriate for desktop enterprise?  Tasks are limited to word processing (real estate agency)21:49
minimecBassem: http://www.networkinghowtos.com/howto/mounting-bin-cue-files-on-linux/21:49
Tipping_Fedoraminimec: Xorg.old     http://pastebin.com/EGcYsRNp21:50
chrissieWorkstations are Lenovo g50-45s21:50
Tipping_Fedorachrissie: I would say ubutnu, or mint linux21:50
tgm4883chrissie: only word processing? Any advanced excel usage?21:50
chrissieExcel for just basic spreadsheeting.  We'll be running a small database too.21:51
tgm4883chrissie: sharing docs outside the company? is that database compatible with linux?21:52
Bassemminimec, it says i can't directly mount it but i have to convert it first21:52
minimecBassem: As discribed in the link...21:52
Bassemminimec, yes thats what the link says i have to convert it first into iso21:53
chrissieNo a database of clients, their fees and notes on their rental records.  The database should be accessed remotely because staff may need to when with clients21:53
chrissieThe entire system needs encryption too21:54
minimecBassem: Is that some music CD image? In that case I think you can open the .cue file directly in the music player.21:54
tgm4883chrissie: so for the first part I'd say you should be fine. I don't know enough about your use case for the database portion.21:54
minimecTipping_Fedora: The Xorg log files seem ok.21:54
tgm4883chrissie: you're inching towards the area where I'd recommend a local consultant21:55
Bassemminimec, it's not music cd21:55
Tipping_Fedoraminimec: should I also grab syslog?21:55
minimecTipping_Fedora: Yep.21:55
chrissieOk, that was most likely on the cards anyway.  I can say with 80% certainty that we'll adopt Ubuntu21:56
chrissieJust has to work...21:56
minimecBassem: There seems to be an app called 'furiusisomount', that should be able to mount the .bin file that goes with the .cue file directly. So... 'sudo apt-get install furiusisomount'.21:59
red_hax0rREAL changes that need to be done after installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByxYYIjWkNdAM09aaEJuTl9uLVU/view?usp=sharing22:00
Tipping_Fedoraminimec: syslog is coming22:00
Bassemminimec, is it this one https://launchpad.net/furiusisomount?22:01
red_hax0rI noticed a lot of the quirks are simple system configuration issues22:01
minimecBassem: I guess so, but don't add any ppa... It's in the normal repo... http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/furiusisomount22:02
minimecBassem: I never used it and don't know how to use it... ;)22:03
Tipping_Fedoraanyone know of a pastebin that allows a 3MB cap on files?22:03
Bassemdo you know how can i download youtube videos?22:03
red_hax0ryoutube-dl command line program22:04
minimecTipping_Fedora: I see the problem. Do you have a filehoster like dropbox? You could share the link with me.22:04
Tipping_Fedorai got g drive22:04
Tipping_Fedora1 sec22:04
red_hax0rI'd recommend the one from the website since it supports updates22:04
red_hax0rit's just a script22:04
minimecTipping_Fedora: You can /msg me the link if you want...22:05
minimecTipping_Fedora: Got it, thx22:06
red_hax0rsudo update-initramfs -u22:08
darjusitHi all I am new to ubuntu, but I notices in web pages in forms inputs text is very bright hard to see22:08
darjusitis any fix for this22:08
ouroumovHello. Is it possible when setting up a shared connection (Network Connections -> Add -> type "Shared to other computers" to specify the desired network? Like if I don't want but or ? I've just had a nasty surprise of conflicting nets between my Ubuntu Touch phone's hotspot and a shared connection by cable to another puter.22:09
red_hax0rwould be easy to find the answer if it was manual config maybe, but I don't know the Touch22:10
tatertotsomg i think i found another bug...try to avoid the winbind+samba but and use realmd+sssd and sssd has problems also....this shit won't see the light of day in an enterprise environment22:10
ouroumovred_hax0r, I don't need to change the Phone's net, only the desktop net (though it'd be nice if there was an option for the phone too)22:10
tatertotsi can't believe nobody's really said much about it on any blogs/reddit ect...guess most just are using debian/ubuntu in peer to peer network typologies22:11
tatertotswith these type issues that's where it's going to remain22:12
red_hax0rI'd know more about it if I wasn't stuck using WiFi from other people's networks all the time22:12
tgm4883tatertots: not sure what you're talking about, can you link your bug report?22:13
TheNH813question, why does Ubuntu 16.04 run so horrible on my pavilion g6 laptop?22:14
red_hax0rdon't wann sound dumb, but what kind of network22:14
tgm4883TheNH813: you need to add more RAM22:14
TheNH8134g isn;t enough/22:14
tgm4883TheNH813: Well you didn't provide any details, so I just assumed you wanted us to guess22:14
red_hax0rhp sucks even though some are certified22:15
TheNH813Hmmm will look into that. personally i blame the apu graphics drivers not loading22:15
tgm4883TheNH813: I mean, what does "run so horrible" even mean? Is it slow? Graphics colors all messed up? Does it run super hot? Make a clanky sound?22:15
TheNH813super slow22:15
TheNH813like negative infinity fps at the desktop. ;p22:16
tgm4883TheNH813: Slow doing what? Booting? Opening gedit? Loading webpages?22:16
TheNH813graphics run badly.22:16
TheNH813oddly enough, it works fine on the livedvd, but runs bad once installed.22:16
TheNH813md5 of the iso is good btw.22:16
TheNH813Ah finally. That faulty shift key was bugging me. XD22:17
tgm4883TheNH813: yea sounds like the driver isn't working right22:18
TheNH813Maybe I need the proprietary one22:19
TheNH813Or to force VESA22:19
tgm4883what graphics chip22:19
TheNH813Lemme check22:19
TheNH813Radeon HD 7520G22:20
TheNH813To be honest though, It was running nuking hot until I redid the thermal paste. Now the fan no longer screams, so that's a plus.22:20
tgm4883TheNH813: I thnk that's just covered by the radeon driver22:22
TheNH813Mkay, I'l have to look for errors then when I boot into Ubuntu.22:23
diverdudehello, i need to install chroot on a ubuntu 14.04 machine which is disconnected from the internet. What would be the easiest way to go about that?22:24
tgm4883!offline | diverdude22:25
ubottudiverdude: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD22:25
red_hax0ruse the LiveDVD for chroot, it works great that way22:25
naccEgyptian[Web]: please don't PM, what don't you understand?22:26
diverdudered_hax0r: LiveDVD? I cannot access the machine physically...its locked into an extremely tight network where i have to go via weird terminal servers and stuff and upload any package via a special set up sftp22:26
naccEgyptian[Web]: also, if you don't understand package versioning, you *absolutely* should not decide you don't need to keep your kernel updated.22:26
red_hax0rwhen you're in chroot use bind for dev, proc, sys22:27
diverdudered_hax0r: ok, what does that mean?22:27
naccdiverdude: why do you need chroot?22:28
IonutVan_somebody interested in bonus 20$?  http://www.vultr.com/?ref=6915857-3B22:28
diverdudenacc: because i need to allow another user access to a system...but he cannot browse around in the system22:29
red_hax0rI'll find a page to describe it in a moment, but it's because the LiveDVD uses the file system of the system you're trying to recover, but the hardware of the working operating system ("binding")22:29
diverdudenacc: ie should not be able to22:29
naccred_hax0r: that's not what "bind" mounting is.22:29
Egyptian[Web]nacc: thanks for your help - confusing but still helpful at the very least i am much further ahead than where i was previously. as to what you suggest, business decisions override all others in this perfect world22:29
MishariSalam 3lekom.22:30
MishariGood morning.22:30
naccEgyptian[Web]: your business wants to be insecure?22:30
naccEgyptian[Web]: you also didn't answer any questions earlier about what exactly you were doing22:30
MishariI got manjaro linux besides ubuntu, I use wine in manjaro worked perfectly in windows games, but in ubuntu that doesn't work completely.22:30
Mishariany clue ? please help and thanks.22:30
red_hax0rlook at this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery22:31
red_hax0runder Update Failure22:31
IonutVan_sorry for link guys, wrong channel22:32
red_hax0rthe bind is necessarily about hardware, but in this case it is22:33
tengelicPidgin is good.22:33
red_hax0rif you want to play semantics work for a virus company and tell everyone that uses linux software is really carrying viruses :)22:33
naccred_hax0r: bind mounts have literally nothing to do with hardware. They are a software construct to remount part of the fs somewhere else.22:34
red_hax0r*sys* *dev* *proc*22:34
naccdiverdude: you will probably have to download the pacakge (the link tgm4883 sent via ubottu or from launchpad) for the version you wanted, sftp it the way you do other things?22:36
Egyptian[Web]what am i doing? i have an internal app that requires a very specific version of the kernel22:36
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: what app?22:36
tgm4883oh, an internal app22:36
naccEgyptian[Web]: does the server in question end up on the internet/have a public IP?22:37
naccEgyptian[Web]: if so, i would seriously ask you not to pin th ekernel22:37
tatertotstgm4883 in case you were just joining us https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/158511122:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1585111 in samba (Ubuntu) "net rpc join fails in Ubuntu 16.04" [High,Confirmed]22:37
sveinseOn 16.04 server, and if you don't need mdadm, how can you disable it? (mdadm is one of the required packages by the ubuntu-server meta package, which I'd like to have installed)22:37
Egyptian[Web]nacc:  of course not duh!22:37
naccEgyptian[Web]: how in the world would I know that?22:37
Egyptian[Web].. is that relevant?22:38
red_hax0rI always wanted to try pside or pyqt, but they look bad on Unity for some reason, bon't blend in22:39
red_hax0rwrong channel.....22:39
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: wait, you're just trying to pin the kernel version for an internal server?22:39
=== Sean___ is now known as tmwnni
tatertotsnot really a big deal though if you're in a peer to peer LAN topology22:41
Egyptian[Web]tgm4883:  yes22:43
tgm4883tatertots: depends on what/how you want to share resources, but I would agree that it's probably less used that it could be22:43
tatertotslikewise/Beyond Trust - PowerBroker Identity Services Open Edition is not in good shape right now either22:43
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: so what's the hang up? I'm just joining22:44
tatertotsneither is cetrify22:44
tatertotsover the last couple days i've tested samba+winbind AND realmd+sssd and it's not looking good either way22:45
Mishariwarni warni22:45
Misharihello amigo de argentina.22:45
IKnowNothing¿Como supiste? No entiendo nada. Soy un newfag en esto22:46
red_hax0rthat's an inteteresting word for newbie whatever22:48
tgm4883Yea, that's not necessary22:48
red_hax0rwho's been that new so long that the don't know the new word whatever it is these days?22:48
nacctatertots: have you tried getting extra verbose output (-d 5 iirc) to `net` ?22:51
ouroumov!es | IKnowNothing22:51
ubottuIKnowNothing: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:51
red_hax0rHe utilizado Google y se copia pegada22:52
octacianMy friends computer boots to initramfs ash shell. This was hapenning about a week ago and I reformatted the HDD and reinstalled Ubuntu. Now again. What should I do to avoid this?22:52
red_hax0rdo you have kernel? (sounds like a dumb question)22:53
octacianWhat do u mean red_hax0r?22:54
abbbeehow to access remote from ubuntu mate 16.04 to windows ?22:54
octacianabbbee: Google RPD22:55
red_hax0ryou might have initramfs, but no kerenel22:55
octacianabbbee: Google "RPD"22:55
nacc!google | octacian22:55
ubottuoctacian: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.22:55
red_hax0rcheck this out octavian: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery22:55
red_hax0roctacian (all yellow) I mean22:56
octaciannacc: IK. RDP is best Googled though. I doubt he new about RDP.22:57
octacianI haven't used it in a long time...22:58
tgm4883octacian: then you shouldn't be helping users on it22:59
YankDownUnderThere are quite a number of "Remote Desktop Protocol" applications for linux; it's a matter of settling on one that is the most comfortable. Many opt for "Google Remote Desktop" - but there are some very nice options for whatever linux desktop you're using.22:59
octacianAlso, I have this thing with Firefox where every site I visited, was then later visited by a bot. Also, data is sent to Amazon servers whenever Firefox is open (IP of Destination: And the IP changes quite often. Any ideas/suggestions?23:00
red_hax0rGoogle does stuff similar to that23:00
tgm4883octacian: logs showing this happening?23:01
octaciantgm4883: I was just giving the name of the service that I thought must useful for such a need.23:01
YankDownUnderUse the browser in "private mode" - or, you can install "Privacy Badger" - which is OSS/EFF developed...23:01
octacianAnyways, the bot went under the name of Embed.ly23:01
octaciantgm4883: I'm using wireshark to monitor the network. I discovered this when accessing the website of a friend who always monitors his logs, and found that whenever I visited the site I was followed by a bot. I find that interesting, because how is the bot getting the URL? What other info is it leaking?23:03
octacianIf he might be missing the kernal, then what do I need to to with the liveCD to get it back? GRUB?23:04
k1loctacian: that is slightly out of the scope of this channel23:04
octacianwhich is?23:04
k1loctacian: missing the kernel?23:04
k1loctacian: chroot into the install, then install "linux-generic" package23:05
octacianMy friend's computer boots to the initramfs ash shell.23:05
k1llook at the logs what is happening.23:05
ouroumovHello. Is it possible when setting up a shared connection (Network Connections -> Add -> type "Shared to other computers" to specify the desired network? Like if I don't want but or ? I've just had a nasty surprise of conflicting nets between my Ubuntu Touch phone's hotspot and a shared connection by cable to another computer.23:06
octaciank1l: logs? Firefox? I'm already monitoring logs. Not Firefoxes actually logs. I should. Thanks for the idea.23:06
k1lyou are mixing things here23:07
octacianI know. I probably am.23:07
octacianAre we talking about the firefox issue I mentioned, or initramfs? lol23:07
k1lyou umped from "the bots are chasing me"  and firefox talk to some missing kernels on some others machines and back.23:07
octacianI mentioned both around the same time... sorry.....23:07
tatertotswell i guess i better find another ubuntu pet project to tinker with....winbind+samba and realmd+sssd has been fun the last few days...earned a few grey hairs but i guess that's part of the fun23:08
nacctatertots: did you file bugs, etc.?23:08
k1lput the firefox talk to some firefox channel. they know best what scripts firefox can run and might be able to help you there. that is not ubuntu specific.23:08
octacianI'll focus on the one for now. My friend's computer boots to initramfs with the ash shell. Won't actually boot up.23:08
k1lwas the system fine before? what did he do then?23:10
octacianOnly a week ago he was having the same issue. Reformated the HDD and reinstalled Ubuntu. Was fine until this morning. He opened GIMP which gave an error about swap space. I told him to do the normal thing, restart your computer. Then instead of rebooting, we get the ash shell. And something about initramfs23:11
YankDownUnderoctacian: Is is safe to ask if this person has removed any USB storage devices prior to the reboot? Sometimes a USB mass storage device will cause BIOS or GRUB to get slightly confused...just asking.23:13
octacianYankDownUnder: he had a mouse plugged in. Laptop. That's all.23:14
naccouroumov: well, i think that functionality (which i can't find in my 16.04 system, tbh), is just wrapping dnsmasq (or maybe iptables). Both of which probably can be configured to do what you ask. I assume you mean you only want your connection to be shared to some connected subnet (and not all)?23:14
YankDownUnderoctacian: "Mass Storage"...either which, you should get him to check the BIOS boot order, then if all else fails, run the process for rescue.23:15
octacianOK. BIOS boot order. HDD should be first?23:16
YankDownUnderoctacian: Try that FIRST...if that does not work, then use the rescue liveUSB or CD/DVD...but yeah.23:17
octacianYankDownUnder: computer froze at "Toshiba" boot screen. Will try again.23:17
naccthis sounds like unstable hardware23:17
suadkfHi I need help installing Ubuntu server. It wont' recognize my wireless usb adapter23:17
naccif it's freezing at BIOS level?23:17
YankDownUnderoctacian: Toshiba. Right. Power the machine down for at least 15 seconds. When a Toshiba hangs at the POST, there's usually a REAL issue.23:18
suadkfIt recognizes it when I install desktop ubuntu/lubuntu/cubos or any other desktop linux23:18
suadkfbut the server says something about dchp23:18
octacianToshibas always have real issues.......23:18
suadkfnybody got a solution?23:18
naccsuadkf: you probably need to install wireless-related pacakges. I doubt server comes with them by default23:18
suadkfyes so how23:19
suadkfthat's my adapter23:19
ouroumovnacc, basically I had the following problem: My laptop was sharing connection to another machine connected by cable on the subnet but my phone's hotspot used too, so when the cable was plugged in connection was dropping very fast because of the conflict23:19
Egyptian[Web]https://thepb.in/p/48hY2LW9AoztR tgm488323:19
octacianYankDownUnderL turned it off for about 15 seconds. Still stuck.23:19
octacian* YankDownUnder:23:20
ouroumovnacc, I wanted to achieve Phone -> Laptop -> Other machine23:20
suadkfanyone :(23:20
YankDownUnderoctacian: Unplug the power supply. Remove the battery. Let that sit for about 30 seconds. Replace the battery, then plug in the AC. Boot the machine. See if it hangs at the POST again, please.23:21
naccsuadkf: does the interface show up (`ifconfig -a`) ?23:22
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: yea, that's a virtual package23:22
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: what version of ubuntu are you on?23:22
Bassemi have an old game run through playonlinux but it need 720*576 resolution but my screen is 1920*1080 so when i run it start but keep on loading screen and can't quite it when i try alt+tap i see small part of desktop and can't quite or select andy thing else23:22
suadkfwhere would I enter that in?23:23
suadkfhow do i get to the console23:23
octacianYankDownUnder: looks like we are still stuck. Gonna try again. Won't worry about trying to get to SETUP yet.23:23
naccsuadkf: at a terminal prompt?23:23
naccsuadkf: do you have a console?23:23
suadkfno i'm still trying to install it23:24
suadkfshould i install it first then worry about netowrking?23:24
naccsuadkf: yes?23:25
suadkfoh sorry23:25
naccsuadkf: i don't know, that's up to you23:25
suadkfi'll install first23:25
suadkfone sec23:25
YankDownUnderoctacian: You might want to go through the BIOS and just double-check all the settings - sometimes in doing so, you "wake up" the HDD..."sometimes". Had one recently like that...unfortunately, it was the HDD and was lucky enough to "wake it up" long enough to back it up before replacing the drive.23:25
sojauswhere are startup apps listed? /etc/init is where a search led me but it's not right23:25
k1lsojaus: ubuntu uses systemd since 15.04.23:26
k1l!systemd | sojaus23:26
ubottusojaus: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units23:26
octacianYankDownUnder: we are definitely stuck on the first boot screen, where it says "Toshiba \n Leading Innovation"23:27
sojauskll so should they bein /etc/systemd ?23:27
YankDownUnderoctacian: Well, read my last message.23:27
k1lsojaus: its quite complex. better have a read of that wiki page if you are really interessted23:27
Egyptian[Web]tgm4883:   14 lts23:28
sojausI was just looking for a dirctory somewher that listed all startup apps...not that simple?23:28
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: can you pastebin the output of "dpkg -l | grep linux-image"23:28
Egyptian[Web]https://thepb.in/p/y8h6P9WmKgNUO the output shows rc for the kernel i want coz i manually tested it was available23:29
octacianYankDownUnder: what good does that do me? I'm stuck before I can get to BIOS. I press F2, but nothing. Frozen.23:29
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: ok, so "apt install linux-image-3.13.0-88-generic"23:30
YankDownUnderoctacian: I shan't say that "Google is your friend" as that is redundant. As soon as you power the machine one, hit "ESC" and "F2" repeatedly...23:30
k1loctacian: are you sure that is not a hardware issue?23:31
Egyptian[Web]tgm4883: yup that works but not the command i pasted (it was generated via ansible)23:31
octacianYankDownUnder: nothing yet. Will try again. k1l: I don't know. It might be.23:32
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: well that seems to be the wrong package anyway I think23:32
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: wouldn't  you want "linux-image-generic"23:33
MishariSsssssugar craaaashhhhh23:33
Egyptian[Web]i do not see the version i need for linux-image-generic23:34
octacianYankDownUnder: it seems pretty stuck. Still nothing.23:34
YankDownUnderoctacian: Are you savvy enough to remove the BIOS/CMOS battery?23:35
suadkfalmost done installing :)23:35
suadkfnacc you still on?23:35
octacianYankDownUnder: I can. My friend was talking about doing that a while ago. Not for that purpose, but, we should be able to manage it.23:36
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: setting aside why it's not working with the link provided by ansible, why don't you just tell ansible to install "linux-image-3.13.0-88-generic"23:36
* tgm4883 isn't super famaliar with ansible23:36
Egyptian[Web]didnt work either :(23:36
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: well that sounds like an ansible issue then, you already said you could install the package via apt23:36
Egyptian[Web]i have tried many many combinations of the name .. and version23:37
naccsuadkf: for now, yes23:37
Egyptian[Web]dont think so  .. coz i took the ansible generated command and stuck it into the command line and it failed in the same manner23:37
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: there shouldn't be any variations of the name, it's linux-image-3.13.0-88-generic23:37
suadkfok it's done :)23:37
suadkfso i type in   ifconfig -a right23:37
YankDownUnderoctacian: If you're savvy enough to do that, what you can do as this - remove the BIOS/CMOS battery. Remove the HDD. Boot the machine withOUT the BIOS/CMOS battery - force it into BIOS setup. Save the BIOS setup. Power off. Replace the HDD. Do the same. That might wake it up. If it were here in my place, I have a "cradle" that I use for removing HDD's from laptops and I mount them as externals...saves time and money...23:37
naccsuadkf: yes, and pastebin the output23:38
Egyptian[Web]not found .. also nacc said earlier that is not the version number23:38
pennTellerHi guys, can anybody shed any light on how to setup different domains for email on ubuntu server 12.04?23:38
suadkfk one moment please23:38
naccEgyptian[Web]: yes, it's not hte version number, it's the pacakge *name*,23:38
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: Don't specify the version number. The package name is "linux-image-3.13.0-88-generic"23:38
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suadkfhow do i get it to pastebin?23:40
octacianYandDownUnder: BIOS/CMOS battery sits with RAM. Guess it's simple on this model.23:40
octacianNow to find find out whether we have a replacement...23:40
Egyptian[Web]tgm4883: !! <speechless>>23:40
nacc!paste | suadkf, c&p ? or23:41
ubottusuadkf, c&p ? or: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:41
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: so that works now?23:41
Egyptian[Web]yes its installed. tunnel vision bah!23:42
Egyptian[Web]tgm4883: thank you very much for your help23:42
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: ok, well that's installed now. Have you already done the pinning so it won't update?23:43
Egyptian[Web]https://thepb.in/p/zmh8YJBWJPyFZ i will be putting this into /etc/apt/preferences23:45
tgm4883Egyptian[Web]: yea I think that looks right23:46
Egyptian[Web]tgm4883: umm.. after the hassle i went through with the version number? i got to check that but tomorrow ;) .. again thank you very much for the help23:48
suadkfit recognizes my card now and I ran iwlist scan and it found my network23:49
suadkfi just don't know how to connect to it23:49
k1lsuadkf: use wpa suplicant23:50
suadkfgot it to work! http://askubuntu.com/questions/464507/ubuntu-14-04-server-wifi-wpa2-personal23:50
suadkfthanks lads!23:50
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