ali1234hmm... getting somewhere00:20
ali1234i now know how to properly make Qt detect the libraspberrypi headers00:21
Croephaali1234: what did you have to do?00:24
ali1234modify the device file to fix the paths /opt/vc -> /usr/include00:24
ali1234actually just /usr00:24
ali1234wow, it actually works00:27
ali1234now i need to figure out how to make it build native so i can build it with snapcraft00:28
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Croephawhat do you mean by native exactly? if you have working binaries on your target architecture, just copy them, and fix the pathing issues with environmental variables00:32
ali1234i don't understand what you mean00:38
ali1234snapcraft wants to build tings from source00:38
Croephayou dont have to, there is a copy plugin00:38
ali1234but again, i don't understand00:39
ali1234snapcraft doesn't know how to cross compile00:39
Croephai must be misunderstanding... i thought you said that you got it working in on your pi, you just needed to get it snapped00:40
ali1234i got it working by cross compiling it on x8600:40
ali1234if i want to build a snap for arm, i have to run snapcraft on arm00:41
ali1234therefore i can't cross compile qt00:41
Croephaso copy the binaries that you made on x86 for arm, onto a pi, and run snapcraft on that pi with the binaries you made on x8600:41
ali1234the whole point of using snapcraft is to automate all this00:42
ali1234if i copy the qt binaries manually like that i can just skip the whole snap part entirely00:43
ali1234so it turns out that you can build native. just tell it you're cross compiling and then point it to the native toolchain in /usr/bin00:43
Croephai mean, you /can/ autmate that process (via scripts)... but snapcraft might not be integral to that goal, i think of snappy as more of a deployment solution00:44
ali1234yes. but you're telling me to deploy Qt in order to build a snap out of it so i can deploy it... that's cyclic00:45
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renatutedg, guys how I can use this "qml" plugin? http://gould.cx/ted/blog/Creating_a_QML_snap_with_Snapcraft03:45
renatuprobably I need a new snapcraft version. Any ppa with that version?03:46
renatuI tried this one: https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/snapcraft-daily/+packages03:46
tsimonq2renatu: what Ubuntu version are you running?03:47
tsimonq2renatu: the snappy command is very old, so I think that article is very outdated03:47
tsimonq2a lot of this is a bit outdated03:48
renatutsimonq2, ok. Do you know if the "qml" plugin still exists?03:49
tsimonq2renatu: try and see :)03:49
renatunot in my version03:49
renatuSearching for local plugin for qml03:49
renatuIssue while loading plugin: unknown plugin: qml03:49
tsimonq2renatu: what's the output of apt-cache show snapcraft | pastebinit ?03:52
tsimonq2renatu: that's the latest version, so if it isn't showing, we don't have it :)03:54
tsimonq2renatu: that article is very outdated anyways03:54
renatuok thanks03:54
qenghoHas anyone used a snap that relies on Oxide or the Qt wrapper for Oxide yet? I'm trying to figure out the SUID dropping and how to avoid crashing if not SUID.04:11
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mupPR snapd#1552 closed: release: work around elementary mistake <Created by chipaca> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1552>05:36
qengho"work around elementary mistake <Created by chipaca>"  Don't be rude, mup.05:40
mupPR snapd#1517 closed: wrappers: run update-desktop-database after add/remove of desktop files <Created by mvo5> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1517>05:43
mupPR snapd#1551 closed: wrappers: map "never" restart condition to "no." <Created by kyrofa> <Merged by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1551>05:57
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tsimonq2hi hikiko08:21
hikikohello tsimonq208:22
hikikohow are you?08:22
tsimonq2great hikiko :)08:23
tsimonq2hikiko: I'm making inline notes on your PR08:23
hikikotsimonq2, thank you, I fixed the first 2 things08:26
hikikotsimonq2, I have an issue though: my snap can be successfully installed but I can only find it with Alt+F2 and there's no icon only the default gears08:27
hikikoI should see an icon isn't it? the path is correct08:28
hikikomaybe I have to restart unity08:28
tsimonq2yeah I think so, try looking at other snaps that have working icons08:28
tsimonq2oh, maybe08:28
tsimonq2I use LXQt :)08:29
hikikoI checked vlc and qcomicbook08:29
tsimonq2hikiko: have you watched popey's video on this? If I remember correctly, he covered this08:30
hikikono, tsimonq2 do you know where I could find it?08:30
* tsimonq2 hunts it down08:31
tsimonq2hikiko: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0IzxsIFjJY08:31
tsimonq2thanks popey for the awesome video! :D08:33
hikikooh, nice :) thanks tsimonq2, I am going to watch it as soon as I fix the things you highlighted on github08:34
hikikoyeah thanks popey too ;)08:34
tsimonq2one more comment hikiko :)08:35
hikikohaha, I'll check it in  a while tsimonq2, I am fixing the README and :s/hexchat/HexChat08:36
tsimonq2alright hikiko :)08:36
seb128hikiko, what Icon= did you use in the .desktop?08:37
hikikoseb128, I downloaded a transparent, high res from wikimedia and put it on the folder (like in vlc and qcomicbook examples)08:38
seb128hikiko, that's not what I asked :-)08:39
hikikoseb128, ^08:40
seb128unsure what snappy does with that env08:42
seb128somebody in the snappy team might be able to help you08:42
ograthat looks fine08:42
seb128dpm mentioned having issues with a .desktop on g+ as well I think, unsure if he solved it08:43
seb128there might be a bug08:43
ograogra@styx:~/Devel/packages/snaps$ grep Icon jTileDownloader/setup/gui/jtiledownloader.desktop08:43
ograit will be expanded properly08:43
ograogra@styx:~/Devel/packages/snaps$ grep Icon /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/jtiledownloader_jtiledownloader.desktop08:44
dpmseb128, yeah, it's generally worked for me, but when I added the desktop file to the clock app it didn't show up for some reason08:44
seb128dpm, is it still not working?08:45
dpmusing the ${SNAP} and meta/gui as usual08:45
dpmseb128, last night it wasn't08:45
ograi noticed that the order of lines in the .desktop entry itself seems to matter ...08:45
seb128it shouldn't08:45
ograi know08:45
seb128dpm, did you restart your session, just in case it's an unity issue?08:46
dpmseb128, good point, I did not. In any case, here's the syntax I used -> https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/pull/179/files#diff-fcc4e52ba28709a4626828851c550779R13508:46
mupPR ubuntu/snappy-playpen#179: Clock snap running on Unity 7 and Unity 8 <Created by dplanella> <https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/pull/179>08:46
dpminteresting to hear the order of lines matter... I wonder if that's the issue, even if it's not supposed to affect the launch08:47
seb128dpm, try restarting your session first I would say08:48
dpmit'll take a while, too many windows open and not much time for looking at that snap today08:48
dpmbut I'll try, thanks for the suggestion08:48
seb128dpm, you can try to kill the unity-scope-loader process08:49
seb128it might force a dash refresh08:49
dpmis it a service?08:49
ograiirc i had to put "Type=Application" to the top, then the dash pisked it up ...08:49
ograbut that might have been a coincidence or something ... is there any kind of scan interval in which it picks up new .desktop files ?08:50
seb128it does inotify watch the dirs08:52
seb128and react on events08:52
trijntjeis there a way to tell snapcraft to use a specific commit from a git repository? The repository doesn't have any tags08:53
tsimonq2trijntje: unfortunately not08:54
trijntjetsimonq2: thanks, thats good to know at least08:55
ysionneauwhen using ubuntu-device-flash, with a gadget snap that lists a few preinstalled snaps. is it possible to use locally available snaps? and not ones from the store?09:09
ogranot sure if that still works, but there was the --install option to u-d-f09:10
ysionneauah, maybe with --install=09:10
ograthat could be used for local snaps09:10
ysionneaudo I need to remove the preinstalled section from the gadget snap ?09:11
ograuh, not sure09:12
ysionneauhmm it seems so09:13
ysionneaubut install= does not seem to understand that the snap is a local one09:13
ysionneaufailed to install "~/dev/snappy_paros/autopilot_98_armhf.snap" from "edge": ~/dev/snappy_paros/autopilot_98_armhf.snap failed to install: snap not found09:13
qenghojdstrand: Would you say LD_LIBRARY_PATH containing empty path part is a grave bug?09:14
ograysionneau, try a full path ... perhaps it cant expand the tilde09:15
mupPR snapd#1553 opened: cmd: support defaulting to the user's preferred payment method <Created by pete-woods> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1553>09:17
ysionneauogra: awesome, it does work!09:17
asacysionneau: i thought --install is supplementing what is in gadget... e.g. you can still do preinstalls from gadget (at least in 15.04 that was the case). can you confirm that both work?09:28
tsimonq2hikiko: there's two more changes you need to make :)09:31
hikikoheh, just saw it tsimonq209:32
ysionneauasac: I can confirm both work in parallel09:32
tsimonq2alright hikiko :)09:33
hikikotsimonq2, I think I've fixed them now, I hope I didn't miss anything this time09:39
hikikothanks a lot for the help!09:39
tsimonq2hikiko: I'll look it over one more time, then when I think it's ready, I'll give it a thumbs up :)09:39
hikikothanks a lot tsimonq2 :)09:39
tsimonq2no problem! if you ever need any more help, I'll be around :)09:39
tsimonq2(at whatever time zone I decide to be in that day :P)09:40
hikikothanks! I hope in my next snaps I won't ping you all so many times! that was the 1st one09:40
ysionneauogra asac : I can also confirm that putting "confinement: devmode" in the snap is not enough for it to be installed in devmode by UDF with the --install=09:40
ysionneauit is installed, but not in devmode09:40
tsimonq2hikiko: believe me, I'm *terrible* at excessive pings, don't feel bad, ping me all you want ;)09:41
hikikohaha, thanks tsimonq209:41
tsimonq2hikiko: I'm currently working on snapcraft#61909:42
mupPR snapcraft#619: Add source-checksum option <Created by tsimonq2> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/619>09:42
tsimonq2hikiko: I actually like contributing to Snapcraft a lot more ;)09:42
ysionneauogra asac : hmm let me check again ...09:42
hikikooh, cool :) snappy will support checksums as well now :D09:43
tsimonq2yep hikiko :)09:43
tsimonq2hikiko: it actually works right now, it just needs to be simplified :)09:43
hikikonice work tsimonq2!09:44
tsimonq2sergiusens: re: dictionary in snapcraft#619 , I was looking for a switch-case statement in Python but I couldn't find any :)09:45
mupPR snapcraft#619: Add source-checksum option <Created by tsimonq2> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/619>09:45
tsimonq2sergiusens: so thanks for telling me about dictionaries, it solves that problem XD09:45
pbekHi all! Since the upgrade to snapcraft 2.12.1 I get the following error message for https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/blob/master/qownnotes/snapcraft.yaml:09:48
pbekParts 'desktop/qt5' and 'env' have the following file paths in common which have different contents:09:48
pbekdoes that sound familiar to anyone?09:49
qenghopbek: Do you need any pkgconfig data files? Probably not, right?09:52
qenghopbek: Remove in a  stage: [ -usr/share/pkgconfig/xkeyboard-config.pc ]  list09:53
pbekqengho: not that I'm aware of, I just want to build a Qt5 app09:53
pbekqengho: can you please explain what I have to do?09:54
qenghoQt is a fickle mistress whose wily ways are unknown to me, but I can't imagine it wants pkg-config files.09:54
pbekso, what do I need to do, qengho ;) I didn't quite grasp your explanation "Remove in a stage"09:57
pbekit worked great before snapcraft 2.12.1...09:58
pbekhi, dholbach ;)09:59
dholbachhi pbek09:59
pbekthe QOwnNotes snap ran into some troubles with snapcraft 2.12.1 ;)09:59
pbekbuilding the snapcraft throws a: Parts 'desktop/qt5' and 'env' have the following file paths in common which have different contents: usr/share/pkgconfig/xkeyboard-config.pc10:00
ograysionneau, i think "confinement: devmode" only applies to store snaps10:01
ogra(and i dont think u-d-f knows about devmode at all)10:02
dholbachsergiusens, elopio: ^ did you see what pbek said?10:03
dholbachpbek, can you try so use something like this? https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/pull/178/files10:04
mupPR ubuntu/snappy-playpen#178: fix build by working around #1600238 <Created by dholbach> <https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/pull/178>10:04
pbekdholbach: ah, that's what qengho mentioned, I'll try that10:05
pbekdholbach: then I get a `[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '~/_test/QOwnNotes-Snapcraft/prime/etc/xdg/qtchooser/snappy-qt5.conf'`10:09
qenghopbek: Not related to the first.10:18
pbekone more try, i removed the qt5conf and used desktop/qt510:19
pbekand I added `-usr/share/pkgconfig` for every part, it is currently building. let's see if it gets through10:21
dholbachpbek, sorry about that - no idea where this came from10:23
dholbachit looks like a regression somewhere in the parts handling10:23
dholbachwe should probably file a bug for this10:23
pbekthe snap was created, I could install it but when I start `qownnotes` it's a zombie :(10:25
dpmdholbach, having seen this yesterday myself, I'm afraid if we rebuild all the playpen snaps all of those using the desktop launcher might hit the same issue10:29
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dholbachdpm, it wouldn't surprise me if we find a few more10:30
pbekand the firest time I run `qownnotes` I also get a: ln: failed to create symbolic link '/home/omega/snap/qownnotes/x16/.themes/themes': Read-only file system10:31
ograpbek, add: "cd $SNAP_USER_DATA" to your launcher10:34
pbekogra: do you mean to the `command: desktop-launch $SNAP/usr/bin/QOwnNotes` line in the snapcraft.yaml?10:35
ograah, you dont use a wrapper ...10:36
ogracreate one ;)10:36
qenghoogra: Command parts need a   pwd: str10:36
pbekno, ogra. that's what I'm using unitl now: https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/blob/master/qownnotes/snapcraft.yaml10:37
ograpbek, create a shell wrapper and add the line you have in the command section to it ... then replace the command section to point to the wrapper10:37
ograand add the cd command before the desktop-launch line in there10:38
qenghopbek: The ogra is saying you should run a script instead of your command above. That script prepares the environment for the launcher line instead.10:38
ograqengho, yeah10:38
ogrado we have a bug open for that ?10:38
pbekogra: will that fix the zombie problem?10:38
ograthats really something all desktop launchers should do themselves10:38
qenghopbek: We can't know. One problem at a time, plz.10:39
ograpbek, it will fix the "readonly filesystem" error10:39
pbekis there an example to create a shell wrapper?10:39
ograor wait10:40
ograthat one is more like what you want10:40
pbekthanks, ogra10:41
pbekogra: strange, snapcraft tells me it can't find the wrapper in: `'/home/omega/Code/_test/QOwnNotes-Snapcraft/prime/./wrapper.sh'`10:51
pbekI placed it in the same directory as the snapcraft.yaml and it is executable10:52
ograpbek, add a copy plugin for it10:52
pbekogra: strange, https://github.com/ogra1/laidout/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml has no copy plugin10:53
ograit uses a make plugin and does the copying from the Makefile10:53
pbekah, in the makefile. I see10:54
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pbeksnapcraft went through, but still the same error on the first run: ln: failed to create symbolic link '/home/omega/snap/qownnotes/x17/.themes/themes': Read-only file system10:57
ograhmm, when using the wrapper ?10:57
ografor me that usually fixes it10:57
pbekyes, I use `command: ./wrapper.sh`10:57
pbekbtw. will there be a mountpoint for every revision of every snap be present until the end of uptime or are mountpoints for old revisions removed at some point?11:04
ograi think thats only happening for sideloaded snaps11:05
pbekah, ok11:05
ograsnaps from the store only keep two mountpoints (and squashfses)11:05
ograwhile i develop i occasionallly call snap remove to clean that up11:06
ryanjdillonHi all, new to IRC here, and checking out nick registartion docs, is the following command to be ran in the chat? `/msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com `11:13
Kamilionyou can ask in #freenode for a hostmask cloak to hide your ip address once your nick is registered.11:14
Kamilionprobably end up with ~ryan@freenode/unaffiliated/ryanjdillon instead of ~ryan@2a02:fe0:cb10:53a0:d072:c794:a030:cdcf11:15
Kamilionmaybe it's now @unaffiliated/name... they might have dropped the freenode/ prefix these days, Iunno.11:16
Kamilionwelcome to IRC; don't forget to idle after asking questions in case someone answers several hours after you ask.11:17
ryanjdillonhmmm... good to know. thanks!11:17
ryanjdillon/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER ryanjdillon nnuanddphqwt11:22
ryanjdillonIt looks like everybody can see that. Is there anything important to know before I relive my old Diablo account hack?11:23
Kamilionyeah, don't use that password11:23
Kamiliongood thing it looks randomish.11:23
dz0nytype commands into server window not chan one :)11:23
Kamilionit appears whatever IRC client you're using ignored the / to make that a command somehow.11:24
ryanjdillonusing pidgin on ubuntu11:24
KamilionAh, libpurple, no wonder11:24
Kamiliontry /query nickserv11:25
ryanjdillonhere to get more developer insight, so guess that's a start ,)11:25
Kamilionthen type help in the new window it should make11:25
Kamilionif you get a bunch of help text from nickserv, that window should work11:25
Kamilionthen you can drop the leading /msg nickserv from the command and just use the private message window to register.11:26
Kamilionmost irc services will respond to 'help' or 'help <something>', so don't be afraid to jab it. I've been ircing for 20 years and i never bother to remember all the commands, just that 'help' will tell me which commands whatever irc network i'm on will support.11:27
ryanjdillonawesome. thanks for all the tips/help11:27
Kamilionalso other clients like weechat / xchat/hexchat / kvirc11:28
Kamilioni happen to like kvirc; but it wants to pull in ~100mb of QT packages if they're not already installed from some other app11:28
ryanjdillonah ok. yeah, i'm not so into QT, but I will check those out.11:32
dholbachpbek, I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/160340311:37
mupBug #1603403: [Regression] qownnotes in snappy-playpen stops building with snapcraft 2.12.1 <Snapcraft:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603403>11:37
dholbachelopio, sergiusens: ^11:37
mupPR snapd#1554 opened: store: Find now takes a Search instead of a query and channel <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1554>11:45
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dholbachhikiko, nice work!11:59
hikikothanks for the help dholbach :)12:00
dholbachanytime :)12:00
tsimonq2ditto dholbach, nice job :)12:00
tsimonq2hikiko: it's merged! :D12:00
dholbach*I* didn't do much :)12:00
hikikowell, you all helped me understand how snaps work, glad it's merged :)12:01
mupPR snapcraft#662 opened: Update the debian/control file <Created by tsimonq2> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/662>12:08
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mupPR snapd#1555 opened: store, daemon, client, cmd/snap: implement `snap find --private` <Created by chipaca> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1555>12:49
tsimonq2dholbach: could you please give your input on bug 1599125 ?12:56
mupBug #1599125: Allow Launchpad Git URLs <bitesize> <Snapcraft:In Progress by tsimonq2> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1599125>12:56
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pbekthank you, dholbach13:03
Croephaso, im just double checking, but ubuntu-core/rolling/edge is for 16 right?13:48
SamYapledoes snappy have any tests currently that validate teh base_plugin schema? I am not finding any13:50
renatuguys I am trying create a snappy package for ubuntu-calendar-app based on this http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calculator-dev/ubuntu-calculator-app/trunk/view/head:/snapcraft.yaml13:53
renatubut I am getting this error:13:54
renatuParts 'desktop/qt5' and 'ubuntu-calendar-app' have the following file paths in common which have different contents:13:54
renatuhow I can solve that?13:54
ograthere is a new bug with the very latest snapcraft ... introduced yesterday ... so yu are lucky it seems :)13:55
ograyou can add a removal stanza to your snapcraft yaml so the file is only there once13:55
ograsee line 60 in https://github.com/ogra1/upnp-server/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml13:56
renatuogra, thanks13:58
renatuyes I thought that I was crazy because I got it working some days ago :D. and then it start to fail without reason13:59
dpmrenatu, you might want to have a look at https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/pull/179 - the clock app cannot use the the desktop launcher, so just for lucky coincidence it's not affected by the bug14:20
mupPR ubuntu/snappy-playpen#179: Clock snap running on Unity 7 and Unity 8 <Created by dplanella> <https://github.com/ubuntu/snappy-playpen/pull/179>14:20
Croephaso, im trying to build a kernel snap using the copy plugin, (because I only have the .debs) and im getting a [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/cro/ics_build/parts/kernel14:30
tedgHow do I build a deb of snapd?14:43
ogradebbuild ?14:44
ogradpkg-buildpackage ...14:44
tedgThat seems to say that I don't have the macaroon gopkg installed, but I do.14:45
mupPR snapcraft#663 opened: Improve python2 test coverage <Created by SamYaple> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/663>14:47
renatuhey guys now I am getting: (qmlscene:30059): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: No GSettings schemas are installed on the system14:47
renatuwhen running my snappy14:47
ogradid you add the gsettings interface ?14:48
renatuogra, like that?  plugs: [gsettings,unity7,opengl]14:48
ograyeah, that should theoretically work14:48
renatudid not solve the problem14:49
* ogra has no single app that uses gsettings ... cant help with that ...14:49
renatuhow to debug it?14:50
ograask in gitter14:51
ograi see that galculator uses gsettings14:52
ograso you might need tto use a desktop launcher14:53
renatuI am using desktop-launcher already14:55
ograwell, ask on gitter ... perhaps there someone knows14:55
renatuthanks ogra14:57
SamYapleis there anyway to create a non-prefixed /snap/bin/ command? right now I get /snap/bin/<snapname>.command15:05
SamYapleI would like /snap/bin/command15:05
SamYaplein this case my snap provides multiple commands I would like to address without the prefix15:05
ograyou can only get rid of the prefix if you have a single command with the same name as the package i think15:08
SamYapleogra: thats definetely what I see, but thats a shame. i understand the reasons though15:09
ograyou could wrap a shellscript around your commands with a case switch and have "snapname --command"15:09
SamYapleim packaging an existing app with existing commands, anything I could do would change teh existing interaction with it15:10
ogranot much better indeed :)15:10
SamYapleso it wwouldnt be seemless15:10
SamYapleis there a way to do like meta packages with snap?15:11
SamYaplesince all teh commands are unique I could have one snap, and then like 3 metasnaps named as the appropriate command... mabye?15:11
ograa snap is already a kind of meta package after all15:13
SamYaplethis is a pretty big blow to seemlessly replacing system installed packages15:13
ograwell, file a whishlist bug ... not sure if that fits into the concept though15:14
SamYapleim not sure if it fits with the concept ogra. havent seen the concept defined to well anywhere15:17
ograit is buried in some public google docs somewhere15:17
ograanyway, file a bug ... you will get feedback from one of the architects i guess :)15:18
SamYapleof course. where else would it be :)15:18
SamYapleyea i can't set the wishlist status, but I can certainly file a bug15:18
sborovkovjamiebennett: Hi. Tried clearing private store id. Still can't install ubuntu-core - the same error (can not set next boot: cannot determine bootloader) pops up during the installation of security profiles.15:20
jamiebennettogra:  have you see issues installing ubuntu-core on classic RPi?15:22
ograi must admit i havent done that15:22
ograbut i thought that bug got fixed a while ago ... zyga mvo ^^^^ ?15:22
jamiebennettsborovkov: I guess you have already updated to the latest software on your Pi (apt update/upgrade ?)15:23
ograsborovkov, try "sudo touch /boot/uEnv.txt" and then try again15:23
ogra(not sure if snapd still checks for that file though)15:24
ogra(it might be checking for a mounted /boot/uboot nowadays, or fr some file below that)15:24
sborovkovDid not update, just flashed the latest image I found.15:25
sborovkovUpdating now15:25
sborovkovtouch /boot/uenv.txt did not help15:25
ograthen mkdir /boot/uboot and touch the same file underneth that dir15:25
ogra(i really dont know what snapd looks for nowadays, but it must be something like that)15:26
ogratheoretically it shouldnt check that bit at all in classic mode ...15:26
sborovkovOne sec, doing apt upgrade. May be it will be fixed after apt upgrade15:27
mvoogra: what is the error?15:27
ogramvo, "can not set next boot: cannot determine bootloader" ...15:27
ogramvo, on a RPi classic install15:28
ograi thought classic makes it skip the bootloader checks completely15:28
mvoogra: interessting - what version of snapd  is installed?15:28
ograsborovkov, ^^ ?15:28
mvoogra: yes it does15:28
ograah, well, might be a 16.04.0 image ...15:28
ograwhich probably has an outdated snapd15:29
ograso lets wait til sborovkov has done his upgrade :)15:29
mupBug #1603481 opened: multiple binaries from the same package <Snapcraft:New> <Snappy:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603481>15:38
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
sborovkovogra: mvo: Alright, I upgraded but now I can't connect to my system via ssh as it does not receive address on DHCP for some reason. I will get back to you once I resolve that.16:02
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
mupPR snapd#1556 opened: asserts: add Assertions.Prerequisites and Ref, SigninKey and FindTrusted <Created by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1556>17:05
mupPR snapcraft#653 closed: Implement `snapcraft push` <Created by sergiusens> <Merged by kyrofa> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/653>17:05
sborovkovogra: Yes, it works after upgrade. My bad for not upgrading first of all. Do you know where should I file the bug that internet connection is not working after upgrade? Had to manually attach keyboard and run sudo dhclient to get it working (and it's reproducible, flashed the image twice and upgraded)17:19
mupPR snapd#1557 opened: many: introduce an assertstate task handler to (pre)fetch assertions <Created by pedronis> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/1557>17:19
ograsborovkov, well, thatsa generic ubuntu server bug ... not really sure where that should go ... prehaps ifupdown or systemd17:20
kyrofaelopio, are you around?17:20
elopiokyrofa: hello17:20
kyrofaelopio, sergiusens asked me to investigate bug #1600238 today17:20
mupBug #1600238: [pull] Same packages pulled twice with different timestamps cause clash <Snapcraft:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1600238>17:20
sborovkovogra: Ok. One more question - how do I install package from beta/edge channel?17:21
kyrofaelopio, from the comments I can't quite glean what's happening there, but I'm able to reproduce it using dholbach's pastebin17:21
ograsborovkov, sudo snap install foo.snap -devmode --edge17:21
kyrofaelopio, can you give me any more information before I dig in?17:21
elopiokyrofa: one part pulls the deb. Then other part pulls the deb too. Some files will get a different timestamp, which we consider as a conflict.17:22
kyrofaelopio, they even have different md5sums!17:22
elopiohum, that's not what they told me.17:23
elopioso, what's different from the content?17:23
kyrofaelopio, that's what I'm seeing anyway17:23
kyrofaelopio, the file I'm specifically referring to is a .so17:23
kyrofaSo I'm not sure17:23
kyrofaVery odd17:23
sborovkovogra: Hmm. I have UBUNTU_STORE_ID set in /etc/environment. But it does not try to install from there it seems17:23
ograah, i have no clue about custom stores, sorry17:24
sborovkovjamiebennett: ping17:24
ograthe above works fine with the default store17:24
elopiokyrofa: did you confirm they come from the same deb?17:24
sborovkovYeah, understood17:25
kyrofaelopio, not yet, I was going to talk to you first, but you're apparently useless to me. Useless!17:25
kyrofaelopio, ooo, they aren't from the same deb17:27
kyrofaelopio, I'm starting to suspect this isn't even a bug17:27
elopioI'm just passing the information along. I haven't triaged it.17:27
kyrofaelopio, I know, I'm just messing with you ;)17:29
elopiokyrofa: if they come from a different deb, then what Daniel suggests makes no sense. But we still have a problem, when this happens, it's really hard to understand where the conflic comes from.17:29
kyrofaelopio, yeah, libqt5gui5 from the desktop helper, and libqt5gui5-gles from the yaml17:29
kyrofaelopio, I'm not sure how we might make that more clear, though. We can't really say "this came from that deb" because we don't even know that the file came from a deb at all17:30
elopiokyrofa: wouldn't that be a deb bug? Why libqt5gui5-gles ship the duplicated lib?17:30
kyrofaelopio, great question17:31
elopioI mean, if we find that the archive shouldn't allow this to happen, there's nothing for us to do.17:31
* kyrofa checks the deb metadata, maybe they're supposed to conflict17:31
elopioif there's no deb rule against it, then yes, we should find a way to make a nicer error.17:32
kyrofaelopio, indeed, the libqt5gui5-gles deb has a "conflicts" with libqt5gui5. THAT'S the bug17:51
kyrofaelopio, snapcraft needs to be able to toss errors about that17:51
kyrofaelopio, still not an easy fix though17:51
kyrofaelopio, and probably only a warning, since they can be filtered out with the stage/snap keywords17:52
elopiokyrofa: ok, nice finding. And yes, I have no idea how to solve it. The list of packages might make sense again.17:52
borisetoHi, how do the snaps work actually? Like I have VLC installed via snap and apt, but it only shows the one with apt when trying to open a file?18:10
Croephasnapcraft is wanting me to login, but im not sure why, im just trying to build a kernel snap, not upload it or anything18:12
Croephaboriseto, look for a file in /snap/bin that points to vlc18:13
Croephathat will be how to launch vlc in the snap18:13
borisetoCroepha: got it. Thanks18:13
kyrofaCroepha, because it needs to download the OS snap in order to obtain the initrd18:14
Croephakyrofa: ok thanks18:16
borisetoCroepha: if I just do it like that, I still won't be able to set it as a default app in the System settings, right?18:17
Croephaim not sure how default app works... does it take a path? or is it looking for a .desktop file?18:18
Croephaif it takes a .desktop file, then you will have to craft one manually, using the /snap/bin path... but i think that should work, because it will pass the command like arguments to vlc, running inside the snap and it should run18:19
Croephayou need to do some interface stuff that im not sure how to do in order for vlc to actually connect to Xorg, but it  should be simple id expect18:20
EdwardMorbiushello, is there some problem with snaps at the moment? after using snap find or snap refresh I am getting a long error18:31
CroephaEdwardMorbius: works for me...18:32
Croephapaste the error?18:32
EdwardMorbiusCroepha snap find18:32
EdwardMorbiuserror: cannot list snaps: Get https://search.apps.ubuntu.com/api/v1/search?fields=anon_download_url%2Carchitecture%2Cchannel%2Cdownload_sha512%2Csummary%2Cdescription%2Cbinary_filesize%2Cdownload_url%2Cicon_url%2Clast_updated%2Cpackage_name%2Cprices%2Cpublisher%2Cratings_average%2Crevision%2Csnap_id%2Csupport_url%2Ctitle%2Ccontent%2Cversion%2Corigin%2Cprivate%2Cconfinement&q=: dial tcp: lookup search.apps.ubuntu.com on [::1]:53:18:32
EdwardMorbiusread udp [::1]:54036->[::1]:53: read: connection refused18:32
Croephafirewall? or regional issue?18:33
EdwardMorbiusIt worked before, I am using ufw but it worked before, might be regional?18:33
Croephawhat continent are you located at?18:34
Croephaim na18:35
Croephaso my observations probably aren't very useful to you18:36
=== [dtz] is now known as dtzWill
EdwardMorbiusIt might be something temporary18:36
Croephamight want to run wireshark, and see if there is any related icmp traffic18:37
EdwardMorbiusalso is the problem with running some snaps on nvidia proprietary drivers known and reported? some of them dont start on my computer with unrecognized opengl version type errors18:38
ograyes, known18:41
EdwardMorbiusogra ok thanks18:41
ogra(and snap find works fine here from germany)18:41
EdwardMorbiusI just tried removing a ubuntu clock snap and got another error18:43
EdwardMorbiussudo snap remove ubuntu-clock-app18:43
EdwardMorbius2016-07-15T20:37:56+02:00 ERROR cannot remove snap file "ubuntu-clock-app", will retry: [stop snap-ubuntu\x2dclock\x2dapp-5.mount] failed with exit status 1: Job for snap-ubuntu\x2dclock\x2dapp-5.mount failed. See "systemctl status "snap-ubuntu\\x2dclock\\x2dapp-5.mount"" and "journalctl -xe" for details.18:43
EdwardMorbiusnotes was removed successfully18:45
joc_zyga: hi, is the field "Label" on the PlugInfo struct what jdstrand refers to when he says "security label for the plug"19:02
joc_(in zigbee-dongle PR comments)19:03
joc_hmm guess not, looks more likes something to be used in yaml for identifying plugs19:11
Croephaso, when snapcraft is building a kernel, and grabbing the os image in order to build the initrd, how does it know which os image to use? like which version?19:11
kyrofaelopio, sounds like we might need to get train tickets online19:14
elopiokyrofa: do they have an hour, or are they good for the whole day?19:15
ograCroepha, it just uses the latest19:16
kyrofaelopio, and I can't figure out the difference between Heidelberg Hbf and Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof. ogra, help?19:17
ogra(from the stable channel by default)19:17
ograkyrofa, its the same ... one is the abbreviation of the other19:17
kyrofaogra, what's the best way to get to heidelberg from FRA?19:17
kyrofaogra, argh. They show up in different places in the marriott map :P19:17
ograi guuess by train19:17
kyrofaogra, also both are options in the train destinations19:17
kyrofaogra, and that needs to be booked in advance, correct?19:18
Croephaorga: what if i wanted edge19:18
josephtkyrofa: Hbf is probably a shortcut ;)19:18
kyrofajosepht, hahaha19:18
Croephaactually it might now even be a big deal, ill see if it actually a problem first19:18
kyrofaogra, I dread someone asking where I'm trying to go. "hopt-on-hoff!"19:19
ograhauptbahnhof is actually a different waypoint on the map ... interesting19:19
ogra(thy are 100m apart or so)19:19
kyrofaogra, indeed, a little confusing19:20
kyrofaogra, but no matter19:20
ograone is a tram station in front ... the other is actually the central station building19:20
ograso they are the same after all :)19:20
ograkyrofa, if you can get an ICE train from frankfurt to heidelberg that should be the most relaxing option19:21
zygajoc_: no, he referred to apparmor labels19:21
ograCroepha, not sure the plugin offers that yet ...19:22
ograCroepha, https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+filebug ;)19:22
Croephawill do19:22
camakoI'm trying to run the ubuntu-calculator-app from a terminal under U7 as explained in https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/desktop/get-started/, but it just waits there. Syslog shows http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/19531599/ - an apparmor denial. What am I missing?19:23
kyrofaogra, looks like that eventually transfers to a "regional express" in mannheim?19:23
ograkyrofa, ^^ i assume the kernel plugin has no way to tell it wants the os snp from edge ?19:23
kyrofaogra, unfortunately no, I seem to remember stable being hard-coded19:23
ograkyrofa, nothing direct from fra. to heidelberg ?19:23
kyrofaDoesn't seem so19:24
kyrofaBut that's not a big deal19:24
kyrofaogra, what if I book a ticket and my flight is delayed?19:24
ograyou can buy a ticket at the frankfurt airport19:25
joc_zyga: can you tell me how to access the label?19:25
joc_from my interface definition19:26
kyrofaogra, oh! Well then, elopio we can just do that19:27
ograi wouldnt pre-book19:27
elopiokyrofa: sounds easier.19:27
kyrofaogra, okay, I didn't want to anyway19:27
kyrofaelopio, indeed19:27
kyrofaThanks ogra :)19:27
ograand really, take an ICE ... power, wlan, restaurant (beer) ;)19:27
kyrofaogra, do you know if FRA has open wifi?19:27
ograit should, yep19:27
kyrofaogra, heh, that does sound nice19:27
ogramight be time limited19:28
elopiokyrofa: just save this in the phone, and play it to the person selling tickets: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/df/Heidelberg.ogg19:28
kyrofaHahaha :D19:28
kyrofaelopio, and when they ask what stop I want?19:29
kyrofaJust start making gutteral sounds?19:29
ograthen you play it again ;)19:30
elopiokyrofa: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b3/De-Berlin_Hauptbahnhof.ogg19:30
elopiowe need a remix.19:30
kyrofaOh man, I was way off19:30
ograelopio, oh, you are evil :)19:30
kyrofaAlright, I'm off to house hunt for a little bit. Be back soon19:31
elopioso S banh or ICE, transfer in mannheim.19:40
tsimonq2kyrofa: is that the only thing wrong with snapcraft#662 ? ;)19:46
mupPR snapcraft#662: Update the debian/control file <Created by tsimonq2> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/662>19:46
jose__I am trying the snapcraft "build your first snap" tutorial and I have build the snap, and installed it. How do I run it?20:21
Croephajose__ is it a daemon?20:22
jose__that must be it, the yaml says its a simple deamon20:23
tsimonq2jose__: whereis SNAPNAME20:23
tsimonq2jose__: you can probably just run it20:23
Croephajose__ ok, if its a daemon, then it will be running automatically, and it will not be able to be run directly20:24
Croephajose__ get its status with: systemctl -a | your_snap_name20:24
Croephayou can get the log output via journalctl -u <your app's service name>20:25
jose__ok thanks that helps20:25
Croephacan you bake a snap into a flash image?21:35
zygaCroepha: ubuntu-image that is being developed might allow that21:42
zygaCroepha: the device maker can design the partition layout21:43
zygaCroepha: currently it is able of making only one "image" (e.g. all flash)21:43
zygaCroepha: but it is just the first version so I bet more feaures will come21:44
Croephawell, i dont need to change the partitions to bake in a snap to I? the snaps just reside on the root filesystem dont they?21:44
Croephamounted of course21:44
zygaCroepha: yes, in /var/lib/snapd/snaps21:45
zygaCroepha: that space has to be writable21:45
Croephai must be misunderstanding, im not sure what this has to do with partitions, but ubuntu-image sounds promising, i'll have to hunt it down21:46
monsterjampCan I run a bash script using snapcraft?21:48
Croephamonsterjamp: yes21:48
monsterjampCroepha: How? I've been reading the documentation but can't seem to figure out how.21:49
Croephawell, it may not be straight forward as you might expect, but any of the build plugins, like automake or python can be run a bash script indirectly21:50
Croephalike you could make a Makefile, that runs a shell script21:50
Croephathere may be a plugin that is more direct than that, but I don't know of it21:51
monsterjampI see, I guess that works.21:51
Croephayou could write your own plugin for it21:51
monsterjampHow do I write my own plugin?21:52
tsimonq2monsterjamp: do you want it to be snap-specific or do you want to contribute it to Snapcraft?21:53
monsterjamptsimonq2 Snapcraft21:53
Croephaim not sure if this is current, but: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps/plugins/21:53
tsimonq2Croepha: I don't think it is21:54
Croephamight have better luck in the github repo21:54
tsimonq2monsterjamp: yeah, git clone https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft.git21:55
tsimonq2monsterjamp: take a look at the existing plugins, write one, and make a pull request :)21:55
monsterjampSeems simple enough :O21:55
monsterjampAlthough I wonder why someone hasn't already made a bash plugin21:56
tsimonq2I don't know :)21:56
Croephayea, it does seem pretty basic21:56
Croephathere are quite a few things like that right now21:56
Croephabut things are moving fast21:56
monsterjampAre you guys all snapcraft developers?22:00
Croephai am not really one22:01
Croephabut i think most are22:01
tsimonq2monsterjamp: I've contributed a little bit ;)22:03
tsimonq2monsterjamp: so if/when you get a PR submitted, I'll be sure to take a look :)22:03
monsterjampI haven't programmed much in python so forgive me in advance.22:07
tsimonq2I was the same way when I started contributing :)22:08
monsterjampI'm getting this error when trying to use my bash plugin: 'Options' object has no attribute 'bash'22:35
monsterjampNot entirely sure what it means22:35
Croephamonsterjamp you are trying to .bash on something?22:35
Croephacan you paste your code?22:35
monsterjampWell so far I just copied the make plugin, I think I'm using the 'options" object wrong?22:36
Croephaon line 7422:37
Croephai guess now that means im a contributor22:38
monsterjamp'Options' object is not subscriptable22:39
josephtmonsterjamp: I think you need 'self.options.bash_arguments'22:40
monsterjampI think that works22:41
monsterjampBut why is it an '_' and not '-'22:41
Croephabecause - is an oporator22:42
Croephait was like options.bash minus arguments22:42
Croephaso something is probably mangling the names to make it work within the language22:43
monsterjampI think it's working now :O22:50
monsterjampFor the make plugin there's an additional command to run `make install` should I have something like that for the bash plugin?22:52
monsterjampnvm, I don't think it makes sense to leave that in22:53
Croephayou know, for a bash plugin, it might make sense to have commands that you can run at any build step22:57
Croephalike pull, or build22:58
monsterjampCroepha: I didn't even know it was for the plugins to do different things at each build step.23:06
monsterjampIs there a plugin that already does this?23:06
Croephai know there are atleast two23:06
monsterjampWhich ones?23:07
Croephaso if you look at https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/blob/master/snapcraft/_baseplugin.py23:08
Croephathere are all kinds of methods that you can essentially override23:08
Croephaclean_pull, build,  pull, clean_build23:09
Croephaim thinking that pull and build are the only usefully ones to do a arbitrary command23:10
monsterjampShould I make another property to see if the user want the script to do anything during the pull?23:13
Croephathats what I would do23:14
Croephabut its up to you23:14
Croephaactually, its up to the maintainer23:14
monsterjampWell even if  the plugin doesn't get merged, it'll still be useful to use for myself.23:16
monsterjampI decided to keep the install part at the end.23:25
monsterjampWhat do you guys think of it: https://gist.github.com/monsterjamp/570fbfe8bbdf959d94486f293956fdbe23:25
monsterjampShoud I add anything else?23:25
Croephai think thats good, but I really dont know anything23:26
monsterjampAlright, I made the pull request after a few tweaks.23:49
mupPR snapcraft#664: New plugin: Bash <Created by monsterjamp> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/664>23:49
monsterjampLooks like I'm faster than the bot :P23:49
mupPR snapcraft#664 opened: New plugin: Bash <Created by monsterjamp> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapcraft/pull/664>23:50
monsterjamptsimonq2 do you wanna check out the pull request?23:52

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