xubuntu93wcan you please tell me where i get directions to install xubuntu without a cd in windows? i cant find any installation instruction for xunubu 1600:21
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:26
pleia2that has instructions for making an installation disk in windows too00:26
xubuntu93wdo i need to use a usb?00:26
pleia2if you're not using a dvd, yes00:27
xubuntu93wdo i need to with lubuntu?00:27
pleia2I don't understand the question00:27
pleia2the only way to install is via usb or dvd/cd (unless you have a networked imaging server, like in a computer lab, but I doubt that)00:28
xubuntu93woh ok.  thank you.00:29
xubuntu93wi have no clue what im doing obviously00:29
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Toreltiis this a good place to ask beginner questions?00:52
ToreltiMy computer boots fast (to lightdm), but it takes a very long time after inputting password to show the desktop. After I login, I can hear my mobo POST beep and it appears to reastart completlety then show the desktop. how can i make it go directly to desktop00:57
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sine0hi folks. I installed ubuntu and then have installed xubuntu desktop since, is this the right channel to ask questions ?09:49
sorinello_yes, this is the channel09:59
sorinello_basically tou converted your ubuntu instalation to xubuntu09:59
sine0its ok, I have selected the ubuntu desktop upon login10:05
sine0I was having some issues with xubuntu10:06
knomesine0, for what it's worth, we can't help you resolve your issues unless you tell us what they are10:12
sine0ok sorry I fixed it by changing desktops and sort of forgot about the issue12:36
sine01. when i do a printscreen and save it to a buffer I cant paste it anywhere12:36
sine0like i want to paste into gimp or so, and it wont work, something wrong with the paste buffer12:37
sine0switched back to ubuntu regular desktop and its fine, i assume it would be a xubuntu desktop thing12:37
chokican't believe xubuntu 16.04 has so many bugs on this t40013:31
chokisuspend bug13:31
chokithe whole ui is broken after it13:31
xanguaInstall xscreensaver ?13:32
chokii tried13:34
chokistill the same broken ui most of the time :/13:34
chokii hope an update comes soon13:34
chokiit is not only the mouse cursor isnt visible13:34
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GridCubechoki: best curse of action is to completelly disable lock screens, just let it turn of the monitor13:53
chokiGridCube: yes but i always forget to manually lock my screen then13:54
chokii feel like xubuntu messed up the whole xfce experience13:54
GridCubeits a lightdm issue13:55
chokion my desktop pc it works like a charm!13:55
chokiGridCube: so i could just switch the display manager entirely?13:55
GridCubeyou can always do that13:55
chokihmm i ll try to remove it and just use the black login screen13:56
GridCubeyou would not be running xubuntu anymore tho13:56
chokiit is still xubuntu ha!13:56
GridCubeP: its not if you change stock software13:56
chokidoesnt xfce has its own display manager?13:56
xubuntu96wsometimes the cursor disappears. Why ?14:09
chokixubuntu96w: yes :D14:11
xubuntu96wwhat can I do to appear?14:11
chokixubuntu96w: ctrl+alt+f6 and then ctrl+alt+f714:11
user_00does anyone know why I can't login as a regular user using Xubuntu 16.04 with virtualbox?14:47
user_00I cant login from Xfce or from a virtual terminal, it just kicks me back to the shell14:47
GridCubeuser_00: there is a problem with your .Xauthority or .ICEauthority files, just delete them from your home folder and relog14:53
user_00How am I supposed to delete them if I can't login as a normal user or root?14:53
GridCubeyou can do that by login in on a tty14:53
user_00no I can't, it kicks me out14:53
user_00root is disabled14:54
GridCubeno, use a tty14:54
GridCubepress right-ctrl and f114:54
GridCubeon the tty put your credentials14:54
user_00I did, it doesn't let me login, or it might, but all I see is the MTOD fly by and I am kicked back to the login prompt14:55
GridCubethen xfce nor xubuntu had anything to do with your problem14:55
GridCubethe tty login prompt¿?14:55
GridCubethat sounds absolutely unsual14:56
GridCubeyou then have a problem that goes beyond all my knowledge14:56
user_00I figured14:56
GridCubeand again, not at the level of xubutnu is unvolved14:56
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sorrowNot sure who was helping me before with the login loop issue, but it turned out that I had created a user named 'pulse', which obviously conflicts with pulse audio16:35
sorrowis there an open defect for this issue?  shouldnt it check the existing /etc/passwd file ?16:36
ChangizwwHi, i'm using xubuntu 14.04! when i start and login to my user (and other users) desktop doesn't come up and it only shows wallpaper (however i could login by ctrl+alt+f1 and used startx to post this), can anyone help?! i remember i had this problem before and it was fixed by entering a couple of commands, but i can't remember now... thanks in advance18:17
Changizwwanyone? :(18:49
flocculantChangizww: sometimes a full root drive can cause that, login to tty1 and see what df -h says19:11
flocculantyou're looking for the / line and see what % full it is19:12
flocculantif it's 95% or so - you'll need to clear some space, start with sudo apt-get clean to remove the .deb cache19:12
flocculantif it's not full then you've a different issue19:13
Changiizwwwow, you were right.. it is 96% full19:13
Changiizwwreally really grateful and really thanks for you kindness19:14
Changiizwwsorry, but how can i clean .deb cache?19:15
ax562xubuntu software app is maintained by ubuntu correct?19:47
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flocculantax562: yes20:06
xubuntu98wWhat's the best way to remove preinstalled apps? I'm replacing parole with VLC, pidgin with xchat, and transmission with Deluge.23:37
knomethere is no "best" way, but you can do it from the software center for example23:37
xubuntu98wDo those apps have dependencies? Wouldn't I need to purge in that case?23:38
xubuntu98waptitude purge "package" for example23:38
knomethe purge action removes the configuration files, not dependencies23:39
knomebut in apt terms, if you want to remove the applications and their dependencies, first simple remove the package, then run the autoremove action23:39
xubuntu98wWhat if I want to remove the config files as well?23:40
knomethen purge remove and purge autoremove23:40
xubuntu98wSo to clarify: sudo aptitude purge "package" then sudo aptitude purge autoremove?23:41
xubuntu98wand could running autoremove on a regular basis potentially be harmful?23:44
knomei think aptitude asks if you want to remove those packages. if you use apt-get, you have to run the autoremove command23:45
knomeno, there's no harm in it, though you don't really need to do that unless you removed any package.23:45
xubuntu98walright, I'll run "sudo apt-get purge" and "sudo apt-get autoremove" then23:46
knomesudo apt-get purge packagename23:46
knomesudo apt-get --purge autoremove23:46
knomewith apt-get23:46
xubuntu98wwould you mind explaining what the hyphens do?23:46
knomeyou can only specify one action23:47
knomeautoremove is the action, so if you want to purge the config files, you basically tell that with a parameter23:47
xubuntu98wOh, ok23:47
knomepurge without the dashes is an action that removes a single package with config23:47
knomeso, a shorthand for:23:48
knomeapt-get --purge remove packagename23:48
xubuntu98wlast question, is autoremove essentially a more thorough "autoclean" or do they preform separate funcions?23:49
knomethey do different functions.23:50
knomeautoclean cleans the package cache, autoremove removes unused pacakges23:50
xubuntu98wSo I should run autoclean after autoremove to clear the cache?23:51
xubuntu98wI mean it's not neccessary, but helpful23:51
knomei can save some space23:51
knomenot very much usually though.23:53
xubuntu98wunrelated, is thunar the only well-established file manager designed for use with xfce? It's kind of bothering me, as it crashes frequently when I rename files (something I do a lot)23:53
knomethunar is the *only* file manager designed (whatever that means...) to be used with xfce23:54
knomeany file manager should work with no problems though.23:54
xubuntu98wby designed, I mean meant for the XFCE desktop environment. Wouldn't something like nautilus require additional dependencies?23:55
knomebut essentially file managers aren't tied in to desktop environments or OSes like explorer is to windows23:56
knomeeach of them comes with additional dependencies anyway23:56
knomeadditional meaning, it's not just the thunar package you need to install on top of xfce23:56
xubuntu98wWould nautalis fit seamlessly within the XFCE environment though? or would it look out of place in terms of appearance23:56
knomei don't know if nautilus has been ported to gtk3 - that's one of the things that can currently make apps look different (we're in the middle of a gtk2->gtk3 migration)23:57
grauhatHello, I'm sure I'm just blind but I don't seem to find the download for the 14.04 release in the Xubuntu page23:57
xubuntu98wOkay, thanks for all the help23:58
knomeother than that, it can look out of place because it can be a bit more cluttered than the "xfce apps"23:58
knomebut there shouldn't be any technical difficulties23:58
knomegrauhat, 16.04 is recommended over 14.04 generally, so 14.04 isn't advertised23:59
knomegrauhat, you can figure out the links to the right places by replacing "16.04" with "14.04" in the URL in question though, if you really need 14.0423:59

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