michi_cjwatson: ping04:00
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apwmichi, always best to include some details for when the pingee does appear08:40
michiAh, yes, sorry!08:45
cjwatsonmichi: ?09:34
michicjwatson: Hi09:35
michiJust wanted to check about the process for getting failed autopkg tests restarted.09:35
michiIt seems really awkward for me to have to bother a core dev once a day until it finally works again.09:35
cjwatsonsorry, I don't know about the process, I'm just a user of it.09:35
apw(now if you had said that originally someone would likely have already answered)09:36
michiWell, I’m stuck on this one: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/ticket-1670/landing-016-vivid/excuses.html09:36
cjwatsonyou might also try finding someone in your timezone rather than somebody as far away from your timezone as it's possible to be ...09:36
michiI don’t know where all the core devs are. I guess I can trawl through the launchpad team.09:36
cjwatsonmichi: retried09:36
michiThank you!09:36
apwmichi, i take it you don't have upload rights for that package then ?   i think that is the gating factor.09:37
michiWhat, for thumbnailer?09:37
apwright for that09:37
michiWe own the project, but we can only release via CI train.09:38
apwright but if you have upload rights for it, that gates retry button access09:38
cjwatsonfor person in lp.people['ubuntu-core-dev'].members: print(person.name, person.time_zone)09:38
michiI tried the retry button and was told that I’m not allowed to :)09:38
apwyou don't have to use them09:38
michicjwatson: thanks!09:38
michiDon’t have to use core devs, you mean?09:39
seb128you also don't need to ping individuals09:39
michiThe retry button is definitely off limits to me, I tried it yesterday.09:39
seb128just ask on this channel?09:39
apwmichi, don't have to directly use the upload rights09:39
michiHow so?09:39
apwright ... if you had asked for that a 5am, i am sure pitti would have done it :)09:39
michiSorry, I don’t know how this stuff hangs together.09:39
michiWell, I was wondering whether it would be possible to distinguish a failed autopkg test because of a broken dependency vs an actual test failure.09:40
michiIf the former, we could re-start the test once every 24 hours automatically.09:40
michiThat way, I wouldn’t have to get on someone’s nerves every day until the problem is fixed.09:41
apwthat cirtainly sounds like something which could be reasonably filed as a bug against the tests, against the autopkgtest project i would guess09:42
michiOK, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!09:42
pittimichi: well, "the problem" is that repowerd is broken -- getting on someone's nerves to fix *that* might be more fruitful :)10:08
michipitti: :)10:09
michiI had a look for it in ci train.10:09
michiApparently, it’s landed.10:09
michipitti: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/148710:10
michipitti: Just spotted the email from Lukasz10:11
michiVery timely...10:11
rbasakinfinity: even with no known CVEs, and a bunch of bugfixes? I'd prefer for users following xenial-proposed for SRU verification. Not sure ~ubuntu-security-proposed has the same number of testers. Shall I split the SRU then - bugfixes first through updates pocket, "MRE" later through security pocket?10:28
cjwatsonslangasek: FYI you really need to work in dependency order for Haskell - http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/ghc.html11:45
cjwatsonslangasek: I'm working my way up that now11:45
cjwatson(or down.  whatever)11:48
slangasekcjwatson: right, I knew the packages wouldn't all build on the first go, but find it efficient to batch-trigger the uploads this way and sort out the failures in -proposed afterwards14:24
cjwatsonslangasek: IME this can end up having to do duplicated uploads as everything settles14:29
cjwatsonalso you missed some :-)14:29
infinityrbasak: ubuntu-security-proposed then feeds into series-proposed.  The only difference is that it's not built against updates/proposed.14:37
infinityrbasak: But splitting packaging fixes from upstream updates is probably right anyway.14:37
seb128hey there14:53
seb128is LTS .1 on track? could somebody reply to my email on ubuntu-devel@14:53
seb128until when can we get proposed packages moved to updates for .1?14:53
infinityseb128: I'll probably respin on Monday to let more packages in.  But things accepted today don't stand a good chance of making it unless the regression potential is low.14:55
seb128but things in proposed for a week and verified can be copied over to updates on monday and still be in then?14:56
seb128when you say accepted today it's thing that are let in proposed and are not aged yet?14:56
infinityseb128: Right.14:57
* infinity notes a new unity above...14:58
seb128I guess the compiz/unity stack update needs more discussion/consideration14:58
seb128right, that's a bit tricker14:58
seb128that would be good to get in .1 but it's getting tight14:58
infinityIf arguments can be made for them being boot/install critical, and a good regression test shown, they can happen, but they don't need to be on the media if they don't really fit that.14:59
seb128if somebody could approved the unity in the queue?14:59
willcookeTrevinho, ^^14:59
seb128that would be a first step14:59
seb128it revert a change from the current proposed version which was creating a regression14:59
seb128I think the case for behind on the media is that they make unity much nicer to use in software rendering15:00
seb128which means in vms15:00
seb128and often the image is what users boot/interact with in the vm15:00
infinityOh, if it's just a revert, that should be fine.15:00
willcookethere is also a commercial OEM reasons for getting it in to the image15:00
LaneyIt's a revert of part of the SRU15:00
Laneywhich is in -proposed currently15:01
slangasekinfinity: I'm happy to review the unity upload (my SRU day)15:01
infinityslangasek: Ta.15:01
willcookethanks slangasek15:02
TrevinhoUnity bugs were all already verified...  There's just this regression which was part of the only bug not verified.15:03
LaneyRushing it out is scary, as that's the second regression in this series15:03
TrevinhoThen we can easily have the things checked15:03
Laneybut, as was said above, there are some extenuating circumstances15:03
TrevinhoI would have preferrede more relaexed times too...15:04
slangasekis there meant to be another compiz upload also, or does the compiz bug go green once the new unity is in?15:04
slangasek(I see that it's the same bug)15:04
Trevinhoslangasek: no, unity and compiz are related there.. No need for a new upload for compiz15:05
Trevinhowe already did it yesterday to fix a crash  in lowgfx mode15:05
infinityslangasek: I assume you test-built that binutils upload and the result appeared sane?15:14
slangasekinfinity: I test-built the yakkety one, yes15:15
rbasakinfinity: can you reject mysql-5.7 from xenial then please, and I'll upload a replacement that does not bump the upstream version?15:20
* rbasak is running a build test now, and will do a local dep8 test after, before uploading.15:21
rbasakThanks. A build+dep8 test will take about an hour.15:24
infinityrbasak: Kay.  I'm heading to the doctor, so you'll be done before I'm back (probably).15:27
Trevinhoslangasek: any blocker for the unity dequeue?15:57
slangasekTrevinho: it took quite a while for the download from the queue to finish (since it's a sync and has to download all the binaries, gee it would be nice to have diffs in the queue for syncs)15:58
slangasekTrevinho: reviewing the very small delta now15:58
Trevinhoslangasek: ah, nice. Thanks15:59
slangasekTrevinho: accepted16:00
Trevinhoslangasek: there's no need to re-do the verification in all the other bugs I think16:01
slangasekTrevinho: I think that's fair, the sru scripts may mean you have to reset some tags manually16:01
Trevinhook, I'll do that16:01
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rbasakinfinity: well, it failed, for inexplicable reasons. I'm trying again to see if it's deterministic.16:38
jbichaanyone know why today's xenial daily iso still has gnome-maps when it includes ubuntu-gnome-desktop 0.58.1 which does not recommend it any more?17:03
Trevinhoslangasek: all bugs are green now, so... Feel free to put things in proposed17:03
infinityjbicha: Because it's installing using tasks, not metapackages.17:11
infinityjbicha: I might have to fix that today.17:12
* infinity didn't notice that slangasek switched ubuntu to metapackages, but left the rest.17:13
jbichainfinity: thanks, it did work for yakkety though17:21
infinityjbicha: Sure, because the tasks in yakkety were updated.17:21
infinityjbicha: The release pocket in xenial is static, so the gnome-maps package still has the 'Task: ubuntu-gnome-desktop' header.17:22
rbasakinfinity: ^ finally got a dep8 pass. I had to bump the RAM being given to qemu. Oddly, this isn't necessary with
jderoseinfinity: any way for me to know which xenial packages in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html are expected to land before the final 16.04.1 ISO? also, in testing today's xenial daily, everything seems shiny so far17:47
infinityjderose: Likely most of the verified ones.18:15
* infinity goes to find breakfast.18:17
jderoseinfinity: okay, thanks18:51
infinity^-- self-accepting, just a kernel ABI bump.19:10
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slangasekcjwatson: race ya ;-P19:55
cjwatsonslangasek: heh20:22

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