tortibcan I have my +b removed from offtopic please?13:09
ikoniahello tortib13:17
ikoniawhy where you banned ?13:17
tortibI don't even recall the reason, it was a couple months ago.13:17
ikonialets have a quick look, give me a momnet or two please13:18
ikoniaso it looks like you where being a bit of a jerk13:20
ikoniamessing around with sucide hotlines/claims and telling people to go and hang themselves13:20
tortibyeah I was going through a rough portion in my life, still am.13:21
ikoniasorry - had to step away13:37
ikoniaso genuine question, why do you actually want to use #ubuntu-offtopic ?13:38
ikoniawhy not any of the other social channels13:38
tortibI'm banned from those13:39
tortibnot many people like me13:39
ikoniaso you're banned from social channels, you're banned from our social channel, it's not really a great picture you're creating13:40
tortibyeah that was a while ago13:41
tortibthey will eventually unban me as well13:41
ikoniaso again - why do you want to use the ubuntu social channel specfically13:43
ikoniaand not one of those13:43
tortibbecause I want to talk about linux with people that use linux13:43
ikoniait's not a linux chat channel13:43
ikoniathere is ##linux for that13:43
tortibI don't like the ##linux commnity much, ubuntu community is much friendlier13:44
ikoniaand yet you seem to be consistently rude to those people13:45
ikoniaI'm not trying to keep you out, I just don't really trust what you're saying (being honest)13:45
ikoniayou tell me you're banned from other chat channels13:45
tortibThey are rude to me, I am rude in return.13:45
tortibjust ##chat13:46
ikoniathey where not rude to you13:46
ikoniaand thats really the point isn't it13:46
ikoniaif someone is rude to you, you don't be rude back13:46
ikoniaI think you'd probably be better looking at other social channels13:46
tortibOk, I wasn't aware that standing up for myself was frowned upon...13:46
ikoniatelling someone to kill themselves is not standing up for yourself13:46
tortibok I didn't know that13:47
ikoniaI don't think you're going to work out in #ubuntu-offtopic13:47
ikoniaso I'd suggest you find a differnt chat / social channel13:47
tortibwhy wouldn't I?  What's up with all the judgement?13:48
ikoniabecause I don't think your attitude fits in with the people that are there and the spirit thats trying to be fostered13:48
tortibwhy don't you unban me and see if I do instead of simply assuming what I'm going to do?13:49
ikoniabecause the way you are talking and the history notes I've read through lead me to belive it's not going to work out13:50
ikoniaand I'd rather just be upfront and suggest you find other social channels, there are many13:50
tortibYou're still basing this off a huge general assumption.13:50
ikoniano, I'm not13:50
tortibyes, you are, that's exactly what you're doing.13:50
ikoniaI'm basing it on the info I have, and the way you are in this channel13:50
tortibYou're judging and assuming.13:50
seednodeFrom the tone of your responses so far, I'm inclined to agree with ikonia's judgment13:51
tortibYes, so judging and assuming.  You can deny it all you want but that's exactly what you're doing.13:51
tortibseednode, this is IRC, there is no tone other than what you precieve in your mind.13:51
ikoniaso I think we've reached the end of this discussion13:51
tortibAre you people mentally ill or something?13:51
ikoniasorry the outcome isn't what you wanted13:51
ikoniaplease leave the channel, I'll update the records that you asked to be ubanned and why I didn't remove it13:52
tortibyeah your records13:52
tortibthe only thing your records are good for is persecuting people who are good people.13:52
tortibUnlike you, which is the opposite and a bad person.13:52
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops tortib requests to be unbanned - history shows a problem, attitude in channel confirms right decision to not unban13:54
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:54
seednodesorry, probably shouldn't have joined in that13:54
ikonianot at all13:54
ikoniano problem13:54
h00kHey all.16:01
Picih00k: thanks16:09
Unit193Pici: Odd banmask you have there.  FWIW, Singnam has a very dynamic IP so when he reconnects he'll have a different IP.17:43
PiciUnit193: you too? dax just said the same thing to me17:43
=== not_phunyguy is now known as phunyguy
ubottukrytarik called the ops in #kubuntu (Guest_84848)23:38
Unit193↑ The 'allah is doing' guy.23:42
daxstaff notified23:46
Unit193Yep, I did too.23:46
daxo ok23:47

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