ahoneybuncan I can take a screenshot in unity8?02:35
dufluahoneybun: PrintScrn key I think03:28
dufluPrtScn / PrtSc key03:28
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ahoneybunduflu: the issue is I have no way of getting that out though, I can't paste it in GIMP05:44
dufluahoneybun: I think it's saved to your ~/Pictures or ~/Documents ?05:44
ahoneybunI never thought that it would just take it like that06:04
ahoneybunno UI when the key is pressed atm ?06:04
ahoneybunmm now I have to get a working File Manager06:06
ahoneybunmm nautilus looks fine in unity806:11
ahoneybunfn key and prt sc06:14
ahoneybunthanks duflu06:14
dufluNo problem06:14
ahoneybunsilly me forgeting about function keys06:15
ahoneybunand now I have a reason to blog06:15
dufluWell, desktop keyboards probably won't need (or have) a Fn06:17
dufluMaybe laptops06:17
ahoneybunyea I;m on a HP Elitebook06:18
ahoneybunIntel only graphics06:18
lpotterthe keyboard that came with my dell desktop machine has a Fn key06:20
ahoneybunmm no way to upload to Drive06:21
ahoneybunand since File Manager is broken I can't use flickr06:21
dandradertsdgeos, got time for a code review? https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/cursorGridUnit/+merge/30013011:34
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tsdgeosdandrader: sure12:26
dandradertsdgeos, thanks12:26
tsdgeosdandrader: not test-able?12:27
dandradertsdgeos, don't know how or what to test there12:27
dandradertsdgeos, there's "make tryCursor" at least....12:28
dandradertsdgeos, see commit description with instructions on how to manually test it12:28
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tsdgeosdandrader|afk: did you think on passing the requestedCursor height by actually using the sourceSize property instead of using the url for serialize it?13:15
tsdgeosit wouldn't make much of a difference but seems "more proper"13:15
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dandradertsdgeos, that won't work with AnimatedSprite13:30
dandradertsdgeos, it doesn't have this property13:32
dandradertsdgeos, from reading the docs, it seems sourceSize mandates the size13:32
dandradertsdgeos, but it should be only a preferred size, as the available cursor sizes might match the requested one13:33
dandradertsdgeos, also, cursor image size is chosen solely by the preferred/requested height (no width involved as in a sourceSize case)13:34
tsdgeosdandrader: it doesn't really "mandate" as much as it's a strong suggestion13:35
tsdgeosyou could use sourceSize: Qt.size(0, height)13:35
tsdgeos0 is defined in the sourceSize property as "whatever goes well with the other parameter to maintain aspect ratio"13:36
tsdgeosbut if you thought about it and decided against that's fine13:36
tsdgeosjust wanted to know the reason13:36
dandradertsdgeos, I suppose it will be sent as the last param here: requestImage(const QString &cursorThemeAndNameAndHeight, QSize *size, const QSize & /*requestedSize*/)13:36
dandradertsdgeos, again, don't know how to use it on the AnimatedSprite case13:37
tsdgeosthat's a good reason13:38
tsdgeoswonder why there's no sourceSize there13:38
tsdgeosdandrader: what do you think of moving the imageSource property up to the CursorImageInfo ?14:05
tsdgeoslogically it seems to me as it belongs there14:05
tsdgeosit's the object that tells you how to "fill" the Image/AnimatedSprite given the mousePointer properties14:05
tsdgeosdandrader: also14:09
tsdgeos-        XcursorImage *xcursorImage = xcursorImages->images[0];14:09
tsdgeos+ XcursorImage *xcursorImage = xcursorImages->images[i];14:09
tsdgeosis "just" an unrelated bugfix, right?14:09
dandradertsdgeos, right14:09
dandradertsdgeos, about the source location suggestion: yes, makes sense14:10
tsdgeosdandrader: the "height: units.gu(3)" in Shell.qml, should it be 4 (since afaik de wedault to 8px per gu)? or you've found 3 to be closer to what we want?14:12
dandradertsdgeos, I chose 3 as it's the panel height14:12
dandradertsdgeos, and empirically this seems to roughly match the pointer height in unity 714:13
dandradertsdgeos, are you able to try out a unity8-session on your laptop?14:14
tsdgeosdandrader: yes14:15
dandradertsdgeos, pushed the imageSource location change. coundn't test as my test laptop refuses to show up lightdm right now. investigating...14:38
mterrytsdgeos, two of your qtmir branches seem to conflict in silo 77 -- system-includes and clazy-run.  I think system-includes conflicts with silo 76.  Not sure what clazy-run conflicts with14:44
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mterrydandrader, removeDBusWindowStack conflicts in silo 77.  As does eglconvenience-retry for qtubuntu14:44
mterryoh whoops14:44
tsdgeosmterry: you mean they conflcit with eachother or with other stuff?14:44
mterryeglconvenience-retry is gerry's14:44
mterrytsdgeos, other stuff14:44
mterrytsdgeos, like you might want to rebase system-includes on mirSurfaceInputBounds?14:45
mterrymzanetti, onthefly-debugging creates a packaging build error -- I'm looking into it for ya14:46
mterrysomething about librarys and linking and something14:46
mzanettiyeah, it requires libunity8-private in both, the main application and uqmlscene14:47
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tsdgeosmterry: i guess i can try yes14:49
tsdgeosmterry: but honestly it's annoying to have to keep moving this branches up and up, my understanding from gerry is that we would land my silo first and then others would have to worry about merging with it14:51
tsdgeosbut meh14:51
mterrytsdgeos, which silo?  Maybe I'm out of the loop14:51
tsdgeosno idea about which silo really :D14:51
mterrytsdgeos, hm, well system_includes isn't in any existing silos except for this one.  But the mirSurfaceInputBounds silo is ahead of us14:52
tsdgeossure no worries, as said i'll merge it14:53
mterryI don't know what gerry promised  :)14:53
tsdgeosjust need to test dandrader's cursor stuff first14:53
tsdgeosdandrader: ah, i actually just meant moving the qml property inside the object, not to C++ itself :D14:58
dandradertsdgeos, too late :)14:58
tsdgeosdandrader: if you move it to C++ you need to emit imageSourceChanged from the other setters, no?14:59
* dandrader checks14:59
tsdgeosfrom the ones that change m_themeName, m_cursorName, m_cursorHeight14:59
dandradertsdgeos, it's all done centrally in CursorImageInfo::update()15:00
tsdgeosah right15:00
dandradertsdgeos, they all call it15:00
tsdgeosdidn't see that15:01
mterrymzanetti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/19502610/ for your onthefly-debugging branch -- should fix debbuild15:12
mterrymzanetti, helps dpkg find libunity8-private15:12
mzanettimterry, thanks a bunch :)15:13
tsdgeosmzanetti: merged mirSurfaceInputBounds to system_includes15:13
mzanettimterry, pushed15:14
mzanettitsdgeos, which branch?15:16
mterrymzanetti, I think he meant to ping me15:16
tsdgeosmzanetti: i merged https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/qtmir/mirSurfaceInputBounds into https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/qtmir/system_includes/+merge/29659815:16
tsdgeosmzanetti: oh right sorry15:16
mzanettiah ok15:16
mterrytsdgeos, there was a conflict, right?  (/me hopes I'm not crazy  :))15:16
mzanettiI only knew the mirSurfaceInputBounds (as we have that in unity too)15:17
tsdgeosmterry: yaeh some small in debian/rules and CMakeLists.txt15:17
mzanettiwas seaching for that system_includes and thinking "Geez... did you really completely forget about this?"15:17
mterrytsdgeos, so clazy_run also conflicted with something, but I didn't track down what15:18
tsdgeosmterry: well it for sure conclicts with the same branch15:19
tsdgeossince it's based on system_includes15:19
tsdgeosmterry: but i guess you can leave it out15:19
tsdgeosand i'll try to aim for the next silo :'(15:19
tsdgeosmterry: want me to change the prerequiste of https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/qtmir/system_includes/+merge/296598  and resubmit? Someone will have to re-top-approve though15:20
mterrytsdgeos, or just rebase it on top of system_includes?15:21
mterrytsdgeos, sure I'll re-top  (or you can, hell)15:21
mterryjust a rebase15:21
tsdgeosmterry: you can re-top approve plz https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/qtmir/system_includes/+merge/30020815:22
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mterrymzanetti, you need to also bzr add debian/shlibs.local16:45
mzanettivery good point16:45
mterryshould have warned :)  I always forget that step myself16:45
mzanettipushed. thanks16:46
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mterrySaviq, so what was that about ubuntu-touch not installing Recommends?  Why do we do that?  General slimming or were we trying to avoid a specific set of packages from being pulled in automatically?16:49
Saviqmterry, more control over what's in the image, yeah16:50
mterrySaviq, it's not convergent!  We don't do that on the desktop images  :)16:50
dandradermterry, that's about the standalone unity8-greeter, right? https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/greeter-apps/+merge/29955017:28
mterrydandrader, yeah.  My focus with it is in preparation for using a split greeter on the phone in the encrypted-home case  (thus, worrying about the emergency dialer being able to launch, etc).  But should be featureful on desktop too (if you're running a unity8 session)17:30
dandradermterry, so landing this by itself will be a NOOP on the phone?17:30
mterrydandrader, it should be yeah17:31
mterryGood prep work though.  Slowly getting a split greeter on phone in shape  :)17:32
dandraderlooks like a good excuse to upgrade my test laptop do yakkety...17:33
dandradermterry, , there's no stable-phone-overlay (or need for such) in yakkety I believe?17:34
mterrydandrader, xenial should be fine17:37
mterrydandrader, backported lightdm was for phone's benefit17:37
mterrydandrader, correct about yakkety and overlay though17:37
dandradermterry, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/yakkety/alpha-1/source/ any idea why there are 4 different images (and the difference between them)?17:45
mterrydandrader, hah...  no?17:46
mterrydandrader, oh ...17:47
mterrydandrader, that's the source image?17:47
mterrydandrader, split over 4 dvds I'm guessing17:47
dandradermterry, oh, I reached the wrong page then17:47
mterrydandrader, don't want to just upgrade in place?17:48
dandradermterry, wanted to do a clean slate but I think I gonna do that17:48
mterrydandrader, I have a system that has been upgraded in place since precise  :-P17:49
mterrydandrader, you were asking about greeter-apps and lightdm.  You prompted me to finally create a testing silo for that MP.  Silo 55 has the goods (backported lightdm and the unity8 MP -- both building right now)18:08
dandradermterry, ok18:09

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