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OerHeksi believe that curlyears is still trying to get his broken hardware to work.16:40
* nacc too16:40
OerHekssad for him, i know16:40
cicdcIf I install 16.04 now, what is the release channel I should use so that I get the 16.10 update and 17.xx in the future? In the past it has seemed like this was not available on the LTS releases (14 never gave me the option to upgrade to 15)?17:49
nacccicdc: well, 16.10 and 17.xx aren't LTS.17:50
Picicicdc: you'd need to change /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades to prompt=normal from prompt=lts.17:50
nacccicdc: if you mean for update-manager; you just change the setting in /etc/update-mainager/release-upgrades17:50
cicdcOk great17:51
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