niemeyerwallyworld: No, unfortunately I can't do a release today. This needs to be prepared and announced as usual, and it's not a good idea to do that on a Friday before leaving for a sprint00:06
wallyworldniemeyer: ok. we have have to release beta12 today/tomorrow to we'll need to deal with it00:08
niemeyerwallyworld: Sorry about that, but I really can't risk compromising everybody else with a broken release when I'm not going to be around for days to fix it00:10
wallyworldniemeyer: totally understand. i think the CI guys are looking at a workaround00:10
marcoceppiis there a limit on the size of a local resource I can deploy with beta11?00:16
marcoceppinevermin,d just took a hot min00:18
niemeyerwallyworld: Note the code can actually import from mgo.v2-unstable00:29
niemeyerwallyworld: That may be the easiest00:29
wallyworldniemeyer: sure, but that means churn just to change all the import paths00:29
niemeyerwallyworld: ... which is a trivial mechanical change, right?00:30
wallyworldit is. and then we change back again next week or whenever. that bit about Go is annoying to say the least00:31
axwwallyworld: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/5244/ - trivial fix for windows failure01:02
wallyworldaxw: lgtm01:04
thumperniemeyer: except it is a "trivial mechanical change" across 10 different repos01:19
alexisb__so thumper, wallyworld are we all good for release except for dep updates for the mgo fix?01:43
alexisb__can one of you please send a summary to balloons and myself01:44
thumperalexisb__: I'm not sure if we even need to do the dep update01:44
thumperif the release process can pull over the branch01:44
alexisb__thumper, understood01:44
wallyworldalexisb__: as per my email i am expecting what tim said01:44
alexisb__I want to make sure that is clear to all01:44
alexisb__what is being requested01:44
wallyworldi asked nic/martin to confirm in the email01:45
alexisb__wallyworld, thumper I sent a clarification email just in case :)01:53
alexisb__please take a look and add comentary/corrections if neccisary01:54
wallyworldalexisb__: thanks. let's hope we get the answer we are looking for. we need a jedi mind trick01:55
niemeyerthumper: A trivial mechanical change across "10 repositories" (doubt it) is still a trivial mechanical change. It'd be done by now.02:31
thumperyou doubt that we have that many that depend on mgo?02:32
niemeyerYeah, I doubt that a juju release has to build 10 independent repositories that all depend on mgo.. will be surprised, honestly.02:33
thumpernot build 10, but there are ~10 external repos that juju/juju depends on that also bring in mgo02:34
thumperall those would also need to change, no?02:34
thumperluckily we have a smart releast team that have worked a way for us not to bother02:34
thumperbut yes, changing imports is invasive02:35
niemeyerI don't know.. depends on how you organize your code I guess. I'm just saying I'm surprised if that's the case, as I try not to do that.02:35
thumpersure... whatever02:35
niemeyerIt still a mechanical change though, which I bet takes less typing than we've done thus far.02:35
niemeyerI bet your release team very far surpasses the necessary skills to do that.02:36
thumperno... we are working around it so we don't have to02:36
thumperyes, their skill far surpasses what is needed to rename shit02:36
niemeyerThat's good to hear .. nobody wants stuff named shit.02:37
natefinchwallyworld, thumper: btw, you can cheat with godeps and still be importing gopkg.in/mgo.v2 but pin a revision from v2-unstable.  That way, only the dependencies.tsv file needs to change. It's a hack, but it works and doesn't cause a ton of churn.02:51
wallyworldnatefinch: interesting, i didn't realise we could do that02:53
* thumper wonders about the nested packages02:53
natefinchyeah, godeps is a handy little hack... it doesn't care about branches at all, so as long as the revision is in the git repo, godeps can point the local code at it.02:56
thumpernatefinch: https://github.com/go-mgo/mgo/blob/v2-unstable/session.go02:56
thumpernatefinch: still impots from v2-unstable02:57
thumperso not sufficient02:57
natefinchthumper: oh, yeah, that won't work02:57
natefinchI've done it with feature branches, but they weren't hard coded in the import statement.  That does make it basically impossible02:58
mupBug #1570594 changed: read access to admin model allows grant <docteam> <juju-release-support> <juju-core:Fix Released by thumper> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1570594>03:14
thumpernatefinch: however we can specify the revision that was the tip of babbleclunk's branch03:30
natefinchthumper: sounds like it could work03:37
thumperjam: ping03:48
thumperjam: unping03:52
=== thumper is now known as thumper-afk
wallyworldaxw: i've updated the mgo dep, will fix mgo issue in beta12 http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/5245/05:15
wallyworldjam: so as axw pointed out, the above PR won't work because code in gopkg.in/mgo.v2 imports from gopkg.in/mgo.v2-unstable. wtf05:20
axwwallyworld: gopkg.in/mgo.v2-unstable/txn imports gopkg.in/mgo.v2-unstable05:21
axwthe commit you're pointing at is from the unstable branch05:21
wallyworldyes, but i thought i was following the advise that we just hack the commit sha in deps.tsv05:21
wallyworldwhich won't work will it05:22
wallyworldso no choice other than to vendor if we want beta12 out05:23
axwwallyworld: we build with go 1.6 now, so that would be the least amount of work I think05:24
axwwallyworld: take it or leave it, but this works: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/580506:25
wallyworldaxw: hmmm, seems like now we will just be double handling everything. commit to the upstream repo and copy all the files to the vendored package. i'm -1 on it, so best you get jam or someone to +106:46
wallyworldunless there's something i don't get06:46
axwwallyworld: how's that worse than committing to upstream, copying to juju namespace?06:47
wallyworldnow we commit to upstream and update dependencies.tsv06:48
wallyworldone small change to juju/juju06:48
axwwallyworld: in other words, what are you going to do if you don't want to merge this06:48
axwwallyworld: this doesn't have to live beyond beta1206:48
wallyworldseems like a huge change just for one beta, but i guess it's just copying files06:49
wallyworldthe other alternative is just to update the import paths to v2-unstable06:50
axwwallyworld: copying a bunch of files into one temporary location, vs. changing files over all our repos06:50
wallyworldfair point. it can be reversed after beta ships06:51
wallyworldalthough we'd just need to change import paths in juju/juju06:51
axwwallyworld: nope. blobstore takes mgo.v2, we pass into it from juju06:51
axwlikewise for juju/txn I think06:52
wallyworldsure, but blobstore has no depencencies.tsv06:52
wallyworldbut yeah import paths06:52
wallyworldeither way it's a mess06:52
wallyworldaxw: so maybe it's the only viable option, but cut you get a +1 from william or john just to be sure?06:53
axwwallyworld: sure06:54
axwI think will is out06:54
axwjam: are you about?06:54
axwaway on IRC at any rate06:54
wallyworldaxw: here's a quickee fix for a critical restore bug http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/5247/07:03
wallyworldthe main issue is now gone since rog deleted failback connect07:03
axwwallyworld: why change it to use ControllerByName first?07:06
wallyworldaxw: i wanted to reuse existing cloud / region07:07
axwwallyworld: if you rebootstrap with a mismatched cloud/region, it'll be terribly broken anyway07:07
wallyworldah yeah, that is true07:07
wallyworldi'll revert that bit07:08
jamaxw: wallyworld: I thought we could point to babbageclunk's revision as well07:21
jamwhich was written against mgo.v2 so shouldn't be importing mgo.v2-unstable07:21
jamthumper mentioned a revision07:21
axwjam: dependencies.tsv does not separate repo from package path07:22
axwso you can't say get babbageclunk's repo, and call it gopkg.in/mgo.v207:22
axwwallyworld: in your PR, I meant a test for the thing that broke in the first place07:23
axwwallyworld: I didn't see a test added07:23
wallyworldaxw: the thing that broke was in api connect code that was deleted07:24
axwwallyworld: that was the trigger, but you still fixed a bug?07:24
wallyworldyeah, i could add a check for the order of updating controller info07:25
wallyworldi'll do that07:26
jamaxw: because the revision is in the repository that also holds gopkg.in/mgo.v2 godeps will let you use it07:29
jamaxw: anything revision that is in the upstream repository is a potential target for godeps07:29
jamI tried it with aee6a64 to confirm07:30
jamthough that would suffer from the import problem07:30
axwjam: babbageclunk's most recent commit has the -unstable import paths07:32
axwit wasn't done as a separate merge step07:32
wallyworldaxw: test done, will propose once merge finishes07:33
axwwallyworld: thanks07:34
wallyworldi should have done it in the first place07:34
jamaxw: well that sucks07:38
wallyworldaxw: and here's the test http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/5248/07:55
wallyworldjam: so we either (temporarily) vendor as axw has proposed or we update import paths in juju/blobstore, juju/txn and juju/juju07:57
axwwallyworld: LGTM, thanks07:57
jamwallyworld: if we vendor we have to update everything don't we? the discussion with mgz yesterday was that we might be able to add an "apply this patch" as part of the 'make-release-tarball.sh' script08:08
wallyworldjam: yeah, that's my issue with vendoring. axw has done the PR - it's huge. but the current thinking is this will be just for this beta. the changes to core are trivial. 99.99% of the PR is copying in the files of all the deps08:13
wallyworldthe alternative is to churn the necessary dependent repos and then update core also08:13
wallyworldwith the new import paths08:14
axwwallyworld jam: to be up front, I would like it to be there for good, and I'll make my argument for that later. but we don't *have* to have it for good08:14
wallyworldaxw: if it is there for good, my issue is the double handing of every dependent repo update08:14
axwwallyworld: please let's talk about that later :)08:14
axw(wallyworld: I don't disagree that that's a problem, but there are benefits that I'd like us to weigh up.)08:16
wallyworldsure, fair point08:16
axwI intended to bring it up at the sprint, but there was never really a good time08:16
wallyworldyeah :-(08:16
anastasiamacaxw: sounds like we need another sprint :)08:25
axwI'm all sprunt out08:26
anastasiamacthe same. m glad my voice is back at least \o/08:26
babbageclunkhey wallyworld - what happened with this PR? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/580408:29
wallyworldbabbageclunk: i had to not do it cause it would have broken everything due to mixed import paths08:30
wallyworldcode in that rev imports from v2-unstable08:30
babbageclunkwallyworld: ah, gotcha.08:30
urulama|____does openstack provider in juju 1.25 support v3 keystone auth?08:31
=== urulama|____ is now known as urulama
urulamabut it does in juju 2.0, right?08:31
urulama(to a very limited default region degree)08:32
wallyworldbabbageclunk: jam and axw and myself have been discussing. there's a PR to vendor all the things http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/5246/; or we have to update all the necessary repos with new import paths08:32
wallyworldbabbageclunk: either way, pain and suffering08:32
babbageclunkwallyworld: :(08:33
wallyworldurulama: you can specify domain and endpoint url08:33
wallyworldurulama: bbiab, dinner time08:33
urulamawallyworld: bon appétit08:33
babbageclunkHow many reviewers does a 19k-line diff need?08:42
babbageclunkProb'ly a few.08:44
axwwallyworld: I'll hold off until the beta is out, but I have a PR ready to delete some code: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/5249/08:45
axwno rush on a review, can wait till monday08:46
* axw goes to make dinner08:46
babbageclunkaxw, wallyworld, jam - is there anything I can do to help with the mgo update before the release? With vendoring the package, are we then going to apply the minimal patch in place? (Sorry for interrupting dinners.)09:22
axwbabbageclunk: what's in my PR is actually the v2-unstable branch, just renamed to v2 with import paths fixed09:37
axwbabbageclunk: so it has your changes09:37
* axw goes away again09:39
babbageclunkaxw: Awesome, thanks.10:07
urulamaaxw: ERROR storing charm for URL "cs:ubuntu-0": delegatable macaroon cannot be obtained for public entities10:22
urulamaaxw, wallyworld: ^ is this client side?10:22
axwurulama: I don't know which part you mean, but that error message is printed out by the client: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/cmd/juju/application/deploy.go#L46010:24
axwurulama: sorry, gtg10:24
urulamaaxw: all good, default grant is read only, that's returned instead of saying you don't have write access10:25
babbageclunkdoes anyone know if there's a reason not to replace common.SortStringsNaturally with the version from utils throughout juju/juju?10:37
babbageclunkThe utils version handles values with multiple embedded numbers.10:38
babbageclunk(like 3/lxd/4)10:38
axwjam: I've just weeded out a few issues with my vendor branch, should be good now. if you're OK with it, can you please merge it?  otherwise someone will need to do the dep changes10:43
axwI need to go help with the kids now10:44
babbageclunk(answering myself) gah, this change was already done (https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/5666), but on the model-migration branch.10:50
babbageclunkThat seems obtuse.10:51
voidspacebabbageclunk: I bought the Microsoft LX6000 headset. Works great and doesn't look so ridiculous. :-)11:45
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: as far as I know, we intend to merge model-migration branch next week (right after shipping beta12)11:47
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: mayb hangon on updating the bug and mark as fix committed once the merge occurs?.. :D11:47
babbageclunkvoidspace: yay, headset buddies!12:31
babbageclunkanastasiamac: ok, thanks - I'll do that.12:31
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: \o/ thank you for ur patience :D there are plenty ofother bitesizes that can be nibbled on if u r keen :P12:32
babbageclunkanastasiamac: :) Actually yeah - I find myself at a bit of a loose end this afternoon, so I'll have a look.12:33
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: wow! i forgot what it feels like :) u r great for tackling these!12:33
katconatefinch: standup time15:02
mupBug #1603473 opened: Relation fails as untis/machines are on different subnet on a multi NIC setup, juju 2.0 beta11 <11> <2.0> <beta> <juju> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603473>15:33
alexisb__voidspace, ping16:18
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alexisb__dooferlad, ping16:22
dooferladalexisb__: I am both on holiday and cooking, but what's up?16:26
alexisb__dooferlad, nevermind, it is not that urgent16:26
alexisb__sorry didnt know you were out today16:26
alexisb__enjoy your holiday16:26
perrito666dooferlad: also dont cook and irc16:27
dooferladperrito666: it's OK, that's what irccloud is for. I am done with knives and am just waiting for things to cook.16:28
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natefinch-afkout for a bit taking a kid to a checkup17:17
perrito666natefinch-afk: gluck17:25
frobwarealexisb__: will take a look over bug #1603473 again17:31
mupBug #1603473: Relation fails as untis/machines are on different subnet on a multi NIC setup, juju 2.0 beta11 <11> <2.0> <beta> <juju> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603473>17:31
alexisb__thanks frobware17:32
alexisb__frobware, if we cna just get an idea of next steps that would be awesome17:32
frobwarealexisb__: just asked for their MAAS network setup - with that I can try and reproduce17:33
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katconeed to run out for a late lunch meeting. bbiab18:41
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mupBug # changed: 1567635, 1568101, 1583789, 1584616, 1586512, 1590605, 1591387, 1594924, 1595686, 1596493, 1596597, 1597342, 1597704, 1598049, 1598063, 1598113, 1598118, 1598164, 1598286, 1598289, 1598293, 1598897, 1598964, 1599402, 1599779, 1599905, 1602732, 1602895, 160320819:43
mupBug #1593828 changed: cannot assign unit E11000 duplicate key error collection: juju.txns.stash <ci> <conjure> <deploy> <intermittent-failure> <oil> <oil-2.0> <juju-core:Fix Released by 2-xtian> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1593828>20:13
natefinchif anyone has some time, moderate sized review (+631, -20) http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/5238/20:50
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mupBug #1603577 opened: backup-restore: panic: empty value for "api-port" found in configuration <backup-restore> <blocker> <ci> <regression> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603577>22:41
mupBug #1603577 changed: backup-restore: panic: empty value for "api-port" found in configuration <backup-restore> <blocker> <ci> <regression> <juju-core:Triaged by wallyworld> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603577>22:47
katcowallyworld: mup is telling on you :)22:52
wallyworldalexisb: that bug is a slightly different manefestation of the same know restore issue, so the beta should still go ahread22:54
wallyworldalexisb: what was rhe final decison with regards to mgo - vendoring was considered and ruled out, looks like a patch approach was adopted22:57
mupBug #1603577 opened: backup-restore: panic: empty value for "api-port" found in configuration <backup-restore> <blocker> <ci> <regression> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603577>22:59
mupBug #1603584 opened: juju-uitest calls obsolete --show-passwords <ci> <juju-gui> <regression> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603584>23:11
mupBug #1603585 opened: modelManagerStateSuite.SetUpTest no reachable servers on windows <ci> <intermittent-failure> <test-failure> <windows> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603585>23:41
alexisbwallyworld, it is not blocking beta23:45
alexisbbut I am assigning it to you as it was a new symtom of the same restore issue you are working on23:45

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