bluesabreflocculant, Unit193: so this happened10:30
bluesabretseliot | rbasak, bluesabre: I suspect tjaalton is on holiday. Can you bisect the driver to see what commit solves the problem, please? That would make the SRU much more self-contained.10:31
bluesabrethis just got a lot more complicated10:31
flocculantonce upon a time there was a bug11:14
flocculantbluesabre: at least at some point it will get done - not much else that we can do I guess11:18
bluesabreI'll review the commits and see if any look obvious11:18
flocculantI would too11:18
flocculantif they made any sense to me :D11:18
flocculantwell I'm guessing you'll have more chance than me - unless it's about elliptical circles11:19
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ChangizwwHi, i'm using xubuntu 14.04! when i start and login to my user (and other users) desktop doesn't come up and it only shows wallpaper (however i could login by ctrl+alt+f1 and used startx to post this), can anyone help?! i remember i had this problem before and it was fixed by entering a couple of commands, but i can't remember now... thanks in advance18:30
Unit193Changizww: Please don't crosspost.18:30
Changizwwi have to18:30
Unit193No, you really don't.18:31
Changizwwno one answers and i can't do anything with my os and just waiting here for a response18:31
* genii sips20:11
ax562you guys need help on testing anything?20:13
ax562you guys need help on testing anything?21:07
knomeax562, isos as always21:08
knomenote that we are close to rebuild time though.21:09
ax562I will zsync21:09
ax562for the most part everything has been working21:09
ax562on 32 bit21:09
ax562intel machine 21:09
knomehave you reported the tests on the iso tracker?21:10
ax56264 bit intel machine21:10
ax56264bit amd machine21:10
ax562no, not sure how to do that :/21:10
knomeok, then the testing is next to useless to us, as there's no way to track that21:10
Unit193I need to test a couple. >_>21:11
Unit193Do we still have David alive, btw?21:11
knomei think he's just traveling an in a different city21:12
knomehe popped in one day during the euros at least21:12
ax562ok well how can I do that21:12
ax562can you provide link knome21:12
ax562I'm on a new machine now21:12
knomeax562, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Walkthrough21:12
ax562well I can't even open new image21:20
ax562ok not sure what was going on earlier22:43
ax562re zsync and now am fine22:43
ax562all seems good on the install testcases22:58
ax562where would I go to test bugs?22:58
knomedid you report the ISO test results?22:58
ax562under name axockin23:00
ax562couldn't get name ax5623 for some weird reason23:01
knomeso for application testing, there are two main ways you can go23:01
knomeone of them is to run testcases for packages as you did with ISOs23:02
ax562yeah I was looking for a way to do that23:02
knomebut that's very restricted as you are only ever doing the exact same tasks23:02
knomefor those23:02
knomethe other way is to do exploratory testing23:02
knomeit's described well here: http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/qa-testing.html#qa-testing-exploratory23:02
ax562wow there is sooo much info here23:04
knomeyes... and it would actually help if you read it all ;)23:04
ax562trying but its like reading a dictionary23:04
knomei mean, in the contributor docs23:04
knomewell, it describes the process to test and report as we need from beginning to end23:05
knomeit's written to avoid having to type it all over again on an irc channel like this23:05
knomeyou can take bitesize leaps though. you don't have to achieve all in one day - or week23:05
ax562yeah I think I'm on chapter 6 on that23:06
ax562if we are talking about the same thing23:06
ax562can I please have that link again?23:06
knomethe start page is at http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/23:06
ax562had these all bookmarked23:07
ax562on a new machine now, being the case I asked again23:07
knomeyou can actually find all the links you need from http://xubuntu.org/contribute/23:08
knomebelieve me, this is all built so you can get access to stuff as easily as possible23:08
knomeas long as you remember which OS you are helping with...23:08
ax562is there a way to copy a string of chars to vbox from running os?23:22
knomeyou should be able to do that once you install the guest additions to vbox23:22
ax562knome under <devices there is a clipboard option which allows you bidirectional copy/pasting etc23:32
ax562didn't know that existed23:32
ax562just filed another bug :p23:33
ax562actually that biderectional clipboard didn't work for some reason23:40

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