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kjackalhello juju world08:52
eeemilIs juju boostrap (2.0-beta11-xenial-amd64) ignoring the --metadata-source flag? Debug prints tells nothing about searching for metadata in my specified location. (And I have no idea how it should look like, as I've yet to experience a working Juju on openstack deployment...)09:58
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urulamajamespage: hey, is nova-networking being dropped in openstack N?12:22
mrammjamespage: that is vs neutron API's12:23
jamespageurulama, mramm: not sure - its been discussed for 5 cycles now12:47
urulamajamespage: ok, asking as juju openstack provider supports nova-networking API only and that will be a big change :)12:48
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josemarcoceppi, tvansteenburgh: looks like the revq is not updating again...14:14
eeemilCan somebody please confirm if --metadata-source flag is ignored? As I've said: I have no way of verifying. It could be that the metadata has bean read without being reported as debug-info, but that the metadata is misconfigured for my cloud.14:16
stubgnuoy: You are maintainer of the nrpe charm. Do you want that, or should I switch it to a team? I've got a branch making it multi-series trusty/xenial so there is paperwork to do, pushing to a new home, promulgation etc.14:55
gnuoystub, I would love it to be a team14:56
stubgnuoy: ~openstack-charmers and ~canonical-sysadmins, or more restricted?14:56
gnuoystub,  I think  ~openstack-charmers and ~canonical-sysadmins makes sense14:57
stubgnuoy: ok. I'll set things up on Launchpad if thats ok. I've already done a few similar.14:57
gnuoystub, that would be great, thank you14:58
stubmarcoceppi: I took https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/charms/trusty/nrpe/py3/+merge/300153, migrated it to git at https://launchpad.net/nrpe-charm, and published it at cs:~nrpe-charmers/nrpe.15:52
stubor whoever else is doing promulgations these days15:53
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bdxmagicaltrout: sup16:40
PrabakaranHello kwnonroe, This is regarding mysql-root interface permission issue while granting the access to the database.  I explored and found the actual cause of this issue. It is because of the user which was created by the mysql charm. If you modify the sql query which is used to create a mysql user at the mysql charm side as mentioned below16:58
Prabakaran1, CREATE USER '<Mysql user name>'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'some_pass'; 2, GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO '< Mysql user name>'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;16:58
PrabakaranHere the second query which I have mentioned above uses WITH GRANT OPTION will grants the permission. If Mysql charm give a user created for us using the above query, we can use this via mysql-root interface and it will not cause any error while running GRANT command. Please check and advise on this.16:58
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kwmonroesounds like a bug Prabakaran.. i think it's reasonable to expect the mysql-root relation to create a user with those grant capabilities.  would you please raise an issue here? https://github.com/marcoceppi/charm-mysql/issues17:23
Prabakarankwmonroe: ya sure17:24
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jcastrokwmonroe: or cory_fu: either of you coming to office hours today?18:32
jcastrorick_h_: how about you?18:32
rick_h_jcastro: otp atm, probably not sorry18:33
rick_h_didn't put it on my calendar as I should have18:33
jcastrocherylj: how about you?18:33
kwmonroeyeah jcastro, cory_fu, petevg, and me are planning to attend18:34
jcastro~30 minutes until office hours!19:31
jcastrojose: around?19:31
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josejcastro: what's up19:49
jcastroI updated ubuntuonair, and didn't break it!19:52
josejcastro: I'm in class right now, sorry :/19:52
jcastroanyone who wants to join the hangout, there's the URL ^^^^19:52
magicaltroutclasses are for wimps!19:52
* jose gives jcastro a box of chocolates for not breaking uoa19:52
jcastroif you just want to follow along, just go to http://ubuntuonair.com19:52
jcastroor just wait for it to hit youtube.com/jujucharms in a few hours19:52
jcastrocherylj: you got time to join us today?19:53
joseI'll listen in - got headphones \o/19:55
jcastrolisten to your teacher, I don't want to be responsible for you failing out of school19:55
* magicaltrout failed uni many times19:56
magicaltroutits fine!19:56
joselol it's a practical class, designing atm19:57
jcastrocory_fu: https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/laekid3blfbgvblxsh3ap2bgeme19:57
cory_fukwmonroe, petevg: ^19:59
josejcastro: starting any time soon?20:05
kwmonroewe're waiting on magicaltrout20:05
magicaltrouti'm looking at the same blank screen jose is looking at :)20:06
kwmonroewe're live!20:08
magicaltrouti might rename kwmonroe "shadow"20:30
magicaltroutlike a comic book character20:30
magicaltroutjust not as special20:30
kwmonroei'm witness protection kevin20:30
josewhy is there double jorge? one jorge is enough20:31
tsimonq2jcastro: your icon is showing, not your face20:31
josethereĀ“s double, though20:31
josepuppet/chef on top of a bash juju charm!20:32
tsimonq2jcastro: no more double jcastro :P20:32
joseyour video is fine now20:39
magicaltroutI have a Q for marcoceppi..... do you guys have an 1.x to 2.x upgrade path yet for 2.0 GA?20:42
magicaltroutits a good job i have beer to get me through 30 minutes like that20:47
rick_h_magicaltrout: no, we don't have a full path and won't for 2.0GA it'll come afterwards.20:52
rick_h_magicaltrout: we've got bits but to put it together into a smooth story is going to be a chunk of work considering all permutations/combinations20:53
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magicaltroutrick_h_: thanks, to be honest I knew the answer, but marcoceppi was talking about beta releases etc, so I figured it was worth getting a Q into office hours20:54
magicaltroutalthough the answer these days is more upbeat than when we discussed it at apachecon, and at that point it was more like "erm, we're not sure if/how that would work" :)20:55
rick_h_magicaltrout: oh sorry, yea gotcha20:56
* rick_h_ is in half a dozen things and didn't htink of office hours20:56
magicaltrouthehe, no problem rick_h_ :)20:56
magicaltroutkwmonroe: i'll be annoying you next week hopefully to finish off that PDI stuff20:57
magicaltroutas i'm away I'll turn into that person who just codes for 18 hours a day20:57
kwmonroei like that person20:58
tsimonq2heh, watching at 1.25 speed to catch up :D21:02
tsimonq2Juju snap? :D21:13
cholcombemy juju rust library is the most popular library i've written so far.  nearly 900 downloads so far :)21:14
magicaltroutnever tried rust, cool cholcombe21:33
magicaltroutfirst time for everything21:33
cholcombemagicaltrout, ;)21:34
bdxhey nice work on charm-ceph-proxy, you guy!22:10
bdxthat is awesome!22:10
bdxmagicaltrout: have you seen that^?22:10
bdxit accomplishes something similar to what you are trying to do I think22:11
beisnerbdx, if your ears were burning, it's because in the review of that this week i reminisced one of your first questions - "i've got this existing ceph cluster..."  :-)   there's your baby.22:28
beisnerbdx, that's hot off the press from icey22:28
bdxbeisner, icey: I'm speechless23:22
bdxbeisner, icey: sooo awesome23:22
bdxthats all23:22
bdxbut also, the implementation is so smart! a great way to handle pre-existing ceph!!!23:26
bdxthis is so useful, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for those deploying ceph w/juju!23:27
bdxI owe you guys a round at the next summit23:28
bdxyou guys should try and blow that one out on the marketing side ..... if only the masses could understand how unique/useful that really is23:32
bdxIt will be an even bigger deal when the lxd puts its ceph wings on23:38

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