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pragomer_1hi. when will lx-qt be default in lubuntu and can I install it on 16.04 ?08:25
Thyriaenso in the past couple of years i found myself installing / reinstalling my linux a couple of times ( different mashines, new versions etc ) the applications & configurations i use are usually not the dafault ones which come with a reinstall - is there an established or convienent way i can make the hassle of installing everything and configuring everything by hand be easier and more effcient ? ( git, autoconfig files or anything ? )15:29
n-iCeno idea15:35
n-iCeI do all over again15:35
n-iCeI save in the cloud the configs files though15:36
n-iCeso I just add them to my packages15:36
Thyriaenare there config files to store all the changes i have made to the openbox & lxpanel ?15:37
Thyriaenwhat cloud servervice do you use ?15:38
n-iCegoogle drive15:40
ripdiskhey guys i have these two tiny micro PCs.....i tried to install lubuntu and it just said something about using the correct kernal for i586 or someth8ing.....anybody know what i should do??19:30
wxlripdisk: hard to say, but my guess is it's something to do with PAE:19:30
wxl!pae | ripdisk19:30
ubotturipdisk: Ubuntu uses activated PAE Kernels on all installs now. Some older Hardware can have issues with that. For Troubleshooting see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE19:30
panthereif your os is 32 bits then u go with x386 version19:31
ripdiskthese little things are so cool, i got them at the swapmeet, idk, the only thing they say on them is: 3300MX-HAP19:32
Unit193Yeeeah pretty sure this is you trying to use i586 hardware with a i686 kernel.19:32
panthereif your os is 64 bits then u go with amd64 version19:32
ripdiskidk so i guess that's the model number of the computers19:33
wxlripdisk: what panthere is trying to say is that if you have a 32 bit processor, you can only use a 32 bit version of the software. the 64 bit version should work 32 or 64 bit processors.19:33
ripdiskOH here itis19:33
ripdiskthat's them, i got 2 of them19:33
panthereyes wxl19:33
ripdiskare they any good? i got 2 of them for 25 bucks off a mexican19:34
wxlripdisk: it's HIGHLY unlikely that's 64 bit.19:34
pantherei'm glad of lubuntu it's an excellent os for netbook19:34
ripdiskwell i'm pretty sure i downloaded the 32 bit version let me check19:35
wxlyep it's 32 bit http://www.dmp.com.tw/tech/vortex86mx/19:35
ripdiskahhh welp19:35
ripdiski did indeed get the 64bit version OOPS19:36
ripdiskwhjere's the 32 bit?19:36
wxlwhich version do you want? 16.04?19:36
ripdiskwhichever, the newest i reccon19:36
wxlthat's the live image19:36
wxlif you have problems with the installer, use this:19:36
ripdiski want an installer19:36
ripdiskthat installs the deskto19:37
wxleither one of them contains an installer19:37
wxlbut the latter one is more direct19:37
wxland has less system requirements19:37
ripdiski want a desktop19:37
ripdiskdo they both ahve them19:37
wxlsame difference19:37
ripdisksoooo i mean19:37
ripdiski'll just get the second one idk19:37
wxlif you still have 512MB as that ad suggests, you can use either19:38
wxlthe live version is more graphical19:38
ripdiskoh shit i have a i386 versi9on of kubuntu19:38
ripdiskwill that run?19:38
wxli wouldn't19:38
ripdisknah probably not19:38
wxlkubuntu is much more resource intensive19:39
ripdiski'm gonna try to get lubuntu on one of these and the other i wanna try getting slackware to run as it's my favorite19:39
ripdiskbtw my keyboard's broken and i've been drinking19:39
wxlif slackware's your favorite, i'm sure once you sober up, this should be easy to figure out.19:39
ripdisk5 minutes left on that alt iso.19:40
ripdiski scored this uh19:40
ripdiskidk, i guess you'd call it a half-rack?19:40
ripdiskfor servers19:40
ripdiskbut it's not for any particular servers19:41
ripdisklike regular pcs will fit in it if you move the shelves19:41
ripdiskbut it has some kind of multi monitor setup, as well as a uh19:41
ripdisk''ibootbar'' switch19:41
ripdiskone of my customers is the vice president of Denny's of southern california and oregon19:42
ripdiskso i get all kinds of free sh*t19:42
ripdiskmy favorite ones are the Dell Optiplex 390s i get19:43
ripdiskwith the 4 core I319:43
ripdiski max their ram out19:43
ripdisk16gb, and they're microat19:43
ripdiski like 'em19:43
ripdiskm super stoked to use these micro PCs, last time i messed with small crap was when i built a little tiny cluster out of raspberry pis19:44
ripdiskthese days i'm into small, powerful and reliable...i just grew out of flashy overpowered and gimicky19:45
ripdiskyay it finished, /me runs uhh rufus or w/e19:46
ripdiskwxl do i use DD mode or ISO mode19:48
ripdiskISO right?19:48
ripdiskit's funny, i don't think the guy knew anything abut these....wonder if he stole em19:50
ripdisktghe site says that model supports sata2 and it says it has a hdd so19:50
ripdiski wondaer how big19:50
ripdiskok attempting to boot usb19:50
ripdiskUnable to boot: - please use kernel appropriate for your CPU.19:52
wxlripdisk: as i said, read:19:52
wxl!pae | ripdisk19:52
ubotturipdisk: Ubuntu uses activated PAE Kernels on all installs now. Some older Hardware can have issues with that. For Troubleshooting see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PAE19:52
ripdiskmine has three dashes19:54
ripdiskand it doesn't say spash19:54
ripdiskit says19:54
ripdiskinitrd.gz quiet ---19:54
wxltl;dr add forcepae at the end of the string19:55
ripdisksays the same thing.19:56
wxloh i'm sorry do `initrd.gz forcepae --- forcepae`19:57
Unit193wxl: I take it you missed the 'cmov' part?19:58
wxlUnit193: yeah i've never run into that before. i thought as of 10.10, cmov was a requirement?19:58
wxlit is19:59
ripdiskso i take quiet off?19:59
wxland the machine doesn't support it19:59
wxlripdisk: sorry, with cmov, you can't use ubuntu https://askubuntu.com/questions/115690/this-kernel-requires-cmov-not-present-on-cpu-error-message19:59
wxlbetter off with slackware. build your own kernel19:59
ripdiski don't build my own ker5nel with slack...\19:59
tsimonq2Gentoo? :D19:59
ripdiskfuck gentoo19:59
ripdiskgentoo is a heap of shit20:00
wxl!language | ripdisk20:00
ubotturipdisk: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:00
tsimonq2!language | ripdisk20:00
ripdiskgentoo is fun if you want to learn linux but after you've done that crap 1037845902345 times it's just annoying to have everything break constantly20:00
ripdiskit says these are supported OS20:02
ripdisk1. Debian 4.020:02
ripdisk2. Debian 5.020:02
ripdisk3. Ubuntu 8.0420:02
ripdisk4. Ubuntu 8.1020:02
ripdisk5. Ubuntu 9.0420:02
wxlripdisk: those are not supported20:03
ripdiskthat's from the PDF20:04
wxlripdisk: they might work but they're not supported20:04
ripdiskit says20:04
ripdiskSupported Linux Distrobution List:]20:04
wxlwhere did you get this?20:04
ripdiskuh, the pdf off the manufactures site20:05
wxlripdisk: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases20:05
ripdiskclick "download"20:05
ripdisker manual20:05
wxllook under "End Of Life"20:06

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