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daftykinsno break for France :/05:03
knightwisemorning daftykins06:15
diploMorning all06:48
corenominalmorning :)07:10
MooDoomorning all07:16
davmor2Morning all08:01
MooDoomorning davmor208:03
knightwisehey MooDoo , davmor208:07
knightwiseHow are you guys doin today08:07
davmor2I'm at the caravan so I have cares today how about you guys08:08
knightwisedavmor2: I envy you. At work today. kindof a slow day.08:08
davmor2knightwise: I'm still at work just at the caravan :)08:09
knightwisedavmor2: at the current client working from home isnt supported , otherwise I would be working from inside a tent today :)08:10
MooDooknightwise: i'm doing ok thanks :D08:10
knightwiseAny geeky things you guys are working on this weekend ?08:11
davmor2no downtime at the weekend in the caravan08:14
MooDooknightwise: might convert all my servers from debian to ubuntu...not sure yet though :)08:18
knightwise:) Might give my raspberry pi2 another go as a retropi gaming system08:18
davmor2MooDoo: why can't you leave those poor servers alone already08:19
MooDoodavmor2: i like to play :D08:21
knightwisei'll probably take my laptop in my backpack and go cycle to Maastricht this weekend.08:22
knightwise(Maastricht = netherlands)08:22
MooDooooo nice :D08:22
knightwiseI live about 15 km from Maastricht so ...08:22
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Friday, and happy Give Something Away Day! 😃08:23
* knightwise gives away his remaining workload to somebody else08:25
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gck-lFLsI1I08:27
davmor2JamesTait: think that covers it all :D08:30
JamesTaitAnother solid effort, davmor2.08:39
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:10
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:05
davmor2morning bigcalm how are you?11:07
bigcalmdavmor2: tip-top ta. Think I've been neglecting social stuff and thought I should pop my head in. How's you?11:08
davmor2bigcalm: fairly chilled at the minute I'm at the caravan working today11:09
bigcalmDown sized to a caravan or on 'holiday'?11:10
davmor2bigcalm: no chill out at the weekend in the caravan we decided to come a day earlier though11:13
davmor2bigcalm: you in shrewsbury today?11:15
bigcalmdavmor2: indeed so. I'm normally at home on Fridays, but needed to give Hayley a lift in as she's off for the weekend from here11:16
davmor2bigcalm: oh fancy11:16
davmor2bigcalm: well if you want to drop in for a cuppa before you head home feel free :)  We're just off the newport road :)11:17
bigcalmdavmor2: how much did you get for your 407?11:17
bigcalmHaven't yet put mine on the market, need to asap before it rusts its value down the drain11:17
davmor2£3200 iirc but that was part exchange against a newer motor11:18
bigcalmdavmor2: cool. B5602?11:19
bigcalmdavmor2: goodness. I'll be lucky to get 2k I think11:19
bigcalmI guess you did yours a while ago now11:19
davmor2bigcalm: 2 years11:20
bigcalmYeah, makes sense11:20
bigcalmI'm driving my parent's spare 53 reg Corsa. I miss the comfort of the 40711:21
davmor2we're about to upgrade again too as soon as it arrives from the factory :D11:21
daftykinsknightwise: sorry i'd just gone to bed then :D11:21
daftykinsjust been told Guernsey post bound for Jersey goes via England - what a world we live in11:21
zmoylan-piall post in irland is sent to the middle of the country to a humongus sorting office.  seems a bit weird but centralisation for somethings pays off11:22
daftykinsthey probably had to outsource the sorting because when the UK government blocked Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) - which meant items £20 and under weren't liable for VAT on import to the UK (a practice used to great benefit by HMV, 7dayshop and play.com back in the day) - it trashed the income to Guernsey Post11:24
davmor2daftykins: it will go to one of the southern sorting offices and be put with the rest of the mail from  the uk/world and then delivered out from there it's more cost efficient that way11:25
foobarrygot my shipment: http://imgur.com/a/wrzpp11:25
daftykinsexcellent! not sure how the dog is going to hold it, though11:26
foobarryits got a strap11:27
foobarrydog getting a haircut soon11:27
zmoylan-pia sled harness and tie a plush rabbit to the metal detector  and hang it over the front of the dog so he chases the rabbit... simple11:29
daftykinsoof just hit alt+5 to change window in irssi but had a music tagging program as the active window, disabled the main function and had to hunt for a moment XD11:29
knightwisejust got ambushed by a national Tv crew11:40
daftykinsnot Pokémoning were you? ;)11:46
zmoylan-piworse, updating his my little pony blog...11:48
* daftykins gasps11:49
zmoylan-pi...on a windows phone...11:50
* daftykins gasps again!11:50
* knightwise throws computer in the fire after reading this11:51
zmoylan-piwearing a 'os/2 forever' t-shirt11:51
daftykinsnow i understand why that was worthy of national TV attention!11:53
daftykinsa client has a really amusing situation in his kitchen, the TV in there loses its' freeview signal when the AV receiver amp hooked up to it is turned on12:01
davmor2daftykins, zmoylan-pi: you'll notice that knightwise only got upset when you said windows phone so the rest must of been accurate ;)12:03
zmoylan-pii suspect i'd use a windows phone as my next hammer if i was required to use one for some reason12:05
knightwisedaftykins: And i wasn't pokemoning OR updating my little pony blog12:08
knightwiseI don't blog about MLP12:08
knightwiseI have a cosplay fan-fic videoseries on youtube12:08
knightwiseyou all know that12:08
daftykinswishful thinking on zmoylan-pi's part, i suspect12:08
davmor2knightwise: you were setting up yugi-oh card swaps weren't you12:12
* zmoylan-pi checks to see were the pokemon go players fall on the old geek hierarchy... :-P http://brunching.com/geekhierarchy.html12:27
daftykins"ooh my, dead last"12:28
foobarrydid anyone see that news item about numbered bees?12:29
foobarrytags had been stuck on them and you have to report if you saw them?12:29
foobarryi found one :D12:29
zmoylan-picould be worse, they could have given every bee an email address..... :-)12:30
daftykinsoh wow, was it really so agreeable to have its' label read, foobarry ?12:30
foobarryyes, it was busy on a flower12:30
daftykinszmoylan-pi: every one has its' own IPv6 range12:30
foobarrythe tag is a label on the back12:30
zmoylan-piis their a pic so i can keep an eye out for what we're looking for?12:30
zmoylan-pisaw a bee last week that could have advertising hoarding on the side it was so big...12:31
foobarryclick on a map marker12:31
foobarrythe banner pic also12:31
zmoylan-pithat's pretty cool.12:32
foobarryscience proves that some bees are lazy and don't go far from the hive12:33
foobarrysome do12:33
foobarryone joined another colony12:33
zmoylan-pior just wanted a shorter commute12:34
daftykinsdidn't like the way the hive was run12:34
foobarryhad a change of hive mind12:34
daftykinsooh that was a good one!12:35
foobarrythe others told him to buzz off12:35
daftykinstheir comments put quite a sting in his tail12:36
foobarryfound a new honey12:36
foobarryok, i'll stop now12:36
DJonesIlike this image from farcebook about pokeman https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13731649_10209280682115794_4702287664274002221_n.jpg?oh=8cc91112eec1b61d965e6ceb1c05a3c6&oe=57EC155A12:54
TwistedLucidityDJones: Heh, I just tried it and uninstalled it again. Unplayable rubbish.13:19
DJonesI won;t be installing it anyway13:19
DJonesI was too old for pokemon when it first came out13:19
TwistedLucidityThe permissions it want's are....interesting13:20
TwistedLuciditye.g. All your contacts13:20
DJonesHeh, 1st born son etc13:20
TwistedLucidityPretty much. Wanted my D.o.B.; I can't recollect what lie I told it13:21
diddledanTwistedLucidity: you told it you were a japanese schoolchild13:47
foobarryanother pokemon pic14:41
diddledanthe internet is mad about pokémon right nowe14:47
daftykinsjust seen some ex students playing pokémon above the town highstreet just beside me, i said "tone it down before you get desperate enough to buy a battery pack guys" to which they then pulled out their packs...14:49
foobarryonly because the media tell them to14:49
foobarryso much hype, so many sheep14:49
TwistedLucidityDunno. A mate got into Ingres and lost a serious amount of weight doing it. There can be upsides.14:51
daftykinswhat's that?14:52
daftykinsyeah, the getting out and about thing can probably be good14:52
TwistedLucidityPredate Pokémon but same itdea14:52
TwistedLucidityControl nodes/sectors for your team etc14:52
daftykinsah - it would be ok if the subject matter were something a bit more grown up14:52
TwistedLucidityI think Ingress is all about portal or something. Not played it myself.14:53
diddledanbut. daylight hurts my eyes!14:54
daftykinsjudging by all the zombies strolling around town last night, i doubt you need to worry about that ;)14:55
daftykinssome sad blighters were even sat in their cars parked up14:56
TwistedLucidityMeh, so long as it doesn't harm others; I'm none too fussed.14:58
TwistedLucidityLook at use freaks "hanging out" in a textchat....14:59
daftykinswell as a cyclist i'm sure the addicts in cars will find a way to annoy, such as sudden stops15:00
diddledanI think it’s terrible that people talk in text chat rooms on “IRC"15:02
diddledanit’s where hackers hang-out!15:02
Seeker`daftykins: it's not that childish15:02
daftykinsif you say so :)15:08
TwistedLuciditydaftykins: If it's the driver, they should be dealt with in the same way mobile phone use currently is(n't)15:16
TwistedLucidity"no evidence"....whut?15:17
daftykinsjust a trail o' bodies15:23
TwistedLucidity"Dead men don't talk" "As a forensic scientist, I beg to differ..."15:24
dwatkinsI'm trying to forget that scene with two people stabbing at either end of a keyboard15:31
diddledandwatkins: ^^ some eyebleach15:43
dwatkinsI wish network security was this rock 'n roll.15:44
dwatkinsMore people would care about it if it were.15:44
diddledanmr robot started this week15:44
diddledanvery compelling story, mr robot15:45
daftykins<o/ \o>15:45
diddledandaftykins: fencing match?15:45
daftykinsquick armpit check ;)15:45
daftykinsyeah looking forward to some more o' that15:45
dwatkinsAgreed, I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Robot.15:45
daftykinsright time to battle some more old LGA775 kit15:46
diddledanthat one made me actually laugh physically rather than just thinking “that’s amusing, I’m going to type ‘lol’."15:46
daftykinsswapped that blown cap motherboard but still not getting POST15:46
daftykinsi aim to please15:46
diddledanI’m going to tweet that!15:46
diddledanit has been twitted15:48
daftykinswell this is a new one, old board with an intel core 2 duo E7400 in says it wants a BIOS update as it doesn't recognise the CPU - that's fair enough, but it won't even POST with two RAM modules in like this, only one15:55
diddledanI didn’t know BIOS could tell you they were out of date15:56
daftykinslack of an entry for a given chip in the microcode tables i guess15:56
daftykinsif that's even how they work... anyway this mobo has fried USB so i've got no way to update it that's worthy of my time15:56
daftykinstum te tum and fiddle-dee-dee15:57
* diddledan fiddles daftykins’ dee15:57
daftykinsas George Takei would say, "Eau my"15:57
diddledanhe’s awesome15:58
daftykinshe is quite15:58
daftykinsnot long ago i had my first full viewing of Star Trek TOS, good stuff15:58
diddledanbruce’s willi has a new movie on iTunes rental which is still in the cinema. called “previous cargo”. I’m looking for a youtube trailer, gimme a sec.16:02
diddledantry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeWk106Izyc16:02
diddledana slightly longer one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWnrow_02mA16:02
diddledanobviously I misspelt precious16:03
daftykinsperhaps my pokémon just come in a different shape - https://www.dropbox.com/s/k7cbom2p3s7vakr/IMG_20160715_170638.jpg?dl=016:12
daftykinsyay this one is behaving itself, how quirky16:32
daftykinsisn't it odd when you bash your head against a problem for ages solving nothing, but then come back to it at a later date and it behaves? o0 very odd.16:33
daftykinsfunny this board, OSs randomise MAC address as they for some reason can't read the real one16:45
daftykinsalready on the newest BIOS so i can't try reflashing unless there'd be a way to force it :(16:47
MooDoohello all16:50
MooDoohttp://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/07/15/notice-of-security-breach-on-ubuntu-forums/ - know about this?16:50
daftykinsso that's why they were down16:53
diddledanMooDoo: that’s a really good response16:55
diddledanwould that more companies take security breach as responsibly16:56
daftykinslittle concerned they weren't already up to date ;)16:57
diddledanthey admitted their fault though16:57
diddledanother companies would try to avoid owning-up to that error16:57
MooDoodoesn't concern me to be honest, they know what they are doing i'm confident on their actions16:58
LaneyI would hate to be running a large webapp like that17:00
daftykinscould be a fun challenge! although i got quite frustrating dealing with that guys web server that kept getting hammered for possible wordpress exploits17:01
daftykinstonnes of POSTs to the xmlrpc function17:01
daftykinsi reckon i'd like to learn to solder!17:53
daftykinsit's just too useful a skill17:53
diddledanI got an iron for xmas!17:54
diddledanwhich means that my server now falls into this category: https://cdn.meme.am/instances/500x/69461865.jpg17:56
daftykinshrmm ok all rebuilt, expletive expressed when i made the schoolboy error of letting two IO backplate grounding legs sit inside the onboard LAN socket instead of on top, board released again and rectified ;)18:44
zmoylan-piof course by the time the military complex has an offical release it'll cost a smidge more than a rasp pi18:44
daftykinsback to only POSTing with one module! very odd18:44
diddledanzmoylan-pi: about 50mill per unit without factoring-in the cost of the plane18:45
zmoylan-pi100m if you want it in f3518:45
diddledandaftykins: I remember building a system and thinking the thing was completely DOA. turns-out BIOSes don’t like to work when their “clear cmos” button on the back is pushed-in by a misaligned IO-plate.18:47
diddledantook me DAYS to work that out18:47
zmoylan-pior rivet under motherboard making contact with metal case and soldering join. we have no idea how that made it in there...18:47
daftykinsdiddledan: doh!18:48
daftykinshexy had a similar one where the reset FPIO header was permanently engaged18:48
diddledanwtf? turkey is having a coup20:57
zmoylan-piif eragon was still in power twitter would have been first thing to be shut down...20:58
zmoylan-piah ha. facebook, youtube AND twitter blocked in turkey...21:02
MartijnVdSzmoylan-pi: mixed reports of that21:02
MartijnVdSsome say it's only a DNS block and (Google DNS) works21:03
zmoylan-pithese counties blocking internet often do it in way that takes average teenager 2-3 minutes to bypass... just can't get the dictators these days...21:03
MartijnVdSdnssec will make those dictators so angry :)21:06
MartijnVdScan't change/block DNS info then21:06
zmoylan-pilink to twitter account that lists turkeys blocking...  https://twitter.com/TurkeyBlocks/status/75404396654743142421:06
MartijnVdSI'm following this:21:07
MartijnVdSit says:21:07
MartijnVdSALL social networks and allegedly blocked sites are ACCESSIBLE through the Google DNS servers (, Look online to check how to change your DNS servers. You do not need a VPN yet! /u/trumpete21:07
diddledanhow long until the BGP routes are removed?21:09
daftykinsyay for installing ubuntu on a 40GB old intel value SSD in this core 2 duo, with its' working 8GB RAM :)21:30
zmoylan-piyou'll just have to slum it on that hardware...21:33
daftykinsnot me that has to use it :D21:38
zmoylan-pii don't think i could use a main system with less than 100gb these days...21:40
zmoylan-pieven on phones i find 32gb a little small21:40
brmbrmcarI have on;y 3.6GB on this full computer...21:41
daftykinsthen you must not do much with it :)21:42
zmoylan-pii do have a rasp pi running on a 4gb card... but i use it as a supplement to my main system21:42
zmoylan-pii think it has 1gb atm21:42
zmoylan-pi*1gb free atm21:44
daftykinsi'd quite like to pick up one to run as a network music / internet radio streamer, someone has made a project of making one work as a Logitech Squeezebox :)21:45
daftykinsif i put it in my lounge, i could have it and my bedroom real squeezebox play in sync21:45
ali1234i'm building a upnp media player that displays rss feeds21:45
ali1234like, right now21:46
daftykinsnice :)21:46
daftykinsdo you have a target device in mind?21:46
ali1234yes, raspberry pi21:46
daftykinsthat would be very interesting21:46
ali1234it's just a simple QML app21:47
daftykinseven more so if it could speak samba, but that'd probably sound horrible to others21:47
ali1234the media playing is done with gmediarenderer21:47
ali1234you control it with a upnp client on your phone21:47
ali1234just stick a upnp media server on your nas and you don't need samba21:48
daftykinsyeah i wouldn't want to do that, my Kodi device(s) already just browse via SMB21:48
ali1234this device is intended to be non-interactive21:48
daftykinsand i don't like automagic protocols21:48
ali1234it's going to be installed behind a mirror in a bathroom cabinet21:48
zmoylan-piwhat about moisture?21:49
daftykinsmmm the Squeezebox thing i mention would speak to the existing Logitech Media Server which essentially is a device specific UPnP server i think, controlled by my phone app21:49
ali1234zmoylan-pi: that's what boxes are for21:49
ali1234anyway... i'm quite pleased with the QML stuff so far21:50
zmoylan-pijust that living in ireland i've seen weather proof cameras die from water... :-)21:50
ali1234i need to implement a thing to just display what song is playing on the local renderer21:50
ali1234it's going in a bathroom not outside :)21:51
ali1234moisture probably won't be a problem since it will heat up it's enclosure21:51
ali1234so no condensation21:51
zmoylan-piwarm steam can make waterproof hardward a bit more of a challenge21:51
ali1234it's a pi 3 so it can get nice and toasty21:51
zmoylan-pifingers crossed it works.21:51
ali1234the player in there now has worked fine for years21:52
ali1234like 7 years21:52
ali1234and the new one is going in the same type of box21:52
ali1234so i' sure it will be fine21:52
ali1234anyway it isn't my problem if it breaks21:52
ali1234i'm just building it to spec21:52
zmoylan-pii have an ancient 30yo sony fm radio walkman in bathroom.  and it works.  but screws on it are rusted to buggery.  i'd hate to try a more delicate arm processor21:53
ali1234what makes you think processors are delicate?21:53
ali1234the die is sealed in epoxy21:53
ali1234it's not going to be the CPU that breaks due to moisture21:53
ali1234it's going to be the circuit boards21:53
ali1234and those are mostly coated21:54
ali1234so then the next thing will be the solder joints21:54
daftykinscould you just coat a board in super glue to help out even more?21:55
daftykinsother than heat sensitive parts, perhaps21:55
ali1234not super glue, you can get special coatings for that21:55
ali1234or you can just pot the entire board21:55
zmoylan-pii've seen cpm computers handle horrible conditions, i've seen xts, 286s, 386s and 486s handle horrible conditions, but a lot of the hardware since then is much more delicate.21:55
ali1234ie put it in a plastic box and then fill the box with epoxy21:55
ali1234but much easier to just get a waterproof box and seal the connectors21:57
ali1234that way you can take it out again if you need to21:57
daftykinszmoylan-pi: it's a real shame that, but given the speeds components are operating at i'm not entirely surprised21:58
zmoylan-pimy brother used to run a drain clearing business.  he had a little robot camera that was sent into drain to isolate problems.  some were tanks designed to resist all manners of damage from liquids.  but his best one was a german one that used an air bladder to over pressurise insides to force contaminants out21:58
ali1234i don't think modern stuff is more delicate to be honest. certainly not when it comes to static electricity21:58
ali1234static isn't really a problem any more for chips on boards21:59
ali1234surface mount components are smaller, lighter, so less likely to die from physical force/vibration etc21:59
zmoylan-pii do remember when we were looking at the russian dos they use on satellites that they only ran it on 486s as anything better than that would be fritzed by solar radiation22:00
ali1234solar radiation is a whole other thing22:00
ali1234they used a special hardened 486 chip for that22:00
ali1234it's not like the regular one just happened to be treally tough22:00
zmoylan-pithe passive cooling of pentiums 1-2's we had in pos systems worked ok ish but once fan cooling came in for pentium iiis they didn't last long in point of sales in ordinary cases22:01
ali1234yep, fans die22:01
ali1234they get full of dirt and then they stop and then the computer dies22:01
ali1234luckily raspberry pi doesn't need one22:02
ali1234another modern thing is electrolytic caps are no used much less22:02
ali1234those wear out, ceramic caps don't22:02
ali1234and they can make ceramic caps big enough now that they don't need to use electrolytics so much22:03
daftykinsjust as i found out the other day :)22:18
daftykins(my understanding is those battery looking ones are the electrolytic type)22:18
zmoylan-pimy understanding is that the battery looking caps are now often cheap chinese variants that are terrible22:19
daftykinsali1234: you know my bad caps pic? do you think those failures could have damaged the graphics card?22:26
daftykinssince they were right beside the PEG slot22:26
daftykinsnevermind! it was me being an idiot, i moved the PC and the monitor cable had come out :P22:29
daftykinsglad :)22:31
ali1234daftykins: it is possible but unlikely22:35
ali1234when caps blow they can leak. it can spray out all over22:35
ali1234those don't look like they did that though22:35
daftykinsnah, quite clean22:36
daftykinsit's all good, just jumped to conclusions instead of applying occam's razor22:37
m0nkey_storm rolling in here22:40
m0nkey_power has gone out twice22:40
m0nkey_yay for UPSs22:40

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