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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:22
lotuspsychjehey ducasse06:40
lotuspsychjeim digging in legal notice files06:40
lotuspsychjeand disclaimer and privacy for my website06:40
ducasselotuspsychje: ah, that should be interesting. have you got a lawyer to help you?06:41
lotuspsychjeducasse: well i found an online lawyer company, but they charge 500$ for standard stuff06:42
ducassebtw; do you know how/where i can get the keycodes from keys that readline/bash expects?06:42
ducasselotuspsychje: is that for one hour?06:42
lotuspsychjeducasse: no, for the whole deal06:43
lotuspsychjeducasse: keycodes, no sorry :p06:43
ducasselotuspsychje: that's not bad, actually. imo.06:43
lotuspsychjeducasse: well im gonna try it myself first with model docs i found06:43
lotuspsychjebbl breakfast :p06:44
ducasselotuspsychje: there are probably hundreds of such disclaimers online you can 'rip', but there might be a requierement to have a lawyer at least approve it.06:44
lotuspsychjeducasse: well the files i found came from official bureau that helps belgian companys06:46
ducasselotuspsychje: ok, enjoy breakfast:)06:46
lotuspsychjetnx mate06:46
pavlushkaI like to know what is a rollback for a user in askubuntu forum?08:14
pavlushkasorry I better ask it in #ubuntu-offtopic, :)08:15
daftykinseverywhere we went in town (the island's capital) last night, having a few drinks for a friends birthday, people out playing Pokémon even close to midnight11:39
daftykinsmadness :P11:39
tsimonq2I know11:57
tsimonq2Pokémon Go is madness11:58
ducasse"oh noes, poor me, ctrl+shift+v is sooooo much work!"12:33
daftykinswussat? someone whinging about consistency?12:33
tsimonq2ducasse: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Esc + Delete + Z + P + 6 opens a terminal for you, doesn't it? :P12:34
ducassedaftykins: bobslaw-skillwit in #ubuntu, he's really whining12:34
ducassetsimonq2: wait till he tries emacs :)12:35
daftykinsyeah, i'm on forced retirement from the channel unfortunately ;)12:35
tsimonq2oh jesus, ducasse12:35
tsimonq2ducasse: VIM! :D12:35
ducassehehe, let's not go there :)12:36
* tsimonq2 wonders if !war is a thing, tries in PM with ubottu12:36
tsimonq2gosh darnit12:37
daftykinsoh but i can't ;)12:37
ubot5Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code12:37
tsimonq2what's ed? lol12:37
tsimonq2"ed is a line-oriented text editor." - sounds painful12:38
tsimonq2but I said that about Vim before I tried it12:38
tsimonq2soon I'll be running Gentoo, i3, and ed, you all watch ;)12:39
tsimonq2but I digress12:39
ducassei3 <312:39
tsimonq2snapcraft is fun12:41
tsimonq2I'm contributing a checksumming option, and it uses Python <312:41
ducassei've been thinking of making a snap with wine+winbox, wonder how much work it would be...12:42
BluesKajhowdy folks12:43
daftykinsheya \o12:43
daftykinshow goes it in BluesKaj-land?12:43
BluesKajhey daftykins, good here, how about you?12:43
daftykinsnursing a slightly funny feeling head after some drinks last night for a friends birthday, but other than that - not bad thanks :D12:45
daftykinsmight upgrade the RAM in my file server today \o/12:45
daftykinsdepends what i can find :) archaic DDR212:45
BluesKajright, I'm trying to figure a way to get pia vpn client installed on the pi312:48
ducasseBluesKaj: can't you just use openvpn?12:48
BluesKajyes the client uses openvpn , but the tuts for pi2 don't work on pi3 and there doesn't seem to be much info in the search engines...on arm it's basically cli commands . their gui doesn't work so fr12:53
BluesKajso far12:54
BluesKajI'm sure I'll find a method eventually, probly need some patience since the pi3 is still relatively new12:56
ducassei just use manual openvpn configuration with their config files for pia, works fine for me.12:57
BluesKajducasse:  on pi3?12:59
ducasseno, admittedly not, does openvpn behave differently there?13:02
BluesKajapparently so, the pi2 seems to have methods that work , but I haven't found any for the pi3 that actually work here.13:11
ducassecan't you just use 'openvpn --config Switzerland.ovpn' for example?13:15
BluesKaj Options error: In [CMD-LINE]:1: Error opening configuration file: Switzerland.ovpn13:17
ducasseyou need to give the full path to it13:17
ducassei also add the full paths to the ca.crt and the password file in that .ovpn file13:19
ducasseyou can find the openvpn.zip/openvpn-strong.zip archives here https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/client-support/ under "advanced openvpn usage guides"13:23
BluesKajducasse: already tried all that in a couple of tuts and it errored out with a similar output as above13:31
ducasseBluesKaj: all i can say is that it _should_ work fine, i had to make those two edits to the config files to start up without further input, but that's it. no matter what platform i was on.13:33
BluesKaj been using piavpn successfully for 2 yrs on linux, this is my first try with ARM architecture13:33
ducassei use it on both arm and mips, no issues.13:34
DJonesFolks just giving a heads up on this https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/07/15/notice-of-security-breach-on-ubuntu-forums/?utm_source=ubunteu&utm_medium=url_shortner&utm_term=pDfyZZ&utm_campaign=shortner13:36
ducassethankfully i have 2fa on the ubuntu sites, but thanks for the heads up DJones13:39
DJonesNo worries, just saw it on twitter, thought it worth mentioning here13:40
ducasseit absolutely is :)13:40
nicomachusGustaw seems upset17:42
Bashing-omAnnnddd .. spreading the dis-content ??17:42
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daxBashing-om: if you mean tortib, he's displeased about a ban in another channel18:04
daxalso, lol that forums breach, i guess they only got OpenID strings :318:05
dax(plus usernames and emails... who cares)18:05
Bashing-omMy thoughts too .. glad, however, that the intrusion was detected . :)18:06
daxindeed :)18:07
Bashing-omOerHeks: ^ one of few words .18:43
daftykinshey all \o i'm playing with old LGA775 kit again today18:46
Bashing-omOh having fun now ... making new standoffs for the mainboard ?18:49
daxmy 775 board was a P5K-E, looks kinda similar to that :)18:49
daftykinsdax: that's the one in the case! :)18:49
daxor wait is the one in the computer an -E... yeah18:49
OerHeksi love big a big fan bending motherboard :-D18:49
daxI only saw the right-hand one at first18:50
daftykinsBashing-om: nah just testing before going to the effort of swapping out, although the small one on the left has blown caps18:50
daxgood board.18:50
daftykinsthat one is quite a doosy on the right - a P5KC, my file server runs on one too (and this VM I'm typing from) - it has DDR2 and 3 slots on the same board18:50
nicomachusdaftykins: I have an LGA775 in my HTPC at home18:55
daftykinssturdy old dogs eh?18:55
nicomachusmmhmm. running a Core2Duo 2.7ghz in mine, with 4gb DDR218:56
nicomachusand a half-decent Radeon 645018:56
daftykinsah har - got c2d E7400's here, 2.8GHz18:56
daftykinskinda mixing and matching bits to make good combos at the moment, though this working board i've just put in is being a pig and not POSTing with more than 1 RAM module18:57
nicomachusnot sure what the exact number is on mine... can't reach it from work right now because I think my girlfriend switched the VPN on18:57
nicomachusprobably sailing the seven seas18:58
daftykinswhat's the reason for the VPN thar?19:00
nicomachussailing the seven seas, boarding honest ships and plundering.19:00
daxi had a q6600 in mine. only replaced it less than a year ago19:01
daxlga775 was right around the time CPU stopped being the bottleneck for things and ssds became popular, iirc ^_^19:02
daftykinsthat's mine sat here spare on the floor too, 8GB DDR2 - sadly found it was my nvidia 560Ti stopping any machine it was in from working properly19:03
daftykinsput in some basic cards though and they're loving life again, considering selling them right now19:03
daxyeah, i eventually concluded that my HD7870 cooked itself and the issues that made me ditch the P5K-E weren't caused by the P5K-E19:03
daxbut the new stuff is very speedy so i'm not too sad ;)19:04
daftykinsyep! i feel much the same19:05
daftykinsi've offered the Q6600 for £100 to a friend, SSD and other disks too - so really it just needs a graphics card and it could be a pretty decent gaming machine again19:05
daftykinsgot it running with two DIMMs, yay19:07
daftykinsdo i push my luck (:19:08
daftykinspauljw: hi sir o/19:37
daftykinsyay POST with all 4 DIMMs \o/19:37
pauljw\o daftykins19:37
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tgm4883Q6600 owners unite!21:58
daftykinsyou'll all be pleased too, as i just installed ubuntu on this core 2 duo i was fixing up22:32

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