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goddardhaving an issue where my wordpress site is unable to connect01:44
goddardbut i can connect with phpmyadmin01:44
Goriansay, anyone around in here?02:00
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t4nk050I need help with an issue. I have a Dell R610 box with 4 ethernet ports. eth0 & eth1 are bonded and connected to 2 Dell stacked switches. eth2 and eth3 are outbound to a pair of Dell 5424 iSCSI SAN switches.06:53
t4nk050The SAN switches are in Active-Standby mode.06:53
t4nk050i.e. only eth2 is in use for the SAN switch connectivity.06:54
t4nk050Whenever I restart this server, the ping towards the SAN group management IP fails06:55
t4nk050And it happens intermittently - not at every restart. Only during some restarts06:55
t4nk050This happened last night as well06:55
t4nk050Running ifdown eth2 && ifup eth2 fixed the issue.06:55
t4nk050Any pointers how can I debug the problem?06:56
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t4nk050The box is running 14.04.4 LTS07:09
sarnoldt4nk050: have you been able to capture e.g. ip link or ethtool output with both 'good' boots and 'bad' boots?07:21
sveinseWhat is the easiest approach to disable mdadm and lvmetad from a 16.04 server? The obvious choice is to uninstall them, but I'd really like to have ubuntu-server install, which pulls in both of these tools07:48
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Zardoz84Some one can help me ? I have a really scary situation with a Ubuntu server, with a lot of process that are stuck on "uninterruptible sleep", including a postgress database08:09
sarnoldis it an NFS mount?08:10
Zardoz84I have a EXT4 + BTRFS system over a RAID08:12
Zardoz84many of the process that are on "uniterruptible sleep" state, don't are touching the BTRFS fs, so I think that isn't a bug of btrfs08:13
Zardoz84It's a Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS, that we just did a apt-get upgrade yesterday08:13
sarnoldyou may not have options beyond rebooting08:14
sarnold(I asked about nfs because it's possible to bring back missing mounts through some ugly tricks, which, once you know them, are handy to know...)08:14
Zardoz84uname -a -> Linux XXXX 3.16.0-70-generic #90~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 6 22:56:34 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:14
Goriandon't suppose anyone online can help with making keystone+uwsgi+nginx work?08:15
Zardoz84I was afraid of reboting, because there two postgres process hanged with the D flag08:15
sarnoldmaybe do an 'ubuntu-bug linux' first, to get osme details filed, but there's every chance that -those- processes will also hang D ..08:15
Zardoz84Ds   jul13   0:00 postgres: checkpointer process08:15
Zardoz84and the mos worrysome process is this : " D    abr25   7:58 [jbd2/dm-4-8]"08:15
t4nk050#sarnold I was unable since it occurs in a production envionment and during this time we have to quickly do everything under the sun to bring the interface up.08:16
sarnoldt4nk050: makes sense. maybe prepare a little "ohcrap" script you can run to get the info before you start fixing..08:16
sarnoldZardoz84: actually, try to grab the /proc/<pid>/stack files from that thing before you reboot08:17
sarnoldZardoz84: .. and before running the ubuntu-bug command08:17
t4nk050#sarnold Thinking of preparing a script that automates the restarting the interface using ifupdown and executing the script on post-up in ifconfig?08:18
sarnoldt4nk050: I was just thinking of the ip link and ethtool commands..08:18
Zardoz84thanks sarnold , trying to reboot now08:20
t4nk050#sarnold - Sure, I can do it next time. Anything else I can check? kern logs don't hint much, they correctly register ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth2: link is not ready and  ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth2: link becomes ready08:20
sarnoldgood luck08:20
sarnoldt4nk050: nothing else comes to mind, but ask again in another hour or so, there ought to be more europeans around by then, maybe someone else will have good ideas08:21
t4nk050#sarnold ok08:21
Goriananyone encounter a sigsegv when running uwsgi?08:22
sarnoldGorian: a sigsegv, that's almost nice, you've got something concrete to work with there :)08:22
sarnoldGorian: if it were me, I'd try strace on the thing and try to find out what it's doing08:23
Gorianugh. It's one in the morning, I don't want to debug, I want a quick fix :(08:23
sarnoldthat's my generic go-to tool. it's not great fun but it often gives me a decent idea where to start...08:23
sarnoldGorian: ugh :( sorry to hear it08:23
Goriantrying to run keystone behind nginx08:23
Gorianfollow the guide... and it breaks horrible08:24
sarnoldGorian: was it working a few hours ago? maybe look for recently-applied updates, perhaps one went funny.08:24
Gorianjust installed keystone08:24
Gorianthen followed the guide to setup keystone with nginx08:24
GorianI could try it with apache and mod_wsgi, per the official ubuntu documentation, just tired hoping to fix it08:25
Gorianruns fine under apache, it's a weird nginx/uwsgi/nginx+uwsgi error08:32
ivoksrbasak: bacula in your ppa fixes the problem with mysql08:52
ivoksrbasak: bconsole problem can be fixed with adding maximum console connections in bacula-dir.conf08:52
sveinseWill 16.04 break horribly if I uninstall lvm2 and mdadm from it?09:11
Zardoz84sarnold: Well, looks that is a RAID problem. I have a "resyncing" message when I reboot on safe mode and I open the system sumary09:12
GorianI would guess not, if you aren't using them? Lol, i have no clue. I never use mdadm or lvm09:12
Zardoz84I thought that I had installed smartmontools to monitoring the health of the hard disks....09:12
sveinseGorian: No I'm not. Point is ubuntu-server (which IMHO is a good package to start from on a server) pulls them in09:13
GorianI've never actually used that, so idk09:14
Gorianhuh. I've never used that package before09:16
Gorianany reason that you have to use the metapackage instead of just downloading what you want individually?09:16
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ivoksrbasak: in addition to everything, new MySQL doesn't like bacula's default values for datetime09:40
ivoksrbasak: i figured out that replacing '0000-00-00 00:00:00' with NULL in mysql's install script solves the problem09:40
ivoksrbasak: make that 'in bacula's mysql install script'09:41
ivoksrbasak: pretty much, it seams that there should be an upgrade script for mysql 5.6, which would alter all '0000-00-00 00:00:00' with NULL09:54
sveinseHmm, when I build my recipe from scratch it fails with "Could not find qmake configuration file linux-oe-g++.", but I find it in ./sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/lib/qt5/mkspecs/linux-oe-g++, almost next to qmake itself.10:06
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rbasaknacc: ^^10:24
rbasakivoks: thanks. nacc was looking at the bacula situation. I think he's got something for me to sponsor.10:24
ivokshonestly, mysql should do that, because mysql changed10:25
ivoksbut... i'll leave it to you guys :)10:25
rbasakivoks: I'm not sure what you mean. Major release bumps break reverse depends all the time. Usually the dependencies keep up, or distro engineers send patches.10:30
ivoksrbasak: yeah, sorry. so, mysql 5.6 changed and previously valid values for datetime and timestamp are not valid anymore10:30
ivoksrbasak: one of such values is 0000-00-00 00:00:0010:30
rbasakRight - because that was a non-sensical value anyway. SQL uses NULL for that.10:31
ivoksrbasak: that was a value bacula used10:31
rbasakMySQL upstream have been cleaning up with a ton of things on the "MySQL is stupid" hitlist :)10:31
rbasakBacula upstream are active on Launchpad bacula bugs BTW10:31
ivoksbut what i wanted to say is that, once mysql is upgraded, mysql package should check all databases and fix that bs10:32
ivoksinstead of bacula10:32
ivoksi know, i've seen kern commenting10:32
rbasakI disagree. The bacula package needs to do it. It makes no sense for the mysql package to have knowledge of all reverse depends.10:32
ivoksthat's fine, as i said, i'll leave it to you to do it in the proper place :)10:33
rbasakOK. I understand what you mean now anyway, thanks :)10:33
ivoksheh, context switching all day :)10:33
ivokssorry for confusion10:33
t4nk050I need help with an issue. I have a Dell R610 box running Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS with 4 ethernet ports. em1 & em4 are bonded and connected to 2 Dell stacked switches. em2 and em3 are outbound to a pair of Dell 5424 iSCSI SAN switches. The SAN switches are in Active-Standby mode. route -n shows http://pastebin.com/YNCNkvNR Whenever I restart this server, the ping towards the SAN group management IP fails. And it happens intermitten11:21
antonispgshi guyes, fresh install on a dedi server and after apt-get upgrade this comes up11:22
antonispgswhat should i do?11:22
t4nk050..Only during some restarts. This happened last night as well. Running ifdown em2 && ifup em2 fixed the issue. Any pointers how can I debug the problem? I could not capture ip link and ethtool output since it occurs in a production envionment and during this time we have to quickly do everything under the sun to bring the interface up.11:22
vbotkaantonispgs, "show the differences ..." and try to figure out if you need the local changes11:30
antonispgsok thanks11:44
junaidaliHi everyone, should there be any issues if an lxc is running in parallel to and lxd?12:03
junaidaliI have an lxc which should start a few services when it is created. If I create lxc when there are no lxds on the machine, it works as expected but the services inside lxc doesn't get started when that lxc is created while an lxd is also on the same machine12:03
junaidalisorry, somehow the message got cut.. :)12:04
junaidaliI have an lxc which should start a few services when it is created. If I create lxc when there are no lxds on the machine, it works as expected but the services inside lxc doesn't get started when that lxc is created while an lxd is also on the same machine12:04
junaidaliI'm new to LXDs, any idea what might be the issue?12:13
meekratRunning 14.04.4 LTS and a "do-release-upgrade" says "no new release found"12:16
t4nk050I need help with an issue. I have a Dell R610 box running Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS with 4 ethernet ports. em1 & em4 are bonded and connected to 2 Dell stacked switches. em2 and em3 are outbound to a pair of Dell 5424 iSCSI SAN switches. The SAN switches are in Active-Standby mode. route -n shows http://pastebin.com/YNCNkvNR Whenever I restart this server, the ping towards the SAN group management IP fails. And it happens intermitten12:18
t4nk050Only during some restarts. This happened last night as well. Running ifdown em2 && ifup em2 fixed the issue. Any pointers how can I debug the problem? I could not capture ip link and ethtool output since it occurs in a production envionment and during this time we have to quickly do everything under the sun to bring the interface up.12:18
meekratetc/update-manager/release-upgrades has prompt=lts also - so everything looks ok12:20
t4nk050#meercat 14.04 to 16.04 will be offered on July 21st when 16.04.1 is released12:20
meekratt4nk050: ah - that explains it.  Thanks12:20
mowthegrassis there anyway to preseed grub install to specific device / install grub on the device where the installation took place12:32
mowthegrassby default installer looks at sda12:32
coreycbddellav, jamespage: all of our core packages are uploaded for b2 (minus aodh/ceilometer which haven't released yet).  horizon is failing to install but I think I have that figured out, just need to test it.13:14
coreycbddellav, jamespage: working through ca backport issues now.  I patched python-cryptography in ca-patches for newton to get past it's backport issue.13:16
jamespagecoreycb, \o/13:18
LaserAllanhi there, I have 2 NFS mount commands i want ot be done at a startup, where should i put the mount -t nfs server:/path/to/files /mnt/folder13:51
t4nk050#LaserAllan You can try placing them in /etc/network/interfaces below the interface configuration information. See http://pastebin.com/KBNxCtuS13:55
LaserAllant4nk050: With or without sudo?13:55
t4nk050#LaserAllan just ensure you are writing below the correct interface through which the network share will actually be available13:56
LaserAllansource /etc/network/interfaces.d/*13:57
LaserAllan# The loopback network interface13:57
LaserAllanauto lo13:57
LaserAllaniface lo inet loopback13:57
LaserAllanThats the only thing i hav ein the file so i am writing those two commands under those lines13:57
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jayjoI'm trying to create an ssh tunnel and forward my local port 5555 through a server i have ssh access to. I tried ssh -nNR -L 5555:localhost:5432 jayjo@<server address> and upon trying to connect to this instance I get a "Connection refused"14:17
jayjocan I get more verbose output, or is there something clearly wrong that I'm trying to do14:17
ddellavcoreycb o/ awesome14:22
setuidI'm having a bear of a time getting my preseed + kernel append line to get past the initial Language prompt right when the ISO boots.. .once I interactively hit enter on English, and then Enter again on the "Install Ubuntu Server", the rest of the automation works.14:30
setuidI've tried every option in the preseed file and append lines to force en, en_US, etc. but it's not working14:31
nate_I'm trying to setup a server using software raid 1. When booting, I get: "error: attempt to read or write outside of disk `hd0'."14:41
skyI setup a long running cron script... supposed to be fired once a day14:42
nate_I have 2 disks, used automatic partitioning. Then made two raid devices, then set them to be used as ext4 with a root mountpoint, and the other as swap.14:42
skywhen that time comes, its fired every 60 seconds14:42
skyI guess this is anacron or something watching the process, terminating and respawning every 60?14:42
nate_sky: You're using 0 0 * * * ?14:44
skyI'm using * 2 * * *14:44
skyit only fires once per day. but then when it starts, it keeps retrying every 60 seconds14:44
nate_That would execute every minute on the 2nd hour.14:45
nate_You probably want 0 2 * * *14:45
nate_sky: no problem.14:45
caribourbasak: does "Unable to read /etc/mysql/my.cnf.migrated" upon upgrade of mysql-server-5.7 rings a bell ?14:53
caribourbasak:  I know you were hacking at it recently14:53
caribourbasak: just want to know if  I should open a bug about it14:53
AndyWojoIs there a Ubuntu specific cloud channel? For OpenStack etc?15:03
rbasakcaribou: that's bug 160296315:03
ubottubug 1602963 in mysql-5.7 (Ubuntu) "mysql-server-5.7.postinst fails with "sed: can't read /etc/mysql/my.cnf.migrated: No such file or directory"" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160296315:03
rbasakcaribou: the fix has landed. I've set the bug to Fix Released.15:04
caribourbasak: thanks for the info; thought it'd be better to check with you first15:04
caribourbasak: most probably not hit my mirror yet15:05
setuidCan someone set eyes on this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/19502064/15:07
setuidI'm still getting prompted right before the boot selection menu, to choose a language15:08
setuidWhen I choose "English", then choose "Install Ubuntu Server", the rest of the unattended/automated install works as expected15:08
setuidMy append line looks like this:15:09
setuidfile=/cdrom/preseed/unattended.seed auto=true priority=critical debian-installer/language=en debian-installer/locale=en_US kbd-chooser/method=en localechooser/preferred-locale=en_US.UTF-8 console-setup/ask_detect=false console-setup/layoutcode=us netcfg/get_hostname=maas-test netcfg/get_domainname=maas initrd=/install/initrd.gz --15:09
naccsetuid: i'm here too15:11
naccsetuid: let me read scrollback15:11
setuidI'm 99.8% of the way there, just the first two interactive prompts15:12
setuidBut oddly, this works on 14.04's version of virt-install, but not on 16.04's version (1.3.2)15:12
naccivoks: could you test the version in a PPA?15:12
setuidI just plucked the relevant entries out of questions.dat after doing an interactive install, they didn't work when put into the preseed and append line15:13
naccsetuid: heh, was just helping someone else yesterday with random virt-install stuff (not playing nice with cobbler); let me look15:13
setuidnacc, the version of virt-install? Sure, one sec15:13
setuidcobbler and chef are next on my list, actually ;)15:13
setuidI need to be able to rebuild the whole openstack stack, then maas + juju using chef + cobbler15:13
setuidThere doesn't appear to be a ppa for virtinst15:14
naccsetuid: cobbler doesn't play great with virt-install (and ubuntu) afaict, just fyi15:14
naccsetuid: seems to be assumptions about what kind of --location that virt-install gets which cobbler doesn't satisfy15:15
naccsetuid: you say it works on 14.04's virt-install but not 16.04; installing the same ubuntu in each (e.g., 14.04 as the victim OS?)15:15
setuidI wonder if jumping to uvtool would obviate those gaps15:15
setuidYes, installing trusty using virt-install on native 14.04, and installing trusty using 1.3.2 virt-intall on native 16.0415:16
setuidTrying to change as little as possible, before I start playing with different guest vms15:16
naccsetuid: hrm, that's an unexpected issue, i'd guess15:17
setuid14.04 ships 0.600.4, 16.04 ships 1.3.215:17
naccsetuid: *if* the preseed works with 14.04 and doesn't work with 16.0415:17
naccas the preseed shouldn't be being parsed at all by virt-install, only by the installer, aiui15:17
naccanyone else, cmiiw15:17
setuidOk, so it's the append lines then?15:17
naccsetuid: are they identical between the two cases?15:18
setuidI've stripped out all the irrelevant pieces (netcfg/* values for example) to try to simplify the debugging15:18
ivoksnacc: which ppa?15:18
naccivoks: ppa:nacc/bacula15:18
ivoksnacc: i'd like to avoid major upgrades15:18
naccivoks: it's just the fixes right now15:18
naccivoks: to the existing xenial & yakkety packages15:19
ivoks7.4.1~dfsg-1.1~ppa8.is.actually.7.0.5+dfsg-4.1~ppa3 ?15:19
ivoksif i install that, i'll have issues going back to real 7.0.x15:20
naccivoks: let me build you nicer versioned one15:20
naccone sec15:20
ivoksbut i've already altered my database15:20
naccok, nm15:20
nacci'll try and reproduce it locally15:21
ivoksinstall bacula on 14.04 and upgrade15:21
naccyep, understood15:21
ivoksif you just install it on 16.04, i'm not sure you'll hit the problem with database15:21
ivokson first sight, everything runs, but problem appears only when you start running a backup process15:22
naccivoks: you do, actually, but we've fixed that in my ppa build15:22
naccivoks: which is a testbed for the sru15:22
ivoksi don't recall if this machine was 14.04->16.04, or 12.04->14.04->16.0415:22
ivoksi could find out thou :)15:23
ivoks2.6.24 kernel15:24
ivokssounds like 12.0415:24
naccalthough 12.04 right now is on
naccso that might actually be an un-updated 12.04.0 ?15:24
ivoksit was installed as 12.0415:25
ivoksupgraded to 14.0415:25
ivoksand yesterday upgraded to 16.0415:25
nacc2.6.24 isn't in the archives at all15:25
ivoksmaybe it was 10.0415:25
naccwhich hasn't been supported for ... 2 years? :)15:25
ivoksthat's irrelevant15:25
ivoks2.6.24 was 8.0415:26
naccit's relevant for what upgrade paths i need to test15:26
ivoksso, it was installed as 8.04 and was upgraded over time15:26
ivoksyesterday it was upgraded from 14.04 to 16.0415:26
setuidI wonder if this is a 1.3.2 parsing bug, ignoring values passed in15:27
ivoksit's pretty cool nothing more than that broke :D15:27
naccsetuid: it could be (i'd check upstream to see if already reported?)15:27
naccsetuid: in my experience the only value i've needed to preseed is debian-installer/locale15:27
t4nk050I need help with an issue. I have a Dell R610 box running Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS with 4 ethernet ports. em1 & em4 are bonded and connected to 2 Dell stacked switches. em2 and em3 are outbound to a pair of Dell 5424 iSCSI SAN switches. The SAN switches are in Active-Standby mode. route -n shows http://pastebin.com/YNCNkvNR Whenever I restart this server, the ping towards the SAN group management IP fails. And it happens intermitten15:27
naccsetuid: if you set more than that, it will start prompting15:27
t4nk050 Only during some restarts. This happened last night as well. Running ifdown em2 && ifup em2 fixed the issue. Any pointers how can I debug the problem? I could not capture ip link and ethtool output since it occurs in a production envionment and during this time we have to quickly do everything under the sun to bring the interface up.15:27
naccsetuid: but just setting locale sets language, country & locale, iirc15:28
ivokst4nk050: you have two routers for same network over different nics with the same metric?15:29
setuidnacc, The rest of the automated install works without prompting, it's just those first two intial values... the first language input and the boot selection15:29
ivokst4nk050: if i understood everything correctly, i'm actually surprised it works at all15:30
ivokst4nk050: sounds like you should have an active-passive bond on your ubuntu box15:30
ivoksso bond0, i presume lacp, and bond1 active-passive15:31
naccsetuid: right, understood that part15:31
setuidSomething isn't right... because questions.dat's values are used to successfully install interactively, but those same values don't work unattended.15:33
* setuid boggles15:33
naccsetuid: what is questions.dat ?15:39
setuidnacc, When you install a machine, automated or otherwise, the answers to every prompt are put into /var/log/installer/cdebtool/questions.dat15:40
setuidThey're almost identical to preseed format15:40
setuideverything I've read says that langauge=en should be sufficient in an append line to pass the intial dialog15:48
naccsetuid: sorry, internet hiccup at home15:49
naccsetuid: have you tried just passing debian-install/locale=en_US ?15:50
setuidappend   file=/cdrom/preseed/unattended.seed debian-installer/locale=en_US console-setup/ask_detect=false netcfg/get_hostname=maas-test netcfg/get_domainname=maas initrd=/install/initrd.gz --15:51
setuidthat's what I'm using now15:51
setuidwith all the appropriate same options turned on in the preseed15:51
setuid1 second after boot, I get the language selection menu, before the "Install ubuntu Server" option15:51
naccsetuid: can you pastebin your preseed file?15:51
setuidIt's obviously not the language, locale, country, etc.15:51
setuidyep, oen sec15:52
naccsetuid: i've never cdrom installed with preseed, only pxe; and i've never seen the 'install ubuntu server' dialog :)15:52
setuidOk, let me try using --location and my local mirror path to the install tree, vs. using the iso15:53
kidn3ysHello, I have a dvr package that is installed that is supposed to pull the MAC of the server for licensing purposes. Anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to determine HOW it's doing that? Even fresh installs of the package result in a mac of all zeros.15:53
patdk-wkkidn3ys, there could be hundreds of ways15:55
patdk-wkno idea what this mythical dvr package is using15:55
setuidUsing --location and --extra-args, passing in the appropriate append values, works. No initial prompt for language.15:55
naccsetuid: interesting15:56
setuidBut when using --cdrom (omitting --location and --extra-args), it prompts before the boot selection15:56
naccsetuid: so it does seem to be some weird interaction between virt-install ad the args?15:56
naccsetuid: if you do --cdrom + --extra-args?15:56
nacc*what if15:56
setuidyou can't use --cdrom with --extra-args, it exits because they're incompatible options15:56
naccsetuid: sorry, i've not used it much :)15:56
setuidI had to remaster the iso file to inject the append lines into isolinux/txt.cfg15:56
jonahHi just wondered if anyone can help. I'm running a few ubuntu servers but keep having to manually change file permissions to get things to work. When I ftp a CMS it won't load, so I manually change all the files to 0644 and directories to 0755 and it works great, the installer runs. But then from within the CMS backend if I try install a plugin or addon etc it often sets the permissions wrong for the addon and again I have to come out and15:57
jonahmanually set permissions... Does anyone have any tips on this so that default perms are correct when writtn by a normal (not root) user from apache or CMS etc?15:57
jonahThanks for any help15:57
setuidjonah, Did you ask the relevant CMS channel?15:57
setuidjonah, Probably ownership, not permissions15:57
setuidAlso, 0755 will probably open you up to remote exploits, so be careful (esp. using Drupal or Wordpress)15:58
kidn3yspatdk-wk: that's what I figured. I tried stracing it on startup but didn't have much luck. =/15:58
jonahsetuid: it's not one particular CMS, it's pretty much any of them. So it is more somethign with my ubuntu server setup rather than down to a CMS. FTP also acts strangely with perms too, doesn't set them right on uploading stuff...15:58
setuidjonah, ownership, probably... not permissions15:59
setuidIf you're serving this over http, the files have too be readable by your webserver user, probably www-data, NOT the user uploading the files15:59
setuidnacc, I'd rather do this with an iso, because it's 50% faster than doing it over http (even to my local Ubuntu mirror on the same LAN segment)16:03
jonahsetuid: it seems to be perms though, as when I ftp in after a cms installs the ownership is correct, but then I have to change all the perms...16:03
setuidjonah, "have to change all the perms"?16:04
setuidjonah, Where are the files coming from? Windows? Or Linux -> Linux?16:04
setuid5m to build with an iso, 10m to build over http16:05
naccsetuid: i guess that makes sense, esp. for virt installs potentiall16:06
setuidnacc, I wonder... if there's a boot menu that happens with an iso that doesn't happen when pulling a remote initrd16:06
setuidIf I'm remastering, I can rip that menu out... or find the right append hook to pass through it16:06
setuidMaybe using a kickstart file + preseed?16:07
setuidcan virt-install use a kickstart file?16:07
naccsetuid: well, it's not wehther virt-install can or not; it's whether ubuntu can, and it can, sort of16:08
setuidkickstart is a dead-end, that's RH specific16:08
naccwell, there's a compat layer16:08
naccfor some things16:08
naccand you can preseed what isn't in the kickstart-compat16:08
setuidI shouldn't have to jump through these hoops to get a completely unattended install16:09
naccsetuid: right, i'm thinking it's an iso specific thing16:09
naccsetuid: i think very few people preseed iso installs :)16:09
setuidRemastering all of my ISOs to support unattended is also a hassle16:09
setuidHow does anyone using a cloud to stand up new images, do it? If I'm building 500 machines, that's 500 copies of the same packages coming through the lan16:09
setuidIt's logical to do it from the same, local source iso16:10
naccsetuid: using a caching proxy?16:10
setuidThe preseed works with the iso everywhere except those first 2 prompts16:10
nacchttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/UnattendedCD ??16:11
naccheh, it says locale should work too16:11
setuidyep, but it doesn't :(16:12
naccsetuid: have you tried bumping priority?16:12
nacci wonder though if this is all before d-i is really running16:12
setuidpriority=critical, so far16:12
setuidhrm, their preseed syntax is different16:12
naccfor which?16:12
setuidMine comes from the actual iso (I injected it)16:12
setuidtheirs is on a remote http16:12
naccit shouldn't matter, but i wonder if it puts it in a different mode when it knows it's getting stuff off the network16:13
setuidI can change that, my preseed is identical in both places16:13
naccsetuid: in the installed system have you tried runing `debconf-get-selections --installer` to see if there's any relevant entries that maybe aren't being set?16:14
jonahsetuid: well i upload a cms from linux, but it doesn't matter where it comes from. The problem is more when the CMS is working and running and then from within it I install an addon in the backend, this then has the wrong permissions and I have to go in via ftp or other means and change them...16:15
setuidjonah, It absolutely matters where it comes from, because file permissions from Windows -> Linux will not be what you expect them to be16:15
setuidTransferring from Linux -> Linux will retain source permissions, Windows -> Linux will not16:15
setuidnacc, Let me try that...16:16
ivoksjonah: right16:16
jonahsetuid: but I'm talking about after you have transferred the files and set them all up right - once then logged in to a website apache is then setting them wrong...16:16
ivoksjonah: this depends on how apache+php is configured16:16
jonahivoks: hi thanks16:17
ivoksif it's using php as a module in apache16:17
ivoksthen all files created by your web page will have www-data uid/gid16:17
jonahivoks: currently i believe I use fastcgi running as the domain owner16:17
setuidjonah, The CMS may be reconfiguring them to ensure consistency/security16:17
ivoksfastcgi gives more options16:17
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ivokswhen running as fcgid, all php files are executed with your uid16:18
ivoksand therefore create files with your uid as owner16:18
ivokswhat kind of fixes do you have to do over ftp?16:19
jonahivoks: yeah using fcgid, and it is setting the files as the right owner so it is running as domain owner correctly, just for some reason the perms are always 0777 rather than 0755 for example on directories16:19
jonahivoks: i have to just ftp in and change all files to 0644 and directories to 075516:20
jonahivoks: yeah i thought that, but I don't want to change anythign that will break security or root perms etc so just wasn't sure16:20
ivokswhen you create a new file over FTP, what mask does it have?16:20
jonahivoks: when I create a test file with ftp it has no owner or perms! in filezilla it just says xxx for the numerica value and owner.group is blank...16:21
ivoksthat's just impossible. :)16:21
setuidSounds like a filezilla preference is incorrect16:21
jonahivoks: i read a bit about unmask but haven't delved into anything as I don't want to start breaking system processes etc16:22
setuid0111 perms?16:22
jonahivoks: ah hang on, I clicked refresh on the view and it does have default perms!! the owner is right and group as the domain user16:22
jonahivoks: but the perms of the file are 66416:23
ivoksand mask of the file?16:23
ivoksthat means your umask is 00216:23
ivokswhich is ok16:23
jonahivoks: when i do a folder the perm is 77516:23
ivoksare you sure files created by webapp are 777?16:23
jonahivoks: well for example I just installed prestashop, the installer ran half way but then must of been creating new files and failed. When I ftped in I had to change all files to 0644 and dirs to 0755, then reran the installer and it completed.16:24
jonahivoks: when I then go in to the backend and try install an addon, same issue, that addon then doesn't work or the page for it doesn't work until ftp in and update perms16:25
jonahivoks: but that's just an example, it's the same with drupal, modx and most cms I've tried. i think wordpress was ok but most stuff seems to break itself with the 664 files and 775 folders.16:26
jonahivoks: but my server seems to like 0644 and 0755!! haha16:26
ivoksthat doesn't make sense16:26
jonahivoks: crazy huh!?16:26
ivoksand files created by cms are owned by your user?16:26
ivoksnot by www-data or something like that?16:27
jonahivoks: yeah16:27
jonahivoks: let me double check that...16:27
coreycbbeisner, jamespage: can you tell what's wrong with the promotion of the packages in staging here? http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/liberty_versions.html16:27
ivoksthe behavior you are describing would make sense if you use mod-php16:27
jonahivoks: yeah looks like all the files are the right user16:28
coreycbbeisner, jamespage: neutron-lbaas 1:2015.1.4-0ubuntu2 is ready to promote to kilo-proposed when you get a chance16:29
naccivoks: curious; without the PPA fixes for bacula, bacula-dir doesn't even run with mysql (afaict)16:29
ivoksnacc: correct16:29
naccivoks: so you just noticed manually the tables were wrong?16:30
ivoksnacc: so, i installed bacula from rbasak's ppa16:30
naccivoks: ah ok16:30
ivoksjonah: makes no sense16:30
ivoksjonah: you must be missing something16:30
ivoksjonah: fcgid will create files owned by you, in a directory owned by you16:31
ivoksjonah: there's nothing that would prevent that16:31
ivoksjonah: mod-php will require 777 on the dir, to be able to put files in it16:31
ivokssince dir is owned by you, and files are owned by www-data16:31
ivoksthere must be something else16:32
ivoksi'd love to help, but it's 6:30pm16:32
ivoksand it's friday :)16:32
Slingivoks: definitely not 77716:32
ivoksSling: it would16:32
Slingfiles should not be owned by www-data16:33
ivoksmod php would require user to allow apache user to write16:33
ivoksand the only way to do it is to create rwx for all16:33
ivoksunless acl16:33
Slingso, create a group for that16:33
Slingput www-data in the group16:33
Slinguser in the group16:33
patdk-wkapache user? don't you mean www-data user16:33
ivokshe's a user, not a root on the system16:33
Slingpatdk-wk: www-data is just the user configured on some distro's16:33
Sling'apache user' is meant in general16:33
patdk-wkpersonally, I would just not use mod-php, unless the server is only used by one php application16:34
ivoksi love mod-php, because it's easy16:34
patdk-wkswitch to like php-fpm, and run each php site as a different user16:34
Slingmod_php is a pretty lame way of serving php these days :)16:34
ivoksfpm is the way to go16:34
setuidnacc, there's no command debconf-get-selections, thouogh there is a debconf-set-selections command16:35
setuiddid you mean dpkg --get-selections?16:35
maxb_There is a debconf-get-selections, but it's in a different package to debconf-set-selections16:36
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setuidOk, not part of the default install, Ill search16:36
naccsetuid: sorry, yeah, it's in debconf-utils, iirc?16:37
setuidFOund it, what am I looking for in the output?16:38
naccsetuid: so if you run that, e.g., `debconf-get-selections --installer > preseed.cfg` it will generate an exact preseed syntax output fo every installer selection16:38
naccnow, you shouldn't use that as a preseed16:38
naccbut you can parse through it, or feel free to pastebin, and we can see if there's something else we could set16:39
naccivoks: reproduced, thanks16:42
setuidnacc, Seems to be non-chronological16:44
naccsetuid: yeah it's just everything (iirc)16:44
setuidI think I found it16:45
naccsetuid: what's the line?16:47
setuidd-i     localechooser/languagelist      select  en16:48
setuidbut it didn't work as an append16:48
setuiddebconf/language=en also fails16:49
naccsetuid: just to be sure, are you passing 'auto-install/enable=true' ?16:49
setuidauto=true priority=critical16:50
naccsetuid: i have no idea if this is still true, but: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/196874/prevent-language-selection-at-ubuntu-installation16:53
setuidTried all of those, both as append and in preseed16:53
naccsetuid: yeah, so i'm thinking it's an isolinux thing16:54
naccnot a preseed thing16:54
setuidI tried this last night, but it just leaves me with a selection menu of 1 langauge, which I still have to hit Enter on16:54
naccsetuid: did you try with the timeout?16:55
setuidRight, it happens well before the preseed is parsed16:55
naccsetuid: and with isolinux/lang (not langlist)16:55
nacce.g., from http://askubuntu.com/questions/122505/how-do-i-create-a-completely-unattended-install-of-ubuntu/122506#12250616:56
setuidecho en > isolinux/lang gets rid of the initial language selection16:56
setuidnow I'm stuck at the grub menu asking me to choose a boot option16:56
naccgrub menu or isolinux menu?16:56
setuidthe boot selection menu, top enter ("Install Ubuntu Server") is highlighted16:57
setuidhitting enter, proceeds with the rest of my unattended install16:57
naccok, that's isolinux16:57
nacc'txt.cfg' file16:57
naccso i *think* it's just a matter of (since it's the default0 putting a timeout or something in16:57
setuidYep, probably a timeout16:58
setuidI'll dig into that... thanks! THis has been hours of searching16:58
naccsetuid: i think you just put TIMEOUT 116:58
naccor something16:58
setuidNo syslinux on an ubuntu installer cd16:59
nacc"A timeout of zero will disable the timeout completely. The default is 0."16:59
naccisolinux is syslinux compatibile, afaict16:59
setuidPrbably something in isolinux/txt.cfg16:59
naccsame syntax16:59
naccsetuid: so you can either remaster the iso to only have the one option16:59
naccor put a non-zero timeout16:59
setuidGot it... isolinux/isolinux.cfg17:04
setuidTried a few other files in there first, based on google results17:04
setuidSo it look like it's working, although it still hits my local mirror for pulling packages, not the iso it booted from17:04
naccsetuid: it will use both, presumably17:05
setuidI need to blog this up, because this is a culmination of 2 days of testing across several hundred builds to vet this out, and most of the details on google aren't complete, or are out of date17:07
setuidNow I'll try this same process on my 14.04 box and see if it continues to work, or if I have to port the commands and write up two versions17:07
naccsetuid: gl! please do blog about it, it's good to hear you're finally successful!17:08
setuidWith this method, I can automate the build of a functional maas server from a local iso or a remote http repo, in 5m or 10m17:12
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naccrbasak: re: bacula + mysql-server install ordering. I think the issue is the configuration step of bacula is running just after the configuration step of mysql-server, but mysql-server hasn't finised installing yet so bacula fails to find it running. Is it possible for one package's dependency to be ordered in such a way that the dep has to be fully installed first?17:52
rbasaknacc: there's Pre-Depends, but usually dpkg tries to ensure the dependency's postinst has run first anyway.18:21
rbasaknacc: do you know why mysql-server hasn't finished installing even though the postinst has finished?18:21
naccrbasak: maybe it just hasn't been started yet?18:21
naccrbasak: it's not clear to me18:21
rbasakIt should be started and running by the time the postinst is done. If it's not, I think that's a bug.18:22
naccrbasak: ok, i'll trya nd reproduce it again, trying to fix the underlying bug first18:22
rbasakeg. "apt-get -y install mysql-server mysql-client && mysql -u root ..." should always work18:22
naccrbasak: i'll keep digging and let you know18:33
naccrbasak: switching tacks, re: puppet bug in 16.04; would appreciate if you could review those, as users have been getting restless. I'll work on getting upstream fixed properly before 16.10 comes out18:33
beisnerhey coreycb - looking re: liberty staging19:03
naccrbasak: ok, so i think what's happened is that "Setting up mysql-server-5.7 (5.7.13-0ubuntu4) ..." hasn't finished yet when dbconfig-common runs for bacula-director-mysql; and it tries to connect immediately and fails19:26
beisnercoreycb, pushed staging to liberty-proposed and kilo-proposed.  lmk if the report doesn't reflect that within +1 hr.  thx!19:30
coreycbbeisner, thx!19:31
beisnercoreycb, yw sir19:31
setuidnacc, Thanks for the help earlier, I'm building out some bash templates, so I can gen the iso with some replacement vars and spin this up quickly without having to touch the preseed or isolinux files19:32
naccsetuid: seems reasonable :)19:32
setuidThe less places I have to twiddle the netcfg vars, the better19:33
setuidI've got the build and teardown automated, just not the replacement vars for internal vs. external network and iso vs. http, but that's easy19:33
rattkingHey all I am having some secure apt issues with my personal apt mirror. how can I check what key the packages were signed with?20:16
sarnoldpackages aren't signed; the InRelease files are signed, and those have hashes of Packages* files, that have hashes of the packages20:17
rattkingthanks for the info, I am not seeing a .gpg for my mirror in /var/lib/apt/lists so thats probably the issue20:20
kidn3ysIs there a simple way in /etc/fstab to mount an iscsi volume?20:21
sarnoldthe detached signatures on the Release files in "old releases" leads to race conditions that, across as many users as ubuntu has, mean someone saw the race and got errors from apt, on a daily basis20:21
rattkingmy aptly mirror is fine, but I have been trying to use fai-mirror to make a mirror of every installed package to bring over to some offline systems20:21
sarnoldso the new approach is the InRelease file and the by-hash/ directories, to avoid the races20:22
rattkingnice! does this new approach apply to precise? I didnt see any InRelease files just Release and Release.gpg20:23
kidn3ysIt seems that the entry I added to fstab is attempted before the initator comes up =/20:25
sarnoldrattking: InRelease files are even in precise and newer; the by-hash directory is in xenial and newer20:27
sarnoldkidn3ys: isn't that a common issue for networked systems, that the remote peer may be offline when booting?20:28
rattkingthanks for the info, I now know whats missing!20:28
kidn3yssarnold: its not though =/20:30
kidn3yssarnold: it looks like whatever is in fstab executes before the iscsi initiator starts on the local system20:30
sarnoldkidn3ys: sigh. I ofcourse screwed up initiator vs target.20:30
sarnoldI know that those terms make sense but .. sometimes I screw it up.20:31
kidn3yssarnold: I confuse them too. I think I found something... '_netdev' seems to be the key.20:31
sarnoldkidn3ys: are you on xenial? or pre-xenial?20:32
kidn3yssarnold: pre, I think. 14.0420:33
sarnoldkidn3ys: hrm. I'm not sure what to suggest there, except perhaps changing the line to "noauto", and add a manual mount sysv init script.. and make sure it's numbered to start after the iscsi initiator, if the iscsi initiator also starts via a sysv init script20:34
kidn3yssarnold: adding '_netdev' as an option in fstab seems to mount it on boot but the 'mounting network filesystems' task shows as 'failed' during boot now.20:36
sarnoldkidn3ys: ooh. did that add any new error messages that might indicate what to work on next?20:37
kidn3yssarnold: not seeing anything =/20:41
sarnoldkidn3ys: dang20:42
kidn3yssarnold: pretty new to linux, i was looking in dmesg -- is there a better place to look?20:42
sarnoldkidn3ys: /var/log/upstart/ .. maybe look for a 'mountall' or a file for your initiator..20:43
sarnoldkidn3ys: or /var/log/syslog (or maybe it's called 'messages' these days, I can't keep track...)20:43
kidn3yssarnold: mount: special device /dev/sdb1 does not exist20:46
kidn3ysand then mountall: mount /mnt/edvr/1 [840] terminated with status 3220:46
kidn3ysI see what I did. I had '/dev/sdb1' in the device name field instead of the UUID20:50
kidn3yssarnold: that did it, thanks for your help :)20:51
sarnoldkidn3ys: excellent :D the uuid and the _netdev combined?20:52
sarnoldawesome :D20:52
kidn3yssarnold: _netdev seems to 'mark' that entry as a network device so it bring sup the network stack/iscsi before it mounts it20:52
sarnoldI wonder if that still works in xenial. heh.20:52
kidn3yshehe :)20:54
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terjehi, is it possible to script 'sudo lxd init' such that I don't have to answer any questions?21:52
terjenevermind, I see that it is..21:54
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