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smoserharlowja, i'm confused19:13
smoser python -c 'import argparse; print(argparse)'19:13
smoser<module 'argparse' from '/usr/lib/python2.7/argparse.pyc'>19:13
harlowjaya, but pkg_resources is not finding it :-/19:13
harlowjaand/or redhat didn't register it right or something19:13
smosernow i see.19:13
smoserits new in 2.719:14
harlowjai think redhat probably messed up there argparse package19:14
harlowjaor forgot to register it with pkg_resources or something19:14
harlowjaseems like 'needed = self.resolve(parse_requirements(requirements)) ' wouldn't fail if argparse was registered19:16
harlowjabut meh, also fixes it by just not listing it as a dep in 2.7+19:16
harlowjasmoser other question19:16
harlowjaany opposition to https://gist.github.com/harlowja/50a66fb9bed6e0897f1691eae3107f0119:17
harlowjaon cent7 there is like no content (at least in my cloudinit) in /var/log/cloud-init.log19:17
harlowjaand journalctl doesn't have anything19:17
smoserso it actually fails to go to syslog ?19:18
harlowjathink so19:18
harlowjanow i did see the following in a redhat patch19:19
harlowjaso that might fixs it19:19
harlowjadon't think that one was upstreamed :(19:19
harlowjalet me just try that fix; see what happens19:19
harlowja(gotta get these damn redhat folks to stop having secret patches, lol)19:19
harlowjabbiab though, lunch19:20
harlowjasmoser whats weird though is that even if i use that patch (which does help) it still doesn't write debug stuff to that log file21:38
harlowjaso then it makes me question the value of that syslog stuff in the first place21:38
harlowjaor maybe the sysconfig stuff is just busted, lol21:38
harlowja*syslog i mean21:38
harlowjafor example when working on my godaddy module, this is all the debug in the logs, lol21:39
harlowjanot so useful :-P21:39
harlowjai'd rather have old-janky file that actually works :-P21:40
harlowjasoooo, if we defaulted to just the file stuff smoser would that be ok21:46
harlowjaat least its dependable :-P21:46
harlowjai'll probably do that locally anyway, pita having this thing not show anything21:47

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