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santa_yofel: around?07:33
yofelsanta_: yes07:38
santa_yofel: I need to ask you about the build depends bumping, you are still using dev-package-name-list right?07:45
santa_... which produces a json file07:45
yofelsanta_: yes, but I broke the logic as it wasn't doing what we needed.07:52
yofelKDE software sadly has cyclic deps between the components, so we need build-deps as: frameworks > plasma > apps, but e.g. frameworks must not bump apps deps07:53
santa_yofel: as I supected, that produces a unique json file, but the thing to do would be producing a json file for frameworks, other for plasma and other for applications07:53
santa_yofel: yes, I understand your point07:54
yofelright, I never fixed the script to do that07:54
yofelalso, having the version override as a parameter again would be nice07:54
yofelas I would like to bump frameworks deps before actually uploading frameworks07:54
yofelor does it use versions.json?07:55
santa_ok, I will fix it. I need it for the new tooling as well07:55
santa_yofel: I don't understand your last 3 messages07:56
santa_why would you like to override the version if the json files are ok?07:56
yofelsanta_: no, I don't remember *if* it uses versions.json. If it does the parameter is moot07:57
santa_yofel: the bumping script uses a dev-package-name-lists/*.json file07:58
yofelsanta_: yes, but where does it get the original version information from?07:59
yofelLast I checked, it seemed from the git repositories, which isn't what it should do07:59
santa_yofel: dev-package-names-list gets the version from depot08:01
michael-vbHello all, is there anyone here who might be able to give me a bit of help with libdbusmenu-qt?08:02
yofelsanta_: ah, fair enough I guess08:02
yofelthen I guess I just used it wrong last time08:02
santa_but it needs to be changed anyway08:02
santa_yofel: I have some pending patches for KA would be nice to get them merged first08:03
yofelyes, I'll look at them in the evening08:03
santa_then I will fix dev-package-names-list and we could discuss this again better08:03
santa_thank you08:03
acheronukugh. just bumped up against the prob of QtQWebengine while looking at failures on KCI. Now I realise what people were on about a while back.08:08
acheronukScarlett is working on that? Or was anyway?08:10
yofelthat was the last I heard too. I don't know how far she is08:12
acheronuk"far from done!" according to https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qtwebengine.git/08:13
yofelbah, LP crapping out again08:20
michael-vbHello all, is there anyone here who might be able to give me a bit of help with libdbusmenu-qt?09:10
soeemichael-vb: baybe try asking on #plasma09:11
soeeor #kde-devel09:11
michael-vbThanks.  Any idea who to ask?09:12
michael-vbThe maintainer is just "Kubuntu Members".09:12
yofelyes, but nobody of the current members has ever touched that library, so we can't really help you there09:21
yofelmichael-vb: ^09:21
yofelso asking in #kde-devel is proably your best bet09:21
jimarvangood morning guys >:D10:17
jimarvanhow is everyone?10:17
viphi ho10:31
santa_clivejo: since you were interested my "pseudo-ppas" were resurrected11:11
santa_good way to improve the kubuntu automation + work on gcc 611:12
acheronukjimarvan: hi. not bad thanks :)11:17
acheronukjimarvan: house hunting etc went ok?11:44
jimarvanacheronuk: a bit frustrating12:01
jimarvanit is Cornwall after all :))12:01
BluesKajhowdy folks12:42
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clivejoyofel: ping20:27
yofelclivejo: pong21:10
clivejoso this script run sucessfully21:10
clivejoon plasma 5.6.521:10
clivejoit safe to do a git push?21:12
yofelshould be21:13
clivejodo I have to pause KCI?21:13
clivejoif it ever decides to21:16
yofelI think you can just go ahead and push while it's busy. IIRC it should only block starting builds21:17
clivejook pushing21:18
jimarvanhey guys22:05
jimarvankubuntu party done?22:05
jimarvanor postponed?22:05
yofelthere was one?22:05
jimarvanI had something on calendar i think xD22:05
clivejoI thought there was, but noone turned up22:05
jimarvanye friday night is a bit tough especially in the summer22:05
clivejoI hate LP22:06
yofelgo outside and catch pokemon :P22:06
jimarvanand since I am training 4 times a week, it will become harder for me -.-22:06
jimarvanif i go outside i catch blondes22:06
clivejogo Jim!22:06
clivejoyofel: can i klear out the plasma staging PPA?22:10
yofelclivejo: yeah, go ahead22:11
clivejoyou can have 60022:12
yofelwhere what?22:14
jimarvanOmg how am I going tomorrow at 10:00 for karate22:30
jimarvanevery single bone of my body hurts lol22:30
jimarvanhow are things going in packaging? :)22:31
clivejoyofel: would it be better to add the frameworks staging PPA to plasma staging rather than waiting for days for a kopy?22:35
mparilloclivejo: Something new, shiny, and fragile going into the plasma staging PPA?22:36
yofelwe had that, and people were wondering why stuff was breaking all the time. 22:36
yofelSo now people can put different stuff into each ppa and still keep working on them22:36
clivejooh, didnt know that22:36
mparilloI hope I was not one of them, making life hard for the devels22:38
yofelnah ;)22:43
clivejohi ovidiuflorin22:44
clivejoand now the wait of doom22:48
clivejoI guess I could start a staging22:50
clivejoyou ok with that yofel?22:50
clivejothe script isnt bumping the build deps22:56
clivejoIm going to copy the frameworks dev list into the plasma dev list23:00
clivejothat seems to have done the trick23:09
yofelplasma also needs to bump itself though23:11
clivejobut I wanted it to use fw5.2423:11
yofelclivejo: I meant "both"23:13
clivejoIve bumped both23:13
clivejohave I made a mistake?23:13
clivejowrong version or something23:14
yofelclivejo: looks correct to me23:15
mparillo[18:43] <yofel> nah ;) Good thing sarcasm does not show on IRC.23:50

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