drpantosthis is a really stupid question. I've sshed into my machine and I need to mount a couple of disks. I would usually do this using gnome-disks when I'm on the machine locally but I don't know how to run it with the correct permission when I'm remote. Anyone now how?13:50
drpantosI cannot `sudo gnome-disks` because it then mounts them for root not my user13:51
pchooHi all, I've had my laptop running since this morning, and I'm starting to get little bits of lag in the UI.  I've noticed in my system gnome-settings-daemon has crept up to 16.4% memory usage (I've got 16GB RAM), this means it's using over 2.5GB.  Surely this can't be right?! Save rebooting my machine, what can I do to alleviate this?  I've also seen14:14
pchoognome-shell start using more and more RAM at times.  Thanks14:14
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