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sparkiegeekhi, I have a MP which has generated a rather long diff, enough that LP is truncating it. Is there a way of persuading LP to show me the full diff? (via URL hackery or similar)09:51
cjwatsonsparkiegeek: I'm afraid the only option is to check out the branches and generate it locally09:59
cjwatsonI think ...09:59
cjwatsonsparkiegeek: URL to the MP?09:59
sparkiegeekcjwatson: fair enough, I discussed with reviewers and agreed a different approach09:59
sparkiegeekcjwatson: I actually have a follow-up question - can I tell bzr/LP that a file is "binary" even if technically it isn't? the large file in question is generated code, which shouldn't be reviewed, it's just an artifact that's version controlled for REASONS™10:01
cjwatsonsparkiegeek: so you should be able to use the "Download diff" link to get the whole thing, albeit not syntax-highlighted10:04
sparkiegeekcjwatson: right, we really were hoping for inline comments on chunks past the first "page"10:04
sparkiegeekdon't worry, problem has been worked around (for now)10:05
cjwatsonYeah, this is basically "if we do that then we time out due to spending too much time rendering"10:05
cjwatsonbzr's logic for detecting a binary file is just "is there a NUL byte in the first 1024 bytes"10:06
cjwatsonwhich is crude but apparently mostly pretty effective10:06
cjwatsonand indeed that's pretty much diff's logic too10:07
cjwatsondon't see a way to override that10:07
sparkiegeekright, was hoping for a way to hint to LP that it should treat /this/ file as a blob10:07
cjwatsonin subversion I'd suggest setting the content-type or something but bzr doesn't have that degree of per-file properties10:08
* sparkiegeek nods10:08
cjwatsonit would have to be a facility in the underlying VCS rather than in LP, really10:08
cjwatsonnow, git *does* have this facility10:09
cjwatsonso you can have this if you switch to git :)10:09
cjwatson(in LP, obviously ...)10:10
sparkiegeekand a series of headaches to go along with it :D10:10
sparkiegeekthanks though10:10
cjwatsonbest I can do, sorry10:10
sparkiegeeknp, it's good to have confirmation either way!10:11
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