jonathan_xCinnamon is a great environment I must say, it is a little less powerful, but must better contained; everything just works and is easy to do, and they have spent a lot of time on making everything perfect.00:00
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Thyriaenguess ill just stick to lxde :) if i cannot figure out a way to fix this soon00:00
jonathan_xI wonder if I must reinstall myself to get a clean system again.00:00
Thyriaenwhy do you think so ?00:01
YankDownUnderIs it safe to assume you've checked if you have the correct graphics drivers installed?00:01
Thyriaenno it is not safe to assume that00:03
Thyriaencause i did not install any00:03
YankDownUnderA logical thing to do would be to check if you require drivers for the graphics card, possibly a driver for the CPU/Motherboard - and as well, before deciding that a system is "hosed" and requires "re-installation" - create a new user (or two) and see if you have issues with the users you create...hmm...00:04
jonathan_xI have more reasons to think my system is not okay, but reproducing the issues I have in KDE might take equally as long as reinstalling it.00:05
YankDownUnderFair enough. I was just following logical flow.00:06
Thyriaeni wonder00:06
Thyriaenwhoh are you talking to YankDownUnder00:06
jonathan_xand I'm not suggesting reinstallation to Thyriaen, but installing Cinnamon is equally as easy as anything else.00:06
YankDownUnderCinnamon is quite nicely done. Has come quite a long way in a very short time.00:07
jonathan_xThyriaen: he is speaking00:07
jonathan_xof your graphics lag.00:07
Thyriso i have to get the propritary drivers from amd and such then ?00:08
Thyriim Thyyriaen btw00:09
Thyrihad my 24h dc00:09
YankDownUnderThyri: Only you can tell.  You can to into "System Settings" -> "Driver Manager" => you can check there...as well, you can do it from a terminal by typing "sudo ubuntu-drivers list"00:10
jonathan_xThyri: you have to reconnect to your internet every 24h?00:13
jonathan_xI don't feel like having to recreate partitions and all of that.00:14
jonathan_xI don't have to but I feel like wiping the space first.00:14
jonathan_xthe fresher something is, the better it usually feels.00:15
Thyriwill do in a bit00:16
Thyrimy internet gets dced every 24h00:25
jonathan_xso what are you all up to?00:38
YankDownUnderjonathan_x: Creating a set of OSX VM's to run under Qemu wtih Virt-Manager. Sound fun?00:40
jonathan_xNot sure, documentation on Qemu seems to be of the anarchy-without-purpose kind.00:41
YankDownUnderjonathan_x: Yes...this is true...it requires digging...and asking...and then more digging...with experimentation...(having heaps of VirtualBox experience helps, too)00:42
jonathan_xYankDownUnder: it's like they're telling you how to replace the BIOS eeprom on your motherboard but they're not telling you how to open the case.00:43
jonathan_xThey're not telling you to open the case in order to get to the eeprom in the first place ;-).00:44
YankDownUnderjonathan_x: From it's inception, it's been like that...but still, it's fun, it's useful, it's TRICKY...like doing a complex cross-word puzzle on a Monday morning without coffee or a smoke.00:46
jonathan_xYankDownUnder: Sometimes people solve puzzles for fun. A game designer makes something challenging on purpose.00:47
jonathan_xA game is meant not to be easy. Sometimes it seems like people try to make stuff hard on purpose here too.00:47
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YankDownUnderjonathan_x: That is the strategy for games/gaming. I put things together for "long term" - solid solutions that I do not have to maintain or bother with. I create situations for clients that can be "left unattended" for long periods of time with minimal hardware requirements. So for me, the "game" is to get a single machine to do far much more than what a single machine is supposed to do...does that make sense?00:51
jonathan_xWell you have to because not doing it long term is not possible in Linux.00:52
jonathan_xAnything you want, you must really develop yourself, and that is a long-term proposal.00:52
jonathan_xThen, when finally everything is just right, it doesn't take any more effort or attention, and that is really the goal.00:53
jonathan_xIt's because it is too hard to get it right without doing all of that.00:53
YankDownUnderjonathan_x: Strewth that. I have some machines that are still "doing their job" from March of 2000 when I came here. That is a great feeling. Therefore, the paradigm by which I conduct business and create  solutions is based on that ideology.00:55
jonathan_xThe difficulty however is maintaining such stability across changing conditions. What if you only have 10 days to set up a system and get things going? What if you don't have reliable backup locations?00:57
jonathan_xYou start to think about contingency plans because development is all about not losing your work.00:57
YankDownUnderjonathan_x: I have "systems in mothballs" to use as base "setups"...so 10 days is a huge amount of time to work within. Does that make sense?01:04
jonathan_xare they installer images or complete HDD images or custom setup scripts setting up some system?01:05
jonathan_xI find that block-level clones of anything are quite unattractive to use as sources of systems.01:06
jonathan_xAnd regenerating stuff coupled with file level operations are much more convenient.01:07
YankDownUnderImages stored as ISO's, DMG's, on USB's, CD's, DVD's...and a few HDD's laying about...it's like a library of stuff...some going back to 1991...even a few "images" of things from earlier, but stored "in the cloud" as it were.01:11
jonathan_xSo only OS X images or combined Linux/OS X?01:14
Thyrihow can i switch between desktops ?01:16
Thyrisome wiered stuff is happening here01:16
YankDownUnderjonathan_x: No...OSX, Windows(insert version here), Novell, Linux, BeOS, OS2...01:16
Thyrithe menu bar keeps disappearing01:16
Thyribut the mouseover still works sometimes01:16
Thyriand i cannot open anything01:18
jonathan_xSo you store filesystems in ISO format? Is that possible for complete Linux filesystems as well? Or are they really copies of partitions at block level? I don  think that is possible.....01:18
jonathan_xecryptfs is such a horrid system....01:21
YankDownUnderjonathan_x: ISO images...and then as well, for some things I have to actually have an images of a block device, so I "dd" an image of a partition of partitions for a special purpose (like Novell or OS/2 for instance) - it's like being a "Librarian" as it were...guess it comes from back in the good old days of running BBS's and beiung a centralised "archive". Fun. Great way to spend one's time, really...keeps me off the streets, eh.01:21
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oem_anyone using ds4drv?01:26
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oem_having issues in 16.0401:26
jonathan_xseriously I am using a short script to manually mount ecryptfs homedirectories from outside the system. It calls ecrypt-fs-add-passphrase but when I do it from the script, it as the wrong output, as opposed to issuing the exact same command manually. Mind = boggled.01:38
jonathan_xsolved... didn't realize some tool outputted user interactive text on stdout and I had to remove that from the actual output.01:53
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leftistevening. is anyone using touchscreen with kubuntu?02:45
Kardi_Does anyone watch tv on linux, if so what kind of tuner do you use?03:36
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stephen_abCan anyone answer any of the problems with plasma 5.6.506:07
YankDownUnderstephen_ab: When this happened to me, what I did was to create a new user, test everything under that new user, then I deleted the KDE/Plasma caches and basic configurations (from the ~/.config and ~./local/share) - then logged in again as my normal user, recreated what I required, and it's been stable since.06:09
stephen_ablet me try that06:09
YankDownUnderstephen_ab: Coolbeans.06:10
stephen_abso you did an apt-get clean?06:10
YankDownUnderstephen_ab: No...what I did was manually go into my /home/myusername and via the terminal, deleted the "cruft" in the ~./cache and then deleted basic configurations for KDE and Plasma from the ~/.config and ~/.local/share => specifically stuff that was Plasma related and desktop related - nothing to do with apps or such...06:12
stephen_abthere are  a lot of things what should i delete06:17
YankDownUnderstephen_ab: In my ~./config => I deleted everything that pertained to "Plasma" - which obviously will get recreated when you log in to that account. Ditto with all the plasma related cruft in ~/.local/share06:18
stephen_abthat seems working06:20
YankDownUnderstephen_ab: If any thanks are to be passed, it would be to some of the folks in the #plasma channel for giving me the tips a few weeks back... -> or better yet, pass along the information to someone else that is going to have this issue - or IS having this issue...saves heaps of time - and in some instances, saves someone from mistakenly re-installing the OS completely...hmm...06:23
kali_yugamy wifi tray icon doesn't change. it's since I reinstalled. https://media-cdn.ubuntu-de.org/forum/attachments/14/28/8378818-snapshot1.png06:29
kali_yugait just keeps the default one which is ugly and doesn't fit there.06:30
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: Does it stay the same if you change to a different theme - and then change back again? Just asking.06:30
kali_yugaYes it just stays default. doesn't matter which theme06:31
kali_yugaand I had a nice looking wifi icon before. but it just ignores it06:32
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: And if you remove that "widget" from the taskbar and then re-add it, it's the same, hmm?06:32
kali_yugayup did that too06:32
kali_yugaI even removed the entire panel06:32
kali_yugamade a new one, nothing06:33
kali_yugaand I use kde something like this bothers me ^^06:33
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: Strange that. Ditto - it bothered me, too - when it was happening to me, that is...06:33
kali_yugayou had this problem too? im using kde 4.1306:34
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: I'm using KDE Plasma 5.6.506:35
kali_yugadid you have the problem with kde 5?06:36
kali_yugaany idea how to get rid of that bug?06:37
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: Yes...but I resolved them by upgrading using the "backports" PPA's as recommended by the devs in #kde and #plasma - and also had to manually "blow out" some "crap" - and since, well, it works. I'm stable and happy. But that's ME...06:37
kali_yugaisn't their a way to reset all this panel stuff06:39
hateballI dont recall for kde 4.x... but there is probably a panelrc or if it is in kderc in your ~/06:41
kali_yugabefore i reinstalled my kde was perfect but nooo i was stupid enough to do upgrading... I reinstalled huge problems with the wrong kernel. and I downgraded again. now my system is like before just not as stable*? with more bugs somehow.06:41
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: There are a few different ways; the means by which I've done this was to create a new user, then login to the new account, and manually delete what I wanted through the terminal in my "old" account. Once that was done, just by logging into the "old" account, everything that was required was recreated - and I also had to "re-customise" my desktop...06:41
hateballYou could also log in as your own user from tty1, no extra user needed :)06:42
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: If there are configuration files/prefs files floating around, obviously that's going to cause a conundrum with a system...specifically - with the "user account".06:43
YankDownUnderhateball: This is very true, that being said, i wanted to check out the stability of the "DE" with a new user to make sure it wasn't something else...does that make sense?06:43
kali_yugaok slow i need to grasp this first06:43
hateballYankDownUnder: Yep, perfectly06:43
kali_yugaok ok hold on06:44
hateballJust saying, I'd have just moved stuff away on my regular user at once because LETS DO IT LIVE ;p06:44
kali_yugahow do I do this slowly. which files do I have to remove?06:45
kali_yugawhat if I remove the .kde folder? a.e would that be recreated?06:45
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: You'd be looking in the ~/.config and ~/.local/share06:45
hateballactually for 4.x it is mostly in ~/.kde06:46
hateballwith plasma 5 it is in ~/.local/share06:46
kali_yugaso I make a new user or I go tty and remove .kde in /home?06:47
hateballkali_yuga: dont rm, mv it to some _backup06:48
hateballsince there may be things you will want to have back06:48
YankDownUnderI'd not remove the ~/.kde  => it's actually specific for some of your KDE applications - not the desktop, not the "widgets" and Plasma.06:48
kali_yugaI know where the default wifi icon is located at. I tried to replace it with the one I want. but it was still the default one06:50
kali_yugaunder /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons06:51
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: Sometimes the "icon" is built into the "code" of a particular program or widget, and therefore creates the "image" on it's own - regardless of user-intervention.06:51
kali_yugadamn it stupid icon xD06:52
kali_yugaI still don't know what to do.06:54
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: All is not lost - if you continue to ask and dig, you will find the answer. Such is the paradigm of patience.06:54
acheronukplasma also has it's own icon cache, so sometimes icons and other elements don't change until that is cleared06:56
hateballkali_yuga: try running "kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental"06:58
kali_yugaYankDownUnder: you said you deleted what you wanted after creating new user. how did you know what to delete. I know where the theme icons are all located. /home/user/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme06:58
acheronuknot sure on kde4 now, but maybe in /var/tmp/kdecache-yourusername/06:58
kali_yugakbuildsycoca4 running...06:59
kali_yugawant the output?06:59
YankDownUnderkali_yuga: I deleted what was related to plasma, the plasma workspace, the plasma configurations - as well, the "caches" of crap...06:59
hateballkali_yuga: sure, you can pastebin it06:59
hateballkali_yuga: try reloading your session after running it, see if it fixes things07:00
kali_yugapasted a litlle weird07:00
kali_yugareloading. you mean killing the plasma-desktop and re-open i did this but didn't help.07:01
kali_yugayeah like evrything invalid. idk what it means though07:02
kali_yugai just delete .kde now if it should be recreated. i don't have that much anyway. should be still all default besides a few themes i tried. or will that ruin stuff?07:06
MrokiiHello. I have a fresh install of Kubuntu 16.04 and there's a strange problem with LibreOffice (possibly other apps as well, not sure yet). I am German, but my system is set to English (as the System-language). Now when I try to save a document with a German Umlaut in its title, the German Umlaut is replaced with a "?" when I look at it in Dolphin. Also, it seems I can't save the already opened document07:06
Mrokiianymore from LibreOffice. When I replace the German Umlaut with internation letters everything works fine. The question is, how can I make LibreOffice and/or dolphin show the correct characters again...07:06
kali_yugarm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc ?07:08
hateballkali_yuga: why rm when you can mv07:08
hateballMrokii: it's a default install you say?07:09
hateballI was thinking if you used some strange font, but I dont know what manner of font wouldnt have umlauts07:09
Mrokiihateball: Yes, freshly installed from the CD I burned (an official download of Kubuntu 16.04).07:09
kali_yugahateball: mv to rename or to move?07:09
hateballkali_yuga: to rename, in case you need stuff in the file :)07:09
Mrokiihateball: I've never had a problem like this with Ubuntu (which I had used before).07:10
hateballsounds weird07:10
hateballI mean I use swedish-swedish layout, but there's no problem displaying for instance files in arabic in Dolphin07:11
kali_yugaMrokii: komisch.07:12
kali_yugaso I rename with a new user. or just rename log in and out or restart or something. but thanks for the help so far07:13
MrokiiAlso, when I doubleclick on a LibreOffice-file with a German Umlaut in it, I get an error-message saying that it can't open the file (the German Umlaut being replaced with "??".07:13
kali_yugalike this kinda? Brief f�r Foobar.doc07:15
hateballMrokii: can you create a file in a terminal and it looks ok?07:15
hateballlike touch ~/åäöü.txt or something07:15
Mrokiihateball: I've tried that for the first time and it seems the German Umlauts aren't even available in the terminal (Konsole). Though I *can* create a file with German Umlauts in Dolphin.07:17
hateballsomething wonky with your keyboard layout it sounds like07:18
hateballMrokii: if you run "setxkbmap de" and then type, does that change anything?07:18
MrokiiThe layout is "German dead acute". I'm not quite sure if that's the correct setting though.07:18
Mrokiihateball: No change in the terminal.07:19
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hateballMrokii: what does "locale" look like?07:22
Mrokiihateball: http://pastebin.com/Ezqau3zy07:23
hateballyeah you're not supposed to get any errors07:25
hateballtho I know too little about dealing with such mixed locales to say07:25
hateballMrokii: if you try "export LC_CTYPE=de_DE.UTF-8", any change?07:26
Mrokiihateball: Yes, the first error message regarding LC-CTYPE disappeared when using "locale". But still no luck in typing German Umlauts in the terminal.07:28
hateballMrokii: I am guessing you'll have more luck in a german-speaking channel07:31
MrokiiHm, okay, I'll try.07:31
hateballMrokii: do you have deutsch language-packs installed? what happens if you switch everything over to german using the GUI config?07:32
kali_yugawell I screwed everything up. i mv the .kde folder to .kde2. and I only got an empty screen now. i'm in tty now great07:33
kali_yugaI renamed the old kde2 back and I still get an empty screen07:34
hateballkali_yuga: you didnt use sudo or something did you? so permissions are screwed up07:34
Mrokiihateball: I'll need to try that. One moment...07:34
kali_yugano i didn't use sudo. how do i get .kde back now?07:35
kali_yugaany idea. what did I do wrong I just renamed it and boom07:36
Mrokiihateball: I'll have to log out as it seems for the language change to take effect. brb.07:36
kali_yugahow can I get back to the login screen from tty? I still have untiy. from there I can remove kde and reinstall the Desktop enviroment07:38
Mrokiihateball: No change as it seems. The system-language is set to German now, but still no luck in Konsole. The German umlauts show up as "??" when typed in the terminal.07:41
kali_yugaah I got It puuhh07:43
kali_yugai mean i'm back in unity now at least07:44
kali_yuganow I could just give it a try and reinstall the DE. maybe other bugs I have encountered will go away07:45
hateballMrokii: does it still look mixed/error when you run "locale" too?08:07
kali_yugawell i got my kde back. i removed the .kde folder in unity and it got recreated. bug is still there, was all for nothing08:13
Mrokiihateball: No, everything is set to "de_DE" or "de_DE.UTF-8". But the errors are back, as they were before.08:15
viewer|73548Hello!I can not connect to the Internet. I use wired connecton with rj45 that requres username and password. When i tuned DSL, i can not press OK button.08:27
hateballviewer|73548: so it is ADSL?08:32
viewer|73548Yes. It is ADSL08:33
viewer|73548And Okay button don't work08:33
viewer|73548maybe kubuntu have pppoeconf analog?08:35
hateballviewer|73548: what happens when you press OK? Nothing?08:37
hateballor is it greyed out?08:37
viewer|73548Okay button is gray08:37
hateballI have no trouble adding a new connection with garbled info08:37
hateballI just filled out crap in the three main fields08:37
hateballeven just username/pw works08:38
hateballviewer|73548: is this Kubuntu 16.04 ?08:38
viewer|73548In previous versions it works08:39
viewer|73548I filled 2 fileds: username and password08:41
viewer|73548Maybe it need something else?08:42
hateballdoesnt need anything else when I try tho08:42
hateballWell the connection name cant be empty08:42
hateballeven that lets me press ok, but it errors out08:43
viewer|73548I know. But sometimes okay button is work. But then i got error08:43
hateballviewer|73548: can you try using nmtui in a Konsole?08:44
viewer|73548It is a pppoeconf analog?08:44
hateballI am not familiar with pppoeconf08:45
hateballnmtui is just ncurses gui for network-manager08:45
hateballI am thinking if the applet is bugged for whatever reason08:45
viewer|73548Ok i'll try. Thank you.08:45
viewer|73548Iam just in win now.08:46
hateballtoo bad they left08:49
hateballI see I have the same issue on this regular 16.04 machine, but it works as expected when using backports08:49
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AziroshinHello. :)09:27
AziroshinI am using Kubuntu 16.04 and the "Switch User" option is missing from all the different menu types and dashboard. Is there any idea as to how that happened, and how to rectify it?09:28
AziroshinTo give some perspective: The end result should be that I can open a second desktop environment, preferably as the same user, on a different VT using SDDM (or any other display manager), with a different configuration and settings.09:30
AziroshinThe overall issue lies with using properietary nvidia drivers with a GTX 780 Ti and the usage of a capture card to produce screencasts and livestreams, and the vsync issues with kwin and the requirement to use environment variables to have kwin vsync properly with proprietary nvidia drivers.09:31
AziroshinOne way to get around this would be to restart kwin with a new option. However, that would add window decorations to windows which had them removed by configuration or by hand, as kwin doesn't seem to remember or properly re-apply window decoration settings upon restart.09:32
hateballhmmm, suppose I dont have switch user stuff either09:42
hateballand I am using backports even09:42
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AziroshinI only have the option to start a new session, which simply replaces the existing one. The rest is just the usual stuff like logout, reboot, shutdown, power management, etc.09:48
AziroshinI just found this: "qdbus org.kde.krunner /App switchUser" <- However, that opens the same "dialog" as the New Session button would.09:49
AziroshinI've also been pondering to slash open the security framework of X by allowing anyone to start an X server and changing permissions on VT8 for the normal user to use it. I am just reluctant to do so.09:54
AziroshinI'm now going to try gdm. It has a thing called "flexiserver" or whatever. I'll be looking at that and see how it works out.09:55
Aziroshinaaaand... go.09:57
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MrokiiHello. I have a problem with German Umlauts in Konsole. They're printed as "??". But I did find out that they're printed just fine in a TTY. Any thoughts what could be the problem?10:40
daum_how do i disable/remove ibus?12:34
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jimarvanyou tried this: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2218568?12:37
jimarvanGo to Preferences > Language Support and change Keyboard input method system from ibus to none. Then log out and log in again.12:38
jimarvandaum_: I did that on Kubuntu 15.10 some months ago and it worked12:38
daum_jimarvan, where are the preferences12:39
daum_i've seen those, but can't seem to ever find them ha12:39
thyriaeni am running kubuntu atm12:40
daum_jimarvan, i don't see that in the system settings?12:40
thyriaenand i cannot find the resolution of my monitor under display configuration12:40
thyriaenI am running 1920x1200 but it doesnt show int he dropdown menu12:40
BluesKajhowdy folks12:42
jimarvanBluesKaj: hey :)13:02
jimarvandamn he logged off13:03
BluesKajhi jimarvan13:08
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floownWhen I try to add an entry in the "newspaper" (journal) in Kontact, I can not select the agenda and I have a error : http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=723234caps4.png13:56
floownwhat can I do, please?13:58
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stephen_bis it possible to add separators in places in dolphin?14:29
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mah454When publish kde 5.7 for kubuntu 16.04 ?20:05
mah454I can not found packages on repositories .20:06
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Guest_84848you can not get married without the permission of allah23:38
krytarik!ops | Guest_8484823:38
ubottuGuest_84848: Help! Channel Emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies!) yofel, ovidiu-florin, ahoneybun, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, valorie, shadeslayer, rww, Unit19323:38
Guest_84848nobody can get angry at you without the permission of allah23:38
Guest_84848light is not doing Allah is doing23:39
Guest_84848fan is not doing Allah is doing23:39
Guest_84848businessess are not doing Allah is doing23:39
Guest_84848america is not doing Allah is doing23:39
Guest_84848fire can not burn without the permission of allah23:39
Guest_84848knife can not cut without the permission of allah23:40
Guest_84848rulers are not doing Allah is doing23:40
Guest_84848governments are not doing Allah is doing23:40
Guest_84848sleep is not doing Allah is doing23:40
Guest_84848hunger is not doing Allah is doing23:40
mparillohttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law is doing.23:52

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