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saidinesh5brr.. build/core/product_config.mk:227: *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/xiaomi/cancro/cancro.mk]]: "device/qcom/common/Android.mk" does not exist.  Stop.05:13
saidinesh5can anyone tell me where should i be looking at for that error message for lunch ?05:13
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brunch875guise guise! On rc-proposed, after update screen doesn't lock anymore07:43
brunch875and manually locking it will make screen turn black but not shut down07:43
ograbrunch875, see the second paragraph in https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg21572.html07:47
brunch875thanks oli ☺07:48
ogra(not sure if it is related though, ask sil2100 )07:48
ogra(but it sounds likely that it could)07:48
brunch875it also seems that the brightness slider doesn't do anything07:50
sil2100Yeah, actually powerd should be used back again, so I would expect less problems07:50
brunch875and the "automatic" toggle is gone07:50
sil2100brunch875: do you have the latest update?07:50
brunch875on rc-proposed, yes07:50
ograwasnt there also a new mir ?07:51
ogra(probably the combo of rolling back one but landing the other causes this)07:51
sil2100brunch875: could you check what version of powerd is installed? (and if it's installed?(07:52
brunch875sure, how do I do that?07:52
sil2100brunch875: get to the terminal (either through adb, ssh or in the terminal application) and type in apt-cache policy powerd07:53
brunch8751 se07:53
sil2100Thanks ;)07:53
sil2100ogra: I'm worried that the removal of repowerd was not enough to get rid of it from existing devices...07:54
ograyeah, that could be an issue too07:54
sil2100Since we never really had to revert a new package before07:55
brunch875Installed and candidate: 0.16+15.04.2015219-0ubuntu307:55
sil2100hm, ok, looks fine07:55
sil2100brunch875: could you also try apt-cache policy repowerd07:56
sil2100Just to make sure it's really gone07:56
sil2100uh oh07:56
sil2100No wait, this is really an old version07:56
raph_aelHi, I'm running OTA 11, image 20160524.1 on a Nexus 4 and it seems to be killing the battery more than precedents images07:56
ograheh, i was about to say ...07:56
* sil2100 looks at the manifest07:57
ogradid you get the archive version instead of the overlay ?07:57
brunch8751sorry, internet died on me07:57
brunch8751sil2100: I got that output from apt-cache07:58
sil2100ogra: holy shit it the images DO HAVE an outdated powerd, no idea why07:58
sil2100Let me check the image build logs, but this is stupid07:58
sil2100brunch8751: obviously all the issues are caused by the image build pulling in some archaic version of powerd - the one the latest rc-proposed images have is from 2015!07:59
sil2100ogra: I think it's related to me removing repowerd from the overlay ;(07:59
sil2100ogra: I think because repowerd was offering a virtual package of powerd to deprecate it, now that it's gone it also cannot install powerd from the overlay08:00
sil2100Need to consult Colin08:00
sil2100brunch8751: ok, so we'll try to resolve this issue ASAP and rebuild an image08:01
brunch8751goodluck and godspeed!08:01
sil2100brunch875: hey! We 'fixed' the problem possibly, building a new image now09:18
sil2100This should fix it hopefully09:18
aquarius_tvoss, ping about fingerprint things09:20
aquarius_tvoss, specifically this. When you enrol a fingerprint, do you enrol it on the _fingerprint reader_, or the _device_? That is, when the OS asks the fingerprint reader "what did they just scan", does it get told "here is the detail of the fingerprint that got scanned: <blah>" and it's the OS's job to work out who that is, or does the OS get told "that was enrolled fingerprint 3" and that's it?09:23
brunch875sil2100: Awesome! I'll keep an eye on the updater09:24
tvossaquarius_, the actual fingerprint data is not accessible to the os (neither kernel nor user space) at all, the actual data is handled by a trustlet running in the mobicore TEE09:41
tvossaquarius_, we only get an opaque, numerical handle09:42
aquarius_tvoss, ah, that's what I thought (thanks to mzanetti advising me on that).09:42
aquarius_tvoss, is trustzone available to Ubuntu phones? That is: can I store keys in the TPM?09:42
tvossaquarius_, during enrollment, we receive information which areas have been sufficiently covered09:43
tvossaquarius_, not yet, we don't expose the hw key store09:43
aquarius_tvoss, aha, OK. (Is that because it's just not done yet, or is there an actual restriction preventing it from happening?)09:43
tvossaquarius_, just not done, yet. there is an open topic about establishing a chain of trust as (depending on the implementation) the hw key store might need a signed boot loader09:44
aquarius_tvoss, that makes sense, yeah.09:45
aquarius_One other question: NFC support is doubtless somewhere on the roadmap. Do you have a sense of whether it's close or not, and whether it's not done because it's difficult or not done just because it hasn't made it to priority 1 yet?09:45
tvossaquarius_, question of priority, also: we would need a service multiplexing access to the actual hw09:46
aquarius_ah. So there's quite a bit of work to be done before NFC support arrives.09:46
tvossaquarius_, likely, yes09:46
tvossaquarius_, as usual, help is very welcome :)09:46
aquarius_OK, that's useful; thank you, pal!09:47
aquarius_help is indeed welcome. I'll let you know about that.09:47
aquarius_tvoss, oh, one other thing :) Full disk encryption? :)09:57
tvossaquarius_, help welcome :)09:57
aquarius_ha! I knew that bit :) Was more thinking: has any thought gone into that already?09:58
tvossaquarius_, quite some, yes. it mainly requires adjusting the auto-login approach and make user authentication/verification a part of the early boot process09:59
aquarius_yeah. I figured there would already be some thinking around this!09:59
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brunch875Know something I'd love? To use my utouch as a "wireless trackpad" + keyboard for my desktop/laptop11:23
brunch875could be great for watching youtube or whatever11:23
Miyagi_hi, porting link do not exist.12:03
Miyagi_i have a qusetion, is it, and if how, do i chroot to a ubuntu image to set up some software before flashing the image to the phone.12:03
Miyagi_like i wanted to install ecryptfs before flashing the image to the phones12:04
ograMiyagi_, why do you want to do that before flashing (whats the benefit of that) ?12:17
Miyagi_i want to be able to deploy a image to 100 phones12:18
Miyagi_with the ecryptfs tools12:18
Miyagi_or how to i deploy things like this12:18
Miyagi_any manpage of that?12:18
ogranope, i dont think so, and the rootfs isnt designed to be modified ... it would break with a subsequent OTA update12:19
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Miyagi_i basicly want to set up some custom tools on our phones, then flash them all with those tools12:19
ograyou could supply extra bits with a custom tarball, but i dont think that is well documented either (and i dont think you could use debian packages with it)12:20
Miyagi_with adb shell12:20
ogra(it would have to be click pacages)12:20
Miyagi_apt-get install ecryptfs12:20
Miyagi_it works on the phone, i just need a image to conatin all libs12:20
ograwont work without making the rootfs writable ...12:20
Miyagi_before flash12:20
ograwhich is very likely breaking in a future update12:21
Miyagi_but i just need to do it at the moment12:21
ograand makes you leave any supported upgrade paths12:21
Miyagi_is it possible12:21
ograsure, if you dont mind your users to end up with non-booting phones at some point (or some such)12:21
ograthe OTA deltas require that the rootfs remains unchanged12:22
Miyagi_but i have tested it, install thing, there is no erro in rebootin12:22
Miyagi_i just need the ecryptfs be on a flshable image12:22
ograthen wait til encryption is supported :)12:22
Miyagi_i cant12:23
ograif you do it for actual end users ... the only answer is *don't*12:23
ograif you do it for tinkering on a device you re-flash anyway, go ahead ... but i promise you it will break at some OTA12:23
Miyagi_let me try12:24
Miyagi_but how12:24
ograyou cant use apt and OTA at the same time12:24
ograand apt upgrades are not supported at all12:24
ograso if you chage the content of the rootfs it *will* eventuall break12:24
Miyagi_i not need any upgrades12:24
Miyagi_i need a cusom software easy deployed to 100 phones12:25
ograso you dont want security fixes and leave your users with open security hiles ?12:25
Miyagi_not right now, no12:25
ograwell, flash it ... make it writable, run a script via adb12:25
ograbut dont come askin for help here if your 100 users cant boot their phones anymore12:26
ogra(which will likely happen)12:26
Miyagi_:) no, i have tried it - it will boot12:26
ograapt support is for tinkering when you develop the system and are prepared to wipe the phone regulary12:26
Miyagi_but is there not any other mass tools to fix it, adb shell on every single phone sees to hard12:27
ograit *will* break as soon as a fil changes that you changed to12:27
Miyagi_and i not want adb enabled later12:27
ograwhich might not be the nex, but the overnext OTA12:27
ogrado not give such phones to endusers12:27
ograthe system is not designed to use apt12:28
Miyagi_no, i will not give it to end users, i just want to know how i can do a massproduction of cusom software i need12:28
ograyou engage with canonical and have them create a custom tarball for you ... aftter they packaged your desired software in a click package12:28
Miyagi_if i need, lets say another software12:28
Miyagi_it must be able to add some libs12:29
ograor you find out how to create a custom tarball yourself and create a click for ecryptfs (though i doubt in this case that is helpful)12:29
Miyagi_or when do they launch encryption, do you know?12:29
Miyagi_maybe i can wait12:29
ograi guess afterthe switch to snappy12:29
ograwhich will be after th switch to a xenial base12:30
Miyagi_i use xenial right now12:30
ogra(the xenia thing is being worked on currently ... but that will still take quite a while)12:30
ograxenial isnt for users yet12:30
ogracompletely unsupported and likely to break12:30
Miyagi_no, i not care about who it is for12:30
Miyagi_i develop12:30
Miyagi_and nned to know how to massproduce things in the future12:31
ograthe actual system developemtn happens in the rc-proposed channel12:31
tsimonq2ogra: Yakkety? ;)12:31
ogranot in xenial12:31
Miyagi_but, i read half of internet by now12:31
Miyagi_cant find any usefull info abut my problem12:31
ograthere is no useful solution to your problam12:31
ograbeyond including ecryptfs in the default rootfs12:31
Miyagi_so i am fucked12:32
Miyagi_to say it in a few words12:32
ograi it is just for developers, use a script you run after flashing12:32
tsimonq2!language | Miyagi_12:32
ubot5Miyagi_: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:32
ogra(adb push it ... run it via adb ... have it remove itself at the end and disable adb)12:32
Miyagi_ok, thi shelped me a lot anyway12:33
ograbut really, dontuse xenial12:33
ograit is far from being ready12:33
Miyagi_not need to try more, tested a few days allready12:33
Miyagi_where can i see release info12:34
ogra(it will sonn change all bits to systemd ... it will most likely break during that to the point of being unbootable for a few updates)12:34
Miyagi_o no not systemd12:34
ograits the default now12:34
Miyagi_that sucks12:35
ograno way around it12:35
ograwhy do you care ?12:35
Miyagi_since i need to modify it12:35
* ogra doesnt think it matters much what /sbin/init you use ... effectively systemd doesnt really differ in that bit)12:35
Miyagi_and there are more easy ways that systemd12:35
ograthere are many issues with systemd ... /sbin/init surely isnt one ...12:36
Miyagi_i ust thank you for your support12:37
ogra(i agree about the systemd tree swallowing the whole pumbing layer is an awful idea ... but we're really only talking about init here ... )12:37
Miyagi_it saved me a lot of hours from now12:37
ograoh, also note that none of the C++ apps in the store will work in xenial ... there was an incompatible ABI change ...12:38
Miyagi_for me12:40
ograMiyagi_, or rc-proposed if you want to be a bit more on the edge12:52
Miyagi_edge, wasn't xenial that ?12:53
Miyagi_then maybe you know another thing. how can i map screenlock password to a stdin12:55
Miyagi_screenlockpasswrod then12:55
Miyagi_run a script on the phone like ./sctipy $112:55
Miyagi_and $1 is as you see passwd12:55
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dobeyrunning xenial on a phone is beyond the edge.13:02
brunch875sill2100 it's all good now, clap clap ☺13:05
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Miyagi_i solved the problem with custom apps installed via apt-get och build from source13:43
Miyagi_install build essentials on a phone, build from source the tools you need in a custom folder, add that custom folder when flashing, then you have all libs you need for the ap to run13:44
Miyagi_then there is a clean phone with a flder with libs and other siftware13:45
Miyagi_it works, maybe it is not the absolute best way13:45
Miyagi_i now run stable dist in the phone with the software i needed13:45
dobeyoh so you broke your phone, ok :)13:49
dobeywhat software is it that you "need" ?13:50
dobeyoh you're trying to make a custom image with ecryptfs?13:51
ograwell, it will work if you never upgrade13:53
dobeywell if you're setting up your own system-image server, and forking ubuntu to do that, you can grab the preinstalled.tar.gz, unpack it, install what you need in it, clean the apt-cache and extra junk that was created and not needed on a phone, and repack the tarball, then use that for your custom images, instead of the official preinstalled.tar.gz13:53
ograoh, indeed13:53
dobeybut you are creating a fork of ubuntu at this point, either way you do it, so might as well do it in a more manageable way :)13:53
* ogra didnt think of the possibility to run your own s-i server :) 13:53
Miyagi_then help me in the right direction13:54
Miyagi_i need t ofork it, and i would like to do it in the best possible way13:55
Miyagi_is there not any better way to install13:56
Miyagi_can i chroot into a image and do the instalation from my laptop13:56
dobeyif you need encrypted ubuntu phones, the best way is "wait for it to be implmeenmted properly"13:57
ograthats what i sai hours ago :)13:57
ograbut that will likely only happen after the switch to a snappy base13:57
dobeywell, i suppose soemthing could be done to enable encrypted home only, before then, but i think the "best way" for that would probably be "commercial support contract"13:59
dobeya full set of requirements well beyond "just want encrypted $HOME" would be a good start, ie, what UI is needed, where, and what system integration work would be needed, etc...14:01
Miyagi_sometimes, you just cant wait14:01
ograthe prob with full encryption is that you end up with a gigantic initrd ... not sure that would even work with the current boot partition szes we have defined14:01
Miyagi_i just need home or another dir14:02
ograencrypted home shouldnt be to hard but needs login manager integration and such14:02
Miyagi_but i need it14:02
ograso likely a good bunch of patching14:02
Miyagi_end encryptfs14:02
ogra(and indeed integration of the crypto bits in the rootfs)14:03
Miyagi_i fixed a temp working solution14:03
ograthough i wonder how safe a 4 digit passphrase can actually be and if it is worth the effort :)14:04
dobeywell, it's safe enough14:05
ograif your door lock can be opened with a paperclip it doesnt elp to have a steel door14:05
dobeyogra: steel doors are illegal anyway14:06
dobeyfire code is the backdoor to the encryption of your home14:07
ograand likewise, if the bootloader is unlocked and your encryption only lives in a subdir of an unencrypted partition, it is easy to just grab the content and run scripts on it to decrypt14:08
dobeyogra: or if your steel door weighs 3 tons, a paperclip being able to pick a keyhole on it probably sin't too bad either :)14:08
ograso doing home encryption in the current setup just mimics false security in the end imho14:09
dobeyeh, it's all false security anyway14:10
Miyagi_why should it do false security14:10
ograwell, locked bootloader and partition based encryption with a properly long passphrase is relatively safe i'd say14:10
Miyagi_do you mean ecryptfs is broken14:10
Miyagi_if not then the security should be the same14:10
ograno, i mean it gives you a false sense of being safe14:11
Miyagi_no it do now14:11
Miyagi_and 4 digits? my phone has passfrase so, and you not even now how i would unlock the directory14:11
ograyou only have a 4 digit pass phrase ... the bootloader is open so you can always grab the encrypted dir and push it to a PC to run decryption tools on it14:11
dobeyogra: well, agaisnt your psycho ex partner maybe, but not necessarily against someone with infinite resources after they shoot you and take your phone :)14:11
Miyagi_4 digits, wwll by a new phone then14:12
dobeyogra: no you don't only have a 4 digit PIN14:12
ograwell, you could indeed set up password locking14:12
Miyagi_thanks dobey14:12
ograbut who does that when he still wants to conveniently use the phone :P14:12
dobeyogra: which is exactly why your argument is facile :)14:13
ogra(there are plans to de-couple the login from the passwd DB_, then you can have both)14:13
dobeyeven with full disk encryption, nobody is going to want to type a 32 character pass phrase onto a phone14:13
ograbut when we do FDE we will have the de-coupled stuff in place14:13
Miyagi_since you not even have an idea of what i will do, you should not think loud14:14
dobeyogra: it doesn't matter14:14
ografor an enduser it does ...14:14
ogramy mom wouldnt use a 10 digit password14:14
Miyagi_i can here you are not so deep into the phone business14:14
Miyagi_since then you would be quiet14:14
dobeyogra: it doesn't, because they aren't going to want to type complex secure passwords onto a phone, because it's still an incredible pain in the ass :)14:14
Miyagi_there is a lot of people who want to type 16 + chars to open a phone14:15
dobeyogra: it only matters to security nerds who think it matters. for 99% of real people, they will use the same 4 digit pin in both places14:15
ogradobey, exactly14:15
Miyagi_and ubuntu flash with --password=123414:15
Miyagi_so i set the 16+ passphrase14:16
Miyagi_not the user14:16
dobeywith your massive 8" phone, i can read your password in clear text from the other side of the coffee shop with ease14:16
ograbut thats because you are a decade youonger than me :P14:16
* ogra wuld need goggles14:16
dobeywell, more to the point, cameras are everywhere. so if i can read it, so can the NSA/GCHQ/etc... and they have even more time to parse it, being a recorded video :)14:17
ograyay... paranoia !14:18
dobeylol, and besides, if the phone is booted, and you are using a 4 number PIN to unlock, then that's all that one needs to get access; so splitting doesn't really make the system more secure :)14:19
ograyet there are plans to have lightdm not use the passwd DB anymore :)14:21
ograand only use that for sudo and stuff ... so you can actually set a safely long PW14:21
ograbut that would indeed not help much with encryption14:22
ogra(but then again ... as long as the bootloader is fully open you arent safe anyway)14:22
dobeywell, what i mean is, all i have to do is keep your phone powered, and then guess the unlock PIN, and then enable dev mode and just sync all the data off the device14:23
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ograii think using the open bootloader to copy the whole disk to a PC to run scripts on it is more efficient than having a robot punch in 4 digits til you hit it14:25
dobeyyou don't even need to copy the whole disk14:25
ograwell, the shadow db and the encrypted folder ...14:26
dobeyyou just need to copy the encrypted key, and then run password attacks against it14:26
ograright in the end just the db14:26
dobeybecause the key will have to be encrypted with the password14:26
dobeyi wouldn't expect a shadow db to be outside the encrypted disk14:27
ograso any encryption you can do in todays setup is just obscuring the data a bit ...14:27
ografalse feeling of safety after all ... like i said14:27
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dobeyalso mr robot is a horrible show. i don't understand why people think it's so great14:29
ograbecause it doesnt use kirklands byobou-hollywood setup in every second scene ?14:30
ograhaving computers that make *blip* *blip* *beep* at every keystroke ...14:31
dobeybecause it's literally just fight club meets hackers14:31
ograwell, it is slightly more realistic than the others14:32
ograthats all i guess14:32
dobeynot really :)14:32
ograslightly :)14:32
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ogra__bregma: hmm, after weeks i tried my unity8 session on my desktop again today ... i cant seem to be able to launch any libertine apps anymore16:26
bregmaogra__, check if cgmanager is running, we've had spurious complaints about that16:27
ogra__(system is up to date, syslog shows some zeitgeist errors when i click on teh installed hexchat icon in the libertine launcher)16:27
ogra__seems to be running ...16:27
bregmaChrisTownsend, was there something else we've seen lately? ^^^16:28
ogra__saldy teh keyboard is still completely broken so i cant type a pipe or at16:28
ogra__(which makes grepping in output a bit awkward)16:28
ChrisTownsendogra__: Do any apps start?16:28
ogra__well, i only have hexchat and vim installed ... hexchat flashes a black screen and is gone again16:29
ChrisTownsendogra__: Aside from libertine apps16:29
ogra__and syslog shows some zeitgeist complaints16:29
ogra__oh, yeah16:29
ogra__i'm typing that in the kiwi irc webapp16:29
ogra__the terminal runs and i have G+ open in its webapp too16:29
bregmaanything in the ~/.cache/upstart logs?16:30
ChrisTownsendogra__: Ok, so not cgmanager.16:30
ogra__bah... clicking teh vim icon gets me an uncloseable terminal with vim icon and spinner16:31
ogra__bregma: what would i look for ?16:31
ogra__i see compressed libertine-lxc-manager logs ...16:32
ChrisTownsendogra__: Look for something like application-legacy_${container_id}_${exe_name}_0.0.log16:32
ogra__ah, found it16:33
ogra__note tht i created a fresh container today16:33
ogra__and also freshly installed hsxchat in there16:34
bregmammm, I thought that code was replaced a while ago.......16:34
ogra__oh, wait, that could be from a manual attempt ...16:34
ChrisTownsendYeah, that seems like an old libertine...16:35
ogra__let me wipe that long and try again to see that it actually comes from teh desktop launcher16:35
bregmaI'm seeing the same spinning vim right now, but it was working a couple of hours ago...  ChrisTownsend how do I check LXC status again?16:35
ChrisTownsendOh, wait, manual attempt, that would cause that, but that code still looks old...16:36
ogra__ok, i seethe same error in a fresh log16:36
ChrisTownsendbregma: Hmm, I've never had luck w/ Vim.16:36
ogra__just wiped it and clicker open (why do we have that and not just launch the app when clicking the icon)16:36
ChrisTownsendbregma: But, lxc-ls --fancy -P ~/.cache/libertine-container16:36
ChrisTownsendogra__: That is fixed.  I think you need to update.16:37
ogra__i dist upgraded 20min ago16:37
* ogra__ checks again16:37
ogra__how teh heck do i get rid of that vimm window ..16:37
ChrisTownsendogra__: Look for the Xmir process and kill it.16:37
bregmaah, right, I'mm seeing the terminal-only vim, I assumed I had installed gvim in that container16:37
ogra__vim seems to be preinstalled16:38
ogra__and brings a terminal .desktop file16:38
ogra__nothing interesting in the dist upgrade16:38
bregmayes, it but we currently don;t support terminal applications in libertine16:38
ChrisTownsendogra__: But your Libertine is old and the fact that single click won't just launch tells me you have old software.16:39
bregmait's on the list, it's stuck waiting for me to do something16:39
ogra__ooooh !!!16:39
ogra__during my snapcrafting i disabled the overlay PPA ...16:39
ChrisTownsendogra__: Some other package pulls in vim, not anything we do.16:39
ogra__since that messes up stuff16:39
* ogra__ enables it again and uppgrades16:39
bregmaon the upside, supertux runs fine in my container16:40
ogra__hmpf ...16:40
ogra__i guess i cant get the sw-sources UI up under mir now16:40
ogra__<- lazy ... i like the UI tools :P16:40
ogra__aha ... 20M updates coming down the drain16:42
ogra_ok, it starts but all my themeing is gone now ... sniff16:45
ogra_also complains that it has no access to ~/.config/hexchat16:45
ograaha, better16:47
ograadding a bind mount to the config helped16:47
ogranow to get the awful win95 look sorted ...16:48
ograoh !16:48
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ograthe kbd is fixed16:48
ograhmm, can i install evolution ? i guess that wont be happy regarding all its background services16:50
ograthat was unexpected16:53
ograevolution just works ... including all my data16:54
ograhmm, only half ... doesnt display any message16:57
Laneythat bit is webkit16:57
ograno, that bit is evo re-syncing 4GB of email for "offline mode" ... it is just busy17:00
ograsilly stuff17:00
ograseems it found my config but not my ~/.evolution folder ...17:00
ograso it tries to re-download the world17:00
ograthats better ...17:03
dobeywhat happens if you run a libertine container inside a unity8 that's running inside a libertine container, that's running under unity8?17:03
ogratry it17:04
ograno keyboard repeat in X apps17:04
ograand i have atlGr in X apps but not in unity or th terminal17:04
bregmadobey, see if you can do that from Unity 7 running on Bash for Windows17:04
bregmaogra, yes, the keyrepeat is a low-priority fix in Xmir we're waiting on17:05
ograwell, that makes me go back to unity817:05
bregmaaltGr on the other hand, is a Mir fix wending its way through17:05
dobeybregma: i guess it would be the same, you just end up having to run the child unity8 session under xorg17:05
ograi cant really work without that17:05
ograbregma, well, it works in libertine, but not in Mir17:06
ograwhich is rather weird17:06
ograi cant type a pipe sign in the terminal app17:06
ograbut here i can ... |||17:06
bregmasomething about keymaps17:06
ograkind of the wrong way around for me to be helpful :)17:07
ogracrap ... evo is really evil ... even with the bind mounted evo folder in place it still tries to re-download17:07
davmor2ogra: you just figuring this out now17:10
ograhmm ... my pinned libertine apps are gone from the launcher after re-login17:14
dobeyogra: you should move to the US where we've been teaching that evolution is wrong, the whole time17:15
ograhow do you read your mail in that country then ?17:16
ogragrrr, that broken tap to click makes working really unbearable17:17
davmor2ogra: they pine lots and lots of pine17:17
dobeyogra: e-mail doesn't evolve, it was simply created.17:18
ograah yeah17:18
* ogra shakes head 17:18
davmor2ogra: just use dekko like any sane person17:18
ograadd threading to it and i will17:19
dobeyand gpg17:19
dobeyand s/mime17:19
raph_aelI've read the discussion about powerd, will there be an image for common users ?21:32
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