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pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: সকাল সকাল?02:32
pavlushkaHello nazmul 04:04
nazmulgood morning04:05
pavlushkasee here "/join #ZorinOS"04:05
pavlushkanazmul: ask you problem there and see if it helps, :)04:06
nazmuljoined. should i post the question here?04:06
pavlushkanazmul: notice the channel details above there ^^04:06
pavlushkanazmul: but do ask your query there04:07
pavlushkanazmul: and one point is Europe is in midnight now and US is in evening now, and most irc users, experts are form there, so it will be a little quite now, the prime time when irc gets active there is actually since afternoon, :)04:09
pavlushkanazmul: keep that in mind always04:09
pavlushka*quiet now04:10
pavlushkanazmul: but dont worry we here for you04:10
nazmulokay. :)04:10
pavlushkanazmul: and plaese give me the link of your post in superuser.com, :)04:11
ashabadipavlushka: 06:06
ashabadihow is everything?06:06
pavlushkaHellow hellow, look who is here?06:08
pavlushkayes its better, :)06:08
pavlushkaQA coffee on06:08
* QA starts grinding coffee06:08
QACoffee's ready for pavlushka!06:12
pavlushkawhere's my coffee?06:18
pavlushkaEid Mubarak ashabadi !06:18
* ashabadi thinks the QA had served Pavlushka poor quality coffee06:18
ashabadithat's why pavlushka got time out06:18
* pavlushka laughs06:19
ashabadihmmm Eid Mubarak pavlushka06:19
pavlushkaashabadi: how is it going there? very busy I guess.06:19
ashabadimy laptop is near dead...06:19
ashabadidoes not hold charge...06:19
pavlushkaashabadi: I am using a hp compac c733TU for 8 long years, though I have serviced it few times, :p06:20
ashabadiI have not serviced it once for last 4 years06:21
pavlushkaashabadi: mine too, I almost converted it into desktop.06:21
pavlushkabattery is gone, so I added an ups, monitor is gone, so I added an external monitor06:21
ashabadiI don't have desk to convert it into desktop06:22
pavlushkaand HDD is not enough, so I added an external HDD and keyboard, external, mouse external, :) only the processor and motherboard are still the same, ;)06:23
pavlushkaand replaced the RAM with 2 GB with no warranty06:24
pavlushkabasic was 512MB06:24
pavlushkaI almost bought another Laptop/Desktop, lol06:25
pavlushkaoh, recently my power cord died, so bough a new power cord from Dhaka over the phone and got couriered, see? what else left?06:26
ashabadicdrom ...06:27
ashabadiyou should convert it now...06:27
ashabadiI'm not rich that I would spend so much on a dead machine...06:27
ashabadiI would buy a second hand laptop instead06:28
pavlushkayes, that one has been replaced once within warranty period and now dead again.06:28
pavlushkaashabadi: the point is I did it one at a time, If I wish to buy a new/2nd hand, I have to have that money altogether.06:29
ashabadihmm... 06:29
pavlushkawhich was never available, my family quota was only for 1 pc, know?06:30
ashabadiI will be saving for next 5/6 month's to buy another06:30
ashabadi2nd hand cost around 15/20k06:30
ashabadithere are few good ones being available on bikroy.com though not sure about the quality06:30
pavlushkaashabadi: but those things was bought on emergency!06:30
pavlushkame too, not sure about the quality06:31
ashabadiresiding in the capital has its perks ;)06:33
ashabadican check out first hand :P06:33
pavlushkaanyways, back to business, you know Maateen? https://www.facebook.com/maateen?fref=ts06:33
pavlushkaashabadi: true06:33
ashabadithough internal issue can not be identified in few minutes hands on experience06:33
pavlushkamaateen was here, he is an expert on python, bug fixed ibus-avro, 06:34
pavlushkahe was here, i was able to bring him here.06:34
ashabadigood :)06:35
pavlushkaand nazmul, see yesterdays log06:35
pavlushkaand an old Buddy Named Tuhin used to be here06:36
AudaciousTUXold :v06:36
pavlushkaashabadi: I will be happy enough if maateen agrees to maintain the portal, we will discuss with him, may be he is busy organizing an even in his University.06:37
ashabadiok pavlushka06:38
pavlushkahellu AudaciousTUX 06:39
ashabadisorry pavlushka I'm not in a mood to discuss serious topic06:39
ashabadiplease pardon me...06:39
ashabadiI'm very much pissed off right now.... for personal issue06:39
pavlushkai am just informing you, :)06:39
pavlushkaashabadi: okay, give me a minute, :)06:40
pavlushkaKilos: welcome :)06:44
pavlushkaashabadi: you like Messi? 06:44
Kilosty pavlushka 06:44
ashabadipavlushka: yes I like his gameplay skill06:45
Kiloshi ashabadi wb06:45
Kiloswe thought you deserted us06:45
Kiloshi nazmul 06:45
pavlushkaHello nazmul wb06:45
nazmulhello Kilos06:45
ashabadithough I won't say I'm fan....  pavlushka cause I do not follow sports that much06:45
pavlushkaashabadi: okay06:45
ashabadiKilos: no my laptop is abandoning me06:45
Kilosoh my06:46
nazmulhello pavel bro06:46
ashabadidoes not hold charge anymore... also the cord is not charging06:46
pavlushkaashabadi: my android abandoned me, :p06:46
ashabadiwill have to take to service center.... annoying thing is the service center in BD provides very poor service06:46
pavlushkaashabadi: just replace the cord, will cost you less than a thousand bucks06:47
Kilosmy laptop has to run off the charger as well. battery only holds charge for 2 mins06:47
pavlushkaKilos: shake hand, mine too, :p06:47
Kilosbattery too expensive here06:47
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: know anything about http://paste.ubuntu.com/19454111/ ?07:06
* pavlushka bbl after Jumma07:11
Kilosthe trials and joys of pcs08:28
pavlushkaha ha ha08:52
pavlushkaHello Tuhin wellcome11:28
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: in the http://paste.ubuntu.com/19454111/, there was no problem, for the networking device 10ec:8168 , Kernel driver in use: r8169, which was the latest in the vendors site for that device, you see?12:05
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: if you search by "10ec:8168" in google? you will find the exact device result which is better than searching for the device by its name, see?12:07
AudaciousTUXyah... searching with device name isn't so good idea...12:08
AudaciousTUXbut why it's not working :o12:09
AudaciousTUXhave u tried installing previous version??12:10
pavlushkaThe reporter has solved the problem in some other way, may be just by plugging in, :p12:10
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: do you have a wifi in your PC?12:13
AudaciousTUXnope.... 12:13
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: try to run sometime on any wifi enabled linux system other than the router "iwconfig",  :)12:14
AudaciousTUXbut my laptop wifi having too much problem.... increasing TX power most of the time fix that12:14
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: ok, it works on router too, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19486458/, at least it worked on mine, :p12:17
AudaciousTUXumm... umm... not working for me o.O12:18
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: telnet your router and do "sh" to get into shell and then "iwconfig"12:18
AudaciousTUXmy router has ssh installed :D12:19
pavlushkathen do ssh in place of telnet12:20
AudaciousTUXwish i could install Aircrack-ng on router... too tiny storage :'(12:21
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: you know about pfsense?12:21
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: are you googling it?12:23
AudaciousTUXnope..... eating12:33
AudaciousTUXnope... dunno 12:33
pavlushkaIts another router os, basically a firewall system to be installed on router, theblazehen from ZA uses it, :p, Kilos dont tell theblazehen, :p12:34
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: https://www.facebook.com/groups/linux.loverz/permalink/1068577143229913/?comment_id=1069186893168938&ref=notif&notif_t=group_comment_follow&notif_id=1468524529675344, I was talking about this.12:42
AudaciousTUXummmm.... whats <?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>??12:44
AudaciousTUXshit :312:44
AudaciousTUXwhats dnsmasq ??12:44
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: http://paste.ubuntu.com/19489062/12:47
AudaciousTUXhave to check later,,,, feeling sick12:50
pavlushkaok, but suddenly?12:50
pavlushkawhat's wrong?12:50
AudaciousTUXsordi matha betha.... dupur theke12:51
AudaciousTUXpanir dharar moto sordi bohoman... :312:51
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: কাঁঠাল খাও, অানারস খাও12:51
AudaciousTUXumm... ammure koua lagbe12:52
pavlushkaকাঁঠাল খাইলে একদিনে সব ভাল হয়ে যাবে12:52
AudaciousTUXbangladesh e ekhon je kathal bikri hoy tate ekdine moirao jaite pari :312:52
pavlushkalol, আমরা অবশ্য নিজেদের গাছের কাঁঠাল খাই, কুষ্টিয়াতে থাকতে ওখানকার local কাঁঠাল খেতাম, yum yum12:54
AudaciousTUXpathai den :v12:54
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: give me your address, Panchagarh e SA courier nai, Sundarban & Korotoa12:55
AudaciousTUX11/2/2 west nakhalpara firmgate nakhalpara :D12:55
AudaciousTUXnijei aisha poren :D12:55
AudaciousTUXbtw... jaiga.... rumal niya shuia pori... :312:57
pavlushkaHello zaki 14:24
zakihi pavlushka 14:24
pavlushkahave you added some contents to your wiki? dont leave it blank! 14:25
zakinot yet. :( 14:26
pavlushkazaki: ok, do it according to your convenience but dont leave it unmaintained.14:27
zakiড্রাফট এ কিছু লিখে রাখসি, উইকি তে এড করা হয় নাই।14:27
zakihi Kilos 15:12
Kiloshi zaki 15:12
Kilospavel is very impatient15:13
Kiloshe likes to see things happening15:13
zakimay be.. :D 15:13
Kiloshaha he used to be worse even15:14
Kilosdidnt even want to wait for a reply15:14
zakinever seen like that, i should be carefull in future. :p :v15:16
zaki:D 15:17
zakihi tanzim vai. :)15:17
AudaciousTUXhi 15:17
pavlushkaKilos: grrrr.15:19
Kiloshello pavel15:19
pavlushkaHello Mr. Miles Sharpe!15:19
Kiloshow are you my friend15:20
pavlushkaI am good Mr. Miles, How about you?15:20
Kilosim ok but the mr thing is embarasshing15:21
pavlushkaand btw thanks for asking Miles. and how is the weather there?15:21
KilosMr's are peeps that push others around15:22
zakiwhy? :D 15:22
pavlushkaKilos: very cold I guess.15:22
Kilosyes i hate winter15:22
Kilostoo old for the cold15:23
zakiপাভেল ভাই resolve.conf ফাইল এ  name server এ পরিবর্তন করলে 15:24
pavlushkazaki: you are the network admin, not me, I haven't tried that and cant tell for sure and not into much networking thing, but like to :)15:26
zakiwhen i'm new in ubuntu, i faced that problem too.15:27
zakibut there is no problem with pppoe connection. it only happen when i'm using  static ip. 15:28
AudaciousTUXdhur.... matha betha ar sordir joghonno combination :315:30
pavlushkazaki: any router in between?15:30
zakiist i think i'ts a bug, than i started to using pppoe.  but theres a problem with pppoe, when you activate pppoe, the network manager disbled the option for using static15:31
zakiwireless router?15:32
zakinope dirrect from network switch. 15:32
pavlushkazaki: when you use pppoe, you cant use static ip, because the service provider provides you with a random ip from their dhcp.15:33
pavlushkazaki: so if you set your machine to a fixed/static ip, then you will be refused by the service provider for the mismatch.15:33
pavlushkazaki: that's the point, and that's why when using pppoe, static is disabled by default.15:34
pavlushkazaki: if you want to use any static ip, you have to ask to your service provider to allot you a fixed ip, it works that way.15:35
zakii know that, but when i'm not connected with pppoe, in that time don't have a option for using static15:35
pavlushkazaki: when you are not on pppoe, what connection you use then? mobile broadband?15:36
zakiby the way, after installing 16.4 i'm started to use static ip again.15:38
pavlushkazaki: you can set a static ip for your machine, set a router in between, and configure the router to provide you connection over a fixed ip.15:38
zakiyes broadband through wifi15:38
pavlushkazaki: what do you mean broadband through wifi? wifi router?15:39
pavlushkazaki, and the broadband is pppoe right?15:40
pavlushkasometimes mean?15:41
zakii have both pppoe and static15:42
pavlushkazaki: you info's are very ambiguous, its spinning my head15:42
pavlushkazaki: you are using a wifi router of what model/brand?15:43
zakiপ্রব্লেম টা ছিল আমি পিপিপিওই কানেকশন টা অটো স্টার্ট দিয়ে রাখতাম।15:45
pavlushkazaki: asking again, you are using a wifi router of what model/brand? please give me the info.15:46
zakitp link.15:47
pavlushkazaki: to clear your confusion, I have to have the exact idea of your setup, :)15:48
zakiTP-LINK TL-WR841N15:48
pavlushkazaki: dont worry, I will not hack/bruteforce you, :p15:48
zakiha ha.. :D 15:48
pavlushkaKilos: ?15:49
AudaciousTUXbye all... 15:49
Kilosim happy that you are such a helpful ubuntero15:49
Kiloscheers AudaciousTUX 15:50
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: bye, bye, get well soon15:50
zakimy problem is there should be both option enable. when i like to use pppoe i use that, and when i like to use static 15:50
zakisome time i have to test both connection protocol imn my pc. 15:51
zakipavlushka, 15:52
zakithats it.15:52
pavlushkazaki: the router dials for you the pppoe and gets a random ip from the providers dhcp range, sometimes it retains the same ip because there might be no other ip available for that time.15:54
zakimay be. 15:55
zakibut i'm not satisfied with that connection manager. :( 15:55
pavlushkaand the router channels you the connection to a private ip range like 192.168.*.*, and that could be static, if you set it on your router or dynamic if you set "dhcp on" in your router.15:56
zakihmm. :)\15:56
pavlushkazaki: you want a static ip, turn off the dhcp in your router and set your machine accordingly, I mean set dhcp off in your connection manager for the connection.15:58
pavlushkazaki: but there's a problem as your router is wifi, you need the dhcp, otherwise managing the ip will be a hell of a trouble for you but you can just switch off the wifi signal if you like, :)16:00
pavlushkaand using the wired ports instead, :)16:01
pavlushkaand zaki lets make the scores even, my router is Dlink 2750U, :)16:06
zakidlink is bad :p16:11
pavlushkazaki: lol, out of all, you had to say this!16:11
pavlushkawb Tuhin 16:11
zakii don't like d link equipments. :(  16:11
pavlushkaI will buy netgear next time if I had to.16:12
zakiha ha.. 16:12
zakinetgear is good. designed at usa 16:14
zakitime to dnr.16:16
pavlushkazaki: almost everything is designed in usa, even cisco is from Sanfrancisco?16:16
pavlushkaspecially the network equips, I thing the solo purpose is to monitor/spying, :p16:17
zakicalifornia may be16:18
zaki:D may be. 16:18
pavlushkazaki: what california?16:18
zakicisco is from california16:18
zakioky sorry.16:19
pavlushkazaki, its from SanfrnaCISCO16:19
pavlushkazaki, its from SanfranCISCO16:19
zakisan francisco is in california. :(16:19
pavlushkazaki: okay, Then I'll say its from USA on the contrary, just for argument.16:20
zakioky. :D 16:20
pavlushkazaki: anyways, enjoy your dinner, :)16:20
zakioky, talk to you later and Kilos :)16:21
Kilosill be here16:21
pavlushkaKilos: had your dinner already?16:21
zakibye all. 16:21
Kiloswaiting for pavlushka to grrrr at me again16:21
pavlushkaKilos: lol16:22
Kilos40 mins time pavlushka 16:22
pavlushkafor what? dinner?16:22
Kiloswe eat at 7pm16:22
pavlushkaokay, its good.16:23
pavlushkaTuhin: had your dinner?16:23
Tuhinnot yet16:24
Tuhinwill go now to eat16:24
pavlushkaTuhin: Have a nice dinner then, and eat more than usual, our shares too, :p16:26
Tuhini missed lunch16:44
pavlushkaha ha ha16:56
pavlushkaWelcome tareq !17:21
pavlushkatareq: we had ashabadi this morning!17:22
pavlushkaand now you, good17:22
pavlushkatareq: like to ask something, :)17:22
Kilosjust now i get a grrrr again17:25
pavlushkaKilos: come on..ok sorry, I got your point, it was about zaki you are referring, :|17:26
tareqhey all17:38
tareqany news ?17:38
pavlushkatareq: like to ask something.17:39
pavlushkatareq: like to ask you something.17:39
pavlushkamay I?17:39
tareqwhy not17:41
tareqgo on17:41
pavlushkatareq: about the content that ashabadi gave, are you working on that?17:41
pavlushkatareq: just like to know. dont take it otherwise.17:43
Kilosso tareg, hows things your side of the globe17:45
pavlushkaSorry guys, having a headache, bye tareq , bye Kilos , see ya.17:50
RemonShaiKilos, hi...18:04
Kiloshi RemonShai 18:05
RemonShaiKilos, what's up...? my old friend...!! how're you?18:06
Kilosnothing new happening but life goes on18:06
Kiloshows things there18:06
RemonShaiKilos, i see....18:07
Kilosvery cold here, i am already eyeing my bed18:08
RemonShaiKilos, o....& here normal ;)18:10
Kilosim only normal when minimum temp is 20°c and more18:11
RemonShaioops.... is it...!!! 18:11
Kilosyes i hate cold weather18:12
RemonShaiI love it, when not less than 15 degree.18:13
Kiloshaha even at 15°c i am ok but we will be 0° to night18:14
tareqpavlushka: I'm writing on my way18:16
tareqcontents of ashabadi great help though18:16
RemonShaiKilos, ok my friend... I wanna go now,.., cause, I've to woke up in the morning for my exam... talk you later...  18:18
Kilosrest well young man18:19
RemonShaiKilos, thank you so much....18:21
tareqHello Kilos18:25
tareqhow are you doing friend18:26
Kilosok ty taregand you?18:28
Kilosok my18:28
Kilostareq 18:28
Kilosi forgot to tab complete18:29
tareqno problem18:30
tareqI'm fine18:30
tareqhey, today after regular update kubuntu seems more smooth18:30
Kilosthats  good news18:34
Kilosall the patches are kicking in18:35
tareqmay be18:36
Kilosbed timd for me. keep well and sleep tight18:38
Kilossee you tomorrow18:38
tareqokay, good night Kilos18:38
tareqbe safe18:38
Kilosty you too18:38

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