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tsimonq2*waits for dholbach*06:55
Kilosmorning tsimonq2 elacheche svij and all others06:58
tsimonq2o/ Kilos, how are you?06:58
Kiloslol hardly have a voice this morning with the flu but ok otherwise and you?06:59
tsimonq2aww :(07:00
tsimonq2great :)07:00
Mister_Qgood morning everyone o/07:10
Kiloshi Mister_Q07:11
MooDoohello all07:17
tsimonq2o/ MooDoo and Mister_Q, how are you?\07:17
MooDootsimonq2: very well thanks, and yourself?07:23
Mister_Qtsimonq2 I'm ready for the weekend ;) how are you ?07:24
tsimonq2great Mister_Q and MooDoo :)07:25
tsimonq2o/ Na3iL, how are you?07:34
Na3iLtsimonq2, fine thanks, yourself?07:35
tsimonq2great Na3iL :)07:37
tsimonq2no dholbach? D:07:59
MooDooI'm sure he's about somewhere :D08:03
tsimonq2finally! we have a dholbach! :D09:59
Kiloswb dholbach10:00
Kilosyou had tsimonq2 fretting10:00
tsimonq2dholbach: look! :D10:03
tsimonq2dholbach: http://lubuntu.me/lubuntu-bug-day/10:03
dholbachhi tsimonq2, hi Kilos10:04
dholbachwill take a look in a bit10:04
tsimonq2okay dholbach10:05
tsimonq2dholbach: how are you? :)10:05
tsimonq2Kilos: to give you some background on the link I just gave Daniel, the Lubuntu team is holding a bug day to get some bugs triaged!10:06
tsimonq2Kilos: well technically it's a spin on Hug Day ;)10:06
Kilosgood luck to you all10:09
dholbachtsimonq2, very good - how about yourself?10:23
tsimonq2great dholbach :)10:25
tsimonq2dholbach: for the Q&A, I talked to jose and he got the Ubuntu On Air session put on the calendar, but I need someone to help on the day of, but you won't be around 19-20 UTC, right?10:26
dholbachno, but somebody in an American timezone could help10:31
elachecheMorning people!10:33
tsimonq2alright dholbach :)10:35
tsimonq2o/ elacheche :)10:35
dholbachhey elacheche10:35
Kiloshi elacheche10:35
MooDoohiya elacheche10:38
elachecheWassup guys!11:10
MooDooit's friday :)11:21
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elachechehaha :D12:25
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tsimonq2well, I'm gonna crash for the day, o/13:07
Mister_Qhave a great day everyone and a good weekend o/13:09
knomehey dpm15:37
knomedpm, what's the status re: the google code-in invoice for google?15:37
dpmknome, talking to Claire about it now15:44
jcastrolol I'm glad we kept vbulletin15:49
jcastrothat was definately a good idea15:49
dpmknome, I understand it correctly that you already got the funds a few months ago via community donations, right? IIRC we did it like this as we knew the reimbursement from Google would take quite a bit.15:55
dpmjust to confirm that bit15:55
knomedpm, the flight tickets, yes16:05
knomedpm, not the per-diems etc, which i sent you about a week ago16:05
knomedpm, the last day to send the invoice to google is today, which is why i'm asking.16:05
dpmknome, yes, trying to pick this one up, as I wasn't involved in google code-in payments, and popey is off16:06
knomesure. i can re-send the email i sent if that helps16:06
dpmknome, no, that'll be fine, that's the easy bit :)16:07
knomeagain, i'm not in a hurry with the funds, so i don't mind if it's 1 month instead of 1 week16:08
knomei will also be away next week myself, so if i need to take action, it'll mean it'll be postponed anyway16:09
dpmknome, thanks. It seems that the Finance folks know what to do re: invoicing Google, so I'm now leaving it in their hands. If you'd need the funds before, we can do the same thing we did last time with you requesting via donations16:13
knomeno, it's fine16:22
knomeas long as they've passed on their invoice (or do it) today, i'm happy :)16:30
knomeanyway, thanks for taking care16:30
dpmnp, thank you16:37
MooDoohowdy all16:50
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day!16:53
dholbachhave a good weekend!16:53
Kilosnight dholbach16:53
dholbachbye Kilos16:53
Kilosyou too ty16:53
Na3iLUbuntu forums are DOWN cause of DDOS attack? or a real hacking stuff18:09
* Na3iL is wondering18:09
knomethere was a ticket with a mention about some hacking, but i guess it can be a bit of both.18:10
Na3iLinternet is sucks here, but as I can see from the link : it is a real hack18:12
Kilosfor some strange reason ubuntu has become a target18:13
knomea strange reason? no, i don't think it's strange at all to target big players18:14
knomewithout any specific motives even18:14
Kilosthats strange to me knome , i dont understand doing others harm just because i can18:16
knomeunfortunately not all of us think the same way18:17
knomemaybe there can be some minor motives, but it doesn't have to be an attack for one, single, big motive or goal18:17
Kilosyeah but this started with our wiki now is moving on18:18
knomethe wiki had different issues18:18
Kilosso there is something or someone behind it all18:18
knomenah, it can be two unrelated attacks at the same time18:19
knometbh, i'm sure the ubuntu assets are being targeted much more than we hear of18:19
knomehopefully good security measures and enough bandwidth and resources can mitigate most of those18:19
knomethe reason why i think the attacks are unlikely related is that the wiki had issues specifically with spamming18:20
knomethe forums attack was more related to security itself from what i've read18:21
tsimonq2http://shop.canonical.com/ should really be updated more often20:14
wxlalso, we need to start using pokémon as possible animals for codenames20:16
wxlZesty Zigzagoon20:17
wxlor maybe just ジグザグマ20:17
tsimonq2no no no no, Zealous Zebu20:17
* tsimonq2 fights for Zealous Zebu :D20:18
wxltsimonq2: dude, seriously. http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/0/0d/Sycamore_Zigzagoon.png20:18
wxlso cute20:18
tsimonq2wxl: nightmare of copyright...20:19
tsimonq2I'm surprised they picked Yakkety Yak!20:19
wxlyeah true20:19
tsimonq2wxl: don't tell me this isn't cute http://www.imza.name/001Wilhelmina.jpg#zebu%201254x941 :P20:19
wxlit's not THAT cute20:20
tsimonq2wxl: https://twitter.com/gordonshumway/status/75248953576695398420:20
wxloh man i love poke https://twitter.com/gordonshumway/status/75392720435095142420:21
tsimonq2oh yeah btw wxl, I have a friend who has a skateboard20:22
tsimonq2but I need a football helmet before I'm going near it XD20:22
tsimonq2wxl: you always told me that I should try skateboarding20:23
wxlyou should20:23
wxldid you try?20:23
tsimonq2a little20:23
wxlhow many millimeters?20:23
tsimonq2but I got spooked :P20:23
tsimonq2both feet on skateboard, 0, riding, 2 feet max20:24
wxlthat doesn't count :)20:24
wxlthat's like saying you looked at some code and therefore tried programming20:24
tsimonq2but wxl I need a football helmet lol20:24
wxlno, just a helmet helmet20:25
knomedoes that mean i don't count as a python expert as i've once ran python code too?20:25
wxlsee, knome's got the idea20:25
tsimonq2grr wxl fine, next time I have my hands on redbull, I promise... XD20:25
wxltsimonq2: you need some confidence and willingness to try new things. you don't need to be dangerous :)20:26
tsimonq2I just don't want to hurt myself20:26
tsimonq2did I tell you what my cousin did?20:27
wxlusually that's how you hurt yourself by worrying about hurting yourself20:27
tsimonq2wxl: fine I'll think about it20:30
knometsimonq2, no, DON'T think about it.20:30
tsimonq2knome: oh?20:30
knomeisn't that what wxl just said...20:31
tsimonq2"< wxl> usually that's how you hurt yourself by worrying about hurting yourself" worrying ≠ thinking20:32
knomeso how do you worry about something without thinking about it?20:32
tsimonq2you don't20:33
tsimonq2can you think without worrying?20:33
knomei win, you lose20:33
knomeyes, but i didn't imply that.20:33
* tsimonq2 goes to get food20:33
knomeCC people, any update re: the xubuntu council review?20:56

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